One night I went to a Sonic drive in. I just got off work. Needless to say I was tired and starved. Any ways I order a burger like normal, then I waited, and waited, and waited. I would expect that during the lunch rush, but not at ten fucking thirty at night, with no more than three cars. I had to wait 30 fucking minutes for one damn hamburger. I have worked at a fast food restaurant, and I can assure you it dose not take that long to cook a damn hamburger. Finally the shift manager brings it out to me, since the high school carhops didn't want their conversation to be interrupted. God forbid they might have to do some work. To top off they fucked up my order. I HAD TO WAIT 30 FUCKING MINUTES AND THEY STILL COULDN'T GET MY GOD DAMN ORDER RIGHT!!! So like any consumer would do, I flagged down the manager to bitch out the service. All I got for my troubles was "I'm Sorry I'll talk to my crew." Not only will I not eat there again, I'll make damn sure that everyone else is aware about their shitty service.

shish kebab shops 2

The goddamn Turkish retard down the street can't even get my motherfucking order right! How hard is it to understand, "I'd like one with lamb, fully dressed, hold the yogurt, just garlic sauce and hot sauce." (In German of course but that's besides the point, most Turks here can speak decent German)? He just sits there blankly as I have to fucking point and pantomime what I just said to him, as slowly as possible. Not only that, the idiot drops his knife on the floor, looks around surreptitiously as if to reassure himself that no one is watching or cares, then PICKS THE SOILED KNIFE UP FROM THE FILTHY, LICE-INFESTED FLOOR in order to dress the next sandwich! Have these people no sense of hygiene? Good God. I spend 2 Euro 50 cents for a fucking wormy, rank-tasting sandwich that looks like the fucking Turk cummed on his wife's pussy it cause he put in too much sauce and forgot to cook the goddamned half-rotten meat! IT'S A LEG OF LAMB ON A FUCKING REVOLVING STICK ON A BED OF COALS YOU FUCKWIT CAN'T YOU EVEN GET THAT RIGHT?! Shit. I hope that Blair and Bush put Dönerläden (that is, kebab-shop) reform at the top of their agendas after Iraq gets bombed back into the stone age. Things can't get much worse than they already are with the Australopithecus specimens keeping the non-franchised fast-food industry alive in Germany. Yah fucking hoo.

Fast Food Fries 3

I hate it when fast food places fry their fries in some kind of animal fat/flavoring. I mean, that is totally unnecessary. All you need is vegetable oil with no fucking animal flavoring! These fast food joints really piss me off!

Marble slab ice cream creamery 4

I was in this store the other day and the people behind the counter totally ignored the customers. I finally told them not to mind us interfering with their conversations with each other because "we are only the customers." I guess this was too subtle for them because they kept talking to each other and ignored us. Finally, I waved my hands in the air and asked for some service. They looked at me like I was annoying them and - very reluctantly- moved at a snails pace to the register to take my ice cream order. Never again will I interfere with their social lives. Will never get ice cream there again.

Wendy's burgers taste bad 5

Imp angry because this stupid !@#$% company hasn't expanded to Australia. I have tried burger king, pizza hut maccas, taco bell but no wendys why??? maybe because there is another chain here of a similar name and they call themselves wendys super sundaes and they sell icecream like come on Im waiting to try a big bacon classic and like they said in one of their most successful ad campaigns of the 1980s wheres the beef????

Quizno's 6

Have you seen those new retarded commercials for Quizno's subs??? The one with the retarded hamsters on dope? What the fuck kind of advertisement is that?! Who would think that commercial would attract them to their restaurant?!?!?! I think it's such a retarded commercial. It may be needless to say, but I'm not ever going to eat there. I am angry because of their ridiculous ad campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if they went out of business!

Restaurants 7

Chili's may have a kind of neat commercial for their baby back ribs, but God help the poor fucker who goes there and actually tries to order some food! If you get seated within 30 minutes, consider yourself very lucky if a server bothers to come by in about 10 or 15 minutes to give you menus, then vanishes for another 20 minutes, to come and band down water and utensils, not take your order, and disappear for another 20 minutes, by this time you have given more than one hour of your life to Chili's - so just say the hell with it and walk out and let someone else choke down their greasy, over seasoned and under inspired ribs. Fuck them.

