Teeny Boppers

Teeny Boppers are possibly the most annoying group of people. They drift from one fad to another. 'Hay Grrlfriendz Pink iz da new Green!!11'>< They are the ones who will do anything to be popular. What the hell is popularity anyway?

This is why Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne make so much money. They are way dumb teen movies keep getting made. They are why we have teen pregnancy. Ask one who The Beatles are, do they know?!? No, they don't but they can tell you each and every N*Sync's members name, age, fav. color, loaction, and 2nd grade teacher.

Teeny Boppers also are posers in disguese. One day it's ' Do you luv my new pink miniskirt?' then ' Do you luv my new pink tie? It's so pxnk rawk'.  Teeny Boppers and Fads suck.

Teenagers 2

I am a "teenager" myself, but there is a certain group of them, there's not really a good name for them. We refer to them as "the popular group." They walk around the school acting like they're God's gift to the world, passing judgment on EVERYONE before they know them! Anyone else who walks through crowded hallways will know what I'm talking about. They're the girls who come to a dead stop RIGHT in front of you to talk to their latest superficial boyfriend. Then, when you run smack into them, it's YOUR FAULT. OK! DO NOT do this! It's rude, and it's ignorant. They sit in class chomping on gum, playing with their hair, and talking about parties. Every day, the latest party. I personally am not a fan of getting drunk every night and having sex with people I do not know. Does this make you cool? I don't think so. I don't like to be stereotypical or judgmental, but these people really act this way. They have no respect for people who don't meet their little standards. It's pathetic really, listening to them "I never want high school to end! I will miss all my great friends!" Well, they're not so great, when you have 100 Barbie doll friends who you can love and hate within a few minutes. These aren't true friends. True friends are hard to come by, and when you have a few, it's true friendship. Bottom line, just accept people for who they are. Not what kind of make up they wear, not what brand of clothes, or how much they go tanning, or how many boyfriends/girlfriends they've had. Just step off cause none of you own the damned school!

Teenagers!! 3

Well Anger Central,

I am sittin here on a Monday morning (pause for obligatory cup of coffee) alone and enjoying the peace and quiet, attempting to recoup my shattered nerves.

Shattered from what, you say? The teenage boy in my life. I had an absolute weekend of hell with this kid!!! I mean it was absolute hell! He talks back, he steals money, hell, the police were even here this weekend! He used to be such a quiet, unassuming boy. Could so much have changed within three years? Now he's a rampaging cave teen who actually shits on the floor and blames it on the cat, then tries to make it look as if I feed him the stuff, which I don't and have no interest in doing, although the idea has violently tempted me at times...
Well this morning I told him straight up, "You are a liar, you are a cheat, you are a thief and abusive, and until you change your ways I'm not doing a damn thing for you anymore!!!" I've been good to this kid, I mean damn good, considering I'm not even his mother. I have children of my own who are far more deserving of my favors, if you ask me. Pissing in the oven at age two which my son did was cute and funny (as soon as the awful smell of burning urine was gone!!) Shitting on the floor at age 14 which this kid did... well its not so cute and funny anymore! Only a mental patient does that stuff...! IF you ask me this kid does not need therapy. He does not need self esteem or sympathy. He does not need to be coddled or passed to the next grade despite the fact that he's failing.

HE NEEDS TO BE DROPPED FEET FIRST INTO A SWAMP FULL OF ANGRY CROCODILES!!!!! Or failing that, a good whupping. But use gloves -- I must warn you -- his ass is full of shit!!

teenagers 4

I am tired of these sissies acting like they have it so rough. They have no idea what it's like to be a real adult. Going to work every day,paying bills,dealing with kids,etc.
To make it worse I live near a high school,and when I leave for work in the morning,these morons are always standing in the middle of the street,and they try to act tough when you honk for them to get the heck out of the road.
Just once I would love to get out of my car and beat the living crap out of one of these punks,but unlike these brats I have to get the work,that whole responsibility thing.

Teenagers 5

I can't believe how fucking stupid the average teenager is today. If you can find one that can construct a complete sentence, you have a veritable Einstein on your hands. Apparently, public high schools are little more than daycare centers. Even the simplest concepts seem to baffle them. For instance, if you and your girlfriend are recent high school grads working for $6.50 at Wal-Mart do you:

A. Save for college in order to improve your future.
B. Join the military, in order to learn a useful skill and become eligible for the GI Bill.
C. Blow all your money on weed, PS2 games, and accessories for your Neon and then knock up your girlfriend and live off welfare.

If you answered C, then you are probably the valedictorian of your class of 2002. Congrats, dumbfuck.

Pregnant Teenagers 6

I'm getting so sick of these melodramatic "Look what I did!" pregnant teenagers or teenagers who are mothers. They sling out claims about how they're getting their education, getting a job, going to college and defensive to the hilt when someone says, "Wow, you fucked up, girl!".

First and foremost, chances are, these women aren't going to find good jobs. Most of the time they're going to latch onto some dumb ignorant idiot who will support their asses, never minding if they're compatible, have relationship problems out the ass and fifty other issues instead of just being humble about it and say, "Yeah, I fucked up, I wish I had this kid when I was better prepared, but I'll do something about it" and leave it at that instead of all the fantastic over-the-top Maury-viewer-mentality claims of what they're going to do and what they've done. They need to shut up, admit they fucked up and move on.

Teenagers who sneak into bars 7

Listen up all you little underage fuckers who insist on sneaking into our bars:

Adults like to hang out with EACH OTHER, And NOT YOU LITTLE FUCKERS WHO ARE TRYING TO LOOK COOL. AND BARS WERE DESIGNED FOR THE PURPOSE OF ADULTS HANGING OUT WITH EACH OTHER SO FUCK OFF.We dont like you. you aren't welcome And also, when an adult picks up a girl who turns out to be a minor, THEY SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED FOR STATUTORY (sp) RAPE. That minor girl had no business being in there, shouldn't have been there, therefore, SHE SHOULD BE THE ONE WHO GETS IN SHIT

Another load of bullshit is that a bar can get shut down because of underage fuckfaces coming in. YES. SOMEONE CAN LOSE THEIR PROPERTY, AN INCOME SOURCE AND A COSTLY INVESTMENT all because some little fuckwads can't stay the fuck out. Hell, I think if anyone under 18 is found in a bar, the owner (and the patrons who are allowed to be there) should be entitled to beat the shit out of the minor with the weapons of their choices, then proceed to shove their fake ID up their asses.


I Hate Teenagers 8

Generally speaking, teenagers suck. There're pretty much corrupted little children who THINK that they are adults. I'm 16 and I feel that my peers are complete and utter morons. A friend of mine was once this nice kid who played video games and watched anime. Next thing you know, he loses some weight and becomes an asshole. He goes to Romania and buys as many cheap cigarettes he could afford and sells them to other imbeciles his age in the States. They are now his "friends." Soon he's making bomb threats and nearly getting expelled from school. I think I should complain about bad parents too. Thanks to passive asshole parents, these teen bastards grow up to become adult bastards. I've done some dumb shit but I'm sure glad I'm nothing like my dumbass clique-happy asshole classmates.

teenage girls 9

i am a teenage girl. but i hate the other teenage girls around me. the wannabe-superstar-anorexic-tanorexic-slutty-dumbass-skanks. yes those. they don't understand the importance of anything about the real world. i think the whole "the future is in the hands of the children" thing is going to hell. what kind of retards are we entrusting everything to? stupid drunk, stoned and sexed up little CHILDREN. yes. my peers think they understand everything, but they are DEPENDENT little fuckers. if mommy stopped giving you money, you'd probably rot. they think they're soo independent with their minimum wage job, but stupid fucker probably never learned math before. can't afford your ugly ass "juicy" clothes on minimum wage. stupid girls. fucking boys will get you nowhere. no wonder women are put down all the time.

Teenagers, particularly those between 13 and 18! 10

I'm a teenager myself, 18 to be exact, but every day that I'd been at school, I'd been surrounded by arseholes and bitches!

The girls in particular are the WORST. Personally, from my own experiences I'd never trust any teenage girl with my LIFE, and if i had to choose between having a guy friend or a girl friend, i'd choose the guy without hesitation simply because i find guys in general more TRUSTWORTHY and more HONEST. Girls are pathetic, they go around spreading stupid rumours about people, even their own friends, and they backstab everyone, INCLUDING THEIR FRIENDS! And how do i know this is happening? Why, I get to see it every single day at school, thats how. They just have to be so nasty to everyone, especially to people whom they DON'T know. Guys have their bad points too, like they have fights and whatnot, but at least they make up afterwards, rather than hold some stupid grudge.

