I am tired of blockbuster. There movies are way too damn expensive. Everywhere else seems to be cheaper. Then on top of that greedy blockbuster charges these unreal late fees. I don't know how they stay in business.

Blockbuster 2

I am so damn angry because of fake late fees. I had an account in Colorado and was charged for 3 movies that were 186 days late. I would have paid it had I not been in Wyoming the day the movies were checked out and all 186 days that they were missing!!! I tried to talk to their manager and regional office but no one cared. Try another video store, Blockbuster is mean.

Blockbuster can officially eat my ass. 3

My husband and I are being charged $30 for movies that we had out for an *ahem* extended period of time but DID return, because of their bullshit "If you haven't returned your rentals in X number of days then we charge you for the purchase of the rental" that they don't even advertise, not even in SMALL PRINT! This happened once before, but when we returned the movies they took the purchase charge off and we only had to pay the late fee (which is not a big deal to us). But this new policy that they don't even bother telling you about is CRAP. Why the hell do I want to own movies that I RENTED? I didn't BUY them for a reason, if I wanted to OWN them I would have BOUGHT them instead of renting!

Blockbuster, SUCK IT.

A Major note from Anger Central regarding Blockbuster.

We don't expect any further rants regarding Blockbuster video. They have folded their tents, gone out of business and no longer exist. We will leave this section up for historical puposes.

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