I cannot stand hippies. They don't bathe, they smoke pot, they REEK, and they're a huge drain on our economy. Do you know how much electricity reach one of those slackers waste a day watching The Nature Channel? If I had the money I'd round up all the hippies, give 'em a razor, a bar of soap, and a freakin cheeseburger. Who doesn't eat meat? "Animals are precious little gifts..." SHUT THE F*** UP! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU OR YOUR DIRTY DREDLOCKS. Go get a job, jerks.

Hipsters 2

I am angry at f-ing Hipsters dressing like ugly tards from 1973 and thinking they are so cool and somehow original or principled even though they are shameless imitators and stand only for the principle of their own self-absorption.

vegetarians and hippies 3

I am so sick of stuck up, condescending and rude new-age, vegetarian, hippy green people who believe they are more enlightened than the rest of the world and therefore speak to the rest of the world like they're bits of dumb shit.

How fucking dare they? No different from religous fundamentalists, just replace the Bible with some wanker enviromental magazine and you have the same ignorant and irony free attitude.

I've had asshole vegetarians giving me judgemental comments about a McDonalds cheeseburger completely oblivious that their recent trip to a vegetarian yoga camp in India burnt up half the atmosphere and probably 100 seagulls too. And have you ever questioned a vegetarian as to why they wear leather shoes and all you get is some lame shit reply?Because its ok for them to do things but not you because they are sanctimonious hypocrites. Ok to import enviromentally friendly food from half way across the planet irony free.

I recently threw a hippy out of my house recently. Totally disrespectful and rude beyond belief. Turns up to my house eating junk food cookies from the supermarket but starts criticising that I wanted a bacon sandwich. Then criticises that I put fertiliser on my tomatoes. And then said that I was a negative person. Then watches my TV but starts criticising the fact that its a brain rotting device and I must of be shallow.

Well its easy to think the world is really wonderful when you choose to see what you want to see. And you only hang around with other likeminded assholes in a bubble smugly sniffing your own farts looking down on the rest of humanity. So yes, after working in an inner city area trying to rehabilitate people with substance abuse and mental health problems by working in gardens sometimes you see life at its worst, you have a hard day, drink some wine and offload to a friend. Being positive isn't about thinking everything and everyone is great all of the time. Its when you can have good and bad days, hit rock bottom, see all the cruelty in the world and still try to do something good with your life. It isn't wanking over a piece of tofu in with your idiot friends in denial about life and the food chain making other people feel like crap if they enjoy a glass of wine, need the odd sleeping tablet or feel angry sometimes.

And please, I understand the principles of vegetarianism, green etc, the actual concept like many political movements and religeons have a noble basis. But please realise, you enlightened superior beings that if you act like a judgemental, pompous, hypocritical, condescending asshole then that is what you are.

And by the way, fish don't grow on trees and neither do chickens.

And it is likely that when your precious vegetables were grown a million slugs and caterpillars were killed by the gardener because you wouldn't have anything to fucking eat you backward, ignorant idiot.

Yeah, its delightful when you get snubbed by dreadlocked, shaggy lentil munchers because we are not worthy of smelling your precious farts.

You copy each others appearances and beliefs but then claim you are non-conformist. You are a bunch of fucking sheep, copying a movement developed in the 60's, it wasn't your idea.

Claim to live outside society like society is a bad thing? Well it was Margerat Thatcher who claimed there was no such thing as society so people can fuck around and not pay tax or feel obligated towards the vulnerable. And she right-wing you irony bypassed twats.

So fuck you all. You make me NOT want to recycle, you make me WANT to eat as many animals as I can just to fuck you all off. FUCK YOU.

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