Old People

Old people get me so pissed off. They are good for nothing. All they do is complain how they know and did everything as if I cared. They are disgusting too. They like Hawking their mucus and spitting it out in public. They are nasty and perverted. I know this one old bastard that moved his hands to his crotch then lifted his hands up to his nose. No wonder they live for such a long time; its mainly because these old timers never grow up. I say we put these dinosaurs in cages and let them stay there for good.

old people 2

oh man, they piss me off so much. I was at the video store one day waiting to check out, minding my own fucking business. Right behind me was an old fart with his piece of shit poodle, by the way what's up with old people and poodles? Anyway he says excuse me and I was like "oh God!" I pretended to not hear him. However, the piece of old shit proceeded to piss me off and patted me on the shoulder and said, "would you watch my dog while I go the bathroom sir." I was like, "This guy has balls talking to me!" Lucky my girlfriend was with me who happens to be too fucking nice to everybody or else I would have shoved his fake teeth down his fucking throat. When we got home I yelled at her for helping that old fart. See what that old fart caused?!

I have a solution to this crisis. We should ship all people above the age of 65 to Kansas, because we all know its nothing more desert with a few trailer parks here and there. Now we don't want to be rude to the people already living in Kansas, so we pay each residence $25 to deal with the old people. We can ship the old people in box cars. We will need to have a electric shock fence build around the borders of Kansas, with barb wires on the top of the fence. So then they can live their meaningless lives and bother each other and leave us decent society people alone in peace.

Geezers in Express Lanes 3

Every time I enter the express check-out lane in *ANY* supermarket, it is anything but express. Why? It's because of those damned cheque-writing frackwit elderly, for just a few reasons...

First, watching all their pet dinosaurs die off must have been so traumatic that it caused erasure of how to count. 'Eight items or less' suddenly becomes a free-for-all of depends, grape jelly (they seem to love the stuff, I don't know why), and at least 40 other items.

Next up, they'll contend stupid-ass price differences of as little as 10 cents. Who the frell cares about a goddamned dime!? I guess they have to save up for purgatory or something.

So they take it as a personal insult when the cashier won't cave into demands that the bag of Happy-Cat-O's they picked up for their baked-and-dead-in-the-car-pet was marked as 3 cents or something equally ludicrous. No, they have to contend it and have somebody run back to report the obvious.

Finally, they're either too stubborn or senile to learn how to use debit, credit or cash for a transaction. No, they absolulely MUST scribble out a cheque with failing, flailing hands. Filling out cheque information while waiting would be a grevious sin, so they don't even pull out that book until after the final price is rung up.

What should have been a two minute wait turns into ten minutes. My blood pressure rises, and everybody's life expectancy decreases. Since they aren't dying off, can't we just ship all these irritating people off to ... say, Canada?

Old People 4

I am angry with the general population of middle-aged COOTS, 90% of whom should just quit life all together and join a nursing home commune!!!
Why, you ask? I'll f--king tell you why!!! I'm dating one at the moment (stupid of me, yes I know). Terrific as he is, I am SO SICK of his lazy-ass, ways that I could pull every strand of hair out of my head ONE BY ONE!

The guy has a cushy-ass job in which he sits on his puckered, wrinkly ass all day long for 3 times the wage most "working" people make, gets home at a decent hour, and what does he do? Falls asleep in front of the f--king tv!!!

Forget intelligent conversation! His brain just won't function past 8:00 p.m.! And when he manages to stay awake past his bedtime, all he does is slober in front of the boob-tube like a brain-dead twit!!! I find that many older folks are like this! (Granted, I said some....not all!)

I truely fear middle age if my brain is destined to turn to complete and utter mush, and I cannot stay awake, (even with the help of uppers) past Barney the Dinosaur's television show!!!

I AM ANGRY THAT I HAVE TO SPEND EVERY GODDAMNED NIGHT TALKING TO THE CAT!!! What is the f--king point of this??? I don't know. Love works in stupid-ass, certifiably crazy ways. ARRRGGGG

And don't even get me started on the impotence issue!!!!