Overall, the most annoying ages are the ones between 13-17. Why? Well, think about it. They've just started high school and think they're the bomb cos they're new 'and everything', while the 17 year olds are basically good-for-nothing scum that speed around illegally just cos they can/ Those who are 14 to 16, well they're just like the 13 year olds, except 100 times much WORSE. They can't spell. amd sometimes they can't even speak English with proper grammar! Oh and did i mention they're wannabes too?

Get a proper life, you 13 to 18 year olds! You're not cool, and you definitely don't know everything about the world. And for those of you who think its so cool cos you have a job, get a life. I'm working because i actually have to pay for my uni fees, whereas you're only working just so you can go back and complain to all your friends how much of an arsehole your boss is, or how annoying it is that you have to work in the weekends. Hello? You CHOSE to apply AND accept the job. Hope you all die from your own reckless driving.

teenagers 11

What transforms once angelic little boys and girls into ghouls? Hormones! Raging, unleashed, out of control hormones! While you can't condemn the entire teenage population for being cretinous little shits, there are however far too many that are. Since the dawn of man teens have been a rebelious entity. They needed to be in order to be "fruitful" in terms of reproduction. Considering the average life expectancy was merely around the 30ish range. Why do you think 12 and 13 year old girls are furtile?! As civilization advanced the need for setting "morals" and standards evolved. Indeed it is merely being irresponsible for these teen moms giving birth in modern society. While there's a valid reason to be appalled by today's teens, there was great reason to be appalled by them in every generation; especially the spaced out hippy dippy maggots of the 60s; the dazed and confused teens of the 70's; the punk rock/ new wave slime of the 80's; the grunge slop of the 90's; and the filthy, mindless hip hoppers of the 21 century. Yes, as long as the human race exists so to will teenagers. All we can do is sit back and bite the bullet! OOOOOOOOOOOUCH!

Teenagers 12

Alas, I too happen to be in my Teenage years, and though it may be rather ignorant to say something like this, I absolutely despise the majority of my age group, the ignorant, rebellious group...The drama, the crap. It is a sad world, when you have 15 year olds girls getting pregnant, when the majority of your fellow classmates have absolutely no respect for anyone or anything, where all anyone ever talks about is who is going out with whom, and where less then 1/4 of the student body has ever read a book cover to cover that’s more advanced then "Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire".

Immaturity and disrespect run abundant within the halls of America’s schools, the sheer rudeness, the shear weakness, the “fakeness“... of your average teenager. Often, I find my self questioning how someone could be so lacking in moral values, not to mention the sheer stupidity of some of my fellow students…. It is shocking.

Never the less, it would be wrong of me to take a whole group of people and mark them in that way, There are plenty of good Teens out there its just, well the personality and type mentioned above is the way most people seem to come across as…and often enough that’s how they are I guess what I’m trying to get at in this last paragraph is I’m not trying to come across as too stuck up…

"Scene" People 13

Man. I just love walking around my school. At least half of them are "scene" fags that enjoy being and looking fucking stupid. They just HAVE to have their sing tight pants, straightened hair, and their emo-acoustic music. And don't even get me started on how literally almost every scene girl I have met is a total slut. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for sluts, but still. And even the guys are sluts. I mean all they want to do is make out. All the time. Every one I will talk to always has to go leave to make out with his girlfriend of the week. You scene people all make me want to throw the fuck up. You want to be an "individual"? DO FUCKING SOMETHING THAT MAKES PEOPL RECONIZE YOU. Don't act, look, and overall be a cunt, make something of your life. Seriously....

Teenagers 14

I am angry with disrespectful teenagers who think that when they are surrounded by their friends, or play on the football team that they are invincible. Let me set the record straight. At 29 years of age I have lived a lot more life than you and seen more. I will probably put you in a world of hurt regardless. Start respecting people (especially in my place of business) and you wont find yourself at the business end of my scorn....or fists for that matter. Too bad you can go to jail for hitting the little assholes.

Teenagers 15

I am angry with disrespectful teenagers who think that when they are surrounded by their friends, or play on the football team that they are invincible. Let me set the record straight. At 29 years of age I have lived a lot more life than you and seen more. I will probably put you in a world of hurt regardless. Start respecting people (especially in my place of business) and you wont find yourself at the business end of my scorn....or fists for that matter. Too bad you can go to jail for hitting the little assholes.

Teenagers 16

I am so damn angry with teenagers today. I work in a school library for kids aged 11-16 in London, UK. Not only do these dumbasses treat the place like a wrestling ring, They drop litter, chew gum, stuff their piggy snout faces, interfere with the fire exits. and they know they shouldn't do this. I have tried reasoning I have tried shouting, nothing works and the teachers are no bloody help. Too bad I would go to jail for kicking the crap out of the little asswipes.

It is the only language the dumbasses understand.

unwed teen mothers 17

I am angry at teens still in school who get pregnant on purpose. They either expect their parents to pay for everything and take care of their little illegitimate bundles of joy, or they expect to collect enough welfare to be able pay for all of the above

teenagers suck 18

becdause my ex - boss got pissed bout me leaving work and told my sis a bunch of lies about me and so now she won't talk to me. I also walked into school today to find out that i got counted absent yesterday bc i was late for a seminar by 1 minute and had to sit there al day anyway wwhen i could have just went back to school. What bs is that.

*Note from Anger Central
Nice posting. Please note the complete lack of punctuation, the really bad spelling and the complete lack of grammar skills.

Teenagers 19

The reason why I'm so pissed is because the teens at my school think they're shit dont stink, I mean what the fuck dude, all they think about are parties, drugs, and coming to school high. It gets really annoying, and the worst thing is they want me to follow they're path, well I say FUCK THEM, I just wana go to college and get started in Computer Technology, I seriously say to hell with all those teenagers who think they are invincible, I mean, NO, YOUR NOT, look at me, I got hit by a car back in 2006 and almost lost my live, escaping with my life and a smashed left leg, still think the same?

All these damn teenagers think about is following the crowd, why can't every teen like me be independent and follow a real dream instead of seeing who can get drunk the quickest annd who can screw who the most and brag about who screwed Sally, Bob, and John Doe.

Most of the kids at my school (Which is a very small continuation school to make up credits) have been to juvie and they all have tried to beat up police or run, and they all suck at driving, I've seen it, It's poposturous. And these little girlies I see at other schools on my way home wearing these "sexy" skimpy clothing and act like they are GODDESSES can go to hell, go read a book and think about your future for a damn change, I mean what the hell, I think about my future and have realistic goals, like fixing and maintaining computers, or video game graphic and designing, seriously, go read a book stupid snobby whores.

And a final note, EMO AND SCENE KIDS, they are like drones, they look fucking alike, and they piss me off the most. Stop trying to be gothic, you idiots ruined the gothic culture 10 years ago, dude, get some light in your life emo kids and stop acting like the world is going to end, hey, I have a full time job and help out my sick father pay the bills, and if those emo kids and posers think that they have it all now, well, life is going to hit them harder then a bat on a baseball field, I only have 1 month of highschool left and I am prepared for life and am guna do my best to succeed and never fail and I plan to follow my own goals, so why dont you teens try and stop being so "cool and in with the crowd" and get on your OWN FUCKING PATH, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!

Fucking Teenagers 20

These human litter wander the streets of my town like oversized vermin, leaving empty dope bags like little piles of hallugenic (Sorry, hard word) shit.

I can here their fucking pain in the ass loud scooters right now. Goddamn, the best sound in the world is the revving of a teenager's scooter, followed by a loud bang, then silence broken only by screams of dying pain.

These idiots then their so grown up smoking weed and drinking beer. These professional shitheads have nothing to do but piss normal people off, follow their base disires, and be a giant skidmark on culture, and society. All of this is because their dipshit parents refuse to put their foot down and actually punish the little fuckers.

I'm technically a teenager, but I find this kind of idiocy deplorable. All my retard classmates do in class is disrupt the learning process, and talk about their stupid faux-frat parties. AND THESE ASSHOLES STILL PASS THE FUCKING YEAR! I actually study my ass off, do all my homework and had never even looked at a joint, and I come home stressed as hell, education is fucked.

