Loan application denial

I'm angry. Really fucking angry (ANGRY.NET: forget me not swearing in this text. If I can't swear, then you're just a fake anger page for sissies) with my bank. Oh yes, my bank. I have never ever mistreated my account, never ever forgotten to pay a bill, except for one time when I didn't receive the bill because of a mail strike. The bank has profited on me for years, and finally I need their help in form of a small loan, which I easily will repay within 3 months. And what do they do? Deny that loan. The loan that every one I know have told me that I easily should get with my credentials. The result? No beer for me, no coffee for me, no social life for me. My friends go out, I stay at home. Very fucking funny. Very well, bank, this was the final insult. I will make a 100 k soon, and once I do, I will end my account with you. Fuck with me, and I'll fuck you harder.

Bank 2

My bank has had my savings account for almost ten years. I left $20.36 in there 4 months ago, and pretty much left it there, as it's not an account I use any more.

Just the other day, I just checked it, and there's 36 cents. That's it! $00.36 Where the fuck did 20 dollars go??? "Oh, your balance went below the minimum, and we charge 5 dollars a month..." - snip -

Whoa, wait a minute $5 a month x 12 months, SIXTY fucking dollars a year, just to keep a small amount of money in a goddamn SAVINGS account??? And they ask me why I smoke pot..

Banks 3

I had been using Bank of America for 2 and a half years. I make all my deposits in person because that's what I like to do. I do not like to use the machines to make deposits; that's just me. Well recently I discovered that for a student checking account, there's a $3 charge EVERY time you use a person in the bank for ANYTHING, even just to ask a stupid question! I started thinking about it, and I've wasted well over $200 in these charges. I immediately closed my account because the bitch that informed me of this had no sympathy at all. I didn't expect reimbursement, but she acted like I was an idiot for not knowing that and it was funny. F-ing bitch. They just lost my business. I moved over to Wells Fargo and haven't had a single problem since.

Key Bank 4

Key Bank is the worst usurer since the moneychangers that Christ overturned the tables of in the Temple. It's pointless to save any money in this bank seeing that every time you turn around the deposit you made just yesterday is inexplicably gone. Oh yeah and they raised my minimum payment on my credit card to $25 from $15 even though I make my payment on time every month -- what is the reason for that???!!! Customer dissatisfaction is what we have to offer!!! What? You say you'll have a financial officer contact me to explain that to avoid paying fees I have to pay more fees? No problem -- I will give them the same hell I gave to you. By the way Key Bank, nice job getting robbed -- NOBODY fuckin robs banks anymore -- I mean as soon as you even think about pulling a gun you meet with sirens and German shepherd police dogs. Pointless, worthless and obsolete. My money will be safer in a hidden coffee can and you all can go fuck yourselves.

Citimortgage 5

I closed my mortgage with Citimortgage on May 30, and it too this company until July 26 to send me my mortgage escrow refund (>$3,000). Their excuse? A system error. My compensation for their mess up? Nothing. They got to earn interest on my money for almost two months...and I get nothing.

File under Banks - Check "safekeeping" 6

Just what is it with banks not returning cancelled checks with the monthly statement to the customer these days? They say they hold checks for your convenience. Check "safekeeping" is what they call it. Ha, what a load of bunk! Actually, being as cynical as I am, it's really for the bank's convenience! Like any corporate entity, they're attempting to maximize profits, elminating waste by not returning checks. Then, if you really need them, they force the customer to pay whopping $2 for a blasted copy of a check and a little more for the original! Sheesh. I can threaten to close my checking account with my current bank, but then most other banks are following this ugly, disturbing trend. Bah!

Americredit 7

you fucking jerks give credit to people who can't GET credit & then bitch when they stiff you. what the fuck ever! instead of calling fifty times a day, trying to get money you'll never get, just come get the damn car and leave me the fuck in peace! i can't afford to PISS, much less pay for a stupid car. up yours!