Old Fat Geezers 5

I am angry because OLD FAT PEOPLE are just about the most retarded, ignorant, bias, self-righteous, high and mighty, stupid individuals that have ever cursed the Earth. They are so fat and ugly and ignorant that they have to bring others misery in order to justify their own self-loathing. Well, screw you, Chubby!

I am going to whoop your sorry 100 year old ass into the new century so you can finally realize your day has passed, and my generation rules. I will PUT YOU in a nursing home where rabid dogs will bite your shriveled up nut sack and then spit it back in your face. ALL THE WHILE I WILL BE BLASTING EMINEM ON THE RADIO RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR DEAF EAR. DON'T YOU LOVE MY HIP-HOP MUSIC?! YOU OLD FUCKING COOT! GIVE IT UP!! YOU'RE READY TO DIE!!!!!! YOU SERVE NO PURPOUS ON THIS EARTH EXCEPT TO WASTE PRECIOUS OXYGEN AND HARASS OTHERS SIMPLY BECAUSE YOUR LIFE HAS NO MEANING!




I have a great deal of respect for the elderly, but damn it, please do your full week grocery shopping DURING THE DAY, and NOT AT 5:00. I work hard all day and sometimes have to stop at the grocery store @ 5:00 to pick up a few things. No matter what line I get into, YOU RETIRED FOLKS, who are home all damn day long, are right in front of me and I have to wait forever to get checked out. Why do you retired folks do your full-cart shopping at 5:00? DO IT BEFORE 4:00! so I can grab my few things and get the heck home. Geez Louise! Take advantage of your day and not on the hard-working people of the world's time.

waiting in line 7

I fucking can't stand it when you are waiting in line at a convenience store and the old bag, battleaxe tramp in front of you has a THOUSAND lottery tickets to be checked out and doesn't give one flying fuck about how long it's going to take. Then, THEN! when she's done she wants to spend her measly five dollar winnings on MORE tickets. So she stands there going HMMMMMMM!! I don't know what I want. LET ME PICK FOR YOU CUNT!! They have places for things like lottery tickets, THEY'RE CALLED LOTTERY BOOTHS!! And these old quiffs don't even look at you nor do they care that there are five other people waiting in line. I guess they think "I'm old so I get to do what I want" You stand there so long you start to get mummified. FUCK OFF rude people!!

Repulsive Old Geezers that want to Flirt 8

OK so today I was at a store in the checkout line, and this old fossil stands right behind me and says, "is it okay if I stand behind you?" NO IT IS NOT, I don't like it when ANYbody does that, especially you, you smelly old coot! So I give him the deathray getback glare which had the dual effect of making him scram and also wiped off that hideous fixodent smile.

These ancient idiots think that young women think they are cute, but they are not. We have enough trouble managing guys our age that are actually cute! So BACK OFF, FOSSIL!!!!! I'm glad I have a place to vent!

old people 9

i'm sick of stupid old people who think you're gonna nick something. Like for example a year ago (prior to this posting) i was in the newsagents (it was close to empty as in almost no people) i was reading t.v week to see whats happening on neighbours. I was reading for 5 minutes at the most and the old bitch that works here said you're not goona read that all day, big deal bitch i'm not gonna steal stuff because i'm a teenager and not to be trusted according to that old hag.

In conclusion I think theres a place for old hags who don't trust people (at all) its an old folks home and anyway if i wanted rob you i'd hold a gun to your wrinkly old face and take money out of the cash register and so as for old women who hate my age group fuck off not all of us are thieves. thank you webmaster for letting me rant you rock

Comedy theatre 10

I went to see Dylan Moran at the comedy theatre, and a grumpy old man told me off (by shaking my shoulders/tapping my back) several times for leaning forwards, due to not being able to see that well. I was so ANGRY, I hoped he might trip down the stairs and break his wrinkly old neck. That's why I am angry, and fuelled in such a strong way I could generate power from the heat of my head. Elderly people just shouldn't go to see comedy. They are too full of themselves.

talkers 11

Old people that talk forever and ever about illness and everything personal when you are trying to work. They also expect you to do everything for them as if you have time because they constantly engage you in conversations with an endless bombardment of mute point questions and waste your time. What is going on with these bats?

nosey old people 12

I am so sick of nosey old people with questions questions questions! If they have been around so long then why are they asking me? If they have such excellent manners then why do they continue to stick there nose in everyone's business? What's worse is the ones that ask stupid questions about the obvious. Really... Gee goley gosh we hadn't thought of that......YOU IDIOTS ! Get a life !

