I'm angry at McDonalds mainly because I currently as of writing this article work at Hungry Jacks i.e a franchise Burger King in Australia. I don't like the fact that there employees get discounts at all McDonalds stores in their state and that they can get discounts at other well known stores such as Rebel Sport and Jeans West.

I don't like the fact that they "claim" that their burgers are healthy as we all know a Whopper is healthier than a Big Mac. I don't like the fact that they do not allow you to get free refills on drinks and their burgers taste like putrid piles of dog s*** and cow s*** and their menu is so limited you see we cater for vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Muslims but they don't.

Maccas have millions of restaurants but we at burger king do not because maccas have TOO MANY STORES and people tend to eat a maccaz only cos its usually closer but if there is a burger king restraunt statistics clearl show that the burger king restraunts get more customers.

Maccas advertise to kids but burger king odesn't they use advertising to lure kids to come to maccas which is bad whereas burger king only advertises promo items ha ha ha ha!! in conclusion maccas sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks !

idiots at McDonalds 2

I am so mad because every time i go to McDonald's they never get the order right. I ordered a cheeseburger, small fries and a hot fudge sundae and the stupid retard forgot to put the sundae in the bag. They never get anything right at that place. It is obvious they only hire people with an IQ of 50 at that place! >:(

McDonalds (crack heads) 3

The employees at McDonalds in Chicago are mindless fuck heads. Really, they need to be tied down with rope and beaten with heavy mining equipment. They have no brains and are toe jam. This bitch at McDonalds gave me the wrong change. She gave me $7.00 more than what I expected. Dumb bitch. The service is slow and they act like they are always mad. Fuck them. They wanted the job so act happy you fuckin bags of nuclear waste. McDonalds is falling down the fuckin hole thanks to these mindless douche bags who do not know how to count pass 50 an who do not know how to read. They always hire these inner city slime bags that should be stripped of their citizenship and put in front of a firing squad. They make me sick and I treat them like the shit like they are. McDonald himself would be rolling over in his grave if he saw the shame at which his employees are acting. Fuckin McDonald trash. Those genetic rejects should have never been born. Their parents should have practiced the option of abortion. Fuckin punk teenage shit holes think they are all that, fuck them and their good for nothing 24 year old managers. Thank you for letting me rant sweet dreams and I hope the bed bugs bite the hell out of you.

*Note from Anger Central
Sorry to disappoint you. We don't have any bed bugs. We wash our linens. You might want to try that some time. ;)

McDonalds 4

I went into a Mcdickhole about 2 years ago. I stood (Along with 7 others) to place our orders. Then, a bunch of teenagers (I won't mention race) came in and tried to shove in line.

Five of us vocally told them there was a line and to get to the back. THEN the freaking manager comes out and opens a register for them! I said "Hey we ARE here first!"

Dumb bitch looks at me and ignores what I said. So I say (Loudly) "Screw this place and the dimwit running it! I'm heading across the street!"

I wave bye-bye (With a $20) and the place I went to (Don't know why I never noticed it) was so damn clean and the staff was quick and efficient and NOBODY tried to shove in line.

They get my business to this day!

McDonalds 5

when i was 15 my parents decided that it was time i entered the work force... and i applied for Mcdonalds. i arrived in my nicest clothes, my oustanding resume (well... it had a few athletic awards) they didn't even LOOK, uh... their questions were terrible "do you eat at my mcdonalds"... (gulp) "why yes, of course" whats your favorite burger (oh crap) "the... bur... ger with, you know, the... bac... er, the cheese" ANYWAYS i got the job and i worked there for 3 months. the hours interfered with my school (but ill spare you the boring stuff...)

ok ok ok, (this is a true story) i dropped a bag of frozen fries on the floor (they're seriously REALLY heavy!!) "omg, im so sorry, I... uhh" My crew manager told me that it was fine because they were frozen. He said casually to put them into the basket and cook them. Now does this seem wrong to you, well to add to this DELIGHTFUL tale... I walked to work that day and ACCIDENTLY trod in some doggy fecal matter. Now im not a rocket scientist but I'm guessing walking crap on floor + fries on floor = not a happy situation. For the poor consumers who ate those fries I'm really sorry. I DID protest my managers orders but you have to understand, he was the manager and I was just this 15 stupid kid to him. Thats a really unethical decision, and I may be young but I think I have enough sense to value health above profits... whew!

