Greenwood Mall in Indiana

Three reasons why this mall sucks:

1) Sexist Employees-

My family and I were in this clothing store. My grandma and the clerk were talking about a failing mall in Indianapolis. The clerk actually said to my face, "It's because men can't pay their bills". Excuse me? In a world where everybody seems to impulse buy everything they see with a credit card, I always use my debit card because I know I am spending the money I already have, jerk!

2) Taunting Customers-

As we left this poor excuse for a store, we happened to pass some hygiene booth. I stood there watching some customer getting her eyebrows plucked. She called me out of the crowd, asking if I wanted to try anything out. After I refused, she taunted me by claiming that I was too scared of the pain!

That's a lie! I felt more pain than you stupid plucking! I am a klutz, and I have fallen on mulch, gravel, and cement. I even stepped on glass while barefoot once! Don't put me down, you don't know about me and my life.

3) Incompetent Companies-

I attempted to buy some video games at this retro video game store. I wanted to check the prices for some old Sega Genesis stuff, but the clerk said he wouldn't have it ready until later that day.

I returned a couple of hours later, and the same man said his computer wouldn't be able to register the prices until later that week. I looked around the store and tried to buy a Nintendo 64 game with my debit card. His computer wouldn't take debit cards either! So this shop missed out on a sale.

Avoid this mall at all costs.

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