Old People 13

Ok, I know old people deserve respect because they have been through so much in their lives and all that stuff, and I'm also aware that not all old people are bad (my grandmother for example is the most lovely person in the world), but I'm here to talk about specific situations and say that ARROGANT OLD PEOPLE MAKE ME SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANGRY!

The other day I was in the movie theater, waiting IN LINE to buy my ticket, just as many other people. When it was my turn, I calmly stepped forward and opened my mouth to say what I wanted, HOWEVER, I never got the chance to actually speak because this lady came out of nowhere and aggressively stepped in front of me. I found it very rude of her to basically push me like that, but I was in a good mood that day and thought "ok, maybe she's in a hurry and just wants to ask something quick like 'where does the line begin', so let her ask" (yeah I know she could have asked anyone, but whatever, I've seen it happen before). But no, that wasn't the case. Bitch simply started to ask for her ticket as if nothing was wrong with that! I said "excuse me" and she pretended not to hear. The guy selling the tickes then said "excuse me lady, but this girl was here first", and then she looked at me with wide eyes and started screaming that she was an elderly woman and had rights and didn't have to wait in line and that it was an absurd. WAIT A FUCKING SECOND.

First of all, she wasn't even OLD! She was just like fifty-something, MAYBE sixty, but not more than that! And she didn't look like a poor little old lady who suffered from back pain or anything like that AT ALL. In fact, she had fancy clothes, several shopping bags from expensive stores (meaning she had the energy to walk around the mall and buy shit but couldn't wait 5 fucking minutes in line?!) and looked pretty healthy to me. No need at all to take advantage of her "advanced age" (which wasn't advanced at all, unless she was 80 but had the best genetics ever, and I doubt it was the case). Besides, even if she was in fact old enough and had the right to skip the line, I don't think she had the right to be rude and bitchy.

I was SO pissed off at that moment that I basically had no reaction. It was very pathetic and I am so angry I just accepted that, but for some stupid moral reason it felt wrong to shout back at her. Maybe I'm too good and polite. But it's not the first time something like this happens and I'm sick and tired of taking it! Next time I'll make the old rag shut up and go home, whoever that is.

I know I'll also be old some day, but goddamnit, I hope I don't turn out to be one of the whining and annoying ones.

*Note from Anger Central
Be nice to to the senior citizens. The one you insult might be a retired 81 year old paratrooper who will kick you in the balls then in the teeth, picks up his groceries and continue on home. ;)

Old Lady Witch Coven 14

Every single time I go to this apartment complex to visit my aunt, I have to run the gauntlet of the old lady witch coven outside her building. These old bitches sit around on any day that is not raining or freezing on plastic lawn chairs and eyeball and comment on every person that goes past them. They wait until I am almost all the way to the fucking door and then yell out "Hey! You parked your car too close to my parking space!" or some other complaint. Fuck their parking spaces!!!!! They don't even own fucking cars. They just want their space open for the ambulance in case they fall and can't get up. I finally got sick of all their shit and told them I would be happy to leave all the parking spaces open and walk in from the street if I could just be assured that I was leaving the space open for the coroner's meat wagon to take their sorry old asses to the morgue. After that, as you can imagine, our relationship suffered a strain. Now they mutter all the time (loud enough to be heard in the next complex) about "Young people with no respect" and about how when they were my age, they were human beings. I felt like telling the old bitch who handed me that line "Oh really? What happened since then?", but it is pointless. Every time I see these old bitches I feel like I am playing a walk-on part in fucking MacBeth!!!! Fuck old bitches everywhere!!!!!!

Elderly Asshole 15

Today I was driving home from the library, when I took a shortcut through some nursing home parking lot.

After reaching a road sign labeled "wrong way", I turned my car around, only to find some elderly woman standing behind her front door with her arms crossed and a bitchy expression on her face.