Outback steakhouse aint "fair dinkum mate" 8

I'm unhappy at Outback steakhouse for 2 reasons firstly because the food they serve isn't exactly authentic Australian cuisine. Australian cuisine includes meat pies (our national dish), sausages and sausage rolls just to name a few although their steaks, chooks, fish, prawns and burgers are Australian and secondly because they only opened their first AUSTRALIAN store about 2 years ago when they are clearly an Australian Restaurant. PLEASE NOTE: I DON NOT HATE OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE. the food is great and I have even worked there but it is those 2 small issues that have cheesed me off

*Note from Anger Central
The food isn't quite authentic Australian? No! Say it isn't so! And here we thought that was real flame broiled kangaroo meat. :(
The webmaster can't wait until he takes his Chinese fiancée to a Chinese restaurant in the U.S. for the first time. ;)

Einstein Bagels 9

Here in Florida we have a bagel and coffee franchise called "Einstein's Bagels." Talk about a misleading name! Here is all there is to the job of the counter people: 1) Customer walks in and requests a bagel and coffee. 2) Customer rep LISTENS to the order and gives the customer what was ordered. Simple. A trained monkey could do it. I understand that if the place is very busy that mistakes might get made but I have been there twice where I was the only customer there. They had five people working behind the counter and every one of them was ignoring me or talking to each other. When I finally got one of these balls of fire to s-l-o-w-l-y come over and recognize my existence, she stared into space out the window (no eye contact) while I ordered two sliced bagels with cream cheese "for here". I had to repeat my order three times because she wasn't paying attention and kept saying, "what?" Then she got the order all wrong. Yep, she couldn't get a simple order of "two sliced bagels with cream cheese for here" correct. She shoved them in a bag, unsliced and no cream cheese. On top of this, they charged me $4.29 for this. When I got the order, I asked the manager if he needed to do drug testing on his employees because they can't pass a simple mental alertness test of taking a simple order. Manager promises to get things right this time. Manager asks pimple faced, half asleep, still trying to come down from club drugs, worker to take care of me. I repeat my order and this Einstein worker takes the bagels out of the bag, makes a comment to another worker, gets distracted, and then proceeds to put the same bagels back into the same bag and hand it back to me exactly as it was originally. I ask him what the f@@## is he doing. He looks bewildered and asks me what did I order? I demand to see the manager who tells me that it looks like no one can make me happy!!!!!! I tell him I want my money back. He gets my receipt - has it right in front of him as he counts the change out and gives me the wrong change!

Randazzo's Bakery 10

Yes, I know - it's the day before Mardi Gras, and you're busy. Who isn't? So you feel this entitles you to let your phone ring, and ring, and ring? You're going to ignore a customer who is calling to ask a question? Oh, and THEN you pick up the phone, disconnect the call without even saying hello ... and leave it off the hook?! How professional is that? And yes, I DO know that your store is open! Guess what guys ... I think I'll buy my baked goods elsewhere from this point on. This just goes to show how LAZY and INCONSIDERATE people in South Louisiana are. Next time you hear somebody raving about "southern hospitality" ... tell them it's nothing but a fucking myth.

Arby's LIES! 11

So I get the paper and they have this NEW Ruben or HOT Turkey sandwich. Now what makes the deal good, is it's "supposed" to be 99 cents. I go in "with page of course" and ask for 5 of each (family gathering) they say "Ok, that $51.89" I show them the ad, they say "Oh, that's for the specials on back, it's $4.29 ea..."

I walk out, shredding the ad and head over to the nice and non-lying pizza shop. Plus, I got 2 LARGE for only $12.99 + tax. Beats liars any day! No more Arbys!

