Fucking Idiot Bitch of a Boss

My company hired this fat, ruthless, image-obsessed twat with no idea of how to manage her department. She's younger than me, has less experience, and doesn't know a damn thing about what her employees do. She passes all of her administrative tasks off on her employees, then bitches at us that we aren't productive enough (yeah, beacuse we're doing YOUR fucking job, in addition to ours, whore!) She is the most paranoid, micromanaging dictator I've ever had the displeasure of working for. Anyway, this job has made my life hell. I have no energy to enjoy life when I get home. Last week, I messed up one job (because I'm completely overworked and don't have time to think about what I'm doing), and she comes down hard on me for it. She claims that I cost the department $XXXX... but here's the thing: I've streamlined production in the department, which has increased profitability by at least the same amount PER MONTH. So, instead of firing me, she cuts my hours in half to keep me on the project that I turned around and made profitable. Here's the real twist: she then gave the other half of my old hours to the CEO's son, who has been working part-time for us and has been asking for more hours. She was basically looking for any reason to cut my hours back to do a favor for the boss's kid. I'm sure she'll get her fucking raise when her review comes up. What an ass-kisser! Fuck her.

Unholy pig of a boss 2

My boss is a complete asshole. I can't think of a good enough word to describe how much of a dick this guy is. That lazy fat piece of crap, I swear I see him sucking his thumb somtimes cuz he's just a crybaby. Complains about the dumbest things, never listens to what you have to say. Interupts you, just when you squeez a sentence in, and NEVER knows what's going on. I cannot stand him, and I'm looking for a new job.

to let out anger 3

my boss Charlie who just bought out my business (we merged) decided on Friday that he was going to close the doors he says because his wife has a lot of health problem, well why don't she close her business. Worked my ass off to get the business we have (the company was doing very well) I believe Charlie just screwed me , he put the money in his pocket, and said fuck Steve well if I ever see him again I am going to let him know how much of an asshole he is and how much of a whore is wife jean is , both are dirty stinking Pennsville waste of life and I hope they both rot in hell for screwing me and all the employees at EOI charlie i am going to send this to eoi web site so if you read this ROT IN HELL you old faget your a wast of life and deserve tolose everything you have i hope you go bankrupt and loes your house oh yea you didnt forget about the time you commeted insurance fraud when the truck was damaged i hope you know someone stole the tape from the camras and it shows you bringing the truck back fucked up then leaving in it all ready damaged no one stole the truck you dumb fuck you should have taking the tape first you fucking faget ,so before i go you know you owe me money i hope you pay but i wont hold my breath i am going to persue my money how ever i have to so just remember i wont forget.i hope you burn in hell you fucking dirtbag you and your fucking whore of a wife i am the only one at eoi who didnt fuck the old whore, she sucked someone elses dick before she came home a gave you a big fat kiss, how dose cum tast faget.

Have A Nice Life ASSHOLE

abusive boss 4

my boss is an abusive CUNT! why? i'll TELL you why! every chance she gets she belittles me in front of people & calls me in her office constantly to pick on me. i'm not stupid, but i have trouble learning some things. in my field of work, there's a LOT to remember. it changes all the time, and all this bitch can do is focus constantly on my errors & everything i do wrong! I fucking HATE her & wish she would fucking DIE! and her little ass kisser assistant! this bitch thinks that having cancer makes her better than everyone and she's constantly letting me know what i'm doing wrong. HEY! here's a fucking concept...tell me what i'm doing RIGHT!!!!!! maybe i won't have this daily overwhelming urge to do you harm!!! rot in hell the two of yoU!!!

my lousy abusive boss 5

WTF? why is she such a cunt?? every fucking day i get called into her office for stupid shit. she puts me down all the time. but can i find a new job?? NO!! and FUCK! we are so fucking broke. the fucking bank keeps fucking us over! if my cunt boss would give me a well deserved fucking raise!!!!!! Criminy! if my boss got killed tomorrow, i would dance on her fucking grave, the stupid abusive whore!

stupid boss! 6

I work for tim hortons and my boss is the laziest dang ars i have ever seen. She sits in her office all day and does nothing. I call her out to help me because there is a huge line of people and only 2 employees and she says "you've worked here for how many years? You should be able to handle it" She makes a sumo wrestler look skinny and she smells like a monkey's anus. She never does anything and i hope she gets fired soon.

Ex-Boss 7

I've been trying to find a new job and it has been impossible to get one! I apply and apply for jobs and get no respose from the people doing the hiring. I suspect that my fat lazy bitch of an ex-supervisor has something to do with it. I felt that I was being taken advantage of when I worked for her, I was basically doing all of the work while she and some of my ex co-workers sat around driking coffee and talking with customers. Everytime someone quit,which was quite often, she'd take it out on me by completely changing my schedule. I was a part time employee working a full time schedule. Sometimes,I would be the only one working in my department and then when things got busy,nobody was there to help me. I had some person problems outside of work that needed to be dealt with, I really didn't need the aggravation so I quit after a year and a half of working there. I believe that she's been telling would-be employers some pretty nasty things about me just to keep me from getting hired.The problem is,I don't know how I'm going to prove it.

Anal Retentive Disk Jockey 8

I am the web designer for (name of DJ Company deleted.) The owner, who I will refer to as Joseph Goebbels (not his real name but a fitting pseudonym!) is a real dink. He can't decide what he wants on his damn site, and yells at me for assuming I know what his readers could want. He tells me to put a picture of a newlywed couple up, a picture from a recent gig of his, so I say fine. I captioned that they were customers, and the way he reacted when he saw it you'd think I'd said they were necrophiliac child molestors!! He obviously doesn't understand that sticking pics up there for the sake of sticking pics up there just isn't gonna work. Fine, he gave me their names, who are they and why are they up there?? Someone should explain to him the way things like this work! Here he is, the all knowledgeable one-- he's trying to get his name out there so he can make money. Fine. Here I am with the technical know how-- trying to help him get his name out there so he can make money so I can make a little extra. Good. Then there is the poor hapless schmoe who stumbles across his site, they are gonna see that picture and wonder who these people are and why they are on the site. What he fails to realize is that I operate under the assumption that all people are idiots and need this crap explained to them, I mean put it this way I have got to be a little anal retentive about my work or I might as well hang it up! And for God's sake, Joseph, get out of your parent's house and get laid! You're fifty four freakin years old, for Christ's sake!!!!

mind fucking boss 9

my stupid cunt boss is a total fuck with your mind boss. she fucking says to me friday that i need to dry my hair before i come to work because wet hair is not appropriate for the office. FUCK OFF AND DIE CUNT FROM HELL!! i've worked for you for HOW LONG and you're just saying something NOW? my hubby thinks that she's doing some mind fucking because i live so close to work and i choose not to get to the office early like the ass kissers do. i think it's degrading and just fucking WRONG for her to be alive! she needs a rocket shoved up her ass & she needs to get shot to uranus!!!!

