Lazy Boyfriend

Who cares that you have a job? You work three days a week and then you sleep the other fucking 14 hours. I'm a mom and have sole responsibility of my daughter. I get to sleep and now that it is cutting into our "time" you have to get an attitude. I'm going to school and working full time, and a mother of a beautiful baby girl. I have my plate full and you want to say you're busy and oh so tired b/c you work three days a week with no other responsibilities! YOu don't know responsibility. ANd the only thing that you know is being lazy and laying around on your fat ass. You get an attitude if I ask you to do someothing because I have my hands tied up with my kid. I am responsible and quite frankly I feel like I have two babies and not just one. GROW UP!!! And another thing, cut the mother fucking umbilical cord and stop running to your mom. Don't get me wrong, I'll love your mom, but when you are 25 with your own place and you can't even write a check to pay your bills, b/c your mom is making sure that you don't overdraw on MMA shit. And you want to get mad at me for never havin money. Oh I'm sorry, diapers, wipes, baby food, milk, clothing, and sneakers for my daughter isn't important. Forget that!!! She comes first. Do you know the last time that I bought something for me? Or did anything for myself? When we first started dating. Granted I choose to put my kid first, but that doesn't mean the rest of my time has to be consumed by you whiny and pathetic ass.

Boyfriend 2

Thanks alot babe, sure you will call me at three, that's so dandy, well just as always I waited at the time you said, then an hour passed, then two hours, then three, four and five. Thanks for standing me up again, I hope that little home wrecker you are always with, yeah I know about her, is making you real happy. Cause I'm done.

Unappreciative Boyfriend 3

ugh im so sick n tired of u walking all over me like nothing i say matters. dont forget who has bailed ur a** out a million times and counting and who keeps everything in line. i hate that i cant even relax because i have to keep track of any and everything that goes on in our lives. yea you slowed down on the drinking since ive been pregnant but why do you feel the need to make it seem like your life is over if u cant have a beer? I HAVENT HAD A DRINK IN OVER 8 MONTHS if i had known that me trying to get pregnant excuses you from everything in OUR lives i would have never let this happen. you make me feel like your personal assistant all the time like i dont even exist until you need me to keep track of a date or a bill that needs to be paid. we hardly have sex, and not to mention that you SUCK at it.

dont get all emotional when i have my guy friends call me, they make me feel waaaaay better than you do and if all this keeps up in a few months when the baby is born, please believe you will be put on child support and become my sperm doner. dont convince me to have your child and then completely ignore me and everyting we supposedly decided on together. i deserve way better than this..

since i feel super insecure and unappreciated 99% of the time dont be suprised if i cheat. you make me feel so horrible pretty much all the time that you dont deserve an explanation. i am better off just letting you find out in the worst way because i bet i would have your attention then!

Boyfriend 4

I am pissed at my boyfriend because he thinks he fucking runs me. Every time I tell him that he will no/cannot run me and that I am my own person. He lowers himself to call me a slut, whore, bitch, worthless and stupid. (Meanwhile he is more of all those than I am. I have not been with half as many people as he has, he is the bitch because he can't handle a woman that is sure of her self and won't let a man order her about when he's the one that f'ed up and please worthless and stupid...He graduated 5th grade. I am going to school for astrophysics while he works at a tire shop. I may not always give a f*** to have his dinner or laundry done. I had made it clear that I hate domestic responsibilities. I still do them 85% of the time for him. Of course he never addressed any issues, it's always my f'in fault that he is so fucking insecure with his manhood and not feeling that he's good enough for me. When I try to leave him, he has to hide the keys to my car. He ALWAYS tattles to my parents when he is the one that is irrational. A whole lot of good it ever does him. I love him but he needs to grow the f up! I am no b**** or whore or slut, I know that I am beautiful and smart and VERY intelligent. If he does not soon realize, than there are MANY fish in the sea. I don't need him. I WILL move on and find better (though he claims that I cannot, I know he knows that he feels he's not good enough for me.) Which, acting as he is, he's not.


New Years Eve. Why is it always so FUCKED up? Every year with the guy I've been seeing for the last 3 years. Last year we get into an argument, you had the opportunity to get together with me but no, instead you blow me off to play poker with the boys. This year, you have to work and don't call me until 12:20...I'm sure you called all your boys before you called me!!! no respect, just plain no respect. and its about high time I let my inner bitch come out!!!!! I'm done with being the nice sweetheart. you're going to see a side of me you havent seen before, honey. how would you like it if I did that to you?

Lack of attention 6

So here I am, waiting for our chat to start. (My boyfriend is abroad for a short while). I've set aside some time and I've re-arranged my day so that when we are chatting i have no distractions or pending work. But he hasn't. I'm angry that he has to cut me short every 15min to go do something or keep me waiting for 30 min only telling me he'll be late at the last minute or cut short our chat time or ,worst of all, do all 3. This has been happening a lot lately and I'm tired of it.
Sweetheart get your act together.

insensitive jerk 7

I was ill for 5 years, and last year I had to have major surgery (I now have an ileostomy). My boyfriend, who I have been dating for 2 and a half years, never came to ONE hospital appointment, the DAY i found out I had to have surgery that week he wouldn't even come and SEE me when i was SCARED and overwhelmed. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital, he came to see me ONCE and that was only for 10 minutes and he came at 5 to 8 WHEN HE KNEW VISITING HOURS ENDED AT 8 AND HE'D BE KICKED OUT AFTER THAT. After my surgery I had to get used a whole new way of life, but he barely SPOKE TO ME, claiming he was 'busy' or too fucking tired, and he even said to me once 'are you still talking about that?!' YES DICKFACE, BY 'THAT' YOU MEAN YOU ABANDONING ME WHEN I NEED YOU? YES YOU LITTLE PRICK I AM STILL TALKING ABOUT 'THAT'. He has made me feel insignificant since this surgery, like I am worth less because of it. he lies to me and shouts at me and hangs up on me when I catch him out when he lies. He has never taken me out for my birthday, or valentines day, or an anniversary. Now I have to make the biggest decision of my life so far, about my next two operations, and all he can do is WHINE about his life, if his car breaks down, or he has a headache, but when I talk about my operations he's TOO BUSY TO DISCUSS IT.

I hate him. he's the worst thing that's ever happened to me. I wish I'd never met him. He's ruined everything, and I have no self confidence left. I hate him.

stupid bitch ass boyfriend 8

My boyfriend is acting like such a damn little bitch. He whines and cries like a girl about me closing the door on him and pushing him with it just a tad. I can't believe what a damn baby he is. I try to get him out of the room and chill, watch a movie and maybe have bomb ass sex but does he get over it? No he just keeps crying like a bitch that he is and so I tell him off and send that pussy back to the fucking room. I hate the fact that I can't even have sex tonite because of him. He ruins everything. I just wanted to have a good time and fuck but he just messes everything up.

