Sprint has laid off scores of thousands the past couple years. They fired the CEO, William Fucking Esrey, and gave him some lovely parting gifts for his subpar tenure--like use of a corporate jet, office space and support, consulting fees that are more than I make in a year, and many other digusting goodies. Now they are joining the latest craze of outsourcing their IT work to India where some poor fool can work for $5,000 a year. Fuck Sprint and fuck India too.

XM Satellite radio 2

Ok, the radio itself is great but I just cancelled my service after fighting the billing department for MONTHS over my bill. They constantly messed up my billing and have been doing so since last April (It is now September). When you call billing, they farm the work out to operators in Toronto (!) and XM doesn't even work in Canada so Americans are denied the jobs at XM although they are the only ones who can have the service and pay for it. I have spent so many hours on the phone and in "phone hold hell" that I finally decided that the service wasn't worth the aggravation and my blood pressure going through the roof. What the f**k happened to customer service in the USA? Doesn't anyone know what they are doing? And don't any companies give a flying fig about customers anymore? Well, I gave up and will live without XM satellite radio.


I wanna let you Jackasses posting here that we MCI employees have to put up with more Bullshit than what you're problems are 10 fold. Sure, there are some bad MCI employees out there, but most of them just want to resolve your concern and fix your goddamn problem. Then you rant and rave that you have to be on the phone for 10 minutes?! give me a break, try talking on the phone with Dumbass people for 10 hours straight. Now I'm speaking not only for MCI employees alone, but for all customer service reps. As far as the Company MCI goes? Sure it's a shitty company, in fact, 7500 of us poor customer service reps are getting laid off. So if you're going to bash something, bash the crappy company, and not the employees who are only there to put food on the table for their families. My apologies if I offended anyone...and please try to show a little more respect.

AT&T 4

As creditors, you people really suck ASS. You need to get your shit straight. First, on the application - you tell me it's 16 months at zero percent. THEN, when you didn't even bother to transfer the balance I requested and I had to speak with one of your brainless "customer service reps" you told me it's 12 months at zero percent. THEN when I get the first fucking statement .. it's EIGHT MONTHS. WHAT the hell is your problem?!! FUCK AT&T and everything associated with them!

T-Mobile 5

I hate cell phones in general and have resisted getting on up until now. I understand that they are convenient and a great thing to have in case of an emergency, but Christ! I went to t-mobile because they offered a decent phone for free with a one year plan. I signed up, got the damn phone and all was well, until the rebate never showed up in my mailbox. what the fuck? I wouldn't have gotten the damn phone if it wasn't offered for free! after multiple calls to the T-mobile hags who operate the calling center, I was told that the manager of store should have explained it would take anywhere from 3-6 months to get the rebate. WHAT?!? three months to cut a fucking check for 50 bucks?? are they insane? do they think that if I didn't pay my cell bill for 3 months it would be ok? I got the cell phone in April of 2004, its not mid august 2004 and still NOTHING. yet when I call them, they assure me that the "request" has been granted and its just a matter of time before I get the rebate. fuck you t-mobile, as soon as this contract is over you can take the lousy phone back and shove it up your asses, I'm done with them.


SBC is the worst company I've worked for. They rip you off anyway they can, whether in the cafeteria, in the break rooms. They provide little to NO perks, but expect expect expect you to be their slaves. I worked there and I am glad I left. If you think I'm joking, go and ask someone who works there. Their customer service dept has high turnover. I never worked in that dept, but I heard from the reps there that they are treated very badly there. It's like the military in there. We also left SBC as our primary phone provider. I'm thankful to God I left these people and their policies.


I have been in my current residence about 3 months and for that entire time I receive about 1-5 calls a day from MCI. The first few weeks I just chalked it up to telemarketers and didn't answer the phone. I started recognizing the phone numbers after a while and did a reverse phone number search on the internet and found out that every single phone number calling was MCI. After this I started answering all the phone calls and there is never anyone on the phone. I have called the number back numerous times and sat on hold for hours. I can never get a human and now am so frustrated I could scream. What the hell. Why would I want to go with a phone service that can't even get a person on the phone when I call let alone when they call me. I feel like they are disrupting my life. I know that sounds silly but I'm an even keeled person but there constant calling infuriates me. I have been researching ways to complain and this will at least make me feel better for a minute. My phone is ringing right now 410-864-0019, that's MCI the a--holes.

The A Channel - Victoria, BC television 8

These slimeballs came into our office = an AIDS Non-Profit, and literally stole the images from one of our annual fundraisers by taping them with their TV camera, and using them for their special television broadcast about World AIDS Day, without even MENTIONING the fundraiser! This years event was cancelled by organizers in protest. :p Razzberries to the A Channel.