 Dumbass McDonalds Bitch 6

Real Is there a law about rapping your orfer at a drive thru yeah I did it one at McDonald's counter and they laughed but some mentally retarded bitch who shouldn't be allowed to work called 911 to have police find a group of guys who only were messing around rapping their orders and what was this cow's excuse because she felt threatened really you feel threatened because some guys were messin around rapping their order did they go in the store and threaten to kill you No worst the police arrested the kids if I was that cop I would've went to the McDonalds asked for the Old Bat who called 911 and cuff her and put her in jail for 911 misuse but I guess this officer was forced to because it's his job well geuss what I hope the kids who got arrested file charges on the stupid bitch and I hope she not only get's fired from McDonalds but also locked up for misuse of 911 where real emergencies are taking place if some old bat tried that bullshit with me I'd jump across the Counter and would rip her wrinkled old skin off her bones feel threatened now you stupid old bitch I hope the stupid old hag did get fired infact I hope she fucking dies you don't call 911 on people who rap their orders and feel threatend because feeling threatened is someone holding a knife to your throat or a gun to your head which you need you wrinkly old McDonalds prune for how much of an idiot you are for your 911 misuse. No wonder I hate old people there so damn irritating they do anything to piss you off I swear old people need to fucking die already because their only purpose in life anymore is to bitch about everything under the sun and to annoy the piss out of everybody younger than them so fuck you you old fossils and don't fucking work at McDonalds otherwise I'll make damn sure your never seen in public again you dam fossils

*Note from Anger Central
And here we have another graduate of the American school system.
This posting was so incoherent, we just had to put it up as a lesson to others.

McDonalds 7

I'm angry at McDonalds for serving onions in everything. I dislike onions and always order meals without them. 80% of the time they put onions on anyway, and as a slap to the face they have the tenacity to put "special order" stickers on my onionated meal. Onions should be an optional topping, not something that automatically comes with your burger. Gross. If I wanted to taste onions I'd lick someones sweaty armpit. Another thing - why do they always throw packets of ketchup in the bag without asking if I want any? I never use ketchup and throw them out afterwards. Talk about throwing money away. McDonalds you suck! My first job was with you, and you sucked as an employer, too. Those pants the managers wife sowed for us (which we had to pay for) were so horribly unflattering and badly made that even Cindy Crawford wouldn't look good in them.

A McDonald's Employee 8

Yeah I'm angry at a McDonald's employee who I will keep private of course and it is about a location in downtown Toronto ( Canada)location will also keep private. We have a disagreement about outside food inside the restaurant. In my opinion, I have the right to bring outside food as long as I buy something inside the restaurant. The employee disagreed with me that and there should be no outside whatsoever. We got into an argument at one point that also got the police as well. The next day I complain to a manager. I knew they are not going to do anything about this employee because he is still employed there but if I don't try, how would I know? A month later at the bus stop, we ran into each other and still arguing about this issue. The employee said he doesn't care about McDonald's. Although I still think he is a bully but what makes me mad is why this management still want him if disregards his customers and his employer? Why keep this shitty employee? I will tell this to the management despite their apathy.

Septic Workers at McDonalds 9

I picked up my kids from school to get them food from McDonalds and as we got in the drive thru we saw septic workers, working on the sewage, yes at 3 in the afternoon while some of us have kids who are hungry and worst of all we ended up smelling shit even with the windows rolled down. That is just nasty working on sewage at a very inappropriate time when most people are getting off from work and school and want to grab some fast food and end up smelling shit outside of a place where people eat. Why didn't they work on the sewage in the morning or at night, did so many fatass people take so many shit in the restrooms to clog the sewage to make all of us in line at the drive through nearly get sick at the smell? I left the drive through and instead took my kids somewhere cleaner, way to go dumbass septic workers, next time don't unblock sewage at a time most people are out getting a bite to eat, nasty asses.

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