My lazy ass bitch of a boss. 10

Thanks for taking credit for my work you slothful bitch. Thanks for sitting on your fat ass, giving daily pep talks to your retarded med school reject son, while i sit in my no windows cage of an office and slave away.. Thanks for taking two hour lunches, with your annoying scum-bag husband, and then coming back to the office to brag about how "divine" the food was at "The Tavern".

I can see how you managed to fool your boss, "the great blonde dope" into thinking that your over-inflated resume actually meant, you knew what you were doing. I can see dumb is a disease and she caught it after 5 minutes interviewing you. Now you have it so good don't you...come in an hour late, leave 2 hours early...8 WEEKS VACATION...8 BITCH, how do you have the nerve to complain about when i can take my measly 2 weeks..EVIL CUNT.

Thanks for blocking my raise. Isn't it ironic that the budget can't support my pay increase, but it can send you to tri-annual "conferences", where your husband "WHO ISN'T AN EMPLOYEE", tags along all expenses paid. I hope you burn in hell!! Oh and those computer shows...we all know that you use that as an excuse to waste a day with your damn husband...

Heads up cunt no one likes you in the office, the only person who is on your side is your stupid boss, you have to be blackmailing her, no one could be that dumb and blind...

Finally I hope blondie wakes up and kick your wrinkled saggy ass to the curb where you belong. Right there in the gutter along with the scum and muck, you should feel right at home. I've never wished anyone harm, but i do wish you a life of eternal torment and suffering for all you put me through...you deserve....and when you land in hell bitch may Satan's pitchfork be there to break your fall....BIAATCH!!!

My boss thinks I'm an idiot 11

I get pissed at my boss sometimes because she talks to me like I am a four year old. I know I am a minor but I can comprehend words and she just really pisses me off and sometimes I want to beat the living hell out of her.

Spineless Boss 12

I wake up one day addicted to anti-depressants, with black hair (normally a blonde) and 20lbs heavier than I was 5 months before. Three men have dumped me, I haven't done my laundry in weeks and the only thing I have to eat in the house is peanuts and diet vanilla pepsi.

All this can be blamed on my spineless boss who rapes me of my creativity, writing ability and commisions passing them off as his own. While I fill his jobs (exec recruiter) he sits in his office and talks to his girlfriend although he is newly married. He degrades women constantly but will not higher anyone but women because he doesn't want to feel inferior if the man is better than him. He is a sick, controlling freak with anger managment problems even going so far ass to pull the computer mouse out of my hand so I will look directly at him when he speaks. I wish him all that he deserves. Fate please intervene.

Fat Old Bitches (FOBs) 13

One of the many things that I'm angry at about my workplace. (If I ranted about *everything* that makes me angry about work, this would end up being a book.)

"FOBs" stands for "Fat Old Bitches". This is a perfect description of two of my bosses.

FOB #1 is Ellen M. My company has a contract at a government agency, and FOB 1 is the branch head (i.e., the boss government worker.) She's the stereotypical old-style female manager. She probably started working back in the days when people thought women with careers were unfeminine, and had no personal life. That's certainly the image that fits FOB 1. Comes in early, leaves late; no mention of anything she might do outside of work.

The branch head before FOB 1 was a guy who understood that people need morale boosters occasionally. While he was there, we had 2 picnics, a kick-ass Halloween party, and a pretty good xmas potluck. FOB 1 is a bitch and a beancounter; and this year, we had no picnics, no Halloween party - and I'm not optimistic about xmas. We got nitpicked to death over "billable hours" back in the spring when we had a 90-minute baby shower for a young woman who was about to have a baby.

If we did stuff like this all the time, I would be more understanding of the need to save money - but we're talking maybe 4 or 5 events a year when we used to take a couple of hours to do something morale-boosting.

Also, since FOB 1 has been top bitch dog, there have been more nasty lectures (through the mouth of FOB #2, whom I'll get to in a minute) about tardiness and "looking busy." People like the FOBs are part of the inspiration for movies like "Office Space".

FOB #2 is a middle manager for my company, Maria R. She's the buffer between FOB 1 and the company. Our two VPs are fairly popular. They both have the corporate gift of gladhanding and oozing charm - and also, they sit in cubicles and do actual work, unlike most executives. But part of the reason they keep their popularity is that they let FOB 2 do a lot of their dirty work. The nitpicking lectures about stupid bullshit come from FOB 2, not from the two VPs.

FOB 2 is not only an FOB, but she's a loud, blunt, opinionated FOB. She's a true believer in management-fads-du-jour like CMM, Six Sigma, ISO 9000, and TQM.  FOB 2 is the quintessential middle management flunky, big-shot-ass-kisser. She's paid very well to kiss client ass, intimidate us peons, and allow the VPs to keep their popularity. She reminds me of the fat assistant in "Demolition Man" who was willing to switch sides and kiss the ass of whoever was in charge, and parrot whatever party line was currently the most popular. If I were to stage a revolution and take over, I bet she'd start kissing up to me! This quote sums up FOB 2: "Middle management - somebody has to hold the chamber pot for the execs!"

screw up, move up 14

Why is it that the most totally clueless, babbling, drooling idiot will always make it to the top? Meanwhile those who know the easiest, best, most efficient method of accomplishing the task at hand will always be shit upon. I know someone in an automotive parts department who can take a list of ten items and only remember to order seven of the items. When those seven items arrive, three of them will be WRONG. Then I'm expected to build the car so the customer can drive it home. Meanwhile, competent, qualified parts handlers who work triple circles around this person come and go because the company won't pay them anything worth a shit. Five good parts people come and go in two years and then this one useless turd gets promoted to parts department manager. Go figure.

fucking boss! 15

why am i angry? well, i'll tell you! i am SICK to fucking DEATH of my wannabe boss making me stop what the fuck i'm doing, right in the middle and do something else, and then when i go back to the original thing, she fucking stops me AGAIN to do something else! GRRRRR! i fucking HATE that! just stop talking to me, stop saying my name, and leave me the fuck alone so i can finish my fucking work! or i may have to fucking kill you! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! and as for my psycho "real" boss...you & your minion can go FUCK each others whisker biscuits and DROP FUCKING DEAD!

