Well, I feel that I may have discovered one of the dumbest websites ever created. Halfpad.com is a giant cesspool of down and out losers and stupid high school kids. The point of this website is to post your deepest, darkest, secrets and then people comment on them. Some of the posters on this site claim that it’s a soothing, therapeutic, release for them to post their stupid little secrets anonymously and have other assholes and bitches give them some of the dumbest, pointless, most useless fucking advice I’ve ever read.

There are 5 kinds of commenter’s that inhabit halfpad.com:

“Been There, Done That” commenter: You know, that person that has done it all and seen it all. They will make sure to tell you their entire life story and try to convince you that your situation will have the same outcome as their situation.
Mr. or Ms. “Glass Half Empty” Naysayer commenter: The asshole or bitch that loves to piss on your parade; that person that will make a negative comment just to make themselves feel better inside.

The “I’m Going to Play God” commenter: The one that irks me the most, that asshole mother fucker that likes to tell you that “I HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE” or “YOUR GOING TO GET IT”. The person that thinks they are God and has the right to pass God-like judgments upon people.

The Attention Seeking Teenager: Typical teenager that makes stupid, meaningless, off-topic comments just to get attention and be stupid. You can usually tell that the commenter is a teenager because of the poor grammar and spelling that the comment consists of.

The Bitter Internet Psychopath: The person who will attack every poster like they know them personally. I guess certain things hit way to close to home for some people. Some people are obviously so insecure that they feel personally attacked by anonymous internet posts.

Last but not least, I do not believe that this site has many users. I am highly convinced that this site only is only inhabited by the same 20 people all the time. After reading and observing some of the comments on that site, I feel that whoever thinks that this site is a great therapeutic release needs some fucking therapy themselves. REAL-LIFE THERAPY WITH REAL HUMAN INTERACTION. Stop fooling yourselves people, you all have deep rooted issues.

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