I am very angry at Starbucks. I love the friggin coffee but I cannot deal with going into the restaurant. I went into the Starbucks the other day because the drive-tru was crowded..As usual. I stood at the counter for the longest time waiting for someone to take my order. I finally had to ask someone if they would take my order. They still ignored me! I yelled "Hello! YOOO HOOO any body home?" The staff just stood around talking about personal issues. Sheesh I was so pissed. I just got finished complaining on the starbucks web site too. I am so pissed at them! I was almost late to work because of those jerks!

Starbucks 2

I hate the disgusting commercial sloth that is Starbucks Coffee. I don't mind so much getting bent over for a cup of coffee, but but you'd think they could provide you with some decent napkins. Here I am paying five bucks for a cup of over roasted coffee and all they have are those crappy, recycled paper napkins. The napkins are so flimsy that they are of virtually no use. If you have ever used their napkins to dry off your motorcycle after a rain storm, you know what I mean. The recycled paper just desintegrates. There comes a point when you have to put aside the happy-ass, tree hugging, public relations smoke screen and decree that providing quality products and services is more important than the miniscule gains that are realized by using crappy recycled paper napkins. Screw Starbucks. Screw their cheap napkins. And screw their pretentious trustafarian employees that act like they are doing you this huge favor by even allowing you to have any napkins at all.

*Note from Anger Central
We drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee here.

Multiple Starbucks 3

It's fine if people need their fix of coffee or cappuccino or whatever but must we really need 3 Starbucks within a short distance of each other? What I can't understand is that a new fourth Starbucks is also planned for opening on the outskirts of the city I live in! Are people really that lazy to make the extra trip to the coffeeshop? Goodness.

Starbucks 4

Starbucks makes me angry because of the stupid pseudo Italian lingo they use. You ask for a large coffee and some jackass behind the counter says, "We don't have a large, do you mean a venti?" The idiots who spend 5 or 6 bucks on some silly concoction they are so proud to ramble off in a paragraph long order piss me off! it's like "give me a caramel latte half soy half milk with a shot of espresso and lite whipped cream." Whatever happened to just getting s large cup of good coffee and not some shit from a gas station that tastes like ass.

Starbucks 5

I am soooo fucking glad you guys have a starbucks section, or as I like to call them, starfucks. Or starsmucks. I swear these dipshits are the liberal,gay, fucks of the coffee industry.

I was watching a foamys rant on YouTube, and he hit the nail on the head with " I would like a large coffee" " sir we don't have large." " why the fuck not?!?!?" well you'd just have to watch the whole thing. Fuckshitassbitchdouchnosslehatchetfacedpricks. Fuck you starfucks/smucks

Starbucks 6

I'm angry at Starbucks and all of their over fucking priced coffee! Pike place roast SUCKS and is not worth $3.25 for a half filled iced coffee! Fucking bastards!

*Note from Anger Central
Starbucks is to good coffee as Budweiser is to beer. Both need to be run through the horses they originally came from in the first place.

Philadelphia Starbucks and Idiot Cops 7

I want to know how Starbucks can hire a dumbass who thought it was ok to call Cops and have them arrest two black men who were not bothering anyone? You know this really pisses me off ok whoever this idiot employee is I hope you lose your job and you live on welfare for the rest of your life as for the dumbass Cops I think you need to arrest yourselves for impersonating Police Officers and for impersonating real men. I will never respect Police not until This Country gets their Shit together and starts punishing Cops and start treating them as criminals too and throw their asses in Prison where they belong. America wake the fuck up and get your shit together already.

*Note from Anger Central
First, we read something about Starschmucks apologizing to Americans of recent African decent.
Since we don't drink the overpriced sill they claim is coffee, we didn't pay any attention to it.
Second, anyone who does go into Starschmucks to buy that swill is obviously insane, they should be arrested. :)

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