Banks 8

I know the pricks aren't a "Charitable" group, but when they get stuck with a piece of crap repo, they should realize they're gonna lose out, so just say "Sell it" and eat the damn loss! I just told a bank to KMA (Kiss my ass) when they came back after I made a $63,000/$53,000 offer because I'd have to fix the roof and other sections. "It's $63,000, take it or leave it" They reply..."F--- you I'm leaving it!" I say and now they'll have to try and find some other jerk to buy it. I walk my dogs past there everyday, Yes, I'll let them shit on the lawn as long as it's unoccupied :)

Credit Cards 9

I am angry with credit card companies! In college, these bums sucked me into their little game. No income? Greeeat! Come on over and sign up for one of our shiny credit cards! We will give you $1000 to play with! It's only at a 22% interest rate! What's an interest rate? Never you mind that! Just charge away.

So then the first bill comes. Wow! A minimum payment of only $20! Sweet! Lemme go withdraw some money off the credit card to pay the credit card bill! I mean, afterall - I have no money!  Then, other companies send you free money in the mail. This was back before people were completely working for the devil and stealing identities. More free money?! Drinks are on me! I bought many a drink, I tell you.

I'm not a stupid person. At the time, I did realize that for every cause, there is an effect. However, I had no idea about the world of "free plastic money". I've been out of college now for 9 years and I'm still paying off this shiznit!


Those fucking Sales Finance Accounts 10

I'm pissed off because one of my bosses, Susan from CitiFinancial, is always fuckin complaining about these fuckin sales finance accounts (accounts that are financed through retailers). And since I'm in charge of converting these accounts into personal/real estate loans, I get all the heat. Nobody wants our high rate loans and thus I get no conversions. So I have to sit in half hour meetings 2x week and listen to the same old shit. No Susan, no one wants to convert their accounts to a higher rate PL loan.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Co 11

If you value your sanity, never NEVER deal with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation.

We begin having major plumbing problems on November 6, 2004. We ended up having to replace the entire main sewer line - and, we were able to pay the person who did the digging, needless to say, this wiped out what little savings we had.

We received a reimbursement check from our insurance company covering the cost and sent it overnight to Chase Manhattans loss draft department on December 6th. Today is the 13th - I called to ask about the status of the check (which needs to be endorsed by the mortgage company before we can be reimburse!) Found out that it takes 10-15 days for this blasted company to put a stamped signature on a check. Also found out that I needed to send receipts for work performed (WHICH NOBODY BOTHERED TO TELL ME). Interesting, that THEY can send our statement 21 days ahead of the due date and they take their sweet time with seeing that we are taken care of in a timely manner. It just goes to prove that big corporation could care less about the little people who are paying their salaries. In the meantime - bills are piling up, the plumber is screaming for the rest of his pay, and I'm having panic attacks on a daily basis.

Word of warning to Chase Manhattan: if push comes to shove - we will get our attorney involved AND we will refinance this house with a different company. You want to treat us poorly? Then FUCK YOU. Bah, Humbug.

*Note from Anger Central
Oh gee thanks for this one. Anger Central's mortgage was recently sold to Chase just before we went to China. :/

Bank of America 12

Oh dear, where to begin? For starters, I think it would have to be how sick I am of "revolving ownership" - for example, you open an account with one bank, then - a few months down the road - the company you originally opened the account with is bought out by some other bank.

As for Bank of America - which was originally Fleet - well, I'm a little confused. I've had my Fleet account for quite a number of years, never a late payment, never any problems. Now that you're Bank of America, and I miss ONE SINGLE payment - you're going to mail me a collection notice AND call my house every fucking day?! OH, and to top it off ... you don't even have the *courtesy* to have a HUMAN BEING call me - no, it's a fucking recorded message in charge of the harassment! Well guess what? YOUR machine can talk to MY machine - I am NOT answering your automated pre-recorded calls, and very shortly I WILL be transferring the balance elsewhere and closing the account. You have quite clearly shown me through your actions that you do not need OR want my business. And to be perfectly honest - I don't need bullshit of that nature simply because I hold an account with you. Adios Assholes.

