It pisses me off that some days it takes almost TEN MINUTES just to get into my stupid account to read one FUCKING email!! WTF????? why is it so slow???? what a waste of my time!


what the fuck? on top of the shitty day i had PLUS the 20th day of non stop migraines...fucking yahoo won't let me in to read my fucking email, when it's the only fucking joy i have in my shitty day! goddamn it! my head is throbbing and my eyes are burning and i'm ready to fucking CHOKE THE SHIT out of yahoo. FUCK FUCK FUCK! i am so fucking angry today, i could fucking go postal!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! fuck the world and die!

yahoo & hotmail SUCKS dog balls! 3

I am so SICK of these dickholes! three fucking times i get kicked out of yahoo. damn thing says "trouble accessing your mailbox, please try back". FUCK YOU!!! i should be able to get my email whenever i want! yahoo blows and hotmail crashes my fucking browser when i compose a new message. fuck the both of ya's!

Yahoo Mail 4

Why do I half to ask a security question to varify my Yahoo Account when all I want to do is check my mail. The questions are ridiculous; plus how the hell am I supposed to remember a question I answered back in 2007 when I first set up my e-mail and then it wants to varify my account with the answer I do not remember in 2013. I get treated like a hacker and my account get's locked for 12 hours, I mean seriously what the fuck Yahoo; first you think we're loging into a device we're not familiar with and then you want us to ask a question we don't even remember; are you all trying to lose subscribers on purpose.

Yahoo you are all full of idiots, you let a bunch of stupid teenagers comment on your answers page when people ask questions wanting help and some of your answerers are a bunch of stupid cunts and teenage losers, and now I can't get on Yahoo to check my e-mail all because you don't think you recognize the device I use and want me to answer a question I don't even remember. Yahoo either fix this damn problem you created or you'll lose a subscriber all because of how fucking stupid you all really are.

*Note from Anger Central
Someone still uses Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo 5

FUCK YOU FOR TRYING TO BUY TUMBLR. God, the last thing I need is my my place of mindless bliss to be filled with your shitty and noisy ads and for you people to make even *worse* decisions for tumblr and it's primary user base.

Fuck, why is Yahoo still even around? Twinkies barely pulled through and we thought those fuckers were gonna survive nuclear fallout.

What kind of cockroach are you, Yahoo? Do you get stronger with every attempt to kill you? Do negative thoughts sustain you? What is your secret, Yahoo? Because if you're not going to die you might wanna help some of us poor bastards so we last a fraction as long as you seem to be. got hacked 6

Those stupid bastards got hacked. I use Yahoo for email, and I recently got an email from Yahoo asking me if I fucking signed into my Yahoo email account in fucking Israel. NO I DIDN'T YOU DUMB FUCKERS, I LIVE IN USA! In the email they also mention that if I didn't sign in at the country they listed, then I have been fucking hacked, and need to change my password. CHANGE MY MOTHERFUCKING PASSWORD? You got Israel hackers fucking hacking me and you don't do shit, only telling me to change my password? I am so changing website for my email and ditching your hacked bullshit!

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