Thousands of Brazilians are pouring into my community. They dress their ten year old daughters like prostitutes. The Brazilian men harass the American women, making sexual comments and stalking them. Car thefts have skyrocketed. Why? They found a ring of Brazilians stealing them and then selling them to illegal Brazilians who can't get driver's licenses. And they were using a mall parking lot for their showroom. People got suspicious when they saw that there were always Brazilians going in and out of cars in the mall parking lot - testing out cars stolen from Americans! The school where I work at has been overwhelmed with these slutty Brazilian teenagers - they're all having sex at age 12 and dress like hookers. Because they all speak Portuguese and little or no English, our school grade for test scores went down two letters in four years! Everything that isn't nailed down at our school has been stolen. I'm serious. We have to lock our desks now because the Brazilians will steal anything and run off to the flea market to resell it. Staplers, paper cutters, hole punchers, tape recorders, scissors, you name it, these little thieves from Sao Paolo will rip it off. They treat this country like an amusement park. I heard two girls say that jail time in the US is a joke because back in Brazil, you get beaten and treated terribly while "here, you get to have sex with the other women and the guards do it with you, too." These people have only one thing on their mind - fucking and ripping people off.

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