I am angry because I truly believe he was deceptive and dishonest in his dealings with me. He intended to replace me but didn't tell me. Instead he humiliated me by putting the job on the intranet for Australia and New Zealand and made me apply and everyone I had known for 2 1/2 yeras at the company knew about it, but 2 days before Christmas he told me I was excited enough to get the job. I had wanted to go full time for months, I believe I had told him so by telling him I was interested in a different job he offered, but I didn't push to go full time because I knew there was issues with the budget. Also it was hard to be excited when my interview was pushed back by 5 days. Yet on the day I was supposed to interview - when I was excited they pushed back my interview but managed to interview people from outside. Why not tell me the truth in a clear way? Why tell the other Managers months before you wanted to find a new person but not tell me? I could have lined up and job and had a nice exit, rather than suffering from shock and depression that lasted 3 months! Why wait until 2 days before Christmas and dump me and ruin my Christmas? Nasty, unfair and unkind. I had worked hard for longer than he'd been at the company and deserved better

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