Wannabe Young Bosses 16

Ever meet some of these bosses that are around 55 or so, but act like they're 23 and you know damn well they're on some sort of medication? Does being a supervisor do that sort of damage or is the upper crust hellbent on hiring lying unstable whackjobs with immaturity disorders that would even sicken a 14 year old girl jamming to Britney CDs on a walkman.

I'm frankly getting really sick of supervisors of companies who have such weird personality traits, their fucking "disorders" and their continuous immaturity problems. I'm also getting sick of these dumb bitches at office jobs - who usually kiss the boss' ass 24/7 - who constantly brag about their stupid son in sports or whatever. I'm half tempted to tell these dumb bleach blond 40 something fake-bake c*nts that I honestly feel if they could actually suck their son's dick legally, they probably would. And their kids always have the same names...Dustin, Corey, Zach, Caleb, Jamie, etc...what pussy guy names are those anyway?

Ok, I feel better. Great to see Angry.Net back up!

*Note from Anger Central
We were down??

The many faces of Bosses 17

One of my friends got fired, because of bullshit.

I am so fucking sick of bosses thinking they are so great. I for one know of a few, that pretend to be your closes friend, but all the same time...stabs you in the back. I have seen several co-workers get stressed out and leave because the bosses either set you up to fail, or give unrealistic deadlines. Or whatever the situation maybe. ...Then talk down to you like they are someone special to make you feel worse than you already are. Then they take it upon their selves to tell you you're not cutting it and we can find someone who can. Sometimes people are setup to fail because there is always a hidden agenda to get them replaced with someone else. The ones they can find are maybe ex co-workers from another company they use to work with or family members that no one knows about. The reason for this is a (SPY) to spy for her. She can't be everywhere all the time. So she hires people that are friends of hers or are (YES PEOPLE) to do the dirty work. I see a SPY in every department. On top of that. She will not hire the temp that’s been working there a whole year...because she doesn't speak English clearly. (Is that wrong or what)...oh wait a minute....I think her bitchy ass will hire her, because she fired the person that once worked in the a/p office and now the temp is in the office being trained. Shut doors, and whispers behind closed doors is all you see in this one department. Also the ones that babble in Spanish (I don't have a problem with people of different race) but take the conversation some where else. (Lunch, on a break or email it.) Some people don’t want to hear it. It’s deceitful and no one trusts staff that does. They also sit on their asses for hours at a time talking about what happened the night before, or what new pair of shoes they just bought. It’s a distraction to people who really want to work. ..I have never seen such backstabbing and bullshit before in my life. Everyone has their favorites and some people get away with a lot of crap while others don't. I expect better from the boss..


Bosses!!!!Who needs their sorry fucking ass. Big FAKE boss is getting paid the real money that should be going to community problems. All we hear is that its no money in the budget...yeah right....I don't fucking believe it. Give some of that $120,000.00 that you are being paid, to the community and stop trying to suck it all up.....start giving your staff descent raises...and more praise then criticism....because that is all we hear...fucking blah, fucking, blah, blah blah,blah all day along!. You should do this and you have to do that! Well get off of your crazy narcissi lazy ass and you do the fucking work, you get the credit and the praise anyway!!! Stop trying to get your staff to make nail appointments or hair appointments....for your ass!!!!..Better yet...get up and get your own fucking lunch. You are not as good as you think. The She-He dictator that you are must love to hear herself talk. Well get a voice that sounds like a grown woman and not a squeaky mouse, then maybe someone will listen to you sorry ass. I don't like you, never did and never will and half the staff only tolerates your anal dikey ass.... most of them hope you walk out the door and never come back...AND BOO FUCKING HOO!!!!..SORRY ABOUT THE JOB YOU DIDN'T GET. By the way, people only acted upset when you didn't get the job. The reasoning behind this is,,,,,they only wanted you out of their hair. .I WONDER WHY!!!!?? If you are reading this....YES I AM TALKING TO YOU!!

bosses in general 19

Why the fuck am I angry? I'll tell you why... because I work for the dumbest, fattest, most despicable cocksucker in the entire world...

Each and every time I finish off a night shift, the working plans show that it seems like it is absolutely no fucking way whatsoever that I will have to work friday night. And every fucking time that fat bastard manages, somehow, to create some measly stupid fucking problem that I have to fix. Just when I get my hopes up, he takes it away. I'm gonna rig an anti-tank mine under the carpet in the lobby, the cocksucking, backstabbing son of a bitch is the only one heavy enough to set it off, so I know it will hit.

Selling My Boss! 20

My boss makes me cough up furballs! He's self-centered, arrogant (although why I can't figure) and bilkes the company out of thousands of dollars with his selfish and slopped-up ways. Doesn't turn lights off when closing doors, especially for the weekend. Spills coffee all over the place, and could care less who slips in it, but I do, so I swipe after him, leaves caps off magic markers everywhere, his desk is a swamp nightmare, doesn't answer his voicemail messages and I have to clean them out via a direct order from upper mgmnt (usually round 200 calls, and LOL, most of them are from management!) He smells like a sweathog, and why oh why are most toxic bosses obese and bald to boot? Leaves opened, exacto knives laying around all over the place (LOL, accepted a quarterly safety award with beaming pride and received $100.00 with alot of clapping in the background) he can't type, write or even spell to save his life, yet makes $90m a year! I have to spend most of my day cleaning up his sorry English. He couldn't send a sheet of toilet paper without my editorial review first, on top of the work I'm already overloaded with. He once called for service on the fax machine because it was "making a constant beeping noise" -sure it was, wouldn't you if you were out of paper? Then has the balls to say to me in front of the serviceman "Make a note of that" like I placed this unnecessary call for his stupidity? Why are the incompetent assholes making insane amounts of money while the smart, hard-working people make crap and are subjected to take it as well? What is it with corporate today? The more inept you are, the more $ you make, and get promoted on top of it! I have to work my ever-loving ass off to make this useless baboon look good and what do I get for Christmas? A lousy $5.00 coupon to get my car washed at the same place his dumb-sucking family owns in the first place! Not even in a Christmas Card, just stuck this cheesy piece of advertisement between my windshield wipers and I'm supposed to ooze and awe