The sad thing is, these idiots will probably be able to go to some shitty Party/Business school because their daddies are rich, (how else would they be able to afford all that booze). Education is fucked up the ass with a ten foot pole.

When these little assholes aren't older enough to ride a scooter, they still find a way to be annoying with their goddamn skateboards. It's just a piece of plywood with sandpaper on top and some wheels, how the hell do the manufacturers find a way to make them so goddamn noisy, especially when these morons attempt "tricks". The only good thing about skateboards is that they weed out the true artists from the idiots who think it's soo cool to be a "SK8R" by injury.

Here's a solution to all this asstardery

If you notice your teenager dressing and acting like an idiot and smelling of hash, it's not just his alternative livestyle, and I hate all this hogshit about alternative lifestyles, heres a few examples of "alternative lifestyles":

Keep this up until he ceases this idiotic behavior and relizes that neither you nore society will accept this crap.

Teens 21

My Teen (15) just lied to me and his mother, got his mate to lie to us, deceived us into thinking his mate's mother lied to covered for them while really it was his mate's sister on the phone pretending to his mother.

After all I've done for him, given him money, cared for him, set good examples, cared about his future and tried to help him grow into a decent human being.

I feel disrespected. I am bitterly disappointed in him and ashamed of his behavior. Even worse, I feel helpless to do anything about the wrong examples he is setting for my two little ones, who think the sun shine's out of his but.

He has lost my respect.

*Note from Anger Central
Sound like that brat needs a haircut, and an intense, marathon, 9-hour spanking with a baseball bat!

Teenagers 22

Teenagers are the bane of the earth. They do nothing but whine, cry, bitch, moan, and giggle and everytime I see one my blood pressure goes up because I feel like body slamming one of these little fuckers down a flight of stairs. I was raised right unlike some of these whiny pussy bastards, so most of the time, I didn't act like a little bitch all of the time. All they whine about is how they have to go to school, how their life is so horrible, and how their parents don't give them enough allowance for them to go out and their fix of crack. Next time I see a teenaged boy walking around grabbing his crotch and sagging his shitty pants, I'm going to walk by and yank them down in front of everyone and see how he likes it then. Dumbasses. Pull up your damn pants and quit grabbing your crotch or go get some medication for crabs because you've been whoring around with anyone and everyone. They have no idea what it's like in the REAL world and no idea what the world thinks of them. Our future? Well I'm glad I'll be dead when these pathetic assholes take over. I wish they'd quit their whining, shut the fuck up. Someone needs to take them out, put them in a house with house payments, utilities, car payments, insurance, medical bills, etc. and add a newborn in their with it, and give them a full time shitty ass minimum wage job and see how they whine then.

A note to parents: Raise your fucking brats right, or some day it will come back on you 10 fold, in hell. I can't wait until someone beats their ass like their mommas never did and gives them a taste of their own medicine.

teenagers 23

I'm am actually angry at all the fucking retards who bag on teenagers who enjoy their teenage years. Fuck you assholes. I'm now in my mid 20's and i was one of those teens you so adamantly talk shit about. Leave them the fuck alone. I was the teen who smoked pot, didn't really care for school, and didn't take kindly to authority, and look at me now. I make bank and have a good life. You talk so much shit about them not knowing how hard life is and they have it easy. Exactly!! Why if your life is so miserable, would you want these teens to jump right in line. let them enjoy their lives before the inevitable 40 hour a week or more grind we adults are so use to. You 40 something's bitch about how teens these have no morals because they have sex and smoke pot, fuck you! when you were teens you were fucking like rabbits and dropping acid trying to "expand your minds" fucking hypocrites. And to you teens bitching about other teens, FUCK OFF! just because they have fun you get jealous. Sure you focusing a little more in school and not doing drugs might get you a couple more dollars and hour, but is it that really worth the only real freedom you will ever have? I say no. This is from personal experience. So Teens out there. Smoke your weed, drink your livers away and fuck excessively because in a few years you are going to have to pay for your mistakes so make them now while you can still get away with them. To all you old farts who bag on teens, fuck off and go play some damn bunko ya prehistoric fucks!I'm am actually angry at all the fucking retards who bag on teenagers who enjoy their teenage years. Fuck you assholes. I'm now in my mid 20's and i was one of those teens you so adimately talk shit about. Leave them the fuck alone. I was the teen who smoked pot, didn't really care for school, and didn't take kindly to authority, and look at me now. I make bank and have a good life. You talk so much shit about them not knowing how hard life is and they have it easy. Exactly!! Why if your life is so miserable, would you want these teens to jump right in line. let them enjoy their lives before the inevitable 40 hour a week or more grind we adults are so use to. You 40 somethings bitch about how teens these have no morals because they have sex and smoke pot, fuck you! when you were teens you were fucking like rabbits and dropping acid trying to "expand your minds" fucking hypocrites. And to you teens bitching about other teens, FUCK OFF! just because they have fun you get jealous. Sure you focusing a little more in school and not doing drugs might get you a couple more dollars and hour, but is it that really worth the only real freedom you will ever have? I say no. This is from personal experience. So Teens out there. Smoke your weed, drink your livers away and fuck excessively because in a few years you are going to have to pay for your mistakes so make them now while you can still get away with them. To all you old farts who bag on teens, fuck off and go play some damn bunko ya prehistoric fucks!

thanx mr webmaster for your continued service, a donation is going to be coming your way

teenage morons 24

Everyday in our lives it seems like we see the teenage population declining both in IQ and respect. In this blog i'm not going to point the finger at the parents or the education systems, but instead at the very problem itself the the teenage morons.

Teenagers 25

GRAAH! I am so flipping angry at the teenagers in my life! I am fourteen years of age, and I reckon that I am probably the only person my age who can actually string a sentence together, using proper spelling and grammar.

Teenagers are a bunch of loudmouthed, disrespectful little bumholes, they think their so cool, trash anything that they get their hands on, and -worst of all- SEND YOU FUCKING ANNOYING CHAIN MAILS! I DON'T GIVE A FUCK THAT YOU ARE SOME DEAD LITTLE BOY! I HAVE BETTER FUCKING THINGS TO DO THAN READ YOU STUPID LETTERS, LIKE SCHOOLWORK, FOR INSTANCE!

I remember the one time that a bunch of drunken little hormonal THINGS gathered outside my house, drinking, smoking, and yelling. I can't tell you how good it felt to GO OUT THERE AND BLAST THEIR ASSES WITH A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!

Gah, good day to you all.


Teenagers are so totally dumb-fuck, ass-bastard, degenerate moron, reject, empty headed, lying, totally good for nothing wastes of life and effort, that even retards will have anything to do with them. Their stupidity cannot be comprehended.

Your average addle minded adult derelict couldn't emulate ordinary teenage stupidity because they cant comprehend shit-headedness of that magnitude.

How many times have you told them not to indulge in self destructive hurtful-to-others behavior in hopes they their dysfunctional brains might have a hope in hell of actually comprehending your request? And then naturally they let you down?

Just when you start to think that your teenage child actually has fucking head on their shoulders-NEVER FEAR! The teenage dip-shit dumb-fuck is here!

They can always be counted on to fuck things up worse than you thought it was possible to fuck things up. Teenage girls are the worst! Not only are they totally devoid of brain, they think that by clinging to their total looser pothead of a boyfriend that he will actually improve the quality of their pathetically laughable existence.

If I ever actually had a teenager of my own I'd do the world a favor and take them out into the woods and shoot them through the fucking head. I did some dumb shit in my time but my teenager raised the bar for all of us.

Relax folks no matter how stupid you may have been in your life there are always teenagers out there to make us feel normal by being their normal soupy-brained selves.

stupid teenagers! 27

what the heck! they act like they're so cool thinking they know everything, acting like they're 12, leaving during school to go smoke. it's like you're not going anywhere in life clearly, so you'd might as well just drop out while you can. and the ones that fail their senior year. omgggg i hate those the most it's like how the hell do you fail senior year jesus christ...