I am so angry with this cable company. Their customer service sucks for starters. You are on hold forever, not to mention you have to press 100 buttons to get through, and then they will pick up the phone and hang up on you only for you to call back in. You constantly have interrupted service and your rates go up every month. You should not have that many trouble calls for cable services. I switched to dish and have not had one single trouble call. WE ARE IN CONTROL, NOT THE CABLE COMPANIES!! YOU ALL NEED TO FOLLOW SUIT, CANCEL YOUR CABLE AND GET A DISH, YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!! SCREW THAT CABLE COMPANY!! THEY THINK THEY HAVE YOU ALL BENT OVER A BARREL AND SCREWING YOUR WALLET!! TAKE CHARGE!!


Satellite service sucks!! We decided to install satellite instead of cable because it was cheaper (more channels for less $$) There are 3 or 4 more dishes in my building, so ok, i think no big deal..right?? WRONG! they installed mine on the fucking roof, so everytime it rains, or snows, or a little wind as small as a fart will fuck up my service..Almost every fucking day, its aggravating, I stopped watching TV, even turn the TV would aggravate me..So after 4 weeks of no service, i decided to call customer service, who tried to help but oh no sorry we need to send a technician (this was, of course after I was on hold forever)..They sent someone within a couple of days and it worked, but not for too long, and this assholes have the audacity to send me a bill for repairs...WTF, i get no signal because you morons put my dish on a fucked up spot (unlike my neighbors! the other tenants have no problems)...Then I decide to hell with dish, and cancel, and what do they do?? they send me a box so I can climb up on the fucking roof to get their equipment back and they want me to pay $20 for every month left in my contract...THEY CAN KISS MY ASS, THOSE FUCKERS!!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster has been using satellite for over 10 years now with minimal problems. This also includes moving to a new data center. Granted, severe weather will interfere with the signal but that is very rare. It sounds like the antenna wasn't anchored correctly or there was something in the path of the signal.

radiofreedetroit 11

Ok mr Webmaster, I'll tell you why I'm so angry. I'm a follower of the local music scene where I'm from, and tonight (6-20-2006) is the most anticipated night for anyone that follows the local music scene. For the past 2 months I have been anticipating the only award show that matters to me. they claim the webcast starts at 8:00 PM so what do I do...I tune in at 7:55. They have some damn mix show. Okay, I'm 5 minutes early and I don't think nothing else about it. Next thing I know it's 8:15. Okay, maybe theyre running late...shit happens sometimes. Well it is now 9:25 and guess what still no awards show. Still that damn mix show playing all that damn rap (not even hip hop but fucking RAP...and yes there is a difference)

*Note from Anger Central
Did you consider that something happened at the last minute forcing them to make an unscheduled change? It does happen you know.

Lifetime TV 12

Ok the Lifetime channel really REALLY pisses me off ok why do women watch this garbage channel all they show on their is movies about domestic violence and cheating spouses, I mean God why does Lifetime do advertisements to stop domestic violence and show movies about it. I think the actors in every Lifetime original movie should be shot with a .44 magnum and the same thing goes to ANY man who hits a women but after being shot they should be burned alive to. I am a man by the way who sees this shit as garbage, I think the people who run lifetime should be ashamed, better yet I think the whole Lifetime TV studio should be burned down for the trashy movies they show.

Television networks 13

There is so much inane crap out there, and even the good shows spiral out of the realm of believability after a few seasons (if not sooner).

"Reality TV." Please. Who gives a flying f*** about a bunch of idiots so desperate for fame that they'll humiliate themselves for the enjoyment of millions of viewers?

Sitcom reruns. No one wants to watch an hour of "Everybody Loves Raymond" or "My Wife and Kids." It's even possible to get oversaturated by the good stuff (IMHO, "Friends," "Seinfeld," and "The King of Queens".)

Advertising "professionals": Stop playing on people's ignorance and insecurities! Do you really have such a low opinion of the human race? I don't care how much your client is paying you -- try assuming people are intelligent!

"News" and political pundits: Don't get me started. That's material for an entire other rant.

 Radio Stations 14

How much do the bogus debt relief companies give you to air their ads? How much to advertisers give you to run the same ads *every* commercial break?

Seriously, I know you need to make money, but REALLY!

Virgin Mobile 15

Fuck these fucktards make me angry. Every fucking phone call I get from my girlfriend is something equally annoying like "can you pick some GLAAARRRBBB on the way home?", "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't hear you can I get..", "What? I can't GLARB hear ADSAFDFJKLJFUUZZZZZZZ".