Bosses 21

As a full time employee of an office I find myself constantly pissed at my bosses. Why the hell are they the bosses. These particular people are first and foremost older women. Which is a mistake to begin with. Hell, they're either on menopause or are about to hit menopause. That factor alone is self explanatory. They're entering the bitchy stage if they weren't there already. The first one is younger than the other. She sounds like she's got a Fargo accent. But she's from f@!#in Texas. How the hell did that happen? If any of you watched that cartoon called "Bobby's World" she sounds like Bobby's Mom. All she does is sit in her office looking like she's busy. She only comes out when she wants to make sure everyone is doing their work or when her boss (Don't get me started on her "Terminator") wants to see her or when she hungry. And she wonders why she's fat. Hell she eats nothing but fast food for lunch. Then after lunch, she eats a bag of popcorn. What the hell? Oh and get this, she goes walking around the block with one of the co-workers thinking that's going to take the pounds off. Idiots!! The second boss is old. Now tell me, what's wrong with this picture. She has asthma but she smokes a pack a cigarettes a day. I will give it to her that she does do SOME work. Just not enough. She's always taking smoke breaks. She's always having what look and sound like little parties in her office. She's always socializing. It's a wonder how she gets any work done. Then she gets mad at me when I make a mistake, when all I was doing was following the orders they gave me and what I thought they wanted me to do. Oh but let one of the co-workers get mad at their "Friend" who kisses their ass royally. Even if she is wrong, they'll defend her as if she's a little baby. To top it all off they both get mad at me and the rest of the workers when they're socializing. They abuse their power waaaaaaay too much. They get to fart around and we can't. They avoid their work but we have to do ours. They get away with waaaaaaaaa

Employer's SUCK! 21

I am just so pissed off at employer's and their blatant arrogance and attitudes toward the pee on's that make it possible for them to drive their BMW's and spend their weekends on a boat with their mistresses' while their wife's are trying to instill morals and ethics in the children these bastards strapped them with!

picky bastard 22

So there I was. Applying for a transfer to a new posiiton. But I didn't even get a look see. Oh no, they just take the damn asskissers and use them. Well, two can play games. Anytime you send questionable stuff to my area, better accept that it's DEAD and if it isin't I'll make sure it IS D.E.A.D. And your little asskissers will be punished for it.

My Boss 23

My boss piss's me off to no end. He got hired to oversee my department and now the company regrets it but can't replace him because he's in too high a position and it'll make them look bad. So instead I have to put up with doing my work, his work and whatever else he doesn't feel like doing. Not to mention I think he has old-timers disease. Seriously we teach him something and two days later when we show him again it's the greatest thing he's ever seen!! I would definitely put him up against almost any boss for making anyone angry!!

Powerful and Manipulative 24

Bastard always tries to manipulate me into thinking it's a positive thing rather than a negative that he throws something in my court with less than 24 hours' notice (while he had a month to pick someone). This is one example among many. Do you think I am so stupid as to not see through your manipulative tactics? Why do I put up with the humiliating things you say to me? Because I need to pay the rent, and eat, and pay car insurance. I'd like to keep medical insurance for my family and me. Your criteria for who keeps a job there is unusual, as you know. You have a strong, well-qualified candidate in me, and because you've gotten to know me, you forget that I fill at least the majority of the criteria. You forget this, because you want to try someone new with a different, though again never complete, set of qualifications. You can't get everything in one person, but you'll continue to juggle with people's livelihoods and medical insurance.

At some point you'll learn that one important thing in life is to treat people nicely. How you treat people in life is one of life's measures, and when you finally die, you'll relive every moment in which you embarrassed, humiliated, and tried to manipulate your underlings. What's the justification? Making you look good to your bosses? You're going to quit soon. What's the justification? Do you really believe what you're doing makes for a high quality establishment? It just increases people's heart disease and make them die younger. You make them feel bad about what they do, and never, ever acknowledge to their face what they do well. You ride on what they do well, and don't acknowledge it to its creator. What you're doing is not right. IF you have the courage to search yourself, your ethics and justifications, you will find this is true. You have single-handedly introduced a new habit: me saying daily to myself, "I can't wait till this is all over." Meaning life.

Bosses in general 25

So I make a fucking mistake and I apologized 1,2,3,4,5 FUCKING TIMES! But is this enough? FUCK NO! "I want you to do me a favor and since you're still employed, you owe me" G-Damned bitch! You didn't save my ass, I found out that the reason for the mistake was that the bastard who is getting the shit we're sending, didn't say how they wanted it! But fuck no! Can't let that interfere with your juicy ass reaming.

So, then you realize you may have gone overboard. A fucking apology ain't cutting it damnit, I'll figure out what is justified. Till then, you'd better pray my mood gets better quick. Otherwise, you'll be riding to work on a fucking bike.

Bosses in general 26

So now, the psycho supervisor tells me "The "Customer" wants it this way...I respond "What customer?" "Everyone is our customer" the dimwit says. "Oh, I'm buying GARBAGE?" I say and that's when she gets pissed.

"We're a manufacturing company, not a retail store" I say. She's now boiling and ready to explode. "Why aren't THEY making sure they send us the best quality?" "How about you taking a trip to them and seeing just what kind of garbage we've been getting!"

Find out the bitch is doing just that. But she's trying to make us the bad guys...Fuck them, if they'd improve THEIR quality, then we wouldn't have so many rejects. But no, we buy the shit and try to make it into gold. God, if there's justice, the management of all the companies will die a slow painful death!

2nd Mistake-Same Boss 27

Boy, can I relate to all this anger and what is going on out there. I am most angry with myself, as I took a job 1,000 miles fr. home (for the summer) to work for the same jerk I did 5 yrs. ago.(I can only describe him as a Gerbal on cocaine). I busted my butt (again), did not get paid for a month was expected to wk. 70 hrs. a wk. (so I found out when I got there) & then was fired (for sketchy reasons) and yes HE (not a SHE -I know they can be real bitches) replaced me with an incompetent high-school kid (for I am sure 1/2 the salary I finally got paid). I am a 10-yr. old veteran in this business. This owner/my manager screwed me once - I quit on him 5 yrs. ago - guess he got me back. Noone can stand him at the plant and he has alot of problems with his collegues/competitors in the community - I have to realize it is not me. Don't let them get you down..

Bosses in General 28

So, I go into work and punch in.. I find out (Card reader) I am back on "Restricted Punch"...OK, so no probs. I'll punch in and start work 1-2 minutes before bell rings. When quitting time bell rings, no matter what I am doing, I stop...Best of all, I took home some goodies (Read useful equipment I bought personally for use by people in office) back home and area boss IS FURIOUS but he damn well knows why! I chuckle each time when I think of him sitting there with a drawer full of that microwave popcorn and now he has to walk 200 feet to now pop it!

