Meijer, Inc.

I got a job as clerk at the Meijer gas station by my house. I started out working for peanuts and got a wimpy raise after several weeks. I told the manager that I was still in high school and couldn't work very many hours per week, but I was continually scheduled to work 35-hour work weeks, sometimes until 11pm on a weekday! I was the best employee there. Everyone else had some sort of social dysfunction and generally greeted the customers wih a dirty look. I courteously greeted almost every customer, even when they yelled at me to my face. Then I would usually get reprimanded by my boss after being nice to these kinds of people! One time my boss shoved me for not catching a drive-off. Every day the managers left at 5pm, leaving the clerks alone to manage the store by ourselves. We basically had to manage the store ourselves, without getting paid squat! Just before I get transferred to another department, I get fired for "absenteeism," even though I had only missed a couple of days. Other employees had missed several. I still have the urge to enact ________________ towards Meijer for screwing me over! What nerve! They don't care about education at all, just turning a dime. (insert random profanity and insults regarding Meijer, Inc.)

Gas Station Shitwads 2

Is it my imagination, or has all attempts at courtesy disappeared from all gas stations run by foreigners (mostly Indians or Pakistanis)? Gas is not exactly cheap and also, I have noticed that there happens to be more than one gas station around. So why can't they say "THANK YOU" after you spend forty dollars to fill your tank with their worthless watered-down piss swill they call gas? Would it fucking kill them to have a little manners?

Last week, I went to the gas station and it was not even busy. The chief rag-head in charge waves me up to the front pump to make room for more customers, just in case any come. For Christ's sake! There are at least 12 gas pumps and 24 hoses in this place. Why do I have to pull out into the rain . . . so they can accommodate the big rush? As if that was not enough, the asshole came to my passenger side door and wanted me to roll the window down so he could save a trip over to my side of the car and spare a little wear and tear on his fucking sandals. Well I don't have a fancy car with automatic windows. I drive a piece of shit made in Korea, on which even a steering wheel and tires seemed to be optional. So when I did not roll the window down, the jackass tries to open my door. I thought of shouting at him, but I figured he couldn't hear me through his fucking turban rag. So I just sat there. Finally he comes over and says "Fill Premium?" I felt like answering him by saying "Pleased to me you Phil. My name is Uncle Sam. Can I see your green card?" but that would have caused an international incident.

Fuck all these inconsiderate cocksuckers! They never ask to check your oil or tires or wash your windshield or any fucking smallest courtesy you used to get only a short time ago at gas stations. I say, send them all back to India or Pakistan or where ever the fuck they come from. Let them ride elephants, camels or a magic fucking carpet. Again I say FUCK THEM ALL!!!

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