I just recently observed a pic of Glassblowers in a Popular Photography Magazine and I noticed the smug faces of these "artisans". What's the big deal??? You blow glass!! Y does your shit don't stink??? I live near Corning, NY and been to the Museum of Glass many times, every glassblower there is a douche-bag!!! (my favorite word these days) WTF!!! How many glassblowers exist in the USA??? 70??? Get a 21st century job!!! Glassblowing, pricks!!!!

Performance Artists 2

The most disgusting "actor" spat a load of half chewed food into my face. Thanks for ruining my day you bastard.

*Note from Anger Central
And you didn't beat the ever-loving crap out of him\her because?????

Porn 3

Lets be honest. Who surfs the net for quality porn just to hear the lame ass interview at the beginning? Not I! I look at streaming video so I can happily satisfy myself in the privacy of my own home when the wife is not up to the task. The streaming tubes out now have 75 percent nonsense talk and assinine dialogue. I don't want to hear you run your mouths for most of the video I want some nasty action that I can get down too. You are doing pron because you failed at every thing else you have tried so at the very least succeed at giving every one what they want instead of your lame attempt at a pick up. YOU PAYED THE MODEL!!!! She would not be having sex with you if she didn't get PAID!!! This nonsense has never been a fantasy of ANYONE but a bunch of douchebag college failed pricks who cant get sex without paying for it.

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