*Note from Anger Central
At least you are threatened with being fired by Senior VP's in charge of the IT dept. every other week, mostly related to SOX 404 stuff and their insistence that they aren't going to jail because you haven't finished something on time. (With no resources provided of course)

Bosses in general 29

So, it's now a week since head idiot said we'd have a 2 week shut down...The stupid thing was, he told us this a MONTH in advance! Now if there's one thing I KNOW about this hellhole, is you NEVER, EVER tell employees what is going to happen next week, much less a month away.

So, he brings us all in and says that they dropped the 2 week shutdown. (No kidding ya moron! We'd known about that 2 days ago!) and that if a layoff does occur, seniority counts...Half of us quelled out laughter, the other half chuckled outright. Geeze, does he think we'd that stupid? Who is cheaper? 10 years or 1 month? The company ALWAYS will go cheap!

We go to our areas and I hear nothing but "What an idiot! Does he think we're that stupid?"  I tell you, my previous supervisor was crazy, but at least she had some brains, this moron is so pc, he can't finish a sentence without consulting a rule book!

The Egomaniacal Narcissistic Bigot in Charge 30

How is it that despicable, deprived individuals without common sense enough to breath (seriously if it were not a survival instinct) wind up in positions of authority and power? It must be all the cum they swallowed as they rafted over here on the lecherous exploits of a bloated overweight sugar daddy, who has evolved into a still lecherous but dickless excuse for a human being. Seriously I don’t condone abusing women, but to handle some animals such as my bitch boss, abuse is a necessity. Why do I hate the bitch boss who is so high up on her horse, with her head so far up her ass, you wonder where the room came from to shove that pole up there? Well let me just list a few of the reasons.

  1. This woman believes that she is God’s gift to men and women alike and constantly reminds everyone of it…too bad her face looks like an overcooked tomato saturated in congealed hog fat that has been dragged through a shit pit rice patty and then left to rot on the open plains of the Serengeti…no seriously she is a real dog…Chiwawa looking (sorry dog lovers)

  2. Treating employees like shit and then telling them they are privileged to partake of what she proffers…we are talking sweatshop….did I mention she is from China…yeah give this bitch some chains and she will be happy…I enjoy working in bondage about as much as I like to be disemboweled while still conscious then forced to eat my entrails in a nine course meal where the VIP guests are vultures…did I mention the bitch likes to hold paychecks – forcing employees into debt, likes to tell her female employees that they are fat, useless, lazy, overpaid, and worthless, expects everyone to stay in staff meetings that last 12 hours (oh I wish I was exaggerating), and will only let them go home when it is quite feasible they will drop dead from exhaustion or go insane…

  3. The all-consuming staff meetings as mentioned, that may take place in large groups, one-on-one settings, via phone or in person…ahh, yes I never thought that one person could waste so much time, talking so much shit, while saying and accomplishing nothing…In fact these meetings are only undertaken for the sheer fact that said bitch boss believes that every word out of her gonorrhea infected mouth is a nugget of god-given wisdom, because she fundamentally believes she is god…but let me tell you the only nuggets that come from her are little brown round ones that chafe your ass and make you sore for days after they come out.

  4. Back to the god-complex…no seriously this woman ranks in the same realm as Stalin, Hitler and definitely Mao Zedong (In fact she kind of looks like him – only he’s the better half)…I have never come into contact with any one that is so utterly removed from reality that every day on the job for her must seem like a trip into a fanatical over eroticized pee-wee’s playhouse where the major satisfaction comes from simultaneously fingering and jacking herself off (she has a huge penis) to detailed timesheets from her staff (seriously – details ranging from I closed a million dollar deal to a farted cum spots all over the wall after you removed your dick from my ass)

  5. Its all about the money…yeah and not one fucking dime goes to the people who actually bring in the bucks…instead their servitude is reaffirmed by super cum dribbling bitch boss who fucks with their work visas, pays them shit, while taking a hefty $150K salary for all the work she doesn’t and would never know how to do so she can keep herself fully supplied with the jumbo sized suppositories she shoves up her ass and the hideous hot pink outfits that match her hot pink lipstick that masks her non-lips…I tell you folks this bitch is real high fashion…I don’t think I could do better if I swallowed 18 gallons of pepto, chewed down 6 pounds of extra-strength chocolate flavored laxatives then simultaneously puked, defecated and slit my wrists all over my naked body

  6. On top of it all she’s fucking bipolar…something generally curable with large doses of heavy meds but unfortunately not taken by someone who cannot differentiate her ass from a hole in the ground…who one second can be as unassuming as a wallflower and the next turn into a hootchie cootchie me suck you long time bordello whore master rampant with crabs, succumbing to the last stages of syphilis spitting up like a cum gobbling…seriously that’s when I run for my life…but from the disease know as my bitch boss there is no escape

Ok for real I wish the bitch, who her own children (yes it spawned) despise, that every individual who every worked for her wishes a timely demise, who her limp dicked husband runs away from, and those who rarely some into contact with her avoid at all cost, I wish her the most horrid death (im talking Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, levels of gore) then top that off with a nuclear bomb shoved right up her fucking ass, with a slow burn device, while she has to suck down massive amounts of acid while set on fire… Word to the wise…stay away from hyperactive, scrawny, hideous, bipolar bitch bosses…not good for your health

Bad Boss 31

I am angry as I did a short stint at a call centre. I was hired only due to the fact that I was, and quote "Nice Looking" and that I had a "nice Voice". The (Married) boss “Flick Adams was a disgruntled ex cop who was exited from the Police force for being dodgy, he is a complete womaniser and the majority of the female staff in the call centre were attractive, whilst the boys were nothing to write to home about. The females in the centre walked on eggshells around him, due to the fact that if you pissed him off you would be fired the next week. His brother who was Married as well had an affair with the Telco manager as well so you could kinda see it ran in the family, He lied about payment, promises made in meetings, stats. Pretty much everything. This place had an incredibly high turnover of staff, yet the people there were on average very smart or Indian (who love to work in the industry). Beware of this place as the job ads make it look like Telco and Energy heaven.
I have to add one other part to this story, "Flick Adams" the boss was doing a presentation night for a local football association and wanted some "team girls" to chaperone him on to the stage at a reception centre, I of course was asked due to my "nice voice" and was told that I would get paid extra for doing this, We were also promised a full meal and a bottle of wine to share, So me and a few of the girls went along after work. When we got there, we asked to eat, not only had he not organised our food, but no WINE! If he wanted us to be his little woman in Waiting don’t you think we need the wine. Well to make matters worse the audience was all men (football men might I add!) who tried to grope us in succession, all Flick Adam’s could do was pull a chauvinistic joke out of his hat something along the lines of "There hard not to touch, You don’t have to ask me, I see them all day! After that I was a bad, bad staff member and boycotted half of his staff to leave, Whilst the whole time I put on my happy face around him. He can go to hell and I hope this story reaches all people concerned.

