I am so fucking ripped about the bullshit I've had to put up with because of this fat c--t I've had the misfortune of working for, I could just fucking lose it! NEVER HAVE I BEEN SO ANGRY!!!!!! I feel completely and totally stabbed in the back, screwed over, and betrayed!

I have been working for this fat, sloppy, FUGLY cow for less then 2 months now. Thought things were going well. I was bending over backwards to kiss her crusty ass, busting MY ass just to please her and shut up her constant whining and bitching.

BUT IT JUST WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH!! Despite the fact I have worked harder then anyone else has at this fucking place, (the store would look like a filthy slime-hole if it wasn't for me and my sense of fucking decency) not only do I get skipped for the promotion (she gives it to this fucking weird-ass gothic dude who comes to work every fucking day hung-over or stoned or both!!) she gives MY hours to some other druggie who used to work for the store, went to jail for a few years, and is just now coming back, LEAVING ME WITH ONE FUCKING SHIFT A WEEK!!!!! Am I crazy or is there something wrong with this picture??? Is dedication and hard-work no longer a positive attribute? I guess at this store to qualify for anything you need to be a white-trash piece of shit who overdoses on pills on a daily basis, has done hard jail time, and is generally a filthy slob.
I guess I just don't fit the bill.

Lorrie, watch out you fucking low-life!!!!! I'm not the only one out to get you!!!!!! Do us all a favor and either take just one extra of your 25 pills you pop a day and end it!!!! The world doesn't need anymore trailer trash! There's enough pollution as it is! Fat skanky Whore!

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