Teenagers 28

After being forced to listen to three fourteen year old teenagers on the bus on my commute home (car is being fixed) for fifty minutes straight, i realized these pathetic pieces of shit on the bus were fucking assholes. Teenagers are fucking assholes in general. For fifty minutes i had to hear these annoying bastards yelling and practically screaming to everyone on the bus, how they were so hard core because they stole vodka from their parents and got drunk for the first time. These imbeciles started saying that the anti drug commercials were wrong and that drugs felt good, they actually thought they had discovered something. Then this stupid 13 year old twat mouthed bitch said that she wanted to try acid and weed for the first time, before she transferred to high school, and that she had "no limits, cause this kid ain't afraid". I felt like choking these pieces of shit when this stoned out fuckface said that they "were awesome, everyone else is a loser, especially if they don't do drugs". They ALL looked like they were on fucking welfare, they hadn't showered, had dirt on their shirt and looked like they had just rolled out of a homeless shelter. I almost felt like telling the little fucks to spend more money on better clothes instead of drugs; he looked like a homeless sack of shit.

Then he and his wannabe friend started talking about how they were going to sneak into a reggae party and smoke hooka, throughout this whole time they were talking crap about their "friends" and people from whatever shithole elementary school they go to. These fuckhead teenagers were being attention whores and whiny bitches, this fifty year old man sitting in front of them actually rolled his eyes and and put his hands over his ears. I fucking hate them. Grow up dipshits, your not badass, your not cool, your the youngest people on the bus; shut the fuck up and sit down. Your retarded loser teenagers who can't even legally drink, have to go to elementary school and would cry yourself to sleep without your daddy and mommy paying for everything and taking care of you. Doing drugs doesn't change the fact that your on welfare, look like crusty old shit from a dirty sidewalk and that nobody gives a fuck about you or how cool you think you are. Fucking loud ass cunts. Then the little bitch actually had the audacity to say that skateboarding was for losers. What a pussy tool, i bet these bitches can't skateboard even if they wanted because they can't afford to buy one. Teenagers ruin everything, they are insecure fucks who laugh at everything and try to put down other people, they have no respect for others and are cowards if somebody has no respect for them. Hate them.

kids at school 29

i am so damn angry because the so called popular group at school think their top shit and can do anything they want, i feel like kicking their heads in.

Teenage Morons 30

I am trying to cope with a 16 year old T M eventually to be ( I am sure) a single mother and I despair. What to do? Kill the Bebo, Facebook and MSN? But she won't understand.

At least you made me laugh, and appreciate that I'm not the only one who is REALLY, REALLY angry. And soon to be poorer, I suspect.

Granny supporting dysfunctional family

Teenagers/Teenyboppers 31

I'm sick of their SHIT! To all of you teenagers/teenyboppers: QUIT TRYING TO LOOK COOL. You're not. So, stop that, okay?!

You are not different. You're just like everyone else. What you pretend to listen, what you pretend to believe, and what you wear so that your disgusting peers will think that you look cool DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER. You are not special. STOP TRYING TO BE. Look, nobody CARES about your taste in music, what you wear, or what you FUCKING STUPID beliefs are! SHUT THE FUCK UP and quit boasting about that pointless shit that nobody cares about!

Teenagers 32

I hate teenagers so much. They think they are so cool on their facebook posting LMAO LMFAO LOL LMAO every 5 seconds about anything. What the hell is so damn funny? And are you really laughing you fucking ass off. Please enlighten us all what is so funny that you actually laughed your ass off. Also why do you all walk around like you are untouchable. Don't you realize that your body language shows you think you are "the shit". And do your damn homework and don't complain about it. Do you really think you are the only kid in the world who has to do homework. If you want something save your damn money and stop harassing your parents every second of every day for whatever the hell you want and don't deserve. Don't steal from me and lie about it when there is overwhelming evidence. Don't tell me you aren't smoking when I find cigarettes in your garbage can. And don't tell me you don't know how they got there. Don't use my things that I told you a million times not to use. Pull up your damn skinny jeans! It looks like there is a turd in your pants. Can someone tell me what happened to curving your baseball hat??? Why are you kid wearing them straight with stickers and tags on them. Rainbow high tops are gay. Stop pretending you are gay to be cool. Don't call me a retard. It doesn't offend me. Why aren't you wearing a coat? Its cold outside. Where is your backpack? You are going to school.
Have some damn respect for yourself and you family.

Teenagers 33

=This is not meant to all teens, rather a majority of them=

Being one myself, I am honestly ashamed to be associated with the little shits of today's youth.

Honestly, immaturity and irresponsibility should end when you're like...two. But no; these kids have to act like eight year olds just to get a fucking giggle out of their friends.

And don't even get me started on how they treat the rest of the world. If it exists, it is theirs to use, take, or vandalize. Any people who exist in this world are meant only to serve that single teenager and cater to his or her every whim.

Oh yeah, and what about their complete LACK OF KNOWLEDGE FOR SOMEONE'S PERSONAL SPACE?

Hm...yeah, we can't forget about their utter stupidity and lack of responsibility.

Yep, because stealing stuff from walmart, defecating in public places, getting straight Ds in school, and skipping school altogether half of the time is totally the MEANING of a mild mannered adult who can take care of his/her self.

Oh yeah, and their shitty taste in...well, just about everything. Autotune, because actually having to have SINGING TALENT is so first and second millenium! Purple and black clothing, because even though you made fun of goths and punks for wearing it for years, it TOTALLY looks SOOO much better on you. Shutter shades? Oh my fucking lord...does this even need a goddamn description?!

I honestly can't wait until I graduate; at least then I'll be SLIGHTLY able to distance my self from those dumbasses.

Fucking Retarded Teens! >:( 34

Teens are so fucking stupid. They're horny little assholes who can't learn how to control their fucking small penises. CONTROL YOUR PENIS!

Not to mention, they're shallow little fucks who don't seem to understand the concept of love or personality. They all say they're "going out" with a person when they don't even hold hands. What the fuck?!

Teenagers 35

These stupid little fucking dipshits think that they're so rebellious. "O ya I totally stickin it to the man bcuz I slept with 3ree diffrnt guyz... At teh same time! haha lolz lmao ya." Rebellion is a state of mind, not the little random acts of stupidity you commit everyday. You may be able to manifest rebellion in certain ways, but it's not smashing the window of the school because your teacher pisses you off. Sure, this is a flaw in the system, but not the system itself.

Also, all these stupid little drones that think they're each so special because they all dress the same way. So... Would you little fuckers like to tell me how the fuck that works? These little girls are the absolute WORST. They think they're better than everybody else. They don't say it, but you can tell by the way they look at you. They've all got this little interconnected system and try to act like they're all best friends, but once one of them turns their back, the others give her a death glare. You can tell that they all dislike each other, but hang out anyway because they DESPISE the rest of the world from their little perch above everything in their heads. But really, all that's in the air is their noses. I swear, these girls look like they're manufactured. They look down on the rest of us teens for being immature when real maturity is being secure enough to know when something's actually funny and let yourself laugh at it. They also all conform to a single religion because they were brainwashed into it due to parents exactly like them. These people should be sterilized. Or just given a mandatory sentence to compete in the BME Pain Olympics.

It's kinda funny how they say I'm closed-minded for not giving their idiotic religion just like hundreds of others a chance when they were brainwashed into what's basically a cult that's been around long enough to be accepted. And I just can't believe it's possible for someone to be so stuck up as to say, "Shut up, (name censored), no one cares what you have to say!" WHAT THE FUCK MAKES YOUR INFINITE KNOWLEDGE SO SPECIAL THAT YOU'RE BETTER THAN MY FRIEND WHO WAS JUST MINDING HIS OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS, NOT EVEN TALKING TO YOU? These people, who often go on to become officers of the law, who feel self entitled to authority, always telling others what to do make me sick. Go die in your mother's womb where karma intended it to happen before you fuck up society with your deluded vision of what's right. The sad thing is, these are the people that get far in life and make all our laws. They're fucking you over and all the while you're praising them for being such a good little person. Fuck, these THINGS wouldn't know what it really meant to be a person if they were lucky enough to get a lecture from the best teacher in the world (which they have from my History teacher). DIE. PLEASE. Save the rest of us from your pretentious, prissy attitude. Either that or get a lesson in real life. They get pissy about every single little fucking thing that doesn't go perfectly.