Heartless boyfriend 9


To the Closet Queer Ex BF 10

Dear (Name of Latest Brainless Soulless Shameless Louse Redacted) It really pains me to have to do this, especially considering that I thought maybe you and I if not the perfect couple, at least had a lot of things in common, but I've come to realize in the last few months that you and I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON and I am better for having realized this NOW, rather than 10 years down the road when breaking it off might have been much more painful.

I said many times that I would have killed to have a father like you. I now realize that what I said was so foolish and stupid that I don't know where my brain was when I was saying it. Perhaps it was lodged firmly up my ass? You see, my father walked out on me when I was five, and I only ever saw him maybe once every few years.

While our relationship was a stormy one, he is now my best friend, and has taught me so much that he never had the chance to while I was young. I was too busy writing him poison pen letters under the watchful tutelage of my mother. My father was not perfect by any means, but he never killed me with too much stuff either.

As a result, I have a conscience, and a soul... I am better adapted to accept loss, to overcome failure, to accept my imperfections, and to bridle the suction of the ever imploding spinning black hole of "Me, me, me"... which is more than I can say for your kids, I know you love them but the way you are going, they're not going to be responsible adults but future SEIU members!

NO other parent that I know of has a flat screen TV and a DVD player and a computer in each child's room. Why not get  them each a Blackberry, an Ipod, a laptop and hook up a washer and dryer in each of their rooms while you are at it... However, I will not be limited to my opinion of your freakishly materialistic parenting "skills". I never really considered you to be my "boyfriend".

Come on guy... You told me you loved me exactly two times during the course of four months... NEVER went down on me, and preferred unlubed anal intercourse over just about any other physical expression of your so called "love". That is, when you weren't crushing me to death with your full weight and making me feel ever so slightly like a hamster getting fucked to death by King Kong on too many potato chips. You see, it was hard for me to get aroused getting awoken in the dead of night from a sound sleep by a beer-reeking body with extremely cold limbs and  freezing fingers trying to pull my nipples rather painfully from their appointed sockets, the only utterance of emotion being "UGNNNGGH UGHHHHNNNHGGG UNNHGGGGH" as you grunted your load into me like a Thanksgiving turkey then rolled over and went to sleep.

I'm surprised I had the few orgasms that I did (I was doing most of the work) And you had no clue that the clitoris is just not a "push to get me off" button....Now that we have that ground covered and I dont want to think about it anymore, since the last time you anally penetrated me was less than 24 hours after I almost died from COPD and I almost lost my lunch on your pillow :D

You are just about all weird as can be. Not that that is a bad thing mind you, I think it was my curiousity about such a uniquely strange person that attracted me in the first place, you told me I have to learn to think like a vindictive person... THAT. I could never do. Had I learned this lesson from you, I would have taken the ball bat I was eyeing the other morning and smashed just about every fucking thing you owned. It would have been fun, but since you have your lawyer on speed dial and are convinced you know how to bury people who cross your boundaries in any fashion, I refrained...not only that, but vindictiveness is wrong in any case, and traditionally, the men that I have broken it off with have come out insanely better for having been with me while I got nothing.

Story of my life.

And as long as we are discussing the topic of giving medals to dogs, I feel your ex wife is just as deserving... for putting up with you for ten years and for bearing the fruits of your manly manhood three times.

However I don't wish to end this on anything more than a positive note.

Thank you for pushing me to find a job, it has opened so many doors for me, including the one I am about to walk out of to find a crappy motel room closer to work where at least I can get some decent sleep, uninterrupted by the hellish screaming of your beautiful but spoiled rotten children.

It's been a pleasure. NOT!!!!

*Note From Anger Central
Well, that certainly left marks. That ranks right up there with the wife of a former coworker who, in the middle of a large birthday party for said wife, said the following:
"Today is my birthday and this is my present to myself."
She then served the husband with divorce papers.
Anger Central sided with the wife. Hubby was a complete jerk and didn't deserve such a nice lady.

"makeup sex" 11

I will never forgive you for forcing yourself on me last night all in the name of "apologizing for being an asshole" I cannot believe someone so clean cut as you could prove to be so evil, cruel and sociopathic. I believe there are laws against what you did to me too. i will NOT let you win... that is the least I can do. They need to seriously screen their chaplains. FUCK YOU

Boyfriends! 12

Doesn't it just annoy everyone... having a boyfriend who literally does. F*ck all. but sit on the computer and play video games and go out and drink all night? Yeah, especially when the woman is younger than you! Grow up!

Unloving Boyfriend 13

I'm so damn pissed off because, this guy, I was best friends with and he promised to save me from my ex boyfriend because I was crying everynight! So now, I'm going out with this guy, he's done NOTHING to save me, he's unemotional and he doesn't tell me he loves me, he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful or gorgeous, he doesn't text me, he doesn't talk to me, and he tells his friends that are girls he loves them more than me, I don't wanna dump him, because sometimes he can be sweet, but not all the time :(. 95% of the time he's with his friends (girls) that HATE me with a burning passion, and he's bisexual, and I just can't..... :(... Please help...

*Note from Anger Central
You won't want to hear this, but..
Dump the slimeball. Get rid of him. Take a shower and wash him right out of your hair. He's obviously not worth your time. Throw a line in the water, there's plenty of fish in the sea. Seriously, get rid of this loser.

Boyfriend 14

It's 4am in the morning and I am lying in bed waiting for my partner of two years to get home. He has spent all day with a group of friends one of which I highly despise because she said some horrible things to him but all she has to say is sorry and it's all ok and now this group has been out and he told me it would just be over someones house I had to find out off facebook they are going up town and drinking. My boyfriend won't go up town because it's boring and won't drink because he is trying to be super healthy but guess what i bet he is drunk off his face because he won't go up ton sober and I'm sitting here waiting for him. I can't sleep becuase I am so angry and frustrated and we have a house inspection Monday that we were supposed to be cleaning for oh today but since I have no idea where he is or what time he is getting home I guess that'll be stuck with me. Well guess what mister I will not you can clean the while fucking house with a hangover and a text would be nice so I stop worrying about what the fuck is going on but whatever that's fine!!!

partner arg! 15

I am damm sure my partner is bipolar. One minute he is all fuckin roses next minute hurtful sarcasm pours from his mouth just because he had a shitty day at work which by the way appears to be EVERYDAY. But am I ALLOWED to share my problems from my full time job. OH NO. He can't bear hearing that when I have to listen to his fuckin crap every fuckin night. So I have to pretend that my job is just easy peasy and I can come home and cook him his fuckin tea on my fucking painful feet. bastard! God do I put up with a lot of crap that comes from his mouth which he makes me sit down and listen too. ARGGG! Can't stand it anymore.

