I use the term "boss" in THE loosest possible sense of the word. The woman has no idea how to exercise authority. PERIOD. Case in point: I get written up for something stupid like forgetting a customer's coupons so I go next door and I come back to wait for my ride. There, in the very next HOUR, is a coworker bringing in their cute little dog, as though this "upscale" grocery store was the city pound, and Meghan says...... NOTHING!!!! to them. Well I have had it. I am done. Yes I will be the one to pack my bags, but that is only for the fact that I will be heading toward better higher paying grounds while you will still be stuck at the same dead end job. HA

Meghan Again 2

Yes the blowhard made the mistake of saying that the man I love is milking the system. EXCUSE ME?? He was in a bad car accident that killed his wife and almost killed him too and he can NEVER work again. This pathetic low life form is one to talk what with her having a kid she can't afford and she sucks off the government tit. Come to think of it she just sucks. Well guess what, come tomorrow I am taking all of my stuff in and I am quitting AS OF NOW because I am not going to take this anymore, life is too damn short to come home angry every day from working with an ignoramus that you hate.

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