I am angry because boss craig is fake, disrespectful, and unappreciative. I'm also angry because I'm stuck in this work. It's my own personal little prison. Yea for me!

Craig 2

Well, let me start this off by saying that my boss, Craig, is generally a pretty good boss & seems to be a nice guy. BUT, the blatant favoritism is grinding my gears today, and pretty much every day to tell the truth. I have worked at the place for a year now, have taken only two sick days, and never once been late. I am courteous to other workers, do a good job, & do every duty that is asked of me without complaint. Yet, for the second time in a month, Craig has seen fit to bawl me out (along with a couple others), for laughing too loudly in the warehouse. Both times we were working steadily, simply laughing and joking around a bit too much for Craig. He was miserable & rude in his reprimand, & went around in a foul mood the rest of the day both times. Now, the thing that REALLY pisses me off, is the way he tolerates the horrible conduct of certain other employees without comment. There are people there who miss time like CRAZY, I'm talking once a week they are off "sick" or with some made up appointment...couple that with their numerous lateness issues, leaving early, and standing around doing nothing for extended periods. Craig has yet to show the slightest annoyance at this behavior, or to reprimand them, or even to mention it. Yet, good employees dare to have a little fun at work, and get hollered at? There have been days when I felt under the weather, where I have had almost no sleep, and days I have booked appointments at inconvenient times for me, ALL for the sake of making a good impression at work. I hate leaving my boss & co-workers in the lurch, & really hate that having a good work ethic seems to mean little to this guy. Pick your battles Dude, take issue with the really important problems in your workplace, things that need attention NOW. I feel like mentioning all this to him, but know it wouldn't get me anywhere because he so obviously favors a few....Favoritism sucks!!!

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