When you're a boss you're never wrong!!! 32

I have this boss who seems to think that he isn't responsible for any mess that is created at the workplace. In fact he loves to complain that its all the managers fault or someone else did it! NO! You usless arrogant shmuck! Its you! The assistant gets blamed because the paper runs out or the toner finishes! Well duh bossman! Thats what they do they run out! Even after you have toner sitting in your photocopier for months before I arrived, I get blamed for it finishing! Or how about when the internet phone line stops working after a lightning strike and who gets the blame? Me!!! Why? Because according to you I apparently RAN OVER the F@$%^&ng thing with my chair too many times despite the fact it worked before the lightning strike! No boss, even though I have the only other key to the office apart from you and despite the fact I don't drink, I DID NOT drink any of your Drambuie or any of your other stuff! So please don't accuse me, I don't know. I am not responsible for the fact that a rat was in your bin either. I never lost the medical insurance as you claimed in the staff meeting because I found them on your desk about two months ago! So you say that you can't get anybody else because you can't do any better! Well sir some of us can't do any better either as we're still here in this big ol' pile of dung with you as our boss!

Stupid Boss and Lazy Co-worker 33

I am so angry at my boss! She's like to blame me for things that go wrong then when I complain about a certain co-worker she's gives me the "quit whining" look. I have a co-worker who would rather sit on the computer or phone and take a 100 breaks a day and my boss says nothing. When I am taking an actual break I get looked at funny. Anyways, I caught this co-worker looking at porn more than once on a work terminal, but when I finally approached my boss with it, *because I was pissed that me and another person were blamed for a virus the computer got* she barely took care of it, and he still spends entirely way too much time on the computer checking his stupid e-mail, and his job has nothing to do with a computer. I'm just so mad that yesterday when I complained about his computer usage and how it keeps me from doing my work, in so many words she pretty much told me to work around his laziness, and ask for the computer. Why should I have to ask? If he's not working or on a break, why is he on it? This place makes me so angry and I need out before I explode.

My Boss 34

How do you drive me nuts? Let me count the ways:

  1. You're always on your BlackBerry, even in meetings. I bet you're one of those people who causes traffic jams because you can't wait 5 minutes to type a text message.

  2. Half the time you work from home. Usually, no big deal, because I know you really are working. But it'd be nice if you could get back to me *during the day* instead of sending me e-mails date-stamped 11:30 p.m.

  3. You bring your kids to the office. Again, usually no big deal -- they're cool kids and pretty much entertain themselves. But the last couple times you brought them, you left for a few hours and left me in charge of them. I'm an admin -- where does it say "on-call nanny" in my job description? They were also hyper and left a mess the last couple times you had me babysit for free.

  4. You have a degree in communications from a good college, yet you can't spell and have no eye for design.

  5. You get all these great ideas right when I'm in the middle of a project, so I completely have to undo everything I did.

  6. You ignore things I send you until there's a crisis, and then all of a sudden I have to drop everything and handle it, when it wouldn't *be* an emergency if you'd handled it when I first brought it up.

  7. You say you appreciate me and I do a great job. So why not hire that clerk or intern you've been talking about hiring to handle the scut work so I can concentrate on what I do best? Or giving me a raise or paying for some training?

That half-day vacation I took last month? I was interviewing for another job. I will continue to do so if things don't change.

New Boss 35

I. Am. Tired.

I'm tired of you asking me the same question five times when the answer was "Yes" the first time. I'm tired of you repeating the same instructions seven times (yes, I counted) in a staff meeting. I'm tired of you not trusting me and checking up on me constantly. I'm tired of the way your voice makes everything sound like a criticism, even when you're saying something nice or asking a question. I'm tired of you offering to help me with something and then not following through.

Here's what really burns me: I know I'm not the perfect employee -- in fact, there are many things I can improve upon -- but could you please let me know what your real concerns are and how I need to change instead of making me feel like *everything* I do is wrong?

Bosses who can't use the English language properly 36

If you're smart enough to be in management, then you're smart enough to think before you print a memo or hit the send button. Please, in the name of all that is common sense, run the spelling and grammar checks. Then, because grammar and spelling checks are not foolproof, proofread, or better yet, have a grammar Nazi like me proofread.

Some of my pet peeves:

  1. Using text message language. What are you, 16?

  2. The past perfect of "run" is also "run," not "ran." It's "I ran the report" but "The report has been run."

  3. Use "that" when referring to things or places, and "who" when referring to people.

  4. "You are" is "you're," not "your."

  5. Plural nouns DO NOT have apostrophes!

I don't want to make this a long rant, so I'll leave off here.

My third boss 37

Im angry because everything was fine until she came along! The company I work for made up a position to hire someone that was supposed to take part of the load off of my other boss. I have three bosses total. First they moved my little cubical twice. to build her her own office in side of my office. Then when that was finally over she spent the first four months of her time with the company shopping for a desk and chair!! FOUR MONTHS!! So she finally gets her desk and chair. You think she started working? Well if you call playing solitaire and watching American Idol work then yea she got right to it!! So she has been here for over seven month now and has not one bit of an idea of what my job is or entails. But she apparently know enough that she can tell me I need to do more and do it faster!! Keep in mind this is while she is playing card games right in front of me. Then to top it all off she starts making and taking personal phone calls on her cell very loudly! And someone please tell her that she can change the ring tone on the stupid thing!!! So now she is playing card games watching TV and gabbing on the phone all day. And its like im the only one who notices?? Or the only one with the balls to say anything!! So I do! I went to my second boss. She told me to go to my first boss so I did. And I told him Everything and how it made me feel like she was taking advantage of the company and its laid back style. He said he would take care of it. And to wrap this all up and make it a little shorter. The grand solution to this problem was not to talk to her about it or give her more work to do or anything like that!! NO! THEY GAVE HER A PRIVACY SCREEN!!! So now that i cant see that she is playing cards all day it wont bother me...........ummm. Yea thats pretty much it.