Oh fuck me dead this fucking phone cannot pick up a simple fucking vocal transmission from one point and take it to another without it becoming fuzzed out in a grand display of rubbish that can only be matched by Cindy Lauper's footwear fashion!


clear channel & cox radio 16

these two fucking companies pissed me the fuck off. miami only had one rock station, & a plethora of rap, pop, easy listening, & spanish radio stations. now we have precisely dick when it comes to modern rock because these two companies have fucked the listeners over. first it was clear channel, claiming that "there's no market for rock in miami". BULLSHIT. tell that to the people who listen to rock music down here, you pretentious cunts. now cox radio has switched the format to an easy listening station, acting as if it's the first & only one. i was so pissed, i sent the asshole who runs cox radio an email laden w/ expletives, & i'm sure i'm not the only one who has. fucking pricks. I NEED MY FUCKING ROCK FIX, DAMMIT.

AT&T 17

AT&T sucks. We are taught to lie to people to make our living. Yeah, they teach us to lie about prices, terms and conditions, products, and more in our stupid pointless training classes. Whats worse is you can get fired for doing what your told, if you say what your supervisor tells you to your guaranteed to be fired. I think the worst part is is that they fired me for being pregnant. Yeah, I'm 8 months pregnant, so apparently I can't do my job even though all I have to do is sit in a chair and talk to assholes all day. Thank you AT&T for fucking my life up, and lying so I cant be hired back for a loooong time.

Destruction of an industry 18

Hey....anyone out there that has worked in the radio business? Well, many of us have for 35+ years, not to ever find a damn job now. I'm talking about the likes of Clear Channel, Infinity, Entercom, and a few others. Huge companies owning 80% of all stations, their goal to use as few as possible, and mainly frigin' interns! Anyone else mad as hell about this?

Viacom 19

Viacom might be a media giant but in reality they are nothing but a Terrorist organization they think they can get away by suing both Youtube and Google all because users uploads TV shows they own when really they don't even show them on TV anymore. What else pisses me off about these faceless cowars is that they think they can view what people watch and sue someone for just watching the uploaded material that is wrong and should be outlawed for privacy violations worst of all these mother fuckers think they can sue someone for over a billion dollars over an upload that is wrong. You know I wish the U.S. government would intervein if I worked for the Government and seeing what Viacom was doing i'd have Viacom be shut down and Phillipe Duaman thrown in federal prison or Hung because this man is nothing more than a reincarnation of both Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. We already put those 2 bastards to death it won't be long before we take you out to because karma is going to bitch slap you hard and you'll figure that out soon enough Viacom. Or Better yet what I wouldn't do to take a big gun and shoot up all of Viacom's employees and Dauman, because Viacom needs to die and burn in Hell just like Saddam and just like Osama

*Note from Anger Central
Venting is fine but lets avoid the threats of violence, 'kay? :)

Radio 20

I absolutely hate when the radio hosts interrupt to remind you they are playing non stop hits for the next 92 minutes. What the fuck is wrong with these cock juggling thunder cunts? And they even speak during the first 5-10 seconds of a decent tune. They need to be put down. Our society is quickly turning into a shitty existence.

wttk 21

well wttk has done it again.no more talk radio where you can hear the other side.now they have urban music which equals shit.now the far left liberals are smiling;and no wonder.people that listen to urban music are basically liberal and believe most of the crap liberal democrats feed them.you should have kept michel mcphee.fucking genuises.

 Working in Tech Support 22

I work in tech support for one of the most secretive, rich and famous companies.

I also self harm, am severely depressed and am living in poverty.

I cannot quit my job because it has medical/dental benefits which are very important for my family. We have been able to get much-needed dental work done that we otherwise would not have been able to afford.

At only $11.50/hr (minimum wage in ontario is $10.25) I actually only bring home about $8 an hour after deductions. I do not make enough money to pay all my bills every month, pay for childcare or buy healthy groceries for my family. - yet the company I work for has a CEO rolling in the billions.

The customers are work with are disgusting. I understand that people are only calling me when something has gone wrong but so many calls are about things I have nothing to do with such as unlocking their device from their carrier or if their phone is lost/stolen. They scream and swear at me because I wont just randomly give them a new phone for free because they got drunk and a stripper at the titty bar stole it. - If you're going to spend $800 on a phone research the fucking warranty and product. Know what to expect. You deserve nothing.

The people with very heavy accents go so angry with me because I cannot understand them and the teenyboppers just casually swear in conversation to the point where I want to ask them to put their fucking parents on the line so I can tell them how terrible of a job they are doing of raising their children.

I wish cancer on these people many times a day.

They cry because their phone randomly disconnected from wifi once one day. All they had to do was restart their phone - and they are crying? Fuck off, there are 8 year old girls being sold as prostitutes in this world and you have the audacity to cry/swear/yell because your shitty phone made by chinese slaves drops wifi all the time? Fuck off.

