Sniveling Supervisor

I am made dept head of section of my company. But for the next 9 months, the supervisor goes to old dept head with complaints. NEVER to me (Well maybe twice) and hardly ever do I hear compliments.

Finally, I take it to her and say "You should talk to me" She mumbles that she will and then she runs off. Then, she takes inventory and yes, goes to old dept head, bitches and moans and so I get a bunch of shit.

Again I go to her and say "If you'd have talked to me, I would have told you why, but that's a bit hard to do when you pass messages through the old dept head" She mumbles and ignores my reference. Then, old dept head snitches to her about another dept head and they come on me. I let them know it wasn't me and it was old dept head.

That's when I decide. screw her and him, they like pissing in others plates, well they can piss somewhere else. I'll transfer out and if they try and pull some shit on me, they'll find out what it's like to be snitched on..ALOT.

Backstabbing snitch 2

So, I get moved to a new department...Leaving behind alot of crap I moved aorund and sort of "Lost" so as to give them some strain getting it ready :) Then, supervisor (4' 9") with a brain as stunted to match, leaves instructions to another to "Sneak around and find if they're (Us new comers) doing their job" I find out about this and go to upper level.."Oh this is OK" he says. "OK, So now at least I know never to trust you people anymore" Yep, he's pissed but I say "Hey, would YOU like it if I snitched about you not doing your job to upper level?" Fuck this place...3-9 months I'll get another job without scum like this.

so called supervisor 3

you are the dumbest bitch i have ever met i my life. you think you have everyone snowed but you don't we all have your fucking number you cunt. you sit around talking to yourself like you are actually working when we all know that you are on fucking ebay and dealing with your personal finances. when you answer the phone you are talking, when you hear footsteps you are talking, when you hear a door open, you are talking. i fucking hate you and your sorry ass voice. we all know you ain't doing shit in your office. just fucking accept it. the sound of your voice makes everyone in this fucking office cringe. we all hate your fat ass you backstabbing hag. keep eating and maybe your fat ass will explode and we never have to see you or HEAR you ever again.

Anita aka Hagatha 4

Out of every damn boss we have out of the entire store, Anita is the one that pisses everybody off the most- she is so infamous with the other stores in town that the company has dubbed her as "Hagatha."

The woman was married to a rich man for 27 years, until their divorce three years ago- she was only going to move out for thirty days as their marriage counselor suggested so while she left and was gone, her creep of a husband filed for divorce. She lost everything because she was the one who left the house, and he kept everything, therefore she racked up a lot of debt with lawyers trying to win the house and the possessions and she lost the case and lost everything. This is relevant to what I am saying because, you will see why I am ranting.

This bitch thinks that because she has a tough life now, she gets to act nasty to everybody, and bother and annoy the shit out of people, and then say that everybody else has anger issues after she gets cussed out by one of the employees. She wont even make one consideration that it could possibly be her!

We cannot make one goddamn order for someone without her saying, "You're not doing it right."

I swear, if she says that to me one more time I am going to take the shake in my hands and dump it over her fucking head. God forbid we get someone in the grill and they do things differently from the way she does it, and she shits a Christmas goose, and starts yelling at the cook to make this fresh, and to make that fresh just because it has been sitting in the warmers for ten fucking minutes- if we keep making the food fresh, it runs our fucking time down, not to mention the shit that is in the warmer wont ever be sold, which causes SHRINKAGE, and then she has the obligation to bitch and bitch about the shrinkage to us and our low time, whenever SHE is the one causing it by bothering the cook!

We have gone through eleven fucking cooks because of her dumb sorry ass, and almost everybody that knows what they are doing at the store is about to quit and leave because of her sorry ass!

And then she works and she works, and even works for all the other stores in town, and takes everybody's fucking hours and overtime because she needs to pay off the shit she accumulated from her lawyers in the first place- and then she bitches us out because the district manager jumped all over her ass about going over in labor because her dumb ass stays in the store until one and two in the morning because she can't count the fucking money the right way, and makes everybody stay because they didn't clean something the right way- or we didn't mop the floor the right way- if she thinks that she can do it, then her fat ass can do it herself!

I'll piss and shit all over that fucking floor and then we'll see who will be mopping it, piece of shit!



Movie theater supervisor for hire: 6

  1. Loves to strut around acting bitchy while pushing people around.

  2. Excellent work attire, wears a low cut shirt showing off her tits to everyone while all the other employees are in uniform.

  3. Constantly sends people home when they need the money desperately, even when there is a large crowd that night.

  4. Makes everything a popularity content and encourages coworkers to bully each other, all while picking favorites.

  5. When a customer asks for a higher-up, she hides either upstairs or in the office so she won't be held responsible for anything.

  6. Doesn't supervise when people are working, too busy playing on the internet all night.

Seriously, fuck this bitch! I have no idea how she got hired.

Supervisor 7

Im so angry at this woman. She came in to assess me to see if I was ready to finish training and start working by myself. Her review was basically just an attack on my appearance and personality. She had a go at me for wearing a 'short' dress (it was nearly knee length!) even though i was wearing leggings underneath. My job involved working on the floor with children, so jeans/pants reduce flexibility and fall down. She turned up for the assessment with track pants, flip flops and sun glasses on her head! Then she says- you perform the tasks fine, but can you be more loud and extroverted like me? Ummm why? The kid is fine, the parents are happy, the job is getting done.. And you arent extroverted, youre just obnoxious...

Power-tripping morons you think they are awesome just because they are 'supervisors' (with absolutely NO qualification) make me SOOOO damn angry!!

My Boss 8

I am angry at my team lead. I work in a customer service job. When we are in queue and have something on an account we couldn't finish while we were on the phone with them we have an "after call" button we can use. This prevents us from getting another call. I'm angry because if I try and use this feature I get an IM from my lead asking me to get on the phone. I understand we are in queue and have calls waiting but its not like I'm sitting their staring off into space. I am still working. If I can't use this option why is it even there?! I understand if I was in after call for longer than two minutes at most but, if I do use this option its like once out of 30 calls and I usually am done in about 1 minute. Plus, if their are less than 3 calls in queue then let me take a minute! I'm sure those calls will be answered in just a few seconds. Its not my fault you didn't staff accordingly. If I did it every call or even took a long time, ok. But, it's there for a reason! Get off the high horse. You're just a lead, which means a supervisor's peon. I don't abuse it so stop!

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