The Garage Journal 1

I'm sick and tried of all the fucking trolls, brand haters and fanbois and insufferable pot-stirrers who have to inject their vitriol and their divisiveness into just about every single thread over there.

You can't post about a fucking thing anymore without some dipshit, douchebag faggot trying to either act offended, act morally superior or just plain trolling for the fucking sake of it. Doesn't matter if you're saying you like a tool, or you hate a tool, you had a good experience with a business or a bad experience, even if you're just trying to give a heads up to other members it's always the same result: Some asshole has to ruin your thread every single fucking time and turn it into a pissing match between the same opinionated, Internet Tough Guy assholes who live for this shit.

Years ago, the Garage Journal was not like this. It's very recently that the trolls became such a problem and people became so vicious and cannibalistic, eating their own to get their post count up. Even well established, contributing members get torn a new one because people are too fucking eager to jump down someone else's throat or lecture them for the sake of sounding smart.

I'm just about done with the Garage Journal at this point and I wonder how much longer it's going to be worth participating at. So many good people have gotten fed up and left already that much of the original appeal is already gone. I am so, so sick and tired of the bullshit that goes on there anymore. Ryan needs to wake the fuck up and start banning the trolls and cleaning up the mess if he expects anyone to pay for a membership at that joint.

To any Garage Journal trolls that are reading this, fuck every single one you miserable pieces of human shit. You need to grow the fuck up, get past your middle-school mindset and get a fucking life. You have all but ruined a once fantastic site and should be fucking ashamed of yourselves.

Garage Journal 2

I'm fed up with all the ridiculously vain, self-absorbed, attention whores at Garage Journal, especially the stupid bitches like Hick and Raccoon. They're not the only offenders, there was also the stupid bitch who started the "beefcake" thread where men were supposed to show off their bodies to win cookies, I still can't believe Ryan let that shit fly.

You stupid bitches, especially that stupid attention whore Hick, need to just go the fuck away. Nobody gives a shit about how you have daddy issues, or that you burned yourself to a crisp and want to show off your irradiated back to a bunch of horndog men. Nobody gives a fuck that you have a new boyfriend whose a country boy but you haven't fucked him yet, or that your last boyfriend tied you up with duct tape and you did some kind of a rape fantasy scene with him and liked it. Good for you, you fat ugly fucking cuss. He must have been one desperate piece of shit because I wouldn't put my dick within 100 feet of you for all the money in the world. And no, nobody cares how your last boyfriend had issues getting you wet either, although I'm sure you felt compelled to share that for a totally logical reason that I just can't comprehend. I mean, it's not like you were just being a trashy, attention-grabbing slut or anything, right?

Get this into your heads, it's a FUCKING GARAGE RELATED FORUM, not a place to air your dirty laundry or try to flirt with a bunch of married, generally older men in every fucking post. And no, none of you bitches actually have EVER contributed to the fucking forum in the least, not one iota of content that wasn't a pathetic "Look at me,I need to get my post count up," pile of steaming shit.

Speaking of which, that stupid whore Hick, she's barely been on the forum time wise, but somehow she manages to rack up more posts than half the moderators! We're talking THOUSANDS here. How does she do it? She responds to the entire thread in one shot, but makes damn sure to respond to each post separately, rather than multi-quoting (like a non-attention whore who doesn't care about post count) in a single response. This way you get a whole page of nothing but one Hick post after another. She gets her post count grown exponentially and makes the thread far longer than it needs to be. But hey, what could be better for a narcissistic slob that loves to hear herself talk than to have half the posts in the thread with your name and fat-ass avatar attached to them? Fucking pathetic.

I have to say that Hick is probably even worse than Raccoon at clogging up threads and starting off topic bullshit about herself (nobody gives a fuck about your fat ass or which avatar you show it off in, you're fat whore in all of them). Raccoon though, I think she wins the prize for being the biggest attention whore. What kind of a self respecting woman starts a thread to degrade women by posting "hot women" pics? Fucking seriously? This from the same stupid bitch that lamented how someone objectified her by groping her boob on the streets? Can you even spell hypocrite, or are you too busy living off your family to get the required education?