Boyfriend 16

my boyfriend is so good on so many things but goddamnit he can make me so angry!! the main thing is that he says things like 'oh you're perfect, i love you etc' but then will snap at me and go off over the smallest things! i get upset and he says sorry but will still argue the point i swear men just cant see when theyre wrong.. i mean he says things like 'oh your last boyfriend was such a dick what were u thinking?' or 'youv'e had some real bad ones hey?' and say he will never be like them but then whats all the snapping and yelling and swearing? fucking men all the same.

My Asshole, Jerkasaurs boyfriend 17


Why? Because he is the most imconsiderate, money wasting, DUMB person I know. In fact, if I met the dumbest person in the world, I would be like, "compared to my boyfriend, you're a rocket-scientist!" This is all because of two weeks ago.

@ weeks ago was our anniversary (3 years) and he were supose to do it in one day/night. But no, he had to wait for his thing to come in, so i was a little upset but then decided it was fine.

That next weekend I was waiting for the surprise, but he said he's got some money shortage problems, so next weekend.

SO THIS SATURDAY we were doing something, he promised and promised and promised that he would do it. So hours before he decides to tell me, he can't.

Oh and we also won't be doing dinner or anything.

So I supose he's just going to hand he his gift and then leave.



boyfriend 18

My stupid FUCKING boyfriend is really pissing me off. I've been paying for birth control (that HE wanted me to go on) out of pocket which used to be over $200 before I switched to one that costs $80. He doesn't believe that it costs that much and thinks I'm making it up. After all the fucking money I spent for HIM

Boyfriend 19

To my boyfriend:

If you want to keep, me you have to remember a few things. One, do NOT take my brand new hundred thirty-dollar camera, say you'll have it back by tomorrow, then keep it over the weekend. I trust you, but if I get that thing back full of cat hair, I will kill you. Two, please let me know if you're gay or not. It is officially weird that we've been dating for so long and you haven't even kissed me yet -- I don't like giving an uncertain nod every time someone asks "Hey, isn't that guy gay?". Third, respect my wishes -- why do you always want to be affectionate in public, when I hate PDA? And why is it that you shy away when we're alone? Please tell me -- you don't know how good you've got it.

My man 20

Ok so aside from the lack of parenting skill him and his ex have( not a single damn one between em) what does this jack off decide to do start taking advice from his ex wife! Now mind you this moose cheated on him for 13 plus years. We are suppose to be getting married this weekend but I dont know f I want to. His kid is a waste of air and space, and Im starting to wonder if he has a brain cell left in his head. He is completely oblivious to anything around here. If it isnt easy to deal with you can belive he wont. Weve been going roun and round over his bufflo assed so called daughter. Ive come to realize I dont have to deal with her, shes not mine (thank god) and if I dont look out for my own happiness no one else will. He irrates the hell out of me anymore. Anytime I talk about backing out of the wedding he starts in on how much hes spent on it. His love for money is kinda creepy. Now dont get me wrong, he is a nice guy but he has some ignorant tendancies that are unreal. He's 38 acts 14, he thinks his friends need to be over here 24/7, sits in front of his ps3 like a kid, is lazy as hell, complains if I ask for money ( mind you all of my money goes on our rent), complaines about my kid being a brat ( but ignores the fact that his is a complete brat). Im so stressed these days that I want to become a serial choker. He ignores my happiness 99.9% of the time, I truely belive that he could careless if Im happy or not as long as it doesnt affect his happiness. He is developing a God complex that is really bad. Im starting to fully understand why there are so many man haters in the world, Im starting to become one. He's not the same person he use to be and I dont see what he has to be so damn bitter over, its not like he spends alot of time dealing with reality. Its pretty sad that as a wedding gift to myself, I looked up affordable divorce lawyers in my area. What is suppose to be the happiest day of my life is no longer happy, its becoming the most miserable thing Ive ever had to deal with. Ive lost all happiness about my wedding to the point I dred it. Id back out but If I had a place to stay but all of my family lives half way across the the country. He's a ass and Im screwed.

Lame excuse for a Boyfriend 21

Okay... So everyone says I deserve way better than you yet i still manage to lose my virginity to you and then you fuck off.You wont leave me alone for about 3 months saying fuck all like you love after all this stress im back with you cause you said you weren't going to give up until i go back out with you and i loved you back.... Now youre a slacker, youre lazy, don't show any affection in public at all, flirt and then blame me, criticise me and disrespect who I am... You act like you don't care and i actually want to throttle you at least 3 times a day....not good.

Fucking whore 22

I love my boyfriend. He's really sweet and would never cheat on me. But he's seems to have a soft spot for this one girl who has been flirting with him outrageously for over a fucking year. (She has a boyfriend btw...I don't think much is holding them together. If my boyfriend ever wavered and so much as gave her a hint, she'd jump right on him...whore) So we'll call her fucking whore. Today, I was home sick (for the first time) and my boyfriend's been having shoulder pain, so she gave him a massage....Apparently this was "no big deal" because he told me about it later, saying that it was really good. This caused us to get in a huge fight...he told me to not overreact, but I asked him how he would feel if it was me and that shut him up. But now we're upset with each other, all because Miss. FUCKING WHORE who has a boyfriend had to go ahead and be a FUCKING WHORE when I was conveniently out of the picture and my boyfriend was being conveniently an idiot. He knows she flirts with him and wants him but he's still friends with her and when I try to rant about her, he tells me to not give her such a hard time....FUCK THAT, FUCK THIS, FUCK HER, FUCK HIM

Boyfriend 23

ugh!!! I am so angry because I give everything to my relationship and I get nothing in return! I am angry because I run around after my partner, I get car parts, drinks, dinner, book tickets etc. All for him and all I get is a vague lukewarm 'thank you'. No hug, no 'thanks baby you're the best'. It sucks. I am angry because I put all the effort in but if I have a problem? then noooo sireeee! He doesn't want to know. He sucks. This relationship sucks. and its more than a year down the line. well poo.


