Rental Car

I can join the fucking Military, but I can't rent a damn car so I can go home for 2 weeks because I'm not 25. I mean what the fuck, I can go to Afghanistan, but when I come home I have to wait at fucking Memphis for 6 days for someone to come get me because I don't meet fucking age requirements to rent my own god damn car.

Aarons 2

I am so enraged at Aarons for their treatment of me a a customer. I waited all day for them to come and pick up this TV and the lazy ass Tuck Driver never bothered to show up. I called them up and they don't answer and then they finally call back and tell me that they will press charges on me for the TV their lazy asses never bothered to pick up.

I put the tv in my car and drove it over there and took it inside the store and yelled at the idiot employees telling them to take their tv they never bothered to pick up and they said they can't take it. I said bullshit it's your tv not mine now take the damn thing and you have no right to press charges on me because your lazy ass drivers can't bother to show up as promised. Then he says that's not his problem and to take the tv with me and I say yeah not your problem is why you have no customers dumbass and take your tv and shove it up your dumbass as I left.

Then they call me threatning legal action on me over the TV and I call the Police on them and now I half to find a Lawyer now to take these idiots to court. Aarons are idiots who never show up to your house and promise to pick up the stuff you rented from them and threaten to have you arrested for having their property that they never bother to pick up. I will make damn sure this Company goes out of business for their bullshit business practices. Mark My Words.

*Note from Anger Central
We've never heard of this company and have never dealt with them. We had to do a search to figure out who they were

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