My friend is an orphan, never had a mom, and watched his addict dad die. Ever since he's been bouncing through foster home after foster home. And yet he's the happiest little bastard I've ever met. You could learn something from him instead of saving your time for the "professionals" that apparently can teach you better because they have a piece of paper. I'll leave you with my favorite phrase:


teenagers 36

I hate my teenager so much right now! She is a spoiled brat that acts sweet only when she expects something in return! I did not raise her to be that way but since she has turned 16 she thinks that she is grown for some dumb reason. She has the absolute stupidest ideas about fashion and lives in a dream world! Her logic is so illogical I can't even stand to hear her speak. How did she get to be so damn irritating?! I wish I could send her to college a year early, like tomorrow would be great. I can't wait until she graduates and moves the hell out from under my roof!

Teenagers 37

I have a spoiled brat wench bitch of a teenager. I am getting ready to take her for counseling becasue i cant believe she can be so evil and not have a chemical imbalance. I dont know why i ever had kids.


teenagers are so obscene these days! i'm 15 and my classmates are complete cavemen. they don't read, they don't know what's going on in the world, and they're 100% useless. all they do is sit in their fucking houses playing call of duty and going on fucking facebook. but ask them if they've read tolstoy, or dickens, or goddamn jk rowling for fuck's sake and they say "who the fuck is that?!" they don't listen to any good music either. they know every word of the fucking ke$ha songs but have never heard of jim morrison or axl rose or jeff beck. WHAT THE FUCK. i wish these kids would wake the fuck up, notice what's happening in the world around, and stop being such useless and lazy pieces of shit!

Teenagers, Skinny jeans, cell phones 39

I'm gonna tell you one goddamn thing. I hate teenagers. Now lets see, I am a teenager myself biologically, but I hate the so called popular ones. They are maturing with their nonsense, they need an AA-12 in front of their face. also, the damn trend, skinny jeans, makes your ass show exposly. come on, those things need to be rounded up and thrown into a bonfire. Their stupid, its stupider when those teenage boys have them sagging down like a bunch of gangster wannabes. Also, those cell phones, EVERY TEENAGER NEEDS ONE! Fuck that, those cell phones turn teenagers into slaves, they must have to to answer every damn text message from their goddamn friends. Plus, teenagers are social, stop talking about who you like, what you did, and talk about a book, a movie, or subject of particular. Pointless conversations every damn mostly driven from a mouth of a goddamn teenager. Also, goddamn facebook and myspace, what a teenager must get on.

Teenagers 40

I am angry becasue of the way My fuck-wit dumbass teenage peers act. I am 16 and I am amazed and the way my classmates act

For instance, Im walking down the hall minding my own, and I look round and three, Yes Three! ornage coloured, hair backcombing girls are narrowing their eyes at me! I mean WHAT THE FUCK??

They then start to give eachother looks that say "I don't like her and want to scare her away with all my eyeliner"

Ahhhhhhhhhh! It drives me insane.

Then theirs the girls who laugh like something demented and flap their arms about screaming, just so some boy will notice that they are 'Delicate' when they see a worm. IT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH!

Then the little 13 year olds who are 'going out' with someone and dont go near them the whole year!

Moving onto those dumbass fucks who moan and work themselves into a state when the class is set courseowrk! I mean WHAT THE FUCK?

They then go "Life isnt worth living and walk around all day miserable and giving people wide eyed 'Im different and mysterious' looks just so someone of the opposite sex will think they are in love with this moody mysterious person and let them into their equally mysterious and painfull world! WHAT THE FUCK!!!


You ask a 15 year old if they have read a certain book and they say "OMFG NO! I dont read books its sooo boring and people will laugh at me"

Laugh at your for knowing something other than how to apply your eyeliner in a way that makes you eyes BIGGER!

Then theres these guys who are so 'committed' to their girlfriend of a year even tho they are meeting up after school with the girl who wears their skort so high up their ass for 'meaningful sex' We are all thinking "You fuck assed liar" when they tell us about how in love with her they are and how they could never leave her! I mean FUCK OFF!

Moving on to the 'Emo' and 'Scene' teenagers who think they are so FUCKING different to everyone else. They grow their fringes really long and backcomb them to the extreme to gove themselves a 'Distressed' look. They pretend thay have been through so much heartbreak and horror in their lives and their 16! They walk about in huge groups in their 'Oh so totally original' skinny jeans playing their stupid 'acoustic rock' music from bands where the giuys all have long dark hair and are so deep and care for their girlfreinds!

All the Scene coupples are so different to other couples according to them becasue they dress the same and love eachother deeper then word can ever say. Destiny pulled them together and if one of them ever left they would slit their wrisrts and out on more eyeliner!


Teenager if you want to original, do something to get you noticed and stop acting like your think fuckers!

Teenagers 41

Pure and utter disrespect! Refusal to take any responsibility for their actions! Constantly saying "How stupid" their parents are, telling their parents to "shut up" and "f*** off" and leave them alone. And, the parents can't do anything about it in fear that their child will construct a story that their parents beat them; even though no such thing has ever happened! They post negative comments on places like Facebook and tell lies about their parents to friends and other close family members; using the social media to their discretion to bad mouth anyone they damn well feel like and there is no recourse for this behavior! As a parent, you find out about it and disconnect their internet privileges and you are now a "selfish parent" and an "a**hole" and the "worst thing that ever happened in their"; even though you are the one that stood by them through thick and thin, paid for their social life (cellphone), ballet, gymnastics, horseback riding, modeling, what have you. Tired of teenagers altogether, they suck the life out of the world and I am deeply in fear of the next generation joining the workforce as they will have nothing to offer with their "immediate" gratification needs and attitudes.

Teenagers 42

Some Teenagers driving in an SUV threw a full beer bottle out the window of their car, hitting my mom and creating a large bruise just above her elbow. My mom was simply going for a walk, on the sidewalk, minding her own business. Why am I so angry about this, even though I wasn't there to witness it? Because there is ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING TANGIBLE REASON ANY FUCKING MORON SHOULD EVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!! To be in a car and throw a beer bottle at someone in the road at night who can't see you is just a pussy move. Whoever did it should be draining in guilt right now, but the sad and sick part of it is, that stupid motherfucker is probably about to get drunk at some high school party right now, and just further attempt to show the world that he/she is a useless fucking moron. That's what pisses me off about this fucking world.


I'm angry because my teenage stepchildren are SPOILED LITTLE BASTARDS. When my wife isn't letting them stay up well past midnight, singing (okay, lil' bastards, you have no talent. You can shut up and start crying.), then their GRANDPARENTS (oh their grandfather can't open his mouth without a lump of sarcastic SHIT falling out) coddle them and get them going with the utter contempt for everything that reigns throughout my wife's family, then they get them hyper (my stepchildren think they're gods when they get hyper and HOW DARE YOU even suggest different!). The little bastard rammed the recliner into my foot tonight. Why? Because him wanted to snuggle wif him mommy. I hadn't seen my wife all day, but 13 year old spoiled little fag HAS to breastfeed. I got up. And when you give them the look THAT ALL PARENTS AND STEP PARENTS ARE ALLOWED TO GIVE TO SPOILED LITTLE BASTARDS he looks at me like I DID SOMETHING WRONG. OH I HOPE THEY GET FREAKIN' LARYNGITIS.

And why the HELL can't they settle the hell down, calm the hell down and QUIET THE HELL DOWN AT NIGHT? WHY DO I EVEN HAVE TO PICK UP THE TAB??? LET THEIR USELESS PIECE OF SHIT FATHER DO IT!!

Teenagers 44

I hate those ungrateful, Twilight loving jerks. Here I am, 30 years old with no kids, my own apt, my own car and travel everywhere I want to go...until I got stuck with this succubus from the pits of lowest circle of hell.

I feel like she is draining the life out of me every time she opens her fucking mouth. Every time I hear that annoying voice nothing but sarcasm vomits out of my mouth. This creature consistently lies every single minute of every day and guess who is the escape goat. Me…The chick behind the thumbs. I have been called up to the Principal’s office to defend her side of the story, when her side did NOT happen that way she envisioned it. Guess who was made out to be the wicked stepsister in the eyes of the Principle and Teachers.. You are still following the thumbs right ?

What the hell is she ? A playwright who weaves tales of Puck dripping Teenage Stupid Juice in the ears of the slumbering powers of Authority. Or just an egotistical jerk who has nothing better to do than throw my life down a well and say “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”

What is this she devil who will cry and spit tales of woe to anyone who will listen ? What the hell is the cock ring strangling the last of my joyous youth as she sings that annoying Baby Baby Baby OOooo Song in my ear ?

