Harris Teeter Inc

I have worked for them for a year & 1/2. I still work for them. However there are some strange occurances going on.

First and foremost, is the desire to convert the company to 60/30/10. Let me explain. They want 60% part time, 30% full-time, and 10% salaried employees. So, not only do they want things run correctly, they want it done in 30 hours. Allow me to tell you some things that I have encountered.

I work in frozen food. I am the best frozen food manager that anyone has seen, (according to most everyone in my store). And believe me, they've no reason to kiss my ass. I was being forced to not only put up the entire truck, (average 250 cases, (1 case = 1 box)), but to order, face, (pull things up front so you get a wall look), and run whatever back-stock I could in the space of 27 hours. (Each Week). I spent close to 15 hours one day, cleaning out the freezer, (about 15 x 30 feet), and it was jammed packed at first. I cleaned it out. I was bitched at because I was there until 2:30am

Now, fast-forward 2 months, after pressuring about hours, (all departments), they wonder why the freezer again has back stock. I tell them, unless I get my promotion, (which I had been assured I would get), and full-time status, benefits, I wouldn't be held responsible for the department anymore.

They finally promoted me. And 3 days after I have the hours I begin to need, (average of 40 a week), they ask why no improvement was seen. I tell them about the problems i've been having with this dick-weed not using his 1/2 brain. Moron runs everything I inventory, (so I don't double-order), without taking it off of the gun. After I painfully explain it to him and ask if he understands.

Mostly HT has some ok employees. I would say 30% of those employed there do 90% of the work.

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