Jehovah's Witnesses and ex wife's of that faith

 I am so angry at Jehovah's Witnesses for corrupting my children into their beliefs to where they hate their own father for not being a JW. I am angry at the court systems for believing what ever these lying women say to keep their fathers from seeing their children. Third I am Angry at the damn ex wife who will sit there and make up any story she wants and turn on the water works so the man seems heartless and the pathetic Horney ol judge believes whatever they say. I hope these people will die in a fiery auto crash. Some day the men need to wake up and take a stand women will lie to get their ways no matter what.

JW's 2

im so angry at these door knocking cultist freaks! they knock on my door on a saturday morning to give me propaganda about their cult, im clearly uninterested standing there in a towel and then they start reading bible qoutes at me!

okay, so one time i was drunk and told them it was interesting but that i wasnt interested in joining their religion, and i gave them a dvd about the new world order and told them to watch it as its not just made up old bible garbage "endgame, by alex jones" and then they keep coming back! i knew i should have just told them to fuck right off! now i have to wait till they come back then make a huge scene so they get the fucking point!

i swear, im angry enuf to throw the bitch off my fucking porch 3m onto concrete! i wish i had her address! id go over there and preach child sacrifice to death metal music as a great idea to try! or burn a damn cross in her front yard! soooo mad! im soooo mad at these stupid door knocking cultist CUNTS! FUKKKK OFFFFFFFF!

*Note from Anger Central
The best way to deal with these people is proposition them. Ask them if they would like to make some porn films. ;)

Jehovah's Witnesses 3

I'm so angry because they knock at the door asking to show you something, to have a little chat and they usually don't tell you immediately who the fuck they really are! Damn, fuck!, i've never been too rude with them but, please, stay home and dont bother the world!

I've never heard about a person being approached in this way that finally converted to them!!! And when i really get bored i just need to tell them that when i was born, after just 15days, i needed a blood transfusion (and this is TRUE). So, if mom had been one of these JW,i would have died back in 1981, not having the chance to say this here!! AND THIS MAKES ME ANGRIER!!!

Jehovah's Witnesses 4

I am angry and bitter with the Jehovah’s Witness cult for destroying my life. 90% of my family is JWs, including my parents. I was born into this cult and never was given a choice on whether I wanted to be Jehovah’s Witness. I was spanked hard if I complained about having to go to the Kingdom Hall four or more times a week. I was forced to go out in ‘service’ (aka knocking on people’s door and bothering them) every Saturday and Sunday (more during summer break).

By the way, I want to apologize to everyone who I woke up, interrupted, annoyed, and intruded upon when I knocked on your door. I really didn’t want to do it. I was a kid and under 18. I didn’t have a choice. But still, I’m sorry that I bothered you.

My birthday was never acknowledged when I was growing up. I never got to participate in one single silly holiday celebration. I was never allowed to have friends (who weren’t JWs too). I wasn’t allowed to join any after school activities. Nothing. I’m 39 now and past the childhood exuberance that came from these milestones. Now I simply don’t know how to enjoy birthdays, holidays, and other joyful occasions.

This cult has ruined my life and so many other people’s. So many have died because of their ridiculous ban on blood transfusions. They used to not allow organ donations and many died. Then, they flip-flopped on their doctrine. So, what about the people who died before the flip-flop?

Speaking of flip-flopping doctrines, this cult does an about face so many times, even the average rank and file JW has trouble keeping up with it.

But question the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (JW Corporation in Brooklyn, NY) even once and you’ll see the ugly reality of cult life.

Instead of one charismatic, dominating leader (one hallmark of a cult), you have 9 old men called “The Governing Body” who direct everything the JWs do. They claim they’re of “the anointed.” Being “anointed” means you get to go to heaven and JWs only believe that 144,000 people that have ever lived will go to heaven. They are NEVER to be questioned.

So, if you disagree with the JWs, it is the same as going against god and you’re disfellowshipped (aka shunned, excommunicated). All of your family and friends who are JWs will no longer talk to you. I’ve known people who lost a family member and no one told them because they were “disfellowshipped” at the time.

They discourage people from seeking higher education. There is actually a damn good reason why they do this. They fear their members will wake up and see that they’ve been brainwashed. That isn’t hard to do actually. This is such an insane cult, simple reasoning and logic is enough to wake people up. That’s why JWs discourage its members from talking and associating with people who aren’t JWs. This includes family. They’ll turn parents against children, children against parents.

This cult has eaten up several generations of my family. This cult is like a virus. It needs to spread to survive. One family member who converts will set out to convert every single member of the family.

The problem is they’re very good at fooling people and throwing up a sparkling veneer. The happy, smiling person at your door will not tell you about the high level of control and intimidation once you become a member. Once you find out, it’s too late. You’re now invested emotionally, physically, and probably several members of your family are in.

This is a destructive and dangerous cult. Please, if you’re reading this and are thinking about becoming a Witness, think about it very carefully. Don’t let what happened to my family and many others happen to you.

jehovah witnesses 5

I am still a jehovah's witness but am afraid to leave because i do not want to lose my mother. I have stopped going to there meetings and participating in there various activities i am listed as an inactive witness but, when my mother visits i have to pretend to be a dedicated witness.

When she leaves though i celebrate holidays and birthdays i even voted for the first time in 08. It feels liberating to take back partial independence but horrible pretending to be something your not to keep a parent's approval.

Jehovah Witness Org 6

I am so angry as to what the JW org puts us through! In response to Jehovah Witness 5, I know you feel bad about pretending. It's too bad we are put in such a position but if I didn't pretend in my situation, then I would have lost out in being in my mom's life when she needed me the most, just like I lost out in my dad's when I was disfellowshipped. They didn't even bother to tell me he was dying, and my jw family made my mom to afraid to contact me and tell me. They monitored our calls and would tell her to hang up. Mom was very submissive. By the time I was able to find out about my dad, I came to the house to see him and was told not to come back-he died a week later. I am so angry that I miss out on his last years. The very last words he told me when I invited myself into that home and please help me. Where have you been and why haven't you visited me. His illness prevented him from remembering I was disfellowship. Again, I did not want a repeat of not being there when my mom became elderly and avoid being banned from the house...I came back into the org (though it made me feel horrible inside to pretend) and I had that opport to be with her during her last days...She just died recently and do you know that the JW family and members hardly did anything to help her? In fact, their excuse was that they needed to get their pioneer time in or were just too busy or just plain didn't want to come over. The whole thing was disgusting. The were seldom there for support when I got care giver burnout, even when they lived in the same town. Now that is very disgusing! I am so glad I "pretended" to be a JW just to be a part of my mom's life as her care giver! I do feel bad I had to live a double life in order to have her in my life but oh well, what could I do-They are the one's that put me in this awful situation. So it's on them that I had to resort to this!

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