Bitchy boss 38

No matter what I do, it's never enough. You sound bitchy even when you say something nice. Your codependent husband calls constantly. You make me feel like I'm being scrutinized constantly.

I'm so sick of the way you treat me that I'm starting to think less of all women in your ethnic group, and that really bothers me.

being a waitress 39

Granted, I don't have this job anymore, but I'm angry over the reasons i was terminated.

A waitress job can be difficult. I tried to avoid it at all costs, but I was pretty desperate, never tried it, so I went for it.

I was terminated after 3 weeks. Apparently, I was "not clicking with anyone", I was "unhappy since day one", I "went off to do my own things", stupid crap. When the truth was, I was doing EVERYTHING they TAUGHT me to do! The only thing that they really wanted to see out of me was to never stop working! Don't stand around, know what's on the menu, check on the customers, keep my area clean, answer the phone, etc. I did all that, when the others would stand around talking about their boyfriends/girlfriends. When all my cleaning was done, and the phone wasn't ringing, I'd be looking for things to do. I tried to study the menu so when our senior waiter would "quiz" us, I'd know what to say: they yelled at me for that. I went in the back to grab a quick sip to drink: got yelled at. I went off cleaning my area, got yelled at. Stood behind the counter waiting for the phones to ring: got yelled at. WTF? I'm trying to do what they tell me to, and they terminated me because I got angry one day about it. Fucking douchebag of the senior waiter, "told on me", and boom! Lost my job. All i did was go into the bathroom to calm down where no one could see me, thinking I was doing people a favor. I'm NEVER EVER going to be a waitress AGAIN!!!

Assmaster General 40

My boss pisses me off because he's a condescending geek. You're a geek!!! What exactly makes you so great? The long nosehairs you could braid? The piss-stains inevitably left on the floor after he visits the john? That sweet little candy-land ringtone on his cellphone? The whipped-pussy voice he uses when his wife calls? The OCD way he has to pick up minute scraps of paper off the floor as soon as they land? Think he'd be mad if he knew I throw those scraps on the floor to watch the little bitch scurry?

My boss the lazy asshole douchebag fucker 41

I'm 21 years old and stuck in a shitty minimum wage job for a few months before I can move on to something better.

My boss is a piece of shit! we had a meeting over a week ago. He told all the workers that it's their fault for not being trained properly!

WTF? I never ever got trained properly at all! I kept asked the supervisors for training, and they wouldn't do it! They all play on the internet all day!

My boss rarely comes in. When he is here, he hides upstairs, only coming out to stare at everybody.

Listen jackass, nobody is working to their potential because the higher ups like you won't help!

Also, stop threatening to fire us! You say you aren't trying to be a hardass, but you are!




Greedy, Cheap, Selfish Boss 42

My company's president is greedy, cheap, and selfish. He tries to act all magnanimous by providing the occasional catered lunch and closing early before holidays, but it's an attempt to distract us from our crappy salaries and the huge disparity between our standards of living and his own.

He laid off several salespeople during the recession because they couldn't make enough sales. What a money-grubbing prick! He's one of those nouveau-riche types who tries to buy his way into high society by joining their charitable clubs and going to the symphony. His shirts are all custom-made, and one pair of his shoes probably cost more than my mortgage payment. His shrill, ugly wife buys her clothes at the most expensive boutiques in town. I'm pretty sure he doesn't pay his second-in-command even half what he makes, judging by her car and house. He wants to make sure everyone else is broke because he equates money with superiority. He's so selfish that he laid off a dozen people during the recession and yet continued to lease a brand-new Lexus! Meanwhile the rest of us drive to work in old Nissans and Buicks and such, and we've all been on a salary freeze for 2 years because of "the economy," not because he needs to keep up his country club dues. Cheap old fart. He's also only in the office 2 days a week, and spends the rest of his time traveling or fucking off at his huge house. His damn house is more than 4 times the size of mine! It's just not fair that we all work 40+ hours a week for shitty pay making him rich while he "works" maybe 16 hours a week. Most of that time he's probably chewing out the salespeople and booking his next lavish vacation (because he needs a vacation from working 16 hours a week). I eat Ramen and tuna and drive a 12-year-old Ford while he drives his Lexus to the country club to eat prime rib with his stuck-up friends who only like him because he's rich. Fuck you, you greedy, selfish bastard! If I can ever quit, I'm giving you just as much notice as you gave those poor, dedicated people you cut loose last year.

Dysfunction From A Distance 43

My manager decided to fire this woman in our office who has been working her butt off. It was the woman's birthday, and her boyfriend had just proposed to her earlier that morning. In other words... my manager fired this woman on her birthday and the day she got engaged. However, what really got me steamed was how the manager did the firing. She fired the woman over a conference call!!! That's right. My manager decided to work from home so she wouldn't have to see the person face-to-face. My boss had the office admin escort the woman into the conference room, where the woman was then fired. My boss is insane!

Injustice 44

I am so pissed off. First of all I would like to say that I loved my job. I really did. I put a lot of work into it with little return or feedback. However, I was fired because my fiancÚ (for his own reasons) asked for a demotion. Our boss flew off the handle and fired us both. Why? I have no idea. And now I am even more upset because I just found out that our letter of grievance was merely swept under the rug with not even so much as a slap on the wrist for her. Why is this allowed to happen? Are people really that fucking stupid that they allow this shit to happen? Or is it that they don't really want to bother with it and think that it doesn't matter to anyone? Just pisses me off...

Leadership Team 45

The Leadership team at my company is pathetic. They make plans for very short term to cover their own butts until they retire. There is no long term plan. The guy in charge may look good but really, he is a total cottonball. There is just really no substance. We are devoid of communication yet try to promote that we are cutting edge. Its laughable. Its not authentic. I am a slave to a bunch of incompetent leaders on so many levels.

What does it take to get a promotion? 46

I am a very hard worker, and the senior officers tell me so constantly. However, they refuse to promote me, or give me a pay increase - though they gladly place all the responsibilities of more senior positions on me. (You see, I've been the "acting manager" for three months now - but they won't actually make me manager, because they'd have to pay me more).

The current manager is very aged, and I hate to say it, but I hope she fails to wake up some day soon, so I can get her cushy salary. Honestly, I'm wishing death on a sweet old lady. What a monster management has made of me...