My boyfriend lets his friends influence him SO fucking much, it's unbelievable. Whenever he spends just one day with his asshole of a "best friend" (who btw, treated his girlfriend like SHIT, lied all the time, slepts with my bf's ex etc), he acts like a fucking douchebag. Our relationship's on the rocks, why not make the fucking effort and leave your stupid ass "friend" away from us? My boyfriend CAN be amazing, if he wants to, but whenever he's with his mate, later, he acts like he doesn't want to see me, goes out drinking etc. and i know, it's because he kind of looks up to his friend. wtf dude? YOU tell me you LOVE ME, every single FUCKING day. you take me for granted, EVERY FUCKING DAY, you say you know i'll "always be there for you, so why worry" FUCK OFF. i'm not a fucking doll, stop playing with me. I'm the only good relationship you've had, why fuck it up, because you're so damn immature? I do EVERYTHING for my bf, i'm so nice, all the time, and he ALWAYS blames me for EVERYTHING, when it's not even my fucking fault. You are the one who comes up to me and wants to cuddle, you seek affection as well, why the FUCK??? can't you act normal. I don't trust you, i don't believe you, and i still cannot fucking leave you, even though that's what my friends suggest. So you cannot come up to me and only have sex with me, then be nice to me for a couple of days, and thhen say you don't wanna see me..Really, bitch..really??? If i Do LEAVE YOU, you will be sorry as hell, because your fucking friends and partying will ALWAYS be there, but I won't. so fuck off. and i home your next gf. cheats on you, liek your last ones did, expect me. because i would never do that.guess why? I LOVE YOU. like really, LOVE YOU. your my best friend. and you cannot understand that. You don't even listen to me and i'm fucking sick of it. we never meet when we're supposed to, and you know it pisses me off.we should be together RIGHT this second, you promised..but where are you??+ OH YEHA, DRINKING WITH YOUR FRIENDS. BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO. asshole.

dumb boyfriend 25

He knows that I work 7days a week and he does not wanna help me with his two childern,and doesn't pay any child support and he does not buy the children anything he is a deadbeat in the worst way...I'm tired and I really don't like his dumb ass i hope that GOD gives him evrything he deserves..

boyfriend 26

you told me i was spoiled. selfish. invasive. that you have no respect for me. that you do not even like me. i tell you these things you say make me feel so incredibly horrible about myself. and you say "well maybe you should." fuck you. fuck you for spending the first 5 goddamned months of our relationship in my house, never leaving my fucking bed. and eating all my food. and never doing the dishes or your own laundry. take care of yourself. i am not your mother. fuck you for saying "fuck you" to my face a dozen times then dragging me across the floor, twice, to kick me out of your room. i have never treated you with that much disrespect. fuck you for always doing what you want to do. fuck you for not considering how your actions make me feel. fuck you for never making a move on me because you are "self centered." yes, your words for yourself. fuck you for cutting your arms and saying it is my fault. for saying that your life is horrible because of me. take responsibility for your actions, you fucking irresponsible spoiled piece of shit. fuck you for saying you wouldnt get drunk again. and then drinking like a goddamned fish 6 times after that. IN 3 FUCKING WEEKS. youre 34. DO SOMETHING ELSE besides party like you are in college. fuck you for slamming doors and yelling at me. fuck you for drinking so fucking much and fighting with me about nothing. you will get cirrhosis and or liver cancer by the time you are 50. fuck you for making me feel like a worthless piece of shit and then the next day saying "oh hey, sorry bout that" and thinking that its all okay. fuck you for thinking i "betrayed" you when i dumped you because i could not take the pain anymore. three times. this is it. im done. man, after this rant ill never wonder why we arent together again!

Asshole Boyfriend 27

My boyfriend is a douche. He acts like such a kid. He used to be perfect. I loved him so much. He treated me like gold and I knew he loved me. We didnt have a single argument in 6 months. Now he's gotten comfortable and thinks Im going to put up with his fuckery forever. Im tired of having stupid fucking arguments with him every few days. He NEVER does anything wrong, he never knows WHAT Im talking about, and somehow its all my fault. He doest know how to talk things out, so he snorts and ignores me and laughs and mocks me and gets all pissed and goes out to smoke half a pack of ciggs or weed and doesnt talk to me for hours/days til he wants something. Every time. And throws in my face that he's doing better than me. And lots of girls dont have a (n inconsistent) support system or someone they can count on (most of the time) And their boyfriends are ALWAYS jerks but he's not, though Im just WAITING for the day that he hits me or pisses me off enough to leave for good. He works hard and pays for more than me, cause Im just gaining some stability and getting on my feet, so I have no problem helping him. I cook for him, clean for him, do everything to be a good girlfriend, and he appreciates it til he gets a wild hair up his ass. And Im about to rip you a new asshole, asshole.
He claims he loves me sooooo much, yet he always mocks me, and acts indignant whenever I try to bring anything up. I will NOT be disregarded anymore, and Im TIRED of saying the same old shit every few days just for it to cause a HUGE UNNECESSARY ARGUMENT that he knows doesnt even have to happen. And insult to injury its EVERY FEW DAYS. EVERY FEW DAYSSS!!!! Grow the fuck up. The only shit I can ever get a reaction from is when he pisses me off, makes it a thousand times worse for shits and giggles, and I hide our bowl so he cant get stoned and has to face reality and be upset just like me. Then he's ready to tear the house down.

His weed and his stupid filthy stank ass cigarettes. He always wants shit HIS way, cause Im more passive than him, and Ill usually let down cause I dont want to argue, so I give in and let it fester in my head. No this time. This time he can suck my hypothetical balls til he gets his own and realizes that you need to treat people right if you expect them to be a part of your life.

He always has an excuse for everything. I had to FORCE him to even have sex with me for quite some time til I recently gave up and dont even want to.. When there are many guys that would be honored. I could have just as easily went behind his back and got a side project and not even let anything he did phase me anymore, but Im dog faithful and I just wish things would change. And every once in a while when I really fly off the fucking handle and he promises not to be such a fucking self righteous crass fucking jackass, he'll be good for a few days and then its right back to being like none of the talks never happened. No more talking. No more. Cause Im all out of words and Im wasting them anyway. I just dont know if this is even worth it anymore.

Lying Boyfriends 28

It will never be okay for you to hang out with your ex! Don't lie to me about it either.

You told me once you didn't care about her but that is obviously some bs. I just don't understand why you would be all buddy buddy with her and who knows what else, when you know that bothers me. I stopped that sort of behavior years ago. I guess guys don't grow up til there 50s. Maybe I will just marry the old guy for the money.

boyfriend and facebook 29

My boyfriend...lets just call him Tom. Is an effing facebook abuser. He spends all his free time away from me stalking other girls on facebook. I HATE FACEBOOOK. He stalks his ex girlfriend and then some other girls he thinks are hot or whatever I have no idea what his intentions are. And then he blocks me from seeing his history. So i pretty much have to turn a blind eye to whomever he is stalking.

