is a website that archives old video game magazines. This would be cool if each downloaded magazine was a PDF file, or better yet just a series of JPG images.

It's not like this at all. Each magazine is in this CBZ format, and it needs some crappy CBZ reader to be read.

I first tried using the Comical CBZ reader, and it sucks. It runs sluggishly, and the zoom function doesn't work, making the small text on the magazines impossible to read. I deleted this crap after it said all my files were corrupted (they aren't).

Then I tried using the ComicRack CBZ reader. This bullshit didn't even work, I needed to install some Microsoft NET garbage to get it working.

I complained about this to the retromags staff a while back. They acted like I was an idiot for not using the "expert" tools for reading their material! Listen you lameasses, CBZ is not, and has never been the fucking standard. Go back to your day jobs!

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