As I drove away, she just stared at me like I invaded her personal space. Listen lady, you need to understand that your life does not revolve around the street. Mind your own damn business in your own home.

Lazy middle-aged people 16

Middle-aged lazy people who think they know everything or think they can predict the results of things. Stop giving me your worthless advice because you don't know what the hell you are talking about. You freeload off your spouse while you sit at home all damn day and haven't had a job since highschool. If you maybe went to college and worked instead of spending your time on farmville all day...maybe I'd consider your advise. Also quit trying to tell me who you think is gonna win at American Idol. Just because you didn't like Lee DeWyze and like Crystal Bowersox doesn't mean she is going win beucase "you say so". You're not a psychic. You're just annoying.

Old People In stores 17

Old people who shop piss me off why do they decide to go shopping on a saturday when everyone else is out and not during the week when people are working. Seriously you nasty creepy crinkle faces walking corpses are in the way of crowded weekend shoppers you stop in the middle of the aisles while people are shopping just to talk to other fossils in the aisle you get in shoppers way you don't move and are you deaf but when store people tell you to move YOU FUCKING MOVE don't stand their creeping around saying Huh do you want me to scream into your old wrinkle faces.You Crash your carts into other people's and don't bother to act polite and say it's my fault well guess what take responsibility dumbass are you that senile you old wrinklefaced prune. Also I'll hit you with my cart on purpose the next time one of you dried up corpses stops in the middle of the aisle I don't care how old you are go home and stay home and if you want to shop do it during the week and get the fuck out of our way and go back to playing Bingo and Shuffleboard you damn Crinklefaced Prunes.

*Note from Anger Central
Just wait, soon enough, you too will be an old fossil. ;)

old senile people 18

Why do we keep wasting time and money on keeping them old senile carcasses alive..

My mother in law is 92 years old, has alzheimers is incontinent and now broke her hip..Instead of educating the younger generation, we waste medicare funds on a new hip surgery for that old thoothless hag.

Now she can be in a wheelchair and waddle in her own filth all day. If she loves Jesus so much why not get it over with and quit being a burden to the world.

*Note from Anger Central
Dear spoiled shithead.
Fuck off and die.
Damn Obama voter. Selfish, spoiled brat.

Elderly woman 19

I'm so damn angry because I have to live with and elderly woman who can not remember anything! So when I say something she twists it around when telling people and I can't stand it. The other day I cooked some soup and as usual she was stalking me with her eyes and she always follows me when I go into the kitchen. After making the soup I offered and she declined. She stared as a poured it into a glass bowl which was never used btw and say why don't you use a plastic bowl. I ignore her because I'm upset she's once again not minding her own business. And then she says. "you know you never ask to use my bowls" I've lived here for 3 years now and that's a first. I've done nothing to her I make my food and stay out of my way. I'm nice and do nothing and she says I'm taking over her house. Whenever I decide to cook something all of a sudden she decides to make something aswell. I cook lunch at 12 she'll come in and start cooking. She sticks her nasty wrinkled hands into a box of cereal and cooks without washing her hands. She leaves fecal matter and urine on the toilet seat. She cries if I clean something she can't. I can't do anything without it being a problem! So I'm moving out soon and dishes that I brought in those three years I've taken back since I'm moving & guess what. She is saying they're hers. That I'm a theif. I'm puerto rican and she's white as snow and she's trying to say my spanish casserole dish is hers. All old people that can not function without someone need to go to a nursing home. Those few weeks she stayed in one was the best time of my life. Everyone was so much happier. Even she was. She actually got daily showers there. Here she takes one about once a month. She got her hair done there. Played bingo. Socialized with other old farts. Didn't have to do anything. And then)': she came back. After cleaning the house spotless she comes back and WHAM! Everything like a tornado just goes back to the way it is. Back to no following directions to cooking instructions. Watching tv all day. Following me around. Ugh! One thing to say. When I leave. Idc if she threatens to call the cops I'm taking my dishes back and she can shove it up her wrinkly nasty bumhole!

