White Trash

My anger grows more and more each day that i'm at my current job. I work as a desk clerk at a motel. The people that come here and rent rooms are 100% white trash. I've never seen so many trashy people and their trashy kids in all my life. Yes, their kids are as trashy as they are. I believe they think this is some kind of low income housing project or something. ITS A GODDAMN MOTEL. You have to pay your rent on time, and no one is going to pay it for you, or let you slide, or give you a discount, or feel sorry for you...and stop calling the freaking churches asking for a handout! Scamming the pizza places, the sub places, saying "you messed up my order, just so they can get more free food to put in their ungrateful mouths. You fucking slackers! And we're not going to "wait on a check that you'll be getting next week". And stop brown nosing the owner! And stop trying to mooch off the owner! Just because he's a foreigner doesn't mean he's as stupid and retarded as you are! And for God sake, if you think it's too expensive, go somewhere else!! Fucking walking around here like someone owes you something, or you should reduce the price of a room just because you don't have any money. GET A JOB! And quit living off of disability! I've seen you all in the pool, swimming and jumping, and i've heard you asking the manager if he has any work for you to do. GET A FREAKIN JOB! And I swear if it's not nailed down, bolted down, or cemented down, they will steal it! And calling 911 just because your kid stubbed his toe, and bringing an ambulance out here just to get attention, with your fake crying. I wish I could take a wrecking ball and demolish this god awful, evil place. These people are evil. Trashy and Plain evil. I am going to leave this place, and I hope this entire building falls into a fucking sink hole.

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