Chris the snotty bitch in pa 1

Chris....I despise your sorry ass self for many reasons. You have no business being a supervisor in a (or any) business, etc.. You give the term 'supervisor' a bad reputation. Who the hell do you think you are? You are never available when needed. Someone almost got stuck doing 16 hours because no one could locate your sorry useless ass...and if you give your cell phone to your snotty least teach it some manners (meaning if an emergency work related call comes in, to tell you...and not wait until the next damn day). I can't stand you. You were an arrogant SOB the first time I tried to get a job with the company...I'm surprised you even gave me a chanced when I applied to the shit house a second time. And if you are going to write me up...make sure it is for something that I did. And another thing...don't blame me for other peoples mistakes. if that isn't bad enough, you are blaming me for shit that happened while I was at home, and not even on the schedule. FUCK YOU BITCH. All I know is the next time I get screwed by my 'fucking useless hormonal pre-menopausal bitches' better not be in the area (..or better yet, not be on the same shift as me). Mark my words you snotty stuck up piece of shit. paybacks are a bitch, and you will get yours.

Chris 2

Chris B. is a sociopathic bully. He openly threatens people with firing if they aren’t perfect at all times. He expects people to read his mind, and gets angry when we can’t guess what he wants. He thinks that because HE doesn’t need any sleep or downtime, nobody else should either. I also think he has short-man syndrome. He’s evil to everyone because he has to prove how tough he is even though he’s short. My nickname for him is “Rumpelstiltskin.” He and his middle manager, Abraham, are the reasons I’m looking for another job.

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