Auction sellers

What irks me are online sellers that demand payment within a few days yet they take nearly a month or two to send out the item (some even live about 20 miles or so away from me!). What is also bothersome about some sellers is that they give the buyer a different item than what was pictured. The eBay auction craze is wearing thin for me.

Auction Sellers 2

So, I bid on a game on e-bay. The listing clearly stated that the CD's had NO scratches. Payment instructions said that payment had to be made within 7 days. I won the bid - and paid within 2 minutes of auction end. Number one ... why in the hell did it take YOU 23 days to mail the item?! Oh, excuse me .. your HUSBAND, who's name is not even associated with the account, shipped the item. Number two - a little lesson in ethics honey, you do NOT list something as being in perfect condition when it is NOT in perfect condition - yes, the game works, but you fucking LIED in your description. Had you SAID scratches, I would NOT have bid on your game. Number 3 - Don't expect payment within 7 days and then ship the item 23 days AFTER you've been paid. Number 4 - DON'T leave retaliatory negative feedback on me when all I did was tell the ebay community what a lying sack of shit you are (not in those words). If I am such a bad buyer .. why the hell is all of my OTHER feedback positive?! I should have KNOWN better than to deal with you once I saw that you were blonde. JL ... you're very lucky I'm just posting this on as opposed to all over the net. I sincerely hope that nobody else gets screwed by you.

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