I would wager that at least half the population over there has all these bitches on 'ignore' at this point, and I can't blame them. Their antics are fucking ridiculous and I well and truly wish the site owner would grow a pair and throw these fucking whores to the curb where they clearly belong.

Garage Journal is turning into such a fucking cesspool because of people like this that Ryan, the owner, has finally seen it fit to wipe out most of the shit in the Free Parking section. I can't blame him one bit and wish it had happened sooner. Sure enough, these dumb fucking bitches who live out their lives there, posting nonsense and attention-whore, look-at-me threads haven't said a fucking peep about that. Gee, I wonder why? Hard to defend that section when all you use it for is showcasing your hedonism and being an attention whore, huh? I hope they shrivel up and die when the only part of the forum they survive in goes away.

Fuck you stupid bitches for helping to ruin Free Parking and the Garage Journal in general. I will piss myself the day you get banned for your bullshit, which I hope isn't too far off now that Free Parking is being worked over.

Take your bullshit somewhere else where they can tolerate you and please, pretty please, go fuck up the Garage Gazette forums instead. All the fucking whiners over there on the 'dark side' could use something new to jerk off too, besides their bi-monthly "Bash Garage Journal" threads.

Garage Journal 3

I see I'm not the first to bitch about this place and, without any doubt, I'm sure I'm not going to be the last one either.

The whole damn site has degenerated into a bunch of whiny, bitchy, self-absorbed, egoist assholes that, I shit you not, get off on taking swipes at each other and creating fucking drama.

I have often wondered, and still do to this day, whether or not that vast majority of these stupid pricks (and dumb, attention whore women like 'Hick') ever made it past the third grade, at least mentally speaking.

Hick, for example, seems to think that the world revolves around her and everyone gives two shits what her life is like, what is happening with her, who she's fucking, who she's fucked, how much she weighs, what she wears, what she drives, and on and on and on! Just the other day, she posts that a colleague of hers committed suicide. Next post of hers, in the same thread, she goes on a yarn about her personal life, how the dead guy apparently tried to date rape her fat, disgusting ass, and then about her ex-boyfriend and his issues and then more retch-inducing commentary about herself. I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "So in the thread you start about a colleague killing himself, you've managed to turn it into a discussion about your love life already?" What a stupid, low class, disgusting fucking whore.

The worst part though? Members over there, they eat this shit up, especially the fucking trolls. It's like they stick up for her (and people like her, reference 'Racoon') because they get off on sticking it to everyone else and trying to pretend they're better than the rest of us for not calling her out as the attention grabbing, pathetic whore that she is. They know damn well that most of the membership can't stand the stupid bitch, so they throw out their support and act all sympathetic just to get a rise out of the rest of 'em, hoping, praying for a confrontation that they can get off on. What a bunch of fucking losers.

The other assholes, the ones that have to engage in Craftsman vs. Harbor Freight vs. Snap On, on a regular basis, they just make me laugh. How the fuck can one subject be rehashed so many times? I swear, 90% of the time people start this bullshit, I just add them to the ignore list and write them off as another stupid fucking troll.

Never mind all the other useless assholes that lie in wait, hoping someone asks a COO (country of origin, i.e. made in China) question. Whether it be about Craftsman or Snap On, the drama leeches will latch on to this shit like a lamprey and suck the fucking life right out of the thread. Doesn't matter if it was legitimate or just a troll baiting gimme thread, these assholes turn it into a fucking pissing match every single time, people get banned, people get offended, and they laugh all the fucking way to the next thread that they can ruin with their bullshit.

I am so fucking sick of having to deal with so many fucking babies, degenerates and trolls. I have to walk on eggshells in every single thread, every single posting, always afraid to speak my mind or, God forbid, anything resembling the truth, all because these assholes, drama queens and elitist pieces of shit that will start shit and feed off the drama if you give them even half a chance.

Fuck all you stupid assholes, attention whore and narcissistic faggots over there. You're ruining what used to be a great site with your bullshit.

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