Matt and my job

I'm so damn angry because my boss is a loudmouthed confusing prick! I'm in a training position; his job is to TRAIN me. But what does he do? Whenever I ask him a question about something he either craps on for ten minutes about something completely different, or much more often, tell me to ask one of the other people in the company. These other people aren't in my department; there's quite a lot of overlap, but still I wish he would help out, not send me downstairs to bug the other guys who are generally really busy. At least they treat me like a human being as well; Matt looks down at me and reckons I never talk to the others anyway. Stupid prick. Oh, and did I mention that Matt is one of the big bosses sons? He's got as much people skills as a slug. One or two of the other people around work are also pretty rude...I met Matt boss the other day, and the first thing he did was insult me! I wish these people would fucking well get mugged or something, just so I can see them get taken down a few rungs. Matt also rips into me because sales are down. Jesus Christ, how many weeks have I been doing the job? two? three? I'm cold calling for christ's sake because customers are so rare! I finally had a guy buy the other night; I was feeling pretty good and was hoping maybe, just maybe, Matt would say something nice...oh no, he just craps on like usual. Amazing how he sucks up to the other bosses as well...he spends half the day in meetings or something. I wish I fucking well knew what I had to do each day...I'm calling people, I'm chasing people...and he was having a go at me the other day saying he was worried that there were no sales and I was never talking to the people down stairs...bullshit! I've tried a few times, they're rather busy! I was there most of the weekend, listening in to them talk to customers and I was even roped into helping a few of their customers out...but I got into trouble for that...he doesn't want me to learn any of their product, only mine...fuck this job is soo frustrating.

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