Radio Shack

i work for radio shack and after a long promotion of how "they want to be the best company to work for in america" they proceded to lower "change" our pay rate cut our benefits and now they give us this hoopla about raising our employee discount to 30% ..sounds great right? well they're changing all their products to name brand where we only receive a 10% discount. what underhanded back stabbers!

Radio Shack 2

It's really sad when someone, especially a store manager - flat out lies to you. Even more so when your product is backed by a FIVE YEAR warranty, and shipping comes out of your pocket to have it fixed. I have two of your crappy Enviornizers, and was PROMISED by one of your managers that they would both be replaced with the new Lifewise models when they came out. So I called week after week for two consecutive months trying to find out if you had received a shipment yet, explaining what the manager said - and that I needed my 2 replaced.

Finally, today - you had one. I said hold it for me, I'll be there in 10 minutes. I get there, and a different manager gives me a cock & bull story as to why it would not be replaced - it's my problem, ship back to the manufacturer. I asked to speak to the guy I had been talking to for two months. Alan, you little prick - what do you mean you had no idea I wanted to swap the machines out - I've only been talking to you for TWO SOLID MONTHS ABOUT THIS, and I quite clearly explained everything - guess you were trying to save face for bossypoo. Oooooooh .. and Mr.

Manager, you asked me to watch my language, you had other customers. Well, maybe you didn't notice that I was more than a little irate, I don't appreciate being lied to. It's a free country you moron, I will say what I want - when I want, where I want. Furthermore, I believe that your customers NEED to know about your shady practices. Oh, and thanks a bunch for causing me to have a major panic attack - my day is shot.

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