Program Directors

It sickens me how this person makes his decisions thinking with the wrong head. He's suppose to be in charge but screws everything up all the time. Doesn't follow up on his job. No, he's busy screwing that skank, egotistical, no-talent married bitch while they are at work. Did I mention he and the skank are both married? He gives her all the work and promotions he can. Even though she doesn't have a fraction of the experience as the rest of us, she is now his assistant and tells us what to do. He was caught fucking her while at work, he's her supervisor and is opening the company up for a lawsuit. Is he in trouble? Was he fired? Was she? No, no and no.

His boss just turns a blind eye. Why? Because his boss was screwing his sales manager, both of them married at the time too. It stinks to work in a place where the only way you can succeed is to screw the boss. You can't compete against sex.

It stinks that there is no place else to work at right now. So why don't I go over the boss's head and tell his boss of this very large corporation? Because the last person that did that was not fired, but work became very uncomfortable for she and her husband so they felt they had no choice but to leave. I hope to do the same soon. Is there any place to work where you don't have to compete against some skank sleeping with the stupid and hory boss?

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