Couldn't you ever be there on time? 47

You would have thought that managers could be there when they said they'd be there wouldn't you? Oh no. Twice I've had to stay 30 minutes later (despite staying 2 hours after my contracted time to help them out!) just because they couldn't get the arses in gear to cover so I could leave. I'm not allowed to leave because of the adult to children ratios (in a nursery) so I have to wait. But "Give me 5-10 minutes.." turned into half an hour. What a fucking joke. And then the same thing happened again. "Thanks so much for staying. You're a star!" - Well you didn't give me much fucking choice did you?

*Note from Anger Central
You are billing them for the overtime, aren't you?

Bia boss 48

Lousy boss who actually encourage special treatment just because that stupid fat colleague is his friend and they are in the same places of worship.Ridiculas comment are such "tired or not"? What the heck, this lazy pig is employed there to work and she does so little task compared to me who is loaded with more unnessasary task till i even have to shorten my lunch break. I certainly hope what comes around goes around and this bias little boss gets this kind of unfair treatment next time.

Boss who dont believe me and even thought that I'm a trouble maker after I reported my colleague. This dishonest colleague quote me double the price for a keychain. I knew it costed $5 each because I have gotten the quote from a salesman first as I knew she could not be trusted. Somemore, it was meant for my friend's wedding which she will order for 300pcs. How STUPID can my boss be when he, himself had suffer a loss of $1500 if this deal had clinch and he still can side with my dishonest colleague just because she worked there for 4 years. I am disgusted.

Boss who dont believe me and even thought that I'm a trouble maker after I reported my colleague. This dishonest colleague quote me double the price for a keychain. I knew it costed $5 each because I have gotten the quote from a salesman first as I knew she could not be trusted. Somemore, it was meant for my friend's wedding which she will order for 300pcs. How STUPID can my boss be when he, himself had suffer a loss of $1500 if this deal had clinch and he still can side with my dishonest colleague just because she worked there for 4 years. I am disgusted.

*Note from Anger Central
This is three posts combined into one.

my bosses are fucking stupid assholes 49

I am so fucking angry I have wasted so many years at this piece of shit company working for fucking retarded assholes. I let these fuckers beat me down until I'm too fucking scared to think anyone else would want me. this is fucking BULLSHIT. Stop fucking burying your anger in a gluttonous binge of junk food, lose some weight and get on with your fucking life and find a happy place to work. Don't waste your whole fucking life here, dumbass! FUck you cunts who think you are so fucking smart. you can have my fucking job, it's a piece of shit anyway and you deserve it. kiss my ass, fucktards!

The fat prick 50

So there I was, trained to run a machine which (If you were stupid enough) could easily take your hand off in less then .25 of a second (Yes that quick) and my boss complains about my time it takes setting up the machine.

"Am I (Trainer)?"


"Am I as experienced as (Trainer)?"


"Then what the fuck do you expect? (Trainer) was one of those types who was not the semi-laid back types, we I AM and I want to make sure I DON'T fuck the machine up!"

"You could go faster"

"I am the ONLY person who knows how to set it up right now, so either grow some patience, or fire me asshole" (Yes, I DO speak to my boss like this, and he takes it, the pussy).

I could just sabotage the machine so it destroys itself....Though another shift would get the blame....I am so tempted to do so, but maybe in 3-6 paychecks (Every two weeks) I'll just not show up and they can go fuck off....

ceo's and takeovers 51

to all you ceo's that take over companies and then screw with the product line and later ruin the companies you take over.to name a few;nissen bakery,peak freans cookies,crown pilot biscuits,amc,boston gas,mass electric,montgomery ward,etc.do the world a favor.have your pilot fly your lear jet into the nearest mountain with you on board.guess what,the world will not miss you.good riddance!

freaking idiots in charge 52

Freaking freaking mother freaking people in charge. So I am old dependable, I do my job, my co-workers job, have common sense and the people that are so-called supervisors, appear to be in the position based on their inability to handle everything. These waste of space mother frackers are on my nerves. How pathetic is it to wait until your subordinates complete a task, so you ca take all the credit for it.

20 years in, nothing to show 53

I've worked for these assholes for 20 years and not once have they ever asked me to be a partner. I was told I could be one if I did a certain thing, which I did almost immediately and nothing. Fuck them. I should have been rewarded ten times more than what these fucking assholes have paid me. They ignore me and promote their fucking friends and relatives. I can't leave because of a non-compete and the industry is too small. Mother. Fuckers. I'm so sick and tired of all this shit about how you'll be rewarded if you work hard and do a great job. In what fucking universe? Not this one. You almost never get what you deserve in life. You just get what you get and how you deal with the shit you get is all the "deserve" you'll ever have.

Boss is a two-faced prick 54

I'm mostly angry with myself for not saving more money so I could cut the cord to my employer, who is a backstabbing prick. I made a brilliant move in 2015, and he told the whole company I failed, very likely because he wasn't smart or brave enough to do what I did. I served our clients better than he did, and he criticized me publicly instead of rewarding me. I'll never, ever forget what this asshole did, and I sincerely hope I'm able to pay him back in kind tenfold someday. I'd love to ruin him. He deserves it. He's a lucky asshole who doesn't know shit. I should have been made a partner years ago, but he took work away from me when I was crushing it, gave it to his incompetent friend and made that asshat a partner. Fuck these people. I hope they all die in a fucking fire. Employment is slavery. No wonder everybody is constantly buying lottery tickets and playing the stock market. you can work your balls off for 20 years, do a great job and still not prosper. Fuck anyone who says this doesn't happen. It happened to me.

The boss from hell 55

Ever work for someone you didn't quite trust but couldn't put your finger on it...? Well to make a long story short my boss has been, inviting me to crash at her place. I went and googled her name. Turns out this hairy, man beast got picked up by the cops for exposing its foul hairy self to the public. Yeahhhhh that's not happening...I don't want to wake up in a bathtub full of ice with my kidneys missing. I think its time I started looking around...

Tony 56

You want to fire me because my uncle passed away, and being there for my family is more of a priority than your overpriced restaurant? Then fine, but did you really have to be a coward about it? If you have the balls to be an inconsiderate prick who lacks compassion, then be a man and do that shit face to face. You want to fire me, then face me like a man. But you'd rather be a punk bitch and get up the courage by drinking and fired me by voice mail, and when I went to go pick up my last paycheck, you couldn't even face me? I've lost all respect for you, as an entrepreneur, as a man and as a human being. You are a spineless jellyfish. A fucking nutless eunuch. Fucking Tony Soprano reject. So I HOPE you enjoy YOUR restaurant. Because of the illegal aliens you have working there, expect a visit from ICE in the near future. Fuck me and I fuck you harder.

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