Paul is a maggot. No, wait, maggots serve a purpose in life. Paul does not. All that Paul does is curry favor from the board of directors, try to cop feels or worse from the female staff (like any of them would ever sleep with him, smelly bastard that he is), appropriate every idea as if it were his own and then completely screw up the implementation of same, lie to anyone who will listen about all of his past jobs and all the wonderful things he used to do in other jobs (then WTF is he here?), stink up the building with his evil little cigarillos, come in late and leave early and in general do everything he can to ensure that the company accomplishes nothing simply by the fact of his showing up. Did I mention that my boss is an asshole as well? There, I’m finished.

Paul S. 2

Bill and Monica and their cigar thing, I think that has happened here, more than once, because Paul The Maggot and his nasty little cigars have been getting real friendly with some of the women staff workers. One of them told me she did what she had to do to keep her job after a long afternoon 'session' in his office, which about made me want to puke. He is such a repulsive human being, why can't a meteor take him out?

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