Subway 12

I'm angry because once I went to Subway for the first time and ordered a plain chicken sandwich. The service was bad, slow, and just plain shitty. Not to mention how they can screw up a simple order by forgetting the chicken in the chicken sandwich. I can't believe how people can be so incompetent

money!!! 13

I have worked twelve hours today waiting tables. I did a good job and took really good care of everybody. I had a guy with a forty three dollar tab leave me no tip! At the end of my twelve hours I find out I've made roughly four dollars an hour! For twelve hours! I am really pissed off!!!

*Note from Anger Central
Mrs. Webmaster is looking at that sort of job. Long hours and low pay. The Webmaster is looking for something better for her to do.

Coffee Drive Thru 14

Nothing pisses me off more than a person that fails to understand the concept of a drive thru. Let me set the stage for this rant: It is large coffee shop chain that has two avenues for the exchange of goods: 1. The Drive thru 2. The walk in customer. I have always been led to believe the drive thru is for people in a hurry and have an order that is easy to fill, thus facilitates quick throughput. The “in store” option allows for more complex or multiple orders. I think all would agree?

Now let’s add the fucking idiots to the scenario. The drive thru will have 2 or 3 cars in line when I approach. Quick time appreciation tells me 5 minutes at the most. I glance over and see 3 or 4 people inside. Best option is the drive thru…or so I think…without fucking fail, you will have the fucking inconsiderate asshole that either has the multiple order or wants 6 fucking bagels of multiple grains, no grains, half toasted with one half covered in butter the other in cream cheese…..FFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK MMMMMEEEEEEEE! Of course by this point I am locked into the drive thru because 2 people behind me thought the same thing…”ah, more people inside and I have a simple order, drive thru will be quicker!”….

I have often fantasized about getting out of my car, dragging the idiot out from behind the wheel and beating him senseless, all the while with a big smile on my face!!!! Note to the drive thru buddy fuckers: IF YOUR ORDER SEEMS LIKE IT WILL TAKE A WHILE TO FILL, PARK YOUR FUCKING CAR, WALK IN AND PLACE YOUR ORDER INSIDE. These people all desperately need to be shot with balls of their own shit. Fuck that feels better.

Chinese Food Delivery Place 15

We are college students. we have very little time and very little extra patience here, and we don't understand how a restaurant four blocks away, that has been there forever, can't

a) figure out how the hell to get on campus and

b) can never process credit cards!?


subway 16

i have no problems w/ subway as a whole. in fact, every now & then i get a craving for their seafood sub. however, one time i went to the subway by the house i used to live at, & as i was standing in line, i saw one of the workers behind the counter doing the unimaginable. she actually had the audacity to, while wearing gloves, no less, push the garbage in the can down w/ her hands, then proceed to handle the vegetables in the containers w/out changing gloves. i got disgusted & pissed off, & yelled on my way to the bathroom, "that bitch had better not handle my fucking food!!!" by the time i got back to the line, i saw that she had switched places w/ the lady working the register. i pray she got fired. that was plain nasty. suffice to say, i did not order any veggies on my sandwich. & if i ever see that happen again, i'm just going to walk out.

Fast Food Employees 17

Why do fast food places hire the stupidest people? I ordered Chicken Nuggets and these failures at life didn't give me my nuggets I was so pissed off I fucking Rushed in and threw the fries and yelled at these morons to fix my order and they told me to get out I said fix my goddamn order or i'll beat the shit out of you brainless fucktards who will never make it in life. If I own a restraunt all my employees will take an IQ test and whoever fails doesn't get hired and if one of my employees makes a mistake and won't fix it guess what they're fired because i'm not going to allow braindead idiots just like the AC Webmaster who I think is a fucking Bigiot himself and if I ever see him in real life i'll kick his ass with every smartass comment he makes on my other rants because the webmaster is about as stupid and brainless as most fast food employees so fuck fast food employees unless they hire people with a higher IQ and fuck the webmaster he's a dumbass fuck the world.