"Our generation was better" 20

To all the 85-year-old hags who just insist that they were God's gift to mankind- shut up. Shut your mouths. You are literally spewing what EVERY SINGLE GENERATION claims about itself. There are freaking hieroglyphic inscriptions in Egypt which translate to ranting about how lazy and useless "kids today" are. Your parents did the same thing to you, and you are no better than the teenagers today. I told my grandmother I'd be going for a computer-based career (not quite sure which field as of yet). You know what she tells me? "Why don't you get a real job that you can actually live on and that lets you do things that are productive?"


I love Anger Central. Keeps me and probably many others sane. THANKS :DDDD

*Note from Anger Central
Just a few things. First, we hope you have health insurance and it covers boot removal, as in the Webmaster boot in your ass. In case you failed to notice, one year ago this month the Webmaster lost his father. He was a member of the Greatest Generation and served in Europe during the War. If it weren't for him and millions of others, you would be speaking German, goose stepping and shouting "Heil Hitler!"
Unless you happen to be Jewish, or a minority. In that case, you wouldn't have been born.
These people literally built the modern America. It was two men from the Greatest generation who invented the integrated circuit. Without that, we would not have an internet, or an Xbox. The current generations of wastrels have taken all that wealth and frittered it away on stupid things. After the Greatest Generation, came the Spoil Brats generation. They are the ones currently running things, right into the ground. The most recent generation had a fine old time last year taking a dump on police cars.
The Greatest Generation has every right to crow about things and complain at what's been happening of late. Soon enough, to soon really, they will all be gone.

Stupid Old Bitches 21

Hey Old People if you work RETIRE THE FUCK ALLREADY, dear god first I was in Dollar Tree and this dumb old bitch of a cashier and this white trash skank was making convocation while there's a line of people waiting to get checked out and this bitch carries on talking about her daughter's birthday party and there's a line forming and this bitch goes on talking about her past birthdays; seriously nobody here fucking gives two shits about your inbred brat's birthday how about you shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of here already so some of us may check out and leave be cause we have other things to do besides wait in line behind an idiot like you who's keeping everybody from getting checked out all because you think someone you don't know should listen to your fucking stories; seriously get out of the damn store already you stupid bitch so the rest of us may go on with our day; hell some of us have stuff to do later, so have some consideration you moron. Also this prune of a cashier was talking to every customer in line when she should be checking them out so they may leave because there is A LINE OF PEOPLE waiting to get checked out so they may leave already, everybody has lives to live unlike some wrinkled old prune who has none left to live.

Then it gets worse with these old prunes in Wal-Mart, seriously Old People stop working already and stay the fuck at home, seriously you have a line of people waiting to get checked out and you have another old prune flapping her gums while checking out holding THE FUCKING LINE UP. Some of us have stuff to do like Laundry, so please be nice enough to get your shit and GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE GODDAMN STORE ALREADY YOU STUPID, CRINKLEFACED OLD BITCH. I swear if I had snapped like that they would've threw me out of Wal-Mart all because some retarded old cunt is holding up the fucking line. Then after getting checked out the stupid Senile Cashier fucking bagged my milk wrong and it fucking fell out of the bag and broke in the parking lot; I was so pissed off I just wanted to go back in Wal-Mart and beat the fuck out of that stupid brainless bitch; seriously I fucking hate old people they are a burden and are a pain in everybody's ass I say fuck medicare let the old fucking prunes die; al lthey do is cause accidents because they're too fucking stupid to drive anymore, are hateful, and just straight up now how to test everybody else's patience. I hope all of the stupid old bitches who ruined my day fucking die.

The Old and the Retarded 22

I got a speeding ticket for only going 34 MPH in a 30 MPH Speed Limit; why you might ask; because the fucking batshit retarded old people are complaining that speeders are killing ducks in the area. ARE you old people that GODDMANED retarded? It's just a fucking Duck; why is it bothering you; do you want to whine and bitch about everything that you'd go as far as get the law to pull over someone, just because you think i'm going to hit some fucking duck; and why the fuck does a duck's life matter to you anyways; hell i'm more worried about deer, than a stupid duck. I hope your happy you fucking old prune, that I had to pay $150 for this ticket all because your so goddamned worried about as FUCKING DUCK; I hope your sorry, miserable old ass dies and I hope you burn in Hell, you stupid Goddamn, prune sucking, wrinkle faced, stupid old bitches and bastards.

