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I joined Gaia around 2006 to get banned by and harassed multiple moderators. A moderator named 'Lunchbox' on the site had the audacity to curse me out after sending me other multiple messages that contained insults. The site Admin took the site of the moderators who harassed me when it is supposedly against the sites TOS. They banned me with no reason given, and the only banned the account with money in it and not the account the other accounts I had there. I am fed up with this companies behavior! They aren't mature enough to run a site and tend to bother users with harassment. They ban with no given reasons and tend to treat customers like total crap. Then I had 'Noraboo' stalk me in other accounts and while banning me after only a few days on. The last ban was in 07' where I was banned for trading items I owned from another account, which was on a different IP address, they claimed I hacked my own items over. I don't even remember the names of the accounts now but I am angry that they rip off users that way and how immature they moderators and admin are. I wish Gaia Online would start treating people who help the site out better and stop acting like little petty kids.

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We've never heard of this site. *shrug*

Gaia Online 2

I too was banned from Gaia Online for BS reasons back around 2007. I remember getting along with everybody and chatting in the forums. I was new to anime, so I asked the community where I could get anime (this was back in 2007 so anime was harder to find on the internet), when two people started accusing me of piracy and threatened to report my account. I talked back to them and then a few minutes later my account was banned for "piracy". I eventually made another account a few years later and I was banned for making a joke in the forums. I love the site, but the moderators are really ban happy. They heavily moderate real posts, and allow intentionally bad posts. They even have entire sections of the forum for making garbage posts. The website is meant to be a fun place to be but the moderators don't let anybody have any fun.

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