Boyfriend 30

What the fuck is his problem? We were living together for two years when the last six months, he decided to go on an off again, on again drunken bender. He would go to AA sometimes, then fall off the wagon and fucking bitch and cry about how he wants to be a "famous artist." Well one day I about had enough of his crap, as I would come home from work on my night shifts, day shifts, didn't matter - fuckin asshat would decide to go buy booze and get all loaded before I got home. I kicked his ass out of the house and now he's in his own apartment. We're supposed to be seeing one another still while he gets his shit together, but I've hardly seen him in two weeks. All he does is send me these shitty text messages - I'm sick of reading texts, you fucktard - come visit me and your stepson. His text messages are all about how he's doing this artwork around town, how he's cleaning himself up and oh - now the fuckin world is all roses because he has some space. Fuckin wanker, must be nice to be able to walk away from your family so you can have your own "space". I fuckin had it with hearing this new-age hippie bullshit from him and figured I'd "get on the bus" (to those who know what I mean) - well - he texts my mother of all people who he just got into fucking knots about it. Fuck, I wish the whole world would just fuck off. I wish he would just fuck off with the "I'm doing so great" facade. Then he has the nerve to put on my FB Wall that, "I understand - it's so difficult being an artist because there's a line between pure genius and schizophrenia - I hope you can find your balance one day too." FUCK YOU. What an asshole. If anyone is balanced, it's ME. I'm the one who protected MY son from YOUR fucking habit that you I suppose felt couldn't fix while you were with me. How dare you have the audacity to patronize me on a public forum like that. I'M the one who kept the fucking show afloat while you went on your benders. And you wonder why I get a little fucking touchy over having to always be the one to tow shit along and be the strong one all the fucking time. Stupid ass. Who the fuck does he think he is?

Boyfriend 31

I am beyond pissed at my 'supposedly' on-again boyfriend. We were together for two years out of the five years we knew each other. Everything was awesome until I ended up being the one with the pants on in the relationship. He is a BIG Mommy's boy might I add. Mom first, me second. He wasn't working and wasn't filling out job applications when we went job hunting. I was working at a supermarket and that didn't even cover our butts financially. So, with his reluctant support I danced again just to make ends meet better. His drinking got worse and worse and it ended up being his biggest downfall. I broke up with him at the peak of it and retreated out of town to not stress. A week later, when I came back from recovering we talked in person for a good while and pretty much admitted he was an alcoholic and talked things through. Yeah, so we did get back together to try it one last time but he is extremely HESITANT to tell his parents or any one else we are back together... he lives in their basement. You know what cut the mommy strings - you are a grown ass man! Let alone we have a baby on the way now... your BIOLOGICAL dependent child first not your mom. His parents still do not know about us being together and you know what... I'm fed up and I am tired of sneaking around for whatever stupid reason there is. If there is another girl: **** you. So, all I have to say is: If you don't wanting to effing grow up and be a man and try - considered yourself free because I don't need no man to lean on and it won't be easy but I can and will raise this beautiful child all by myself if you won't step up and grow some damn balls very quickly.


He argues with me about everything. It makes me want to slam my head into the wall because of how jealous and fucking insecure he is. Oh, so a girl can say she wants to masturbate to you and I have to relax, but if a guy ever said that to me you'd kill him? You twat. You're so unfair. We used to be so good together, what the hell are we coming to now?

My Boyfriend 34

He left Sunday morning saying he'd see me in a couple of hours. By noon I was getting pissed. I texted him and was ignored. By 4pm I was so upset that I took a couple of nerve pills so that if he did show up I would be asleep and not even care.I'm sick of starving for sex.We used to do it every chance we got and now I'm lucky to get laid twice a week. He has no plans of us living together and after a year of hangin' out. I am so miserable and he is so clueless.He runs off every weekend morning and leaves me to sit alone. Next weekend I will be ready to leave and not be here for the weekend of aloneness. He can wonder were I went and why I don't both to text or call. He's a good guy but he sure is inconsiderate and self absorbed.

My Lazy Boyfriend 35

My boyfriend of say 2 years thinks that playing video games and smoking marijuana all day is all that he needs to do. I have a two year old daughter, not by him. And sometimes I'll catch him being a little bit too aggressive with his punishment techniques.

His 'zombies' come before me, he pouts when I call him on something. And he lays in bed all day while I cook, clean and organize my little house seeing as I have to move. He was the dumb one that drank beer and proceeded to try and cut wood with a HUGE axe. It was his stupidity that he almost cut his foot off. Yeah, I do feel bad for him, but when you've got time to keeP your foot down and smoke a joint and bitch at me, then why don't you have enough energy to do some fucking dishes! And when I mention to him about that such thing, he gets pouty and sulks. He sponges off everyone seeing as he can't work at the moment, but I can't do it anymore! I need a new man or he needs to change! I am not willing to give a sponge anything else! You are not crippled!

My S.O. 36

My significant other, used to be wonderful. Now that I have moved into his "NEW HOUSE" he has changed into A total Jerk. I don't understand how a person can change from like-able to DESPICABLE so fast. He is Rude, Moronic, a penny pincher, lost any manners he had. He is a slob and we can not even communicate because he talks so D*** Stupid. All he wants, ALL THE TIME, is SEX,SEX,SEX. He is such a turn off to me because of his FOUL MALFUNCTIONS, and lack of communication skills. Unfortunately I need a roof over my head for a while longer, so I need to bite my tongue. I have been DUPED AGAIN and I am close to 60.

Boyfriend 37

I just don't even know what to do at this point.

I've been seeing this very sweet boy for a year, and I really do love him, but I don't know how long I can keep up with this relationship. It's positively draining.

First off, he's such a homebody. I don't mind just having a down most of the time, but he never wants to go out anywhere. It's like he can't even conceive of why anyone would ever go out. The other day I mentioned that we could take a weekend and drive four fours to a big city that had some fun things to do. He laughed and said that he would never do that. He has no sense of spontaneity or adventure, and it really wears on me that we never go on dates.

Also, he's a GIANT momma's boy. I'm all for having a good relationship with your family, but this is extreme. He lives at home while he's finishing his third year of undergrad, which is totally understandable. However, besides coming to campus for classes, he never leaves home. If I want to see him, I have to drive over to his freaking house every weekend. He won't come pick me up, either, because his parents worry when he drives. He also can't pick out any of his own clothes. His mom buys them all for him.

I just don't see a future with him, even though I really care about and have fun with him. We're not even really dating. We're exclusive friends with benefits. I'm really bad at communicating all this to him, because I don't think we're serious enough for me to have the right to bring up his family, even though we've been together long enough for it to grate on me. I'm just at a loss ARRRGGGHHH!

My lying boyfriend and his best friend 38

Because my boyfriend is a sulky, manipulative liar who doesn't deserve me. I am beautiful, intelligent and educated. He lets his rude, ugly little best friend insult me and walk all over me. I am now very angry.

*Note from Anger Central
So why isn't he your EX-boyfriend?

