Whore Boss!

I am so angry! My boss has been having an affair on company time for the last 6 Years! She leaves at least once a week to go fuck a married man behind our office. And then comes back and takes a half hour break. Yesterday she had the nerve to get pissed at me because I left a half hour early. Can you even imagine? I left early maybe 4 times since I have worked there and she has the nevrve to get mad at me when she is fucking a married man on company time. Oh did I mention they the days I left early and usually I am there a 1/2 hour early. Oh and she pays her self when she leaves early. I am so fed up with her cunt ass! Our company specializes in the holiday season, I have applied for a job and I think I may get it. We are short staffed as it is so what is she gunna say when I ditch her? Hahaha the look on her face when i quite at our busiest time of the year! Oh did I mention that I bring twice as much money into the company as she does, and her bonuses depend on me :)! Opps...ask me if I give a shit?

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