Wells Fargo Financial 13

I don't deny, I need to work on my bills and getting in more money, but is it all that hard for these billion dollar companies to say "Ok, we'll hold the check till you get paid" or something like that? No, they constantly badger and piss and moan about the delays and how "You'll be in trouble if you don't pay today" and BS like that.

Then they get mad, if I treat them like shit. Well, what goes around, comes around. I'd type more, but that wouldn't be too smart...I do have plans. Yes...(Evil laughter)

Capital One 14

Do not ever get a credit card from them. I made the unfortunate mistake of doing just that, and I basically got treated like a criminal. It all started when I took my wife out to dinner. I had just got the card THAT FUCKING DAY. When we went to dinner, and I tried to pay the bill with said credit was DECLINED. You can imagine how embarrassed I was. So the next day, I called them to find out why a brand new card was now a useless piece of plastic taking up space in my wallet. I basically was given the third degree by a very rude bitch of a man. Instead of trying to rectify whatever problem it was, I basically was made to feel like I was a theif. I never did find out the problem as I just said fuck 'em and closed out the account. and I hope they have the nerve to send me a statement so I can politely tell them to go suck on a bloody maxi-pad infested with the HIV virus.

Banks 15

OK, I deal with a local bank (WAMU which was sold to Chase Bank after they royally fucked up on home loans hee hee hee) and I see my account was overdrawn..Huh?

There's a nifty little trick they have. You have $1,000 in your account. You hit some stores and let's say charge $899. 2 days later, you have a the car die on you. Hit the bank for $300 (Towing and repairs) and you're set right?


They have "Pending Charges" and thus, after 4-7 days (If it even SHOWS on the account) they slam it there and now you're OVERDRAWN!!

So you're out $34 bucks each time they charge you and screw asking for "Sympathy" as I stated above, THEY SCREWED UP AND GOT SOLD.

So you can bet the "Email responders are told to say "Fuck you" politely, but still "Fuck you we're keeping YOUR MONEY"

Ohhhh..yeah, I keep repeating "Karma, Karma, Karma..Shotgun"

Chase Bank 16

I recently found out that I have an overdraw when I bought something via debit. Now forgive me, but isn't the card supposed to decline if I go over!! This is bullshit!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster recently had an issue with a store card his wife has. He pays the cards online, but the morons couldn't figure out which account to credit the payment to. So the returned the payment and then added a fee to the card! We call that fraud when we come from.

Alternatives To Banks 17

I'm so f()*&^)^king pissed off that I closed all my bank accounts. I got harrassed purchasing a Money Order and the nosey teller wanted to know who it was to! None of your fucking business bitch! Anyway I went home and thought about what I have been thinking for years with regard to gawddamn Banks and what we as consumers get out of the deal. And what I could personally do about it...

  1. I thought, What does your Bank give you in terms of interest on the money they borrow from you, because that is what your bank is doing when you open an account,and deposit funds(any kind of account!)

  2. Why are you paying them to borrow money from you and why aren't you receiving compond interest on you money?

  3. Why are you paying service fees to access what already belongs to you and taxes off any interest you earn when you already paid taxes from your pay check?

  4. Your information is at risk!

  5. There is no personal privacy condition left, if you read the privacy policy of your bank once all the loopholes have been covered your privacy is non existant.

Here is what I did! I closed all accounts I now pay no service fees except a small charge for Money Orders and Wire Transfers that I purchase through other financial facilities at a cheaper rate than the Bank. Money Orders are $2.50 cheaper, Wires Overseas are 15% cheaper and I pay a minimal fee to cash a cheque which is less than my monthly service fee at the Bank and all the ATM fees I used to dole out! I am now atleast $31.00 richer per month just in fees alone. I don't have to have an account to invest in things like bonds etc. nor do I have to have an account to hold a Mortgage...don't let them fool you! Your Mortgage is an account with a number attached to it and you should not be paying a fee if that is all you use it for your fee is the interest you pay on your Mortgage each Month!