Boyfriends abuse 39

It doesn't matter anymore if I am right or not. This relationship isn't worth the hurt anymore. I think I have a right to find out what he is doing behind my back considering the past he has. But he recently doesn't think I am entitled to it. It doesn't matter anymore. I feel more like I'm unwanted anyways, Most of the time he is irritated by my presence and really avoids being social with me. He pretends he doesn't hear me anymore or just straight up ignores me. Then denies it. He ruins every single Holiday because he wants to be pissy.This isn't the family I wanted. In suppose to feel happiness somewhere in all this right? But no lets focus on his unhappiness.His thoughts- forget Abby or Baxtor's Christmas like always. Abby and Baxtor don't need Birthday parties or gifts. Lets not try to take my girlfriend out ever but I will go bowling or out to sports bars while she stays at home instead of trying to make it work between us.

I guess truthfully I am hanging on to something not worth saving anymore and I hate to admit but I hate the person he not only is becoming but the person he wants to be. Can't fake something that isn't there anymore.

I am so depressed and have been sinse July and he doesn't even notice how I don't eat normally. Or that I don't enjoy the things I normally do. I don't draw, play videogames or even clean the room anymore. I am the most depressed I have ever been and he has yet to try to help. Instead he forgot me like I don't matter or exhist. Instead of making me feel better about my insecurities he makes them worse and I told him how suicidal I've been but yet again he doesn't care. When it gets tough he isn't there for me infact he turns on me like a rabbid dog. He gets mean and huffy, then blames me for ANY AND EVERYTHING. Like when Abby got hurt both times in the summer of 09 he got pissy at me. Or when I got in a fight up at 6502 with my Mother, over Abby. I walked down stairs after arguing with her over something HE WANTED ME TO STAND UP ABOUT and he bursted out yelling at me. How embarassing that my man didn't have my back.

Then when I finally confronted my Mom about SSI money he was there yelling at them too but sure enough a day later he starts yelling at me about it. AFTER abusing myself esteem for a year over not saying anything to her. And if he thinks I believe he left Sandys because she said that I needed to get out of bed to watch Baxtor, he is mistaken. I swear she lectured him for not getting Baxtor! It pissed him off and so he woke me up in a huffy way. So we left and he turned the story into " Look what I have to do for you, I left my cozy aunts place because OF YOU." After he felt like a fool for being a mean asshole for 45 minutes. So after I called him out on being a jerk he turned it into " I am pissed off jerk because I had to stick up for you." thing

While I am trying to focus on the good in life, He focuses on the bad and hates that I try to be positve. So how can I drag out of this depression, I have no support.

I can't stay with him because we HAD good times. Those ran their course long before I moved up here.

July 2nd-He did what he always does. He tried to ruin the time at the lake. He knew I was excited and wanted to have a good time. But he wouldnt let that happen he made sure he was yelling and angry at us the whole time. His excuse was he was treating me that way because we didnt have the money to stay there " when my brother gave us the money" and that my Mom took MY SSI that month. He went into the tent really early that day and pouted. I confronted him about how he is always too negative and he talks to me like I am worthless. He replied " THATS BECAUSE YOU ARE!...You are the problem because you are worthless. You cant stand up for yourself and your family because you ARE worthless. A CHICKEN SHIT! " He rolled over and went to sleep while I whept

July 3rd- We woke up early and after eating breakfast we drove home early. We started arguing over the fact that I wanted to stay and he had to ruin it.I told him to get out and he told me he will gladly. But knowing it was all talk,I text his sister using his phone, telling her that he wanted to come back for a while to visit and then I deleted it. I went downstairs to watch tv and later he came down stairs with anger, he hit me on the back of the head and then shoved Baxtor in my arms because he didnt want to watch him.

so called boyfriend 40

i'm so damn angry that the man i met 4 and a half years ago uses me like a piece of dirt under his shoe.he's 16 years older than me and when we got together he was brilliant. he even took on my son who was only 2years old. things were great and i had my daughter. EVERYTHING changed from that point. he never took care of the kids. never bathed them. never fed them, never played with them. to make matters worse, when i started college again he quit his job, sat at home doing sod all whilst im being mum,. student, cooking cleaning, and whilst working and all he does all day is sit down or do sod all.he now claims depression and insisted i speak to his i did.and she says i shold leave his dumb ass. i wish i could but i'm not prepared to make my kids homeless.i pay all the bills. had to quit college, and he talks to other girls too. what makes it worse is he has a spoilt brat of a teenage daughter and i'm the only one who seem sto see he is wrapped around her finger.he lies about talking to his ex and it's like i dont even exist. if anyone can the hell do i get out of this without making my kids homeless?

fucking boyfriend 41

god damn shit head of a boyfriend has just got up at 1.30pm AGAIN...lazy mother fucker stays up all night on the XBox, does sweet fuck all to help around the house let alone with his son. We never have sex and i feel like his fucking mother....wish he would piss right off!!

Boyfriend 42

My selfish, self-centered boyfriend takes no responsibility for anything. His female friends didn't accept me from day one. They hate on me, tell lies about me, talk crap about me, and when this puts me in a bad mood, I'M at fault! He told me that I needed to "kiss their asses" to get back on their good side. This was after I found out one was making up blatant lies, and talking shit right in my face! What planet am I living on?! He criticizes me up and down. Nothing I do is good enough. My job sucks, my attitude sucks, he loves me but there are things he can't stand about me. That's love!? I feel like shit every goddamn day! I have no idea why he even likes me! Besides sexual things I cannot recall the last time he said something genuinely nice about me. The only time he has a serious conversation with me is if he's telling me what a sucky person I am, how my behavior sucks, living situation sucks, everything about me sucks!!! I bent over backwards to support him, encourage him, be there for him, be upbeat, positive. I do not nag, or control, or start drama, or whine, or ANYTHING! Yet, the second I get angry for his friend talking shit, I'M the bad person. It's MY fault she acts like that. He lets his asshole friends completely control the direction of this relationship. Instead of standing up to that BITCH he comes to me and tells me I'm wrong! WHAT THE HELL?! He criticizes me saying that I have a "certain attitude towards life." Insinuating that I'm unhappy, when it's the farthest thing from the truth! I am almost ALWAYS happy, easy-going, I have never asked him for a THING. In our years together, NOT ONE DAMN THING. Meanwhile, he's the most self-centered, selfish, passive agressive, "holier than thou" attitude, thinks he's better than me and everything I am, puts down my occupation, and my family, points out every damn "flaw" I have. And he doesn't even say specific things. He just makes general statements saying, "You have a certain attitude in life." Oh yeah? Please, enlighten me. What is it? And there's never an answer! He can't give me any specifics, or examples. We had it out and I told him everything I feel about him. How I'm always on eggshells hoping he doesn't dump me for whatever flaw he finds in me on any given day. Why do I care so much!? HE'S the one that should be dumped! He doesn't communicate, he just bottles up all his bullshit and then it comes out in the form of a huge rant to me and putting me down. He's never happy with anything. He's always complaining about something and then has the audacity to tell me that I!! have the bad attitude towards life. He's full of shit, and the biggest hypocrite on the face of this earth. And oh yeah, HE'S A CHEATER.