I fucking hate teenagers.. I hate everything they stand for. NOTHING. A big waste of flesh. To make it worse, she blames everyone in the family but herself for what she does in life. She is out of control and can’t see anything wrong with underage drinking or giving a BJ in place of a good night kiss.

Her 17 year of quote of intelligence : “ I don’t see anything wrong with one night stands.”

My sarcasm vomit: “ WOW.. Slut much”

Tears come from her eyes. Her 17 year of quote of intelligence : “I am still a virgin”

My sarcasm vomit: “ Yea.. I know.. I hear your one friend is too. She got pregnant from a guy ejaculating in the Hot Tub water hours before she got in. The sperm braved the current for a hour in order to use osmosis to get through her bathing suit to get her pregnant.”

Her 17 year of quote of intelligence : “ That did happen.. she is still a virgin. I know everything about her. She tells me everything and she wouldn’t do that”

My sarcasm vomit: “ Yea… she tells you everything.” I roll my eyes.

1 year later she admits she has been having sex for 4 years. To add insult to injury she states :

“ I have to make my own mistakes. I have no regrets about doing it. So what ? It over and done with and I haven’t done it since then.”

1 week later : Found text messages from some guy asking her has she done it on the floor. I called this Don Juan and he tells me everything.. EVERYTHING IN DETAIL.. EWW.. I am on the phone with this guy and she is in front of me denying it.. finally she admits it.. and repeats the No regrets… My own mistakes crap.. like she is some kind of cliff diver who forgot to open his parachute before crashing and rolling across the jagged rocks 80 feet below.

I fucking hate teenagers. I wish once a year we can have a baby teenager hunt like those assholes do to baby seals.

My spiked club is ready.

high school girls 45

Well, i am so damn angry because there is a school dance tomorrow (which i won't be attending) and all my sister and her friend are talking about is FAKE nails and FAKE tans and SHORT dresses and HIGH heels. are you for real? do people actually think that looks good?! i just wish these people would find some self respect. i'm 16, but i do not see the fun in any of that. i can barely stand anyone my age.

one of the things that makes me SO damn angry..is obsessive texting. it is physically impossible for me to hang out with any friends anymore..all they do the entire time is TEXT. its like i'm not even there. PLEASE, get some manners people.

Wigger Kids 46

The title of this rant is nothing personally offensive because this is completley opposite of the other word which I hate this rant is about white guys who try to act like their ghetto. Mostly in schools or in cities you see these white kids wearing sideways hats, sports, or fubu, or southpole clothing goig around acting like their "gangsta" trying to act hard around people think they can rap when their raps suck make all of these threats that they and their "homies" are gonna shoot up some place or rob someone, you do nothing but run your mouths about stupidness and then you get the shit kicked out of you and threaten to shoot the person who kicks your ass if anyone deserves to be shot it should be "you", you dumbass wigger boy for being an idiot.

Another thing is stop with the pot smoking and cocaine it does not make you look cool it makes you stupider than you already are. Also what's even more insulting I see these wigger kids trying to hang out with the real ghetto gangsta kids and I know what their thinking "please get this dumb white boy away from me" and they also try to follow them into the hood saying "Yo wanna chill homie" and guess what these idiots get their asses whooped their clothes and hat taken and their shoes tied up on the cables in the ghetto and you idiots are lucky they are letting you go home alive and not kill you, so while your walking home in your boxers and socks please where regular clothes and talk regular and act like you're supposed to instead of like a dumbass. The Only thing you wiggers are, are a bunch of posers so stop trying to be black because you're not your white act like it you dumbass little bitch ass mother fucker1

*Note from Anger Central
We have heard this word before but didn't know the context. It's not nice and we gave serious thought about not posting it.

Teenage Girls 47

I am a teenage girl, friends with some A-holes! All they do is talk about bloody justine bieber and feckin' hair straightners. They talk about MAKE-UP and FOUNDATION all the time. Once I asked one of them ''Hey, what do you think of global warming?'' they replied ''WHUTS THAT?!''

They have no respect for anyone intelligent

They think laptops where invented just so they could fuck with their ''friends'' on facebook.7

They don't care about their future, they are fecking mad fuckers with disrespect for life. USE UR BRAIN!!! Seriously!

Teenagers 48

I'm 16 and let's just say, I hate those motherfucking dumbass bitches. I think everyone at highschool is pathetic. These "cliques" make me so frustrated because I feel trapped and uncapable to make new friends. This doesn't help my social anxiety. I look around school and I see all these teens having fun, laughing, etc. I know deap down they aren't like that. They don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. They don't know what's its like in the real world where friends won't matter as much. They'll be on their own, but have no way of getting anywhere. I'm not the type who gives a damn about being popular, but sadly, I feel depressed at how little of friends I have, how hard it is to find someone like me. These bitches are so god damn annoying. The guys as well! Most guys at my school are fucking retarded! My sister doesn't help because she just replys, "Oh come on! They're just playing." You know what? I don't really give a damn. They're jokes aren't really funny. I have a good sense of humor, but some of these jokes, and these people, I just don't get what everyone sees in all of them. They're annoying, retarded fags. God I just wish highschool will go by quick!

Teenagers 49

I am a teenager myself, and i get so damn angry about these little douchebags running around thinking its cool to be, well, a douche. In my school, the girls act like wanna-be sluts and whores talking about who screwed who or who's going out with whom. They also go around being in the so called "popular" group who have the nerve to stop right in front of you just to judge you. I myself am a nerd and I can admit it. But when one of those little cum sticks say something about me, I really wanna say "SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU STUPID SUPERFICIAL DUMBASS PIECES OF SHIT, I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIERY HELL!!!" But I have anger management and its not worth it. The football team think their so cool and strong, even when I beat up their QB the other year. At least I think about my future, in video game graphics. Also when they talk about both of my best friends, which one has survived a heart transplant and the other a bit on the "big" side, it makes me wanna go on a bloodthirsty rampage!

Teenagers on Youtube 50

Why does youtube make the dumbest people famous? Why is it everytime I go on youtube I always find some stupid teenager's face with a colorful backdrop? Why is it they have over a million views? and why is their videos are so completley stupid and an insult to human intelligence? These teenagers are nothing but a waste of skin; They're all nothing but whiny attention whores and showoffs but yet they're popular are you kidding me? These stupid kids have no life no friends and live in their parents basements and yet they're popular because of their retarded videos on youtube. That is just stupid and it's an insult to call these idiots celebrities because they have NOT payed their dues like most celebrities on tv and movies is this generation so fucked up that the next big thing is some retarded teenager on youtube what ever happened to people with ACTUAL tallent with Heart with passion not based on their looks yeah that's why these idiot kids care about is looks and it's mainly stupid teenybopper whores and stupid children. Fuck you youtube get your heads on stright make real deserving people famous not a bunch of stupid retarded teenagers if I ever saw one of these Youtube Wannabee Celebrities I would destroy them and leave them a bloody pulp Stupid ass teenage losers on youtube need to be wiped of the face of exsistance.

Teenagers 51

Well, what can I say? If I was jaded about teenagers before, I really should never have been stupid enough to think that they might be revealed as *slightly* better if I knew them better. Hence why I got a Facebook account. That's it right there, ladies and gentlemen.

These *wonderful* little kiddies of the future are putting Plato and Aristotle to shame with such gems of wisdom as "8 days without a fag yay"; reflections on true love with the remark "got laid last night yummmmm"; reviews of popular beverages with "gonna bring beer 2 the party peetybabes"; and last but by no means least, their thoughts on prominent medical conditions with the unforgettable quote "i dun need a fuckign condom you twat"

The author of that last one now probably has a rather nasty illness. Which he deserves. Oh, and the Facebook account has gone the way of the dodo too. Good riddance.

12-17yr old girls 52

They think they know everything.I was walking behind 3 of them in the mall and elderly lady in her 70's was in front of them.They almost knocked her over!One actually 'accidentally' (yea, right) hit her purse as they went by which made her lose her balance a little.I hurried to her & said to the bitches "You little brats,I saw you do that!".I wasn't going to swear & be at their level.They turned round,one gave me look that would kill & said in her snotty little attitude "sorry".That pissed me off!I yelled back "No You're Not!!".Then I heard one say "bitch" which I knew it was meant for me.I wanted to smack very on e of them across the face!!They were also dressed like little hookers.