F)&*^)&_K!!! the banking institutions and all their Bullshit CEO's and their raises from your deposits...With all the Bailouts etc. Who came to Bail you out before you lost your home, car, job, wife etc? NOT THE BANKS!!! Give your head a shake and rethink this! Are you not smart enough to hold on to your own money? They are laughing at each and every transaction you make...Keep your money safe with you and you may not earn interest but you won't be paying sevice fees, or taxes on the interest eaither and you might be able to afford in investing in something you get something out of in the future, like your own business or someone elses?

And if this doesn't get posted here because you're too afraid of the banks etc. Then I'll find somewhere else to post!!!

*Note from Anger Central
We really had to think about posting this, and not due to the challenge at the end of the posting. We batted it back and forth around the office and decided to put it up. What they heck? If you want to bury your cash in a mason jar in the back yard, who are we to argue? Besides, We recommend hard assets, like gold, silver, etc. :)

Banks 18

I am so angry at banks. Every other Saturday I get my paycheck. Can't cash it in that night or the next day because the goddamn bank is closed. Is it because bankers are religious fucks and need the whole 24 hours to pray? Thanks you lazy bastards. Now I can't immediately watch that DVD I was looking at, and I can't get that GPS navigation system so I can find my way around job interviews. I am so tired of sitting around and waiting for shit.

P.S: To all you lame asses that are about to whine about instant gratification, just shut up. I have only a few years to live, I'm not spending it sitting around waiting for people with shitty work ethic.

American Express 19

I can't believe that nobody has thrown up a rant for American Express, especially the employees working there.

I don't even know where to begin with this place. Working there has been a nightmare and it has only gotten worse during this economic downturn.

If you read any of the reviews on the web from people who have worked there, you will find without fail that people gripe about two main things: the pay sucks and the culture is bankrupt.

The former is pretty easy to understand, but the latter is something that you almost have to experience to believe. The entire culture there is supposed to pride itself on honesty, looking out for the company and the customer, investing in people, investing in talent and being passionate about innovating.

The truth? The company is full of dishonest, ethically and morally bankrupt people (especially in leadership positions!). They place absolutely no value on talent, they treat their people like slaves and everyone has this mindset that you have to be a huge ass kisser and never offend anyone if you want to be successful. Sadly, that mindset has turned out to be correct.

Innovation has been a buzzword for years and is talked about all the time, but real innovation never happens because there is always far too much drama involved with real innovation and challenging the status quo. It's career suicide unless you're someone very high up and, frankly, none of their so-called innovations have ever proven to be worth the time it took to realize them.

The truth is, if you get hired at American Express, you're there to do a job and make someone else look good for their boss. You're not there to grow your career, you're not there to learn and improve yourself professionally and nobody that you ever go to work for will give a damn about you. To them you're just a cog in the machine with your only purpose being to get work done.

Forget about getting promoted unless you're part of some hot project and you know the right people. Working hard, consistently delivering quality and being better than your peers is not enough. You have to know someone to get promoted and you have to kiss more ass than it will ever be worth.

The whole company has, for years now, aggressively driven out its most talented people and bred a culture of mediocrity. There are whole teams full of mediocre has-been and never-were types, all of whom lean on the few talented people that remain. They push the 'team player' attitude so much because team players are all they have left, and the problem with team players is that they can't survive without the team, they have no spark of talent and no skill of their own. You find those kinds of people everywhere, littering the company in every part of the organization.

Leaders at American Express represent the worst of the worst in terms of management and leadership ability. Nobody receives leadership training, few if any know how to deal with people and most of them have no business being in a management position because they have no clue about interoffice politics and just slough their way through, winging it from one day to the next.