"Boyfriend" 43

I was seeing this guy for about 3 months. We never really established that we were boyfriend, girlfriend, but we did everything pretty much like a regular couple. But I noticed, that he never says anything nice about me. Never compliments, never notices stuff. I was very happy with myself when we started going out. But because the lack of positive feedback i started to feel low, unpretty and unhappy eventually.

I initiated a talk about why is he being this way. I wrote him a list with all the things bothered me, gave him a few days to think about it and then talk. Well I was busy on that afternoon when we were suppose to talk, so I told him to meet up a day earlier. Well, I got over to his place, sat down, and was waiting for him to start talking. I was waiting for him to respond to all the things they bothered me. You know, what he said first? He went like, oh, well, you know I thought we were gonna meet up tomorrow, so I haven't really thought through anything yet. I was speechless. When you're in a relationship and you're trying to sort out some important stuff ( well important to me), and then your partner has this attutide. I wanted to shout, but I didn't. I should have gotten up and leave, but I couldn't. I just sat there, this was the most awkward conversation ever! With loads of pauses. Basically he couldn't come up with anything. He kept repeating that this is just the way he is. I asked him why does he like me? He said because of my blue eyes and because I'm attractive. He actually said that. I mean what kinda person says stuff like these?? How could I be so blind? How can someone act so cold, so emotionless? I cannot believe I ever thought that this could work out. He is such a dick! Now my only problem is that I'm stuck with him at uni for another 2 years. He wants to be friends. I just hate him for not even saying sorry for his behavior. Just apologise for being such a heartless person! I deserve an apology at least!

My Boyfriend (How Original) 44

I'm angry because when my boyfriend takes Xanax he acts like a mean drunk and is obnoxious and can be mean. I also don't like him when he's drunk but he takes Xanax more than he drinks.

Why can't he just not take it? He doesn't comprehend how he acts on it. I'm also mad at the person who gives it to him. I WISH THAT PERSON WOULD STOP IT.

Lazy Guilt Trip Boyfriends! 45

My boyfriend of almost two years, is lazy, sponging, guilt tripping and just plain rude! He HAD a job back in September doing drywall. He got fired from it when he decided that he would stay asleep all day and not call in. And he didn't tell me he was fired until a week later! He's used me a sex toy, getting mad when I told him I was too tired from school. Broke my roof in one of his mad fits. Called me a crazy bitch in front of my two year old. Stayed with me just because I would help him with bus fare, feed him. Etc. And when I got fed up with him and was ready to throttle him, he'd go over to his friends house and eat their food and play on their playstation all day. Meanwhile telling me he was applying for jobs. Well he burnt that bridge when he blew them off to go stay with his alcoholic dad across the city. He's lost them as a friend and a couch to crash on. I'm also on the verge of getting kicked off Social Services because people found out he was staying here. I'm done with his guilt trips, mood swings, crazy outbursts, and him using me. Go live with your dad. Just don't come crawling back to me when you're hungry, broke, alone, and horny. Grow up already! You're 23! Ughh!

Boyfriend/Fiancee is a mean loser 46

I am so sick of him treating me like a child, I pay for everything, I take us everywhere, he expects it and that is my fault for being so damn good to him and spoiling him. He is an asshole and all he does is browse the internet during the day works maybe 2 real hours and when I come home expects me to cook and clean. I am not supposed to call or text his ass either because he is so busy...yeah busy talking to all his friends. He can go to hell, yank his salad. I really need my fkn head checked, I will not marry an asshole like him. Done that already, I deserve better!

A lying, cheating, fat, smelly mess named Carl 47

I hate Carl with a white-hot intensity that makes the sun fucking jealous. He told me he loved me and convinced me to move across the goddamn country with him and once I did he lost no time running around behind my back, screwing the very worst, ugliest, most gaping skanks, lying to me about what he was doing, telling EVERYONE we know that I'm just a psycho-bitch and it's all in my head and doing anything he possibly could not only to make me completely miserable but to prevent me from leaving him as well. He tore up the house and told everyone I did it. (I was the one wsho cleaned up the mess and made repairs.) He lied to the police a number of times, getting me arrested once. I would love to get the fuck out of this cesspool town full of retarded, drug-addicted wank-sniffers but I STILL have court dates to go to thanks to Carl, King of Twat Town. Fuck you, Carl. I sincerely hope you die screaming in the gutter, soaked in the piss of at least 20 squids on shore leave, clutching the scab-covered remains of your pathetic junk in one hand and a broken meth pipe in the other, you co-bag fucking closet homo. FUCK YOU!!!

No Sex Tonight Dear 48

I have a boyfriend Jim and we have been together for almost two years. He has forgotten the fact that I have a vagina. We would have days filled with kissing, sex, and passionate cuddle time in the beginning. I am lucky if I can get him to grab my ass anymore. The sexual relationship we once had is almost completely gone. As much as I am head over heels for the man he has got to give it up to me. He just lost all interest in anything sexual. What is so damn horrible about a 115lb, long legged, woman with a B cup boobage size that is pretty, with a good body wanting to be with you? He has to absolutely be out of his mind. He blames it on his age he is only 47. He has nothing but excuses. He states that I want it too often; it is not like I am asking for it anywhere near as much as I truly do want. I want to be with him at least three times out of the day, but I only ask of twice a week and I hardly ever get that. What is so hard about handling your business at home the way a man should and take care of the intimacy in the bed? At least give me a helping hand. The majority of our fights are because of the lack of sex and I am the one who looks needy in the end. It is not right! I should be the one telling him NO SEX TONIGHT DEAR!

boy! 49

so three years ago, i dated this guy for awhile and then we broke up. So, this guy tells me everything that came out of his mouth to me was a lie and cheats on his girlfriend with me. Well, i don't see him, speak to him, anything for like six months, and than out of the blue this bitch comes back into my life.

Well, i really liked the kid and i fell for every word he said to me, and we ended dating again for 6 months this time, but at this time he had his ex pregnant & ofcourse, we had sex, but we used protection because i was not about to be his babymama.

