Celestial Brides, Pennsylvania

I am so mad at this bridal shop! I bid on a wedding dress on eBay, and this lady calling herself "Liz" took it upon herself to email me and tell me to retract my bid! She told me that she worked for the company that makes the dress I wanted, and that the one I was bidding on was a cheap knock off.

What makes me so mad is that I KNEW it was a knock off. If this lady could actually read, she would have seen that too. So, I fired off an email to her basically telling her to mind her own business...and she emails me back insulting my ability to afford one of "her" gowns. ($3500-$5000 anyone?!) I'm not poor...I'm just not stupid enough to pay way too much for a dress I'll wear a few hours at best. After a whole bunch of research, I find out that "Liz" is really a lady named "Sharon"...and Sharon owns a bridal shop called "Celestial Brides" in Pennsylvania. This lady totally irks me! She has nothing better to do than cruise the internet trying to stir up trouble, and when she doesn't get her way she starts insulting your income!!!! What a B-I-&-C-% !!!!

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