Pam the cunt

This stupid little cunt fired me for no god damn reason. I've been working there for a year and I've been nothing but the best employee I could be. Just so you know I was a god damn custodian, the lowliest job you can have which is so simple any fuck with a brain could it. I've been really depressed the last three days and so I haven't been doing 100%, but it's a fucking custodian job so you don't need 100%, you only need 5% to be an amazing custodian. Anyway, this cunt pam hears that I'm not doing anything (from a kid who's worthless himself and dumps all his work on others) and she fires me without really listening to my side of the fucking story. Who cares if I'm depressed for a few days and not myself? I was still getting the job done. I'm a fucking college student and I have enough to worry about and it was only a part time job anyway. She takes her job too seriously and she deserves to die, no one likes her and her stupid dumbass assistant anyway. I mean seriously, you fuck cunts are like 50 years old and this is what you've amounted to in life? Fucking Lead custodians? I'm sure glad god wasted his fucking time on you guys. Get a life, if you cunts died no one would notice or care. Side note, a lot of people at the place I worked at said I was the best custodian they've had for years, which isn't really much of a complement because again, IT'S A CUSTODIAN JOB!!! I just wanted to throw it out there. Maybe she'll catch swine flu and her dumbass baby and her white trash husband will all die.

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