The people I work with are all overweight smokers who enjoy making use of the mcdonalds next door and then complain that they are fat but cant exercise because its too hard.

I hate my job so much but am stuck here because there is nothing better...

There is thing starting up called wagemark where basically you can only have the wagemark seal if they pay a fair wage to their employees. (Highest paid employee can only make up to 30x the lowest paid with the ideal being about 8x) Either companies will have to lower ceo pay or increase employee pay. Consumers will be able to choose companies that pay a responsible wage to their employees. I can tell you now that once wagemark starts up I will ONLY give my money to wagemark companies. I hope everyone will do the same.

ps. thanks for letting me rant I am a HUGE fan of your site!!!

*Note from Anger Central
No problem. The Webmaster has also worked tech support/helpdesk and knows what hell is. Because of this, he also knows how to treat the tech support people on the other end of the line. It's amazing how much better they perform when they are giggling and feeling relaxed when aiding a customer. Only once has the Webmaster ever had to say "I need to speak with your manager."
FYI, we would recommend looking at any training you can snatch up and look to moving on to something else if possible. That pay scale is not meant to keep people in place.

Streaming Services 23

I am so fucking angry that Major TV Companies are now looking to squeeze more money from our pockets by pushing these streaming services during advertisements where if we subscribe we can get so many great content.

This whole streaming services shit is really fucking up television because one having to pay a monthly subscription to watch shows on a streaming app is a real pain in the ass especially during these times where most people can't afford their Cable Bills.

You got shit like Netflix which has ruined TV by putting shit like Tiger King which should be available on TV as a Netflix Exclusive and I hate these damn Netflix Exclusive Shit because this is shit that should be airing for free on TV not having to pay for a Subscription to have access to. Disney Plus which has all of the Marvel and Star Wars stuff available to watch but also exclusive shit that should be airing on tv are now being made as exclusives on Disney Plus like is Disney really that fucking Greedy? Why am I asking that of course they are since they clearly want to buy everything and i'm sure Walt Disney himself is doing cartwheels in his grave.

It's not just Disney but now there's Discovery Plus which has taken every good show from HGTV, Food Network, ID, and yes The Discovery Channel by making them exclusive to this sham of a streaming service. Why should I pay for a Subscription just to watch Restaurant Impossible or any Paranormal related Documentaries when they should be available for free on regular cable TV? thankfully Restaurant Impossible is back on Food Network but i';m not paying for a Discovery Plus Account just to watch shows that should be on regular TV.

Now there's Peacock which is just NBC stuff and I normally don't care for NBC but their putting the WWE Network on Peacock and it pisses me off, the WWE Network should be by itself and now that WrestleMania is being streamed on Peacock now I may half to spend extra money to get Peacock just to see WrestleMania this year.

Now there's Paramount Plus which has Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, and CBS meaning I can watch shows on Nickelodeon that I grew up watching but also have exclusive content that should be airing on regular TV which includes the Rugrats reboot I mean how could they do that to my childhood? Fucking greedy ass TV Companies.

Seriously i'm sick of these Streaming Services ruining TV, and I shouldn't half to pay for a subscription to see shit that should be airing on regular TV all because these companies just want to be greedy. I can understand watching classic tv shows from years ago on it that you can't find on TV nowadays but taking new shows and other great tv shows that people normally watch on TV and making them exclusive to watch unless you pay for a Subscription just to see it,, is just down right shady and greedy and these damn TV companies need to be called out on their shit and go back to putting good shit on Cable. Fuck Netflix, Fuck Peacock, Fuck Disney Plus, Fuck Discovery Plus, Fuck Paramount Plus, and Fuck any other Company that tries to do the same greedy ass bullshit that's ruining television.

AT&T 24

What a dogshit ISP. It's so fucking expensive. AT&T's products are twice as expensive as Comcast for the same bundles. AT&T's shit router constantly disconnects from the internet when I watch fucking Youtube. The cable boxes suck ass because the remote barely works. The buttons don't respond right. It either doesn't work, or it somehow acts like it was pressed twice. The cable boxes lag so bad, so everybody is waiting for the remote to respond. My family asked AT&T if we could get a lower bill. They promised that they would, but later we realized our fee was lower because they cut off extra channels without telling us. WTF? What a shit company. When I moved into my apartment, I'm only sticking with Comcast.

*Note from Anger Central
AT&T has a lot of issues going on and their mamagenebt is in big trouble. We ditched anything to do with AT&T years ago. (Dish, Mint Mobile for phones.
Not to thrilled with Comcrap either, but it's what we have)

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