Burger King 18

I work at a Burger King and fucking hate it their! The food is fucking disgusting let alone fucking unhealthy as shit for you. But some of the shit they make me do their is fucked up. The other day i dropped meat on the ground, a simple mistake, i threw it in the garbage. My manager saw me do that and took the meat out and told me to cook it anyway! i was like are you fucking kidding me?!?! thats fuckin sick!

For anyone who eats at Burger King, i hope you dont after this!

*Note from Anger Central
Your manager just committed a crime. Call the health inspector and let them know. They like pulling surprise inspections.

Shitty fast food places 19

I hate when you order food off the menu and the waiter fucking fucks it up because he didn't know what was on the damn menu. This happens all the time.

I went to Steak and Shake to eat a chicken sandwich. I pointed it on the menu while telling the waitress, the menu said it was supposed to come with a bunch of stuff on it. She asked me if I wanted anything else on it, I said no, she brings the sandwich plain. The menu said it would have a bunch of shit on it!

I also went to a nearby McDonalds the other day. They are racist as fuck. All the other McDonalds are polite and get the order right. Every time I order from the racist McDonalds full of black people that only like other blacks, I get the order wrong. If I want bacon egg and cheese, don't give me a plain sausage you fucking racist! I should call up the owners and leave a complaint. If they ignore me then I'll talk to the people above them!

Olive Garden 20

This place has great food, but I will never return because management harasses the waitresses. I feel so embarrassed when my family goes to Olive Garden. Once a few years ago we went there, and some family walked out without paying. The management forced the waitress to pay the whole thing, despite the waitress not making much money, and management having much more money. Last year my family went there, and some manager was reprimanding a waitress in front of a bunch of people. I was so embarrassed. Olive Garden is a horrible company. I love the food but the management is embarrassing, I'll avoid this place for life.

Papa John's 21

The other day I ordered an Extra Large Pizza with Pepperoni, Sausage, and Mushrooms along with some wings but what did I get instead? Undercooked meat on my Pizza that gave me food poisoning and worst of all I bit into the crust and got a piece of lettuce inside my crust. How the fuck did lettuce get in my pizza crust along with getting food poisoning I will take legal action against this location. Fuck Papa Johns and their disgusting pizza.

*Note from Anger Central
We like Papa Johns, so there's our disclaimer. Have you filed a complaint? If you aren't happy, they will give you a free pizza.

Bojangles 22

I am so angry at Bojangles their chicken sucks and the last time I ate their chicken I chipped a tooth because of how hard and poorly cooked the chicken was. Bojangles I am embarrassed by the quality of your food, next time i'll just stick to KFC, fuck Bojangles.

Applebees 23

I ordered a Wrap with Mexiranch Dressing and what do I get fucking Mexirice. How fucking stupid can you be I said MEXIRANCH. Jesus Fucking Christ I was so pissed when they gave me the wrong thing. I wanted Mexiranch Dressing not RICE, if you stupid ass fast food workers want a raise than how about you consider raising your goddamn brains first. Not only that but the bitch gives me attitude and as the bitch walked away from my car I took the mexirice I never ordered and threw it right at her and got back in my car and left the restaurant. I will never order from this location ever again until they hire people who actually has enough sense to know the difference between Rice and Ranch.

Dominos 24

I am so angry at Dominos after I placed an order and they said it would be ready in 15 to 20 Minutes which gave me enough time to drive there and pick it up. When I got there my Pizza was just about ready and I paid for it and a whole bunch of people came in and got their orders before me, and I waited 20 freakin minutes after paying to get it because they said they lost track of orders. You have a full restaurant and I was here first and all of these College Kids can wait until I get mine because you said my order was almost ready before they got here, and what kind of idiots forgets about somebody's Pizza like that. Dominos get your fucking shit together, thankfully my Pizza was right because if they got my Order Wrong you can guarantee I will never order another Pizza from there again.

*Note from Anger Central
We were going to defend Dominos, but they botched our order last night.

Chick-Fil-A 25

Chick-Fil-A can burn to the ground because of their treatment towards the LGBTQ Community not to mention their food is disgusting. Their Chicken Sandwiches taste like Ass and their Chicken Nuggets look like breaded turds. Fuck you Chick Fil A and your garbage service and abysmal food, I hope your company goes bankrupt; if you want chicken go to KFC or Popeyes; Chick-Fil-A can go to Hell.

