female HRs in engineering companies

I hate snobby female HRs with business degrees in engineering firms who don't even understand 80% of the engineering resume, yet tell how you don't qualify to be an engineer in their company. What a joke to hire a business person to hire engineers! And then senior engineers are surprised that all their entry position engineers are complete idiots! Hire an HR with engineering background, preferably a male, so I don't have to listen to that annoying female voice telling me on how an aerospace engineer cannot work as a mechanical engineer. Stupid bitches. I am a smart bitch, by the way. :D

Bullshit Hiring Practices 2

Okay, here's what pisses me off:

I'm spent my own hard-earned money to become licensed in a particular sector, and I studied hard to pass the Provincial exam, which I did with a rather high mark.

I'm an anglophone. Every Single Fucking Job in this city has a requirement for Speak/Read/Write French....Well fuck you! I know that if there is no one french who applies I'll get the job, but holy fuck, this entire town is French...How fair is that? I mean, we're in fucking Ontario, and French comes first on the signs in the Northern-Ontario-Nowhere-Near-Quebec-Town...You're hard-up to find a fuckin pure Anglophone here or a building that don't offer service in French first.

Stop your fucking preferential hiring practices and realize that we are primarily an ENGLISH province, and we deal primarily with anglophones...Fuck nothing pisses me off more than every motherfucking job requiring french.

I passed the provincial, I'm fucking qualified, I don't need to learn the minority language in a fucking English province.

HR and mental health 3

At work today: please know that we care and that if you ever need anyone of us to listen you can come to us.

Translation: please let us know if you're having a hard time with life so we can make it harder by firing you and possibly sending the cops to pick up your guns because you know you are a danger to yourself.

No really. Allow me to elaborate.

1. My granddaughter passes away one month into my employment. I come to work as usual. Not one word said about sorry for your loss.

2. My cousin's daughter passes away in Feb. This one is particularly hard,because I have a child that age. I come to work as usual. Not one word said about sorry for your loss.3. My grandmother passes away in June. Everyone else attends the funeral

I come to work as usual. Not one word said about sorry for your loss.

4. Marked three years as a,widow ten days before Christmas. I come to work as usual. Not one word said about sorry for your loss.

Please tell me again, how you supposedly care so much about me, if you don't bother to talk to me let alone find out wtf is going on in my life.

Also, I know full well if I died, within 5 seconds you would have that job full with another warm body, five minutes before the ink was dry on my death certificate. It's really not that you're so callous here it's just business. I'm not being a, negative Nancy, but a realist.

And all a couple of you (not all) have done over the last few days is, pour fuck tons of salt over an open wound.

So I'll continue to come to work but as for talking to you about my mental health forget it. I wouldn't open up to you if my hamster died

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