Krispy kremes doughnuts taste TOO GOOD!

I'm angry because krispy keme donuts are sooo delicious and tasty that I am now addicted to their tasty treats. I usually buy at least one variety box and original glazed donuts box at least twice a week and its driving me nuts. I'm getting fatter while my wallet is getting smaller and its making me broke. Why Krispy Kremes did you have to make the most delicious donuts in the world oh and the myriad of free samples! WHY oh WHY?

*Note from Anger Central
They are good. Pity the nearest one to our location is 1 1/2 hours away. :(

Krispy Kreme 2

WTF is wrong with people? I've had KK in the East Coast (they're normal sized, normal priced and normal tasting) When they arrived in the West Coast (they're tiny, overpriced, and over-sugared). 70 cents for a 3-inch diameter donut? Jeez, I used to know a place that had large glazed donuts for 10 cents each! Gimme a frickin break, it's deep-fried dough for chrissakes!

Krispy Kreme 3

Try getting one in London. One pound 30 pence, $2.60 for a fucking dough-not! Kind of blows that stupid saying about betting you a dollar to a doughnut in stupid pieces. How about betting a dollar to 2/5 of a fucking floured and sugar glazed piece of fluffy crap?

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