Sony 1

I am so goddamn fucking angry at Sony. When I got my Playstation 3 back in 2011, I fell in love with their Playstation Home service that let me play games and talk with other Playstation fans.

Then in 2013, Sony releases the Playstation 4, and makes Playstation Home incompatible with Playstation 4. They keep selling all kinds of shit in Playstation Home, they mass advertised the Playstation 4 in Playstation Home, but they didn't make Playstation Home compatible with Playstation 4. They want us to buy the newer game system, but didn't want to carry the popular service over to it.

For a year, people on the Playstation forums kept begging Sony to bring Playstation Home to Playstation 4, and Sony refused. They recently fucking gave everybody a notice thanking their fans for playing and spending their money on Playstation Home, but they are discontinuing Playstation Home service in a few months. I am pissed the fuck off. I have so many great memories of hanging out with fellow Playstation fans, making life long friends, and playing great games together, and now lazy ass fucking Sony is dropping the service despite it still being popular and wanted by thousands of people. Fuck Sony up the goddamn fucking ass. I'll never buy anything Sony again because they don't give a fuck about the fans. Fuck Sony's goddamn big balls, slapping the faces of their fans.

I recently complained about this on an online message board, and they told me there are games like Playstation Home that I can play on my computer, so thank god for that, but I will always forever be pissed off at Sony for not caring about their fans.

Sony 2

I am so pissed off that Sony decided to drop Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That is Bullshit Sony it's bad enough you fucked up Sam Rami's Epic Trilogy by cancelling Spider-Man 4 to reboot the film with Amazing Spider-Man which sucked and then with Homecoming they did better and added Spider-Man to the Avengers but now all of a sudden Sony doesn't want Spider-Man to be apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe any longer because Sony are fucking idiots. It's like they don't understand how Spider-Man has become a success for them with their PS4 Game which was a nominee for game of the year the intriguing relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker i'm like Sony have you overdosed on Stupid Pills because for you to cancel Spider-Man you must be really stupid. Enjoy Phase 4 with talentless cunts like Brie Larson and her garbage Captain Marvel Movies and any other shit both Sony and Disney can ruin, right now Stan Lee is turning over in his grave at you Sony for how you have ruined his franchise by cancelling Spider-Man out of the blue especially when there were 2 more movies planned featuring Tom Holland. Fuck you Sony I hope you get Thanos Snapped out of business for your stupidity.

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