Rounders 1

Old ass rounders piss me the fuck off. Basically a rounder is someone who has been around and is a veteran of the underground/fringe scene. And now 30 years later they are all aging drunks and burnouts who cling desperately to their youth. Now their choice to be a deadbeat drunk and to be 45 going on 19 isn't so much what pricks me off. What pricks me off about these losers is that they have nothing better to do than look for somewhere to park their asses at someone's place, listen to their classic rock (which is like a religion for these fucks) and sit around tipping back a bottle, sucking on joints while talking about pointless shit. And the worst part is that I SEEM TO BE A MAGNET FOR THESE LOSERS for some fucking reason. They always want to hang around me and at my place. You fucking losers are 45-50+ years old! Hang out at your own fucking place. I don't want washed up old drunks for friends. Especially ones who's idea of a good time involves sitting around talking about nothing. About the crap you talk about:

Leave me the fuck alone and go back to your stinky skid row hotel bars or hang out at your own fucking place you deadbeat drunken losers

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