Old Fucks 23

I am so angry because this old hag working at Kroger who clearly has no business working at a Grocery Store when she can't figure out or know what the fuck she's doing and holding up the line. Then when it's my turn she can't give me a discount all because I got Pepsi and Mountain Dew together and it says how much I save on all Pepsi products, which includes Mountain Dew, not only that but this Old Hag is in such a daze that she forgot to pack my fucking Ice Cream Cones and I didn't even notice it until I got home. It also pisses me off that these Old Dinosaurs sit all day at restaurants after they just ate and when the day gets busier, the damn staff can't sit any customers anywhere all because these miserable old fucks won't go home. Also these old fucks keep invading my personal space every time I'm at Wal-Mart trying to shop in peace and some old fart tries to get up in my face, invading my personal space; do you want me to punch your false teeth out of your mouth; also to all of the old corpses that group together in the middle of the aisles blocking my way, I suggest you old prunes to get out of the store before I run all of you over with my cart; Jesus fucking Christ just end these miserable fucks already. Not to mention it pisses me off how fucking slow Old People are on the road, especially when you're about to run late for work, some old fart that has no business driving nearly causes me to wreck all because he's moving slower than a Goddamn Snail; I almost feel like running these old fucks off the road and punching them in the face; I swear Old people need to stay the fuck at home.

Also to the dumbass who made a rant defending old people, I hope some old man causes you to have a car wreck and you'll know why Old People need to stay home. In face if I knew who you were I would beat the hell out of you myself for how much of a moron you are. Old People need to stay home and watch Matlock and stay off our Roads and out of our stores and causing so many problems for Younger People out there, maybe you'll learn that lesson the hard way, and I hope it does, you fucking idiot.

*Note from Anger Central
Enjoy your youth while you can you young whippersnapper. Soon enough, you too will be getting calls from AARP.

Old Fucks 24

I am so angry at these dinosaurs who think it's ok to smart mouth us young people, some old fart told me to move out of his way to go to the bathroom, so I let him go on ahead and then when I waved my hand he asked if he was bothering me, you're lucky i'm not in a bad mood or otherwise I would beat the fuck out of your old ass and make sure you meet the grim reaper a lot sooner you wrinkle faced old fuck.

Also to all old people who thinks it's ok to harass young employees talking about how we are lazy, you don't see me coming to your house saying all you do is sit at home on your wrinkled old asses farting up dust and watching Matlock and every other old as fuck tv show and also next time you get in my face I will knock your dentures out of your fucking mouth you ancient ruins of a person.

Also you old fucks need to get off the fucking road, you're too old to be driving. You say shit about how us young people are too lazy too work yet you try to make us late because you old corpses can't drive, get out of my fucking way and if you want to fight I don't mind beating the fuck out of some crinkle face old prune .

Do the world a favor and die already you miserable old fucks and clean the air for those who do matter now.

Old Hag Cashier 25

I am so angry at this 60 year old Kroger Cashier who is slower than a goddamn snail, rude as fuck, and too goddamn old to be working because clearly she doesn't know a goddamn thing about how modern technology works. Listen you old bitch you have no right to get mad at me just because you're a miserable old hag that doesn't understand how to work with modern technology whether it be digital coupons or the weekly ad for my 4 7-ups I got for $8 and you go and yell at another employee tell them to open a register with barely a line behind your slow old ass, and you go and read the prices. Listen Bitch you're supposed to know the prices of what is listed in the ads in the first place and also that employee you yelled at should have been the one checking me out, at least he knows what he's doing unlike an old dinosaur like yourself. You old people like to harass us younger people how we're lazy; no it's you old wrinkle faced fossils that are the real problem. Stop working at Grocery Stores and retire already; if you can't ring up someone's groceries right, or not realzie deals in the weekly ad when someone in your checkout line tries to inform you. Fuck you, you old hag do yourself and future customers a favor and retire because you alone will be the reason why Kroger ends up losing customers you fucking old bitch.

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