My boss who is habitually late

I'm just over a month into my new job and already I have hatred for the head manager in the office, the one who chairs the weekly staff meetings. From what I have experienced so far, and from gathering information from my colleagues, the head manager NEVER starts the staff meetings on time. Ever.

Today was the worst case I've seen: the meeting started a grand total of 90 minutes late at 6 p.m, the time when we usually knock off from work. No word of apology, not a hint of guilt or shame on his face, just the usual "Let's begin". The meeting ended at 8.30 p.m., leaving the rest of us tired, hungry and frustrated.

I hate people who are consistently late, but I absolutely despise it when people in positions of authority do it. Also, I'm the type of person who carefully plans his daily schedule and activities, and I become really furious when some late-comer decides to throw a monkey wrench into my plans just because he couldn't even make the effort to show respect or good manners.

Even if you are my boss, your time, life and personal commitments are not any more important than my own.

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