Lloyd-Manwell ford

I have gone to lloyd-manwell ford several times over the last couple of years for service. I will take my truck to another ford dealer from now on, as I am tired of hearing management call the lesser employees names such as "hillbilly, stupid, a-hole" to name just a few. They don't even care if customers are within hearing range! I find it hard to believe that this type of verbal abuse is condoned by Ford. Cripes, If they call the guys who sweat in the shop area things like that, I can only imagine what they call us customers after we leave there. Unprofessional, to put it mildly!

Autoway 2

Imagine talentless Floridian street crowds yelling "When you need a car... truck or van. Who you gonna call? AUTOWAY!!!!!!" to the passť tune of "Ghostbusters." I HATE these TV commercials! Music is a divine gift, not a source of earsplitting agony. The spots end with embarassing white rapping/growling/hooting and another guy quickly yelling about low prices and yelling "YEAH!!!" The commercial's audio level is twice that of the sponsored program, so it is even more annoying. Can't cars be sold on quality and reliability? You know, calmly appealing to logic? Evidently not.

RV Dealers 3

God knows I happen to be lucky enough to be able to afford a used RV, but finding a dealer which doesn't try to "Make you come in" or won't answer a simple question is really getting my goat.

I wrote to one and asked for a price on 4 and didn't hear from them. So after 2 weeks, I sent them a letter telling them they were worthless. They responded! And THEY SAID COME IN FOR PRICE!

I told them either send me a quote or never mind. They said they couldn't and I said "Why" They said "Company policy" I replied then why is there quotes on other items? They never replied. So, I finally wrote them and said "ESAD" and that's all.

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