Virtually everyone in management is afraid to make decisions and take even the smallest measure of risk. There is so much red tape and 'dotted line' reporting that you literally have to acquire buy in from half the world in order to accomplish anything even remotely meaningful. Decisions of any sort are dragged out for so long that it literally drives you insane.

The favoritism at this company is also extremely rampant and incredibly overt. Besides that, there's the insane amount of pressure to be politically correct at all times, never offend anyone and always say 'yes'. Everything can be done, everything is easy and fast and nothing is ever a problem. Deadlines are meaningless and nothing ever gets done on time or as originally planned.

There is nothing more aggravating than working for someone who has no clue how to do your job properly and being forced to do things that make absolutely no practical or business sense, but being unable to question them because nobody, least of all your immediate leadership, will ever support you if it means telling their superiors what they don't want to hear.

You literally work in an environment where your leaders drink the Kool-Aid so much that you can't even tell anymore when they believe the bullshit and when they're just peddling it in the hopes that YOU believe it. It's really frightening when you work for people where you constantly ask yourself if they're really as stupid as they appear, or if they simply play stupid in order to avoid the drama caused by acknowledging problems.

I look back on my time with this company and I shake my head in both disgust and shame. Working there has been a nightmare and produced both a physical and emotional strain that will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. It has cost me money, friends, mentors and probably taken years off my life as well.

Santander 20

I'm sick to death of being bank charged 35 everytime a debit is unsucessful.How do these goddamn thieving fucks sleep at night whilst we're being raped of our weekly income. Now i've moved to Barclays, they only charge 8 if there's no money in my account. So fuck you Santander,fuck you and FUCK YOUR MOTHER and everyone's who works for you.

Fucking Banks 21

This goddamed worthless bank turned us down because of student loans not being paid off. We Got back on track and they have been straightened out by a lawyer for 3 months now!!! I test drove this fucking beautiful jeep. Then the bank and god decides to shit all over my fucking day.

*Note from Anger Central
We hate to say this, but banks are exceptionally skittish right now. You may want to get a credit report, (You're entitled to a free one each year), and review your credit score. Also you might want to see just what that lawyer did. You may have declared bankruptcy, and if so, you're credit is shot for the next 7 years.

 M&I Bank 22

I am frustrated with this bank because it is never open when I need it.

On weekdays it's only open during standard hours, so the average person has to skip work if they want to cash a check during the weekdays. They close early on Saturday, and are never open on Sunday or holidays.

I want to cash my check so I can spend my money. All the other business in town are open and willing to give me things for my money. Why the fuck is this bank closed?

Bankers are the laziest people and the entire banking profession is the laziest line of businesses.


I am angry that I had to walk for almost one hour in a snowstorm to deposit my paycheck only to find out that the only banking machine in my area is locked for no apparent reason.

*Note from Anger Central
Umm, Direct Deposit?

Banks 23

Banks really piss me off. I got my first paycheck at a new job, went to Chase bank to open a bank account. I went in with only a few people in front of me, but service was so slow more people kept coming in until the place was packed. The line wasn't getting any faster, the line got messed up so we were sitting and standing all in a big group. Nobody was being served, so I got pissed off and went to PNC across the street.

Everything went much faster at PNC, and I got out in twenty minutes. But when I tried paying for gas, my debit card wouldn't work. I went home and looked up my account online. My check money is now pending for two days now, and I really need my money. I really hate banks for giving me problems, when I really need to use them

*Note from Anger Central
The bank is "Playing the float." Basically, they are garnering interest off the deposit.
We're not certain if it's the bank that you deposit to or the bank that issued the check.

PNC Bank 24

I tried to cash my check today at PNC Bank. Normally they allow it, but today the bitch cashier wouldn't allow it, because she "didn't like the address written on the check", and I had $4 in the negative in my account. What a dumb bitch. She would only allow it to be deposited and only be able to be used the next day. Bitch, it's my money, not yours, and I'll spend it wherever I want! I should have just taken it to a check cashing place.

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