Burger King 26

I am so angry that Burger King would sell their Unhappy Meals targeting the Depressed and the Mentally Unwell. With 5 different boxes that represent depressed emotions such as Yaaas Meal, Salty Meal, DGaf Meal, Pissed Meal, Blues Meal to match the emotion of any depressed people who they think might buy their mockery meals. You want to know why McDonalds and their Happy Meals targeted towards Kids are a success because Happy Meals are supposed they are meant for Kids who are rewarded for good behavior and get a toy, but what does Burger King's Unhappy Meal gives you? Nothing but them laughing at your depression with their Unhappy Meals. I don't need a pissed meal to express how pissed I am at how fucking stupid Burger King is. Fuck you Burger King take your Crown and shove it up your ass.

Ex Pizza Delivery Boy 27

We ordered a Pizza from Papa John's for Movie Night and we waited for what seemed like an eternity and keep in mind it was 7 in the evening and we called them after what felt like an hour wondering what happened to our Pizza, they tried to get in contact with the delivery boy but he wasn't answering his phone. Thankfully they made another Pizza for me and delivered it on time and then this morning we found out the original Pizza Boy who was supposed to bring our Pizza threw his sign off of his car and off the bridge into the river and kept the Pizza for himself. Fucking idiot, I hope no company ever hires a fucktard like him.

Taco Bell 28

I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla and side order of Chips with Cheese Sauce and Mild Sauce. The Stupid bitch I think overcharged me for my order, put a packet of Fire Sauce in my bag and worst of all the dumbass put my cheese but not the chips. Fucking Dumbass Fast Food Workers clearly can't do their fucking jobs right and it's no wonder they can't get a better job because of how fucknig stupid they are.

Long John Silvers 29

Do people really still eat at Long John Silver's Anymore? I mean if I can be honest with you that place has to have the most disgusting food I have ever had and it makes me wonder why the company is STILL in business. I ordered a Shrimp meal with a piece of fish and oh my god it left a horrible taste in my mouth, everything including the fries all tasted like fish. I have been hearing for years that Long John's silver's cooks everything in the same grease; I mean how fucking lazy can these people be to not cook their stuff in different oils? Fish, Shrimp, and French fries should not taste the same and they wouldn't if Long John Silvers wouldn't cook them in the same batter and grease I mean that could potentially cause cross contamination.

I remember several yeas ago when Long John Silvers came out with their big catch meal which was the big ass piece of haddock, batter dipped and served with hush puppies and onion rings. Who the fuck goes to a seafood restaurant to order onion rings? Wouldn't it make more sense to put Calamari Rings on their menu instead? needless to say I never had this meal but after looking at why this meal was one of the worst there was; this meal had over 2,000 Calories in it, enough to kill a person and after that Long John Silver's became a sinking ship.

I can guarantee you I am never going to eat at Long John Silvers ever again, their food is a disgusting and a health hazard. Long John Silvers pretty much at this point has one foot out the door, walking the plank, into the sea known as bankruptcy.

Subway 30

I am so angry with Subway and their annoying commercials telling viewers to order their sandwiches instead of Pizza. Hey Subway I got news for you, most people prefer Pizza than sandwiches and I don't need no actors from their stupid cringeworthy commercials to tell me that. Then they have washed up has been Deonn Sanders snatch a Pizza from a Pizza Delivery Boy. I don't care if that was Deonn Sanders if someone tried that on me, I would chase their ass down the street and beat the hell out of them. Then you have a couple other NFL Players in the Subway Add mocking people who choose to buy Pizza like the overpaid dumbfucks that they are; I mean Subway here's a message for you nobody likes your disgusting sandwiches anymore so stop bashing pizza you dumbfucks.

I remember a few years ago that Subway was bashing McDonalds with their retarded ass Flatline beep commercial with some fucktard saying Burger over and over again; it almost made me want to find the annoying fucktard they hired for that commercial just so I could wrap my hands around their neck and choke them.