Teenager 53

Dear Teenage Boy Driving beside me laughing at the fact that I'm crying and screaming out the window at me at a intersection.

There are times in everyone lives where they reach their breaking point mine today was in the car driving home from the airport this evening. Although I can appreciate because of the abnormally small size of your genitalia, you have to put down others to make yourself feel better about your acne and lack of any type of power or significance. What I don't appreciate is your ignorance and arrogance towards every other living human being besides yourself.

One day, and you won't know when, nor will you know where or how or why, life will fuck you. I hope when it does there someone there to make you feel even worse as well.

Drive Thru Dumbasses 54

It pisses me off the way teenagers act when it comes to ordering fast food. This why I don't want to work at fast food because I might half to bring a gun with me to McDonalds or Burger King because some idiots think' it's funny to throw soft drinks at employees in the drive thru. Serioulsy if you did that to me i'd jump out the window take a gun out and shoot you, you think it's funny to act like retards i don't think so not to mention you paid your money for that drink you just threw and you just wasted a whole dollar not to mention filming it and posting it on youtube along with surveilance cameras, your going to jail and now you've made yourself look like the biggest idiot in the world worst of all your going to get your asses beat in jail lets see how tough you are without a soft drink to throw at a armed robber. seriously stop throwing soft drinks at the drive thru workers at fast food places it's childish immature and you'll definetley get the shit kicked out of you for your retardation so GROW THE FUCK UP. I hope we find where you retards work at so we can throw shit at you and see how you like it you stupid ass mother fuckers.

Teenagers 55

Because teenagers are rude and don't care about anyone or anything. They think they know it all when they know less than nothing.

Teenagers 56

Why are teenagers so fucking annoying. They think they know everything, and everything they are doing as never been done before. They are lazy, selfish and expect everyone to provide for them, and whats more, they love biting the hand that feeds them. Well, teenies, try going out into the real world and surviving without your parents, you know those nagging idiots you hate so much. You would be dead or living in a cardboard box within a month.Next time you are asked politely to clean up after yourself, remember you are living under someone elses roof who is paying all the bills, buying all the food and ensuring that you live the comfortable and easy life that you live. But to hear you complain about how hard your life is makes me want to punch you square on the jaw. You haven't experienced any real hardship yet. In fact the only hardship you have ever known was being rejected for a date and whether your friends think you are cool or not. You don't know you are born. Also why is it that you think the world revolves around you. Everything always comes back to you. What do I get out of it, how does it affect me? blah blah.. not a consideration for anyone but yourself. Please,hurry up and grow up before I strangle you

Teenage Brats 57

Teenagers seriously grow the fuck up you're not cool, your not with in crowd, you're all a bunch of stupid, undisciplined, whiny, disrespectful brats who seriously is in need for an ass whooping.Seriously teenage girls don't focus on doing school work instead they go through the halls fantasizing about boys. seriously here's a reality for you the boys you fantize about thinks you're all a bunch of cunts so seriously why don't you all get real. Seriously you go on facebook and post 1000 photos of yourself and write wall posts every second to shove down people's threats seriously nobody fucking cares you stupid whores I hope your dream boy infects your slutty ass with aids just to save air in this world. Also to teen girls strying to act like bad girls by talking down people and acting like your better than everyone else because guess what will happen you'll end up pissing off the wrong people and get. You know what I will hit a girl if you do piss me off I don't care if you have tits i'll still hit you if you piss me off and disrespect me and to all you would be bad girls seriously I wouldn't think twice before ripping your guts out in the hallway of a school. Also little teen mom bitches who want to get pregnant you cunts seriously need to be shot one you're not ready two you're a bitch and you're unfit three taking care of a child is stressful enough. Seriously parents you should've disciplined these ungrateful bitches along time ago but it's not to late I suggest puttig them in a scared straight program or send them to Boot Camp so then you're little disrespectful hellspawns can learn to respect others and we can go on through our days without wanting to punch one of these stupid bitches in the face when they do deserve it.

Selfish, Disrespectful Mouthy Teenagers 58

We have raised you both with kindness and support for all your endeavors. All we have gotten back was disrespect, rebellion, lies, lies, and more lies, wrecked cars, vandalized home, embarrassment and the privilege of cleaning up after your sorry asses and following you around to make sure you did your chores. Thanks a lot you lazy fucks. Don't let the door hit you in your sorry asses.

Disrespectful fucking lazy piece of shit son and step daughter. I screwed up by making your life easy. You should have been pulling weeds, working at the saw mill, dumping the garbage, digging ditches instead of lazing about on Facebook and World of Warcraft learning nothing about communication but how to piss people off with your fucked up remarks and disrepectful comments and tone. Take your sorry asses and get the fuck out of my house. You are both losers. Daughter, you are the biggest. Son, you are not very far behind. You still wonder why everything you say blows up in your face?, re-read the above lines. Daughter, you left and dropped out of school six months before graduation so you could smoke pot and drink all night and sleep with whom ever when ever? You are a fuckup. I can't wait till you hit rock bottom and try to drag your sorry ass back here for help. Son, you think we would try to get you less tax money on your return so that we could benefit? You are a fucking disrespectful moron. I should have knocked your block off at the first sign you were a piece of shit. You both deserve what you get.

Dumb Teenagers 59

I hate teenagers. They are ungrateful, stupid, slutty brats. One time, I was with my dad and we were going to the gas station. As we approached the door, these teenaged girls called an elderly man a whore. It's like right before they turn into teens they drank a whole glass of retard juice.All they ever do is text,drink,smoke,and go on fucking Facebook to update there status every 2 minutes!
The text message of an average teen:

wat u doin 2nit imma givemah gf a bj

Note frequent grammar and spelling errors or spelling shortcuts. They need to grow UP! I'm so glad I'm not like those horrid excuses for humans. And just think, we live in a world were teens get pregant so often, they made a show for it. [16 and pregant, I did't know I was pregant, Teen Mom ect.]They wear revealing clothes,dress like hookers, and wear saggy pants. Next time I see a person who's sagging, I'm gonna pull their pants down for everyone to see. "Get a belt." I'd say. All in all, teens are...worthless. A complete waste of space. Grow up you dumbass bitches!!!

Superficial Teenagers 60

I myself am still a teen, and though at times I know I can be a bit materialistic I am nothing compared to the rest of them! Even the outcasts are superficial they only care about the mainstream style, music and other crap. "Omg look Hot Topic is selling a Twilight shirt woot!" Druggies anger me the most not because they do drugs, but because they think they're all that because of it! They only shop at West 49, and BoatHouse, and of course the only things they post on FaceBook are about the next party, or a pic of their brand new bong! Like get real you aren't sticking it to the man! You don't even have an excuse! At least in the 60's they were just discovering that drugs are dangerous! They even actually brought change unlike the lowlifes of today society! It's just pathetic how no one cares about anything important these days. I am embarrassed that these people are our future generation.

Teenagers 61

I am fourteen years old, and I freaking hate the kids my age with a passion comparable to the 27,000,000 degree temperature of the sun's molten core! It astounds me how much shit the teenagers of today do that will have negative effects on the view of teenagers as a whole. There are (believe it or not) a lot teenagers like me that hate our peers for their sluttish fashion, lack of respect, and collective IQ comparable to that of a goldfish!

I've got to say that the sluttish fashion is #1 on my hate list. Listen up teenage females that may have strayed from your jersey shore fashion blogs! Super short skirts= slutty tops that show more cleavage than a plumber's ass-crack=slutty letting your man grab your ass in the should be semi professional environment that is school= SLUTTY! Oh and for you man-sluts, women do not want to view your boxers, sagging your pants translates to "incredibly lazy" so much that we commonly read it as "too lazy to take care of a girl" and its also incredibly awkward when the poor kid who's desk is next to the pencil sharpener has your boxers in their face as you are trying to sharpen an object that deserves to be driven up your ass.

Number two most hated thing that teenagers do is disrespect adults. I understand a little rebellion now and then, but this constant "Oh em gee, yolo might as well piss off the poor teachers trying to get knowledge into my pea sized brain" thing is ridiculous! I just want to slap the bitch that insults the teachers and say "Listen up you dumb bitch! Ever heard of the term respect your elders?" to which 99% of teenagers would reply "no" sad isn't it? I think the whole disrespect thing led to the collective IQ of a goldfish among the teenage population.

