temp agencies

I am fed up with temp agencies. They are worse than the idiot employers. First they want you to take all these annoying tests that take hours,then they offer you very low pay.(after all they are getting a nice cut themselves,and I understand this,but it still sucks). Or even worse they make it sound like they have all these great positions they are going to put you in,and you never hear from them,or they offer you some lame ass job that no one would want for lousy money.

Temp services 2

Temp services / Head Hunters, are a pain in the ass. So many times I got a call from them saying they saw my resume online, and they would ask me to come in for an interview. I asked them if they had any openings in my field and everytime they said yes. I would drive in there, wasting gas in my car that I couldn't afford to waste. And when I would talk to them face to face, and fill out their paperwork. Only then, would they tell me "Well, right now we don't have anything available but we'll keep you in mind as soon as something comes up". even though I specifically asked them about it before I drove in. So many times that would happen, I got to the point of telling them when they would call, that I will not even bother wasting my time if they don't have anything available right now. If they still did it, I would send them a bill to reimburse me for the gas I wasted driving there.

The Bettinger Company 3

This company and most employment agencies in general always give employees the shit-around. Bettinger, located in Philadelphia PA, must be an agency for morons. I took tests, jumped through all the hoops (AGAIN, because I registered with them years before), then I was interviewed by a woman who not only just got in from maternity leave, but wasn't even the agent responsible for the specific job that I wanted to apply for (word processor)! To top it off, I felt my intelligence was isulted when I get asked questions like "How do you think you did on your test? Do you think you did well...?" etc., not mention the somewhat "surprised" tone they get when you've did better than they expected on the tests, but still can't place your ass.

I wonder how employment agents, get THEIR jobs, I guess all you need is a pretty face and ability to occasionally breathe through your nose.

*Note from Anger Central
In answer to your question, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym. Those who can't teach gym, go to work for employment agencies". :)

Employment Agencies 4

Manpower are shite! They call me to tell me about a job they want to place me in, and then say I can soon expect another call to finalize the details. I keep my mobile-phone with me at all times, switched on AT ALL TIMES so that I don't miss any calls. But they never call back! This has happened on three different occasions now. When I call back to ask what's going on...I am told that someone will 'get back to me as soon as possible'. Why the bollocks do they even bother calling me to tell me about a job, when they have no intention of following it up? The sad thing is that Manpower aren't even the worst agency. There are FAR worse agencies out there that are even more useless. Tits on a god damn bull.

*Note from Anger Central
I would suggest that the next time they do this, give them 24 hours to call you then go to their office and start making a pain in the ass of yourself.

Employment Agencies 5

I cannot stand employment agencies! You take all kinds of dumb tests, and when it is your turned to be interviewed with these "so-called" employment agents, they tell me that I excelled in all my tests, however, they ask you if you have any friends who are looking for work because whenever they succeed in placing a person, they get a good commission. Well, hellloooo!!! not for nothing, but I need a job too. Then, they feed you some bull-shit that they do not have jobs available in this particular field, and they will definitely call if something comes up....well, FYI, these buzzards only call you back to find out it you have any friends who are looking for jobs!!  Take my advice, stay away from these moronic employment agencies. They are a waste of precious time. I am presently working for a great company, making a great salary, and I found this job on my own.

Employers 6

I am sick and tired of constantly submitting my resume, filling out applications, and spending hours in front of my computer increasing the redness in my eye, only to be told that I don't have the experience. I'm sick of it; how much stupid experience does a twenty-two year old have to have? I'm willing and determined to work, I'm punctual, drug and alcohol addiction free, and highly skilled when it comes to clerical jobs. And yet, sadly, I am not hired. Instead some fresh faced blonde is hired, or for some reason the places I want to work at require a degree and a decade or two of experience. It is absolutely sickening. Revolting in fact. They take applications, but won't be hiring for the next six stinkin' months. All I want is a stupid job where I am able to exercise my mind and actually get experience. Or, some brain dead receptionist is always late and still stays employed. All I want is a frickin' job. That's it!! I swear it's the stupid hippie liberals who want to put all these ridiculous requirements and long term experience just to get a stupid entry level job. I hate it. They call them entry-level for a reason, so people can ENTER the workforce and take a stinkin' step up. Idiots.

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