I even saw a commercial with Ronald McDonald on the beach eating Subway, I mean what the fuck Subway, are you trying to get yourselves sued? I don't see McDonalds giving Jared, Big Macs from Prison. Ever since Jared got sent to Prsion for being a Pedophile Subway has gone down hill and now the only way they can make themselves stay relevant is by making cringeworthy commercials, using other restaurants mascots, and bashing Pizza.

Seriously Fuck Subway, they can take their $5 Footlongs and shove them up their stupid asses and enjoy the taste of that. Pizza is better than Sandwiches, McDonalds is better than Subway, Subway's commercials are pure cringeworthy trash, and I seriously hope they go out of business.

Taco Bell 31

Why does Taco Bell keep removing the good stuff off their menu and replacing it with shit that no one would ever order? The Loaded Chicken Grillers, Nachos Supreme, Cheesey Fiesta Potatoes, and 7 Layer Burritos for a fucking Vegetarian Menu.

I can assure you that no Vegetarian would ever consider eating at a Taco Bell and their Vegetarian Menu looks fucking disgusting replacing the beef and chicken with fucking beans. Taco Bell you really are run by fucking morons now because no fucking Vegetarian eats at Taco Bell and you got rid of all of your good menu items for this disgusting vegetarian crap? I won't be eating at Taco Bell until you pull your heads out of your asses and put the real good stuff that people did love back on the menu and take this vegetarian shit off the menu permanently.

*Note from Anger Central
Why would anyone consider what Taco Bell serves to be "food?"

Jimmy's Famous Seafood 32

I am so angry at Maryland's so called Famous Seafood that clearly has a vendetta against Vegans.

Now I did enjoy their bashing of PETa because PETA are nothing but terrorists but not all vegans are fucking morons such as a black woman who showed off her Vegan Crabcakes and this overrated shithole decides to bully and send her racist remarks on Twitter.

Yeah how fucking Unprofessional do you half to be to attack a black woman just for making vegan crab cakes as well as make racist remarks, it's like this garbage restaurant with a superiority complex can talk shit about whoever they want. Well guess what I saw your food online and it all looks like fucking garbage which is where everything made in your shitty restaurant belongs.

Needless to say because this trash restaurant couldn't handle the backlash all because their owner and their owner is a racist and an unprofessional dickbag with a superiority complex.

Now their attacking people who hate Roman Reigns on Twitter all because Roman Reigns the so called Head of the Table AKA The Bottom of the Dumpster retained the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania which was a bullshit move and now they're attacking people over their opinion like how fucking unprofessional is this place.

As far as I can say Roman Reigns can go Burn in Hell and Jimmy's Seafood can go burn to the fucking ground and I really hope that happens sooner or later.

Subway's Stupid Commercials 33

I have another rant on Subway's idiotic commercials and their desperate attempts to stay in business.

They have some soccer player kicking a soccer ball to a guy's phone to have him order Subway Sandwiches instead of Burritos.

If that happened to me I would be pissed if some stupid bitch kicked a soccer ball onto my phone. I would throw that Soccer ball and hit her in the face with it because damaging someone's personal property just to get them to order something they don't want is a guaranteed way to piss someone off and get hit in the face.

Then you have Tony Hawk on his skateboard snatch a fast food bag from the Drive Thru and if Tony Hawk or anyone did that to me in the drive thru I would run their ass over with my car.

Notice how Subway's dumbass commercials all have the message "DO NOT ATTEMPT" because if someone was stupid enough to attempt the dumbass shit in Subway's commercials they would get their ass kicked because Subway encouraged said toxic behavior with their dumbass commercials.

Subway your business has went down since Jared got put in Prison for being a Pedophile and you have done nothing to convince anyone to keep eating at your shitty restaurants and airing stupid commercials of athletes snatching Pizzas, or kicking Soccer Balls to people's phones is a guaranteed way to not get any customers just a guaranteed way for people to tell you to just go out of business.