Another thing I despise is April 20th. Yeah you all know what I am referring to... marijuana day. Any kid wearing a t-shirt that has anything to do with marijuana should be suspended. Any kid who speaks of drugs in an inappropriate way should be suspended. There also should be a drug sweep performed that day as well, but you know...schools are lazy.

Teenagers I don't like 62

Let me explain why I am so angry at the majority of the teenage population. There are many different types of teenagers that I have observed in my short life of 18 years, and I can truly confirm that most teenagers are stupid, ignorant, or hopelessly dumb.

Let me list the specific types, and I will address them one by one.

*The Emo kid
This one always whines about how bad he has it, he wears dark clothing most the time, always claims he is 'depressed'in one way or another.
They carry around a small amount of intelligence, they can't debate though, or prove their point in most cases, they are very passive aggressive and non-confrontational. They rarely read books, except the ones they are required to in school, and can't slash will not work for any sort of joy in their life.
They get off on this sort of "sadness" and "depression".

*The Arrogant Pseudo-intellectual
This one is a gem, these kids seem to possess an unlimited supply of ill founded confidence, and narry a thought in their head to be found though!
They rarely read books, look up counter arguments on their computers or phones and could not hold in a debate. When questioned about their beliefs, they normally respond with a simple stupid "fact" as they call it and if pressed further they machine gun questions at you without letting you answer. Instead of intelligent discourse, they try to shut you down as fast as possible. So as not to have their little world crushed.

*The Common Teen: Boys
These ones are the most common I've found. They love cell phones, facebook, ride skateboards, can't think or decide for themselves a thing, and surprise! Won't read a single book.
These ones are not defensive about what they believe, they'll give up a point if it means you'll stop questioning them, they have no moral compass, some may call themselves Christian, or Catholic, but they never read their bible, or they'll just flat out drop their religion if pressed enough.
For the most part though, they are stupid, can't think, live on the thrill of the moment and will not endure suffering without whining about it.

*The Common Teen 2: Girls
These ones are an interesting bunch, they are bubbly to T, enthusiastic about every boy band out there, and can't live without a phone in their hands.
They NEED the most popular brand clothing, they NEED the brand food, they NEED that Justin Bieber CD because he's 'just so cute!!!1!1!!one!!1!'.
And if they don't get their way, they whine about how terrible their life is.
They don't think either, nor can they provide a comprehensive defense for their religious love of Justin Bieber, One Direction, Boys who Cry, etc, etc, etc.

*The Gangster
I use 'gangster very lightly. These ones can't seem to keep their pants on their waist, they don't know how to use a belt, and can't keep their boxers in their pants.
They also don't know how to use earbuds for the most part, instead opting to share their glorious 'ima bust a cap in yo n*gga' rap with all the world! By turning their cellphone or iPod really loud and sliding it into their pocket nonchalantly.
They talk big and fight big, they are violent and unintelligent, they aren't race specific either, they can be white, black, or hispanic.
They are into illegal activity more then any other type, they are stupid kids who break the law mainly.

*The Gamer/Nerds
These ones I like more, but still posses a quality that I dislike for the most part.
These ones are into all the Jap animes, all the video games, and will tell you all about the new Full Metal Alchemist episode.
These ones portray more intelligence then most types of teens, but they still rarely read books aside from anime and don't want jobs for the most part.

That's mainly what I have to talk about, these are the main groups, I dislike. Most teens today are embarrassments to me, they are raised on societal standards and never seek to advance past that. They are unthinking and accepting of way too many other types of people, they try to rationalize whatever perverted thing they are into. They don't read, they don't think, they just accept what ever happens in life instead of trying to dominate life and make things better for themselves or anyone else around them. They don't understand sacrifice, they don't comprehend wisdom, and they certainly don't want a hard life.

Well, tis all there is for me to say here.

Kids are so fucking stupid 63

I find it absolutely sickening that a bunch of loser bullies would trick a poor 15 year old boy with Autism into stripping down to his underwear making him think he's taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; only to dump Shit and cigarettes on him. That is just disgusting how can you live with yourself when you go and pull something like that and making fun of a real serious disease that people have been happily donating and allowing themselves to have ice water dumped on them only to have a bunch of inbred, F making losers dump disgusting shit all over a 15 year old boy and as a sick joke. Seeing this makes me want to find the idiots who did this and BEAT THE EVER GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING LIFE OUT OF THEM. I wish murder was legal i would stab these punks' fucking guts out and then douse them with gasoline and set them on fire; because after seeing something that disgusting I say i hope we put the losers who did this to the poor kid in jail and I hope they gut the fuck raped out of them in jail; in fact I hope these losers die a VERY HORRIBLE AND PAINFUL DEATH and Satan takes his pitchfork and barbecues their rotten souls over the pits of Hell for their inexcusable and unforgivable behavior.

Dumbass Teenage Girls 64

I am so angry because two dumbass teenage girls gave a fellow classmate water from a toilet to drink. Really is that all you dumbass bitches do is go around doing stupid shit all the time. Teenage Brats make me so angry they go around acting stupid in public, always talking shit about anyone they see, spending more time on their phones and less time in the real world, and poison a classmate with toilet water. Dear Teenage girls please grow the fuck up before you get beat the fuck up and believe me if I was a boy at your school I would beat the fuck out of you two stupid bitches I would be sure to first throw a hot cup of coffee at you and then beat the fuck out of both of you retarded cunts and throw the both of your dumbasses down a flight of stairs and break every goddamn bone in your bodies and don't say because i'm male that I can't hit a girl, bullshit I think it's about time we men starting hitting women when they do stupid ass shit like this. The only justice that needs to be serves is these two retarded cunts being hung from a tree, and getting set on fire. Parents please discipline your dumbass kids before they piss off the wrong person.

Disruptive Teenagers at Wal-Mart 65

I am so angry at a bunch of dumbass Teenagers who decided to instead of shopping at Wal-Mart they do a bunch of stupid ass shit; I mean don't these losers have homework to do instead of making Youtube Videos of themselves Horsing Around in Wal-Mart? Yeah one of them grabbed a Horse on a Stick Toy, and rode it around the store like if it were an actual horse getting in the way of actual shoppers and nearly causing them to have an accident. Then after that the group of fucktards began laughing almost causing some lady to nearly crash into him and I can't blame her for being pissed at these losers, after that they began to take Bicycles meant for sale and skateboards and ride them into the store. These dumbass kids are bound to cause an accident and possibly cause a Shopper to get Injured and could get them and their dumbass parents who gave birth to them sued especially after on of the idiots tried to do a Wheelie in the aisles and came very close to hitting an elderly disabled shopper riding a mobility scooter, after that I went to go look for a Employee to deal with these stupid ass kids.

Than as I went to go find an employee to kick these hooligans out God Forbid finding one is like finding a needle in a haystack; the morons than began to play with the fucking Intercom shouting for all Walmart Employees to wake up and open every register, to Autographs with Tom Holland at the Toy Aisles, and one of them pulled their pants down and farted on the Intercom.

Then the idiots ran over to the Sporting Goods section and put on Boxing Gloves got in shopping Carts and began to box eachother while their friends crashed their carts into eachother as they boxed with each other and were making so much noise that finally a Wal-Mart Employee who looked very pissed approached these Kids and told them to "Get the Hell Out of here" 3 times and then said "Get The Fuck Out of Here" after that as the punks ran out of the store. I hope Wal-Mart bans these dumbass kids.

Teenagers with Stinky Feet 66

I took my Kids to see the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie and as we got seated and the movie began I smelled a really bad odor and I showered before I left home and it wasn't the Popcorn and what was more annoying someone behind my kept hitting my seat and I turned around in horror. There were two teenage boys sitting behind me both with their shoes off and their feet smelled so bad I couldn't enjoy the movie with my kids. We had to find an usher to get us another seat. Sadly all of the seats were taken and we complained about the two teenagers and their unwashed socks nearly in my face and they said they can't do anything about it unless they cause a serious commotion. I told them to give me my money back and they said they can't do that; I said i'll never come to this shitty theater ever again and took my kids and went to get something to eat instead.

I am so angry a couple of dumbass kids took their shoes off and put their nasty feet on the back of my seat and ruined me and my kids' time together watching a movie they wanted to see and the lazy theater ushers who did nothing to help matters. From now on when my kids want to see a movie we're getting it on DVD.

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