I Recently deactivated my site from this place because I m fed up with socializing with a bunch of hateful people who walk over you when you be nice to them or ask them questions. Also i'm getting pissed off at users who constantly SPAM my inbox with Journal entries and questions with the same topics over and over again. Also annoying things people who RP SERIOUSLY get a life (RP means Role Play) users who say they'll make you an artwork but don't do it at all I mean what was the point of me adding you to my watch. Also people who act rude toward other artists just for asking questions I MEAN what the hell is wrong with you people seriously I write one comment then you block me all because of something I say I hope no one appreciates your lame artwork. Also it pisses me off when idiot trolls try to start fights with you but Haters gonna hate whatever fact is i'm done with deviantART and it's site of talentless weeaboo artists who all need to get a life Fuck You all!

deviantART Trolls 2

You know what when it comes to deviantart why the hell do stupid little punks come on to the site just to bash art and they have nothing on their profiles. First of all chances are you all are a bunch of dumb tweens who masturbate to Justin Beiber pictures and watches porn after drinking a big glass of retard juice than have the nerve to join deviantart and what do you do, instead of making art or writing stories you decide to troll users saying their art style is terrible or that they suck. First of all if you retards have nothing on your profile than you have no right to bash artists, why don't you draw stuff and prove you can be better because if you can't than that just proves that you're jealous of the artist's talents so why don't you do your self a favor and just leave deviantart before we all ban your stupid asses.

Also another thing that pisses me off are Art Theives, people who copy and paste other people's work on deviantart and put's it in their deviations and then claims it's theirs. That is low that you can't draw and bash artists out of jealousy but to steal their art is a all time low. I say art thieves should not only be banned but they should be arrested too, and tried as adults because if these dumb kids are too stupid and pull shit like this on the internet than it's obvious that they don't belong on it period.

If you idiots went into an art museum and disrespected the artists and what they made because you think it sucks than you would be thrown out of the museum and if you stole something from a museum than you would be locked up in prison and in my opion the same consiquences that happens to losers like that who go to museums to do that should happen to the retarded, immature, and underage losers who troll and steal art on deviantart.

deviantART 3

It pisses me off ho deviantart seems to just let the inmates run the asylum on the site; they'll ban users based on their art but whenever you report some idiot troll harasses somebody; the moderators on the site sit on their asses and do nothing. DeviantART GET YOUR FUCKING ACTS TOGETHER; Jesus Christ you people are so fucking lazy and stupid, somebody posts multiple links of someone being harassed and your solution is to block them; really what if they do the same to someone else; would you let a dangerous criminal who commits a felony crime of arson, armed robbery, or murder go free because you think the families or banks or the victims of the crimes should block the criminals? NO absolutley not, you put those criminals in jail and the same thing should go to these retarded trolls on deviantart, any time somebody reports someone acting like an ass YOU FUCKING BAN THEM and then you take their IP to the Police and have the Trolls be taken directly to Jail and if it's a Minor than send them to fucking Juvi. DeviantArt moderators get your heads out of your lazyasses and start banning trolls whenever somebody reports them and maybe you won't be getting so much hate and complaints from about 100,000 people a day.

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