Subway please take your Footlongs and shove them up your dumbasses and just go bankrupt already.

Tudor's Biscuit World 34

I am so fucking Angry at Tudor's for botching my order and this isn't the first time they have fucked up my order and it's obvious this place hired dumbfucks who are too incompetent to work a real job.

I ordered a Bacon Egg Sandwich, a Cinnamon Roll and a Bacon Biscuit. and guess what the morons didn't pit the egg on my sandwich, the biscuit was overbaked and hard in some areas of the biscuit, and worst of all they forgot my damn cinnamon roll.

I called the manager and told them their dumbass employees forgot just about everything I ordered and needless to say these dumbasses are clearly too fucking incompetent to know how to do their fucking jobs right when it comes to the drive thru and I don't want to hear anyone say "It's Not an Easy Job." Shut the fuck up bitch and quit your damn job it's not that fucking hard.

Needless to say I get the stuff the forgot for free next time I visit Tudor's and so help me God if these dumbasses fuck up my order again because if they do i am never coming back to Tudor's ever again.

 L & J Dairy Bar 35

I ordered Ice Cream from this place and the wait time was not just unacceptable it's unforgivable.

I could not figure out what I wanted because their menu board is so old and outdated it's fucking laughable like how do you expect anyone to order Ice Cream when this place's menu board looks like it came from the 80's or 90's?

Also when I thought the lady was going to take my order, the bitch kept me on hold for 5 Fucking Minutes and I swear I was just this close to leaving and going somewhere else until finally they came back to take my order.

They had me speak up because they couldn't hear me because this place's menu board and intercom is in serious need of updating and as soon as I made my order I had to wait 5 more minutes for these slow ass people to get the order for the car in front of me.

I finally got my Ice Cream and the Ice Cream was Mediocre, I wasted so much time and money on mediocre Ice Cream from a place in serious need of a makeover.

I will never order from this place ever again i'll stick with Dairy Queen which is something this shitty ass town really needs.

Frisch's Big Boy 36

I ordered a Buffalo Chicken Basket with Sweet Potato Fries and a Bacon Burger with Sautéed Onions and they made me wait quite a long time for my order to get done.

Then when I got home my Buffalo Chicken was a mess, my Sweet Potato Fries were slathered in buffalo sauce and ranch dressing spilled onto my stuff. Also my Burger DID NOT have Sautéed Onions as I ordered and worst of all the Burger fucking sucked.

Fucking morons i'll never give Big Boy my money ever again if they are that damn incompetent.

Bob Evans 37

It pisses me off so much when fucking dumbass tone deaf employees botch my order but this time they fucked up my order to the point where I am never ever going back.

I ordered a Chicken Dinner with 2 sides and they only gave me one which was fries and worst of all no biscuits just rolls and it was listed on the ticket.

We shouldn't pay these dumbfucks more money because of how fucking incompetent their workers are who botch your order and worst the cinnamon biscuits which I ordered wasn't listed on the ticket obviously this retarded mothgrfucker who botched my order must be deaf too like why the fuck do restaurants hire so many goddamn uneducated fucks. They really need to have a certain IQ level required to hire anyone because most of the people who work in restaurants are fucking idiots and they never fail to botch orders because their minds are off in Fucking LALALand rather than focusing on their jobs.

I hope the tone deaf moron who botched my order has a miserable rest of his day because he deserves it for fucking up my order and I hope he not only gets fired but never gets hired anywhere else because I will never order from Bob Evans again until they start hiring smarter workers and not total dumbasses.

Popeye's 38

If you think it's ok to call 911 on people for feeding homeless and discriminate against customers than I think you shouldn't be allowed to work in any profession ever.

I don't blame customers who call 911 on Fast Food Employees because if Employees thinks it's ok to do so than you know what they deserve a taste of their own medicine.

The Employee who called the Police on a College Student should not only lose their Job but also their home and get run over by a car because they serve no purpose at all in this world.

Dear companies stop hiring racist losers before they become the reason your company goes out of business.

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