I so so sick and fucking tired of other countries not doing their part in this world. Why is it we (USA) always have to be the one to bail everyone out. Who the hell helped us when 9/11 happened, nobody. But by god when anyone else is attacked who jumps to the aid, the USA. I say fuck everyone else. I think that the USA sacrifices enough. If other countries/people don't like the war in Iraq, got one thing for ya, FUCK OFF! And for that matter next time you get fucked up by some nutjob don't come knocking on our door, because we will slam it in your face asshole. I saw on this site where an individual talked about how other countries helped out in WWI, and how it wasn't us alone. Fuck we didn't have to help in the first place dumbshit. We could have sat back and laughed at Europe getting fucked up the poop shoot, but no, we being AMERICAN, came to the AID, which Europe needed, we didn't need shit. Hitler wasn't in our country dumbass. Think about shit before you speak fuckhead, because right now Europe would be Germany had it not been for the USA, because you all obviously couldn't do it. I'm out BIATCH!

Anti-America 2

I'm angry at the way Europeans slag off America, when they are the worst mother fuckers in the world. I find it so uncomfortable to be around these mother fuckers who are so convinced that they are so intelligent and Americans are so dumb. I have Spanish and Italian blood in me and let me tell you the way they treat you in that fucking continent (yes, yes I know Italy and Spain are European) but living in Australia I never felt the degree of racism and racial slurs made against "my kind" unlike the one I felt in England, France, Belgium and all those mother fuckers. I am so pissed off with them...and they are the first to turn around and talk about how badly the US treats us "poor Latinos"...Fuck them......I think America fucks a lot of people over but at least its open about it and don't hide it behind this ceding veil of prejudice...I have never felt so degraded until I went to Zealand..and had these mother fuckers...make jokes suggesting that we are stupid..Fuck Belgium and all the Italian coal miners that died making their dirty arse country what it is least in the U.S everyone that came over were poor mother fuckers and there's less territorial feeling than in Europe where they are like dogs who've pissed on a tree...even though the tree is fucking pathetic they still fell territorial about..Yeah in Australia there's discrimination sure...but where all descendants from poor peasants or at least were a country of rejects......

P.S I also think Canadians are fucking annoying. just like Europeans who consider themselves better than Americans..."morally Superior"...they're just s bunch of very angry salivating racists....Give me Oz any day

Anti-America... continued 3

As an individual that is NOT American, I can say with confidence the USA is a very good country. I have visited the US several times, enjoyed its cities, and meet greet people; in all a beautiful place. I would say overall the US gets a very bad rap world wide. As a military man, I have served with US soldiers in the Gulf, Central America and Afghanistan, and without a doubt, a bunch of outstanding men and women, which are dedicated, freedom loving, and in most cases ambassadors to your great nation. Now for the MOTHER FUCKING RANT! For you faggy, loud mouthed, piece of shit US citizens that bad mouth Europe, Canada and other nations about your take on world history, you need to wake the fuck up and read a book. "Tell you what, if the US of A did not enter WWI until 1917, the place would be doomed!" - give me a break! READ A BOOK other than a romance novel or the TV listings. Despite the size of the map in your classroom growing up, you are NOT the largest nation on the planet. I am pissed off at some of your attitudes towards anything that is not US. I recall reading a variation on the following: "Where has Canada been since post 9/11?" - Here is some news for all those fucking retards that have NO clue. Canada has been fighting and losing soldiers in Afghanistan since 2002. As ground forces go WE ARE THE HEAVIEST MOTHER-FUCKING HITTERS in the country with our equipment. Ask a real American that has served with a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan about our TTPs. Some advice for you PUSSIES that say you enjoy freedom, so long as someone else is willing to die to provide it, do NOT EVER post on any site again until you take your balls out of your purse, put them on, and be willing to put yourself in harm's way. YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO SPEAK ABOUT THE DEDICATION OF ANOTHER NATION, YOUR OWN INCLUDED, UNTIL YOU HAVE PUT ON A UNIFORM, FOUGHT AND WATCHED PEOPLE DIE. Now go enjoy that cold beer and that big screen TV and remember those that have sacrificed so your faggoty liberal ass can enjoy them both.

*Note from Anger Central
Thanks to the Canadians who have been working with our valiant forces in killing the Evil Terrorist Scum. Also Thanks to all the other brave soldiers from other countries who are smiting the enemy in great numbers.
A Canadian now holds the record for the longest range sniper shot. This record was formally held by Carlos Hathcock, USMC using a modified .50 machine gun. Nice shooting guys! Can we have some more splattered Taliban and Al Qeda scum please? At your convenience of course. :)

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