So i spend a weekend with him and everything was great. Sexytime was fun. His familys is cool and everything, except his mom ofcourse, she's the mother of all bitches. seriously. i have never met a woman so vile as she. well that night he gets back with his babymama and doesn't tell me. so, me thinking everything is a-ok, i wake up feeling like hell when his babymama texts me and says WERE BACK TOGETHER, like wtf am i suppose to say, congrations, do you want a fucking a cookie? well i tell him off and he says he's still in love with me but he has to be with her. blah blah blah bullshit bullshit bullshit.

so, a year goes by and were strictly friends. i decide to go away for a bit & i come back and hes up my ass for months until his birthday. than he says IM GETTING MARRIED and it hurt. like alot. so i tell him i cant talk to him and he itches. LIKE WQTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

Liar Boyfriend 50

My boyfriend David decided to spend our one year anniversary with his ex , lied about it and tried to make me feel bad when I confronted him, blaming my hormones. Coward couldn't own up to it until I showed him the movie tickets I found in his jeans. As of April 3rd he is just somebody that i used to know. The worst thing is that I am still blaming myself for it and trying to figure out what is wrong with me that people can hurt me without a second thought...

selfish boyfriend!!! 51

I have been dating my boryfriend for the past 6 years, and he has never had a job(at least not when he was with me.) But because of the economy i thought it was just bad luck on the job front. He didnt have a License after losing them and complained how because he did not have any license he could not really get a job so I paid for his license. Now he complaines how now he cannot get a job because he does not have a car i would be happy to pay for that too but i refuse to if he still wont even look for a job. I mean you have to look for a job in order to get one.

All he does is sit at home all day and play video games while i am at work full time and then school part time but he always complaines how he is always alone and always stuck in the house yet does not want to get up early in the morning to take me to work not because he has to get up early but because he adv its too stressful to get in my car and pick me up after i get out he claims that puts to much pressure on him. I mean how much pressure can sitting in a car moving your arms and feet a little and paying attention to the road wow that nervous breakdown status. He always complains about things he doesnt have i just paid to get a brand new computer something he acted like he had to have with my taxes. This past fall i bought a 48' led flatscreen tv that he whined about for about 8 months.while i am getting all of this i never have enough money to do or get anything for myself and when he has money which he gets paid monthly but can only afford his half of the rent, never helps with one bill, yet complains about EVERYTHING!!!! a few weeks ago i got $400 and didnt tell me and bought a rifle he always wanted but did not need supposedly getting prepared for the " disaster that is supposed to happen in 2012 which may or may not happen i was extremely broke that week. Then he just got $1000 last wee and rent is due we have a shut off notice for light bill i have to pay my car note and car insurance as well as pay for groceries and he buy a bunch of stuff that he wants including a $375 fish tank that he does not have any fish for any plants or gravel so he cant even use it and offers me $30 dollars if that is not a spit in the face i dont know what is. I tell him this and he says i didnt know you needed help WHAT!!!! me going to cash advance places, borrowing money from my mother, paying bills super later and extending a shut off notice for electricity (which he has the bill on our bulletin board in the kitchen the first room you walk in from outside)you mean to tell me i had to ask for help paying bills like he didnt know we were broke. The selfishness is insane how can sombody be so selfish when i sacrafice my wants and needs for our relationship this relatonship is uneven and i am getting sick of it and i am starting to resent him big time

lying partners 52


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We're guessing the poster is a female



boyfriend 54

No matter what I do, you are still verbally abusive. I have one friend ONE FRIEND call me in 3 days, and when I leave the room so as not to disturb you, I am accused of talking about you or discussing my "secrets!" What secrets?! You go through my phone! Read all my texts! You spit in my face at the beach two weeks ago for spending the night at a girlfriends house. Let's not forget the THREE TIMES you have hit/pushed/kicked me and bruised me. And you want to have sex? I don't want to sleep with you- you are unattractive to me now! Sex is the only time you are nice. You have told me that I'm not worthy of marriage. That I would end up alone. You told your friends you would never marry me. I hate you.

My boyfriend 55

My boyfriend came to London without his fucking medicine! AND he doesn't have a European Health Insurance! Now he keeps moaning at me making out it's my fault! He keeps trying to find black market pharmacies in London! HELP ME!

*Note from Anger Central
Can't he just pay cash? See a doctor, Doctor calls his doctor to confirm, then write a prescription for him?

Boyfriend 56

Okay so first off, there are so many issues I can rant about on this topic. So I'll start with one. Issue #1- he blames me for everything.

For example: we could be having an argument and he blames me for starting and being the cause of it. No buddy boy,you're the one who feels the need to constantly argue about everything that happens. It's so irritating and he doesn't realize the stress it puts on me.

Issue #2-the insecurity

I've got two jobs and he works all day every day basically. I got sick of just sitting here so I got two jobs to help pay for stuff. He constantly accuses me of flirting with other guys,exchanging numbers,etc. I've told him so many times that that's not true. I've been with him for over a year and if that doesn't clobber him in the head,I don't know what will to make him understand that I'm not going anywhere. He's my first love but petty things like that turn into bigger things and will eventually break us up!

Issue #3-Internet

He feels the need to run to the Internet and look shit up. Like really..? You're gonna go on the Internet and automatically assume its about me and it's right? I'm not talking just one thing,I'm talking about multiple things..everything actually. I've told him its irritating but,it's like it doesn't register in his tiny little brain. It's so frustrating.

Issue #4-he gets mad at me for everything

Example 1-if I leave the house for more than 10 minutes,he'll start accusing and causing fights. Over a year ago,he would constantly ignore me for a whole day at a time and think it was okay. I've threatened to leave him so many times,but it's like it doesn't even phase him. He's done that to me so many times along with comparing me to his exes as well as control me. But those few things have stopped over a few months ago,which I'm not complaining about now. But back to the issue at hand. Every time I come home,it's like I get interrogated."Who'd you talk to?","where'd you go?","did you give your number out?","did you talk to any guys?". He wonders why I get to irritated and mad at him. I've told him on multiple occasions,it feels like an interrogation and it needs to stop and I love how he tried to justify his actions.

Honestly,I do love him and wanna marry him one day. But he needs to straighten up and stop being so insecure. I've been with him for over a year,yea I do threaten to leave him(because he's done it to me and he needs to know how it feels as well as because of his actions),but it should register,I'm not going anywhere!


I met a guy from Fort Worth, Tx named Tony. We began to text and talk to see if we're compatible. He described himself like this:

honest man
supportive of you or whatever you do
like to hold hands
like to go to museums
open doors for my lady


We found we have ALOT of things in common and that our personalities get along well.

Yesterday I let you know I will start back with college classes and you text back 'I will support you 110%'.

Today i have not heard from you at all. We've know each other a week and you texted me every morning, we texted throughout the day, when its after 5pm you would text and ask if I've off work and we'd keep communicating til bedtime.

You ditched me.
Without a word.
Yesterday I was 'beautiful, kind, funny and very compatible with you.'

Today I keep picking up my phone. Its noon. You've dumped me. Because I take college courses.


When will I meet a man who is HAPPY for my accomplishments and not run away whenever he sees I have positive things to offer?

Boyfriend 58

He never listens, he always turns things back around so he's the one to feel sorry for, he always makes me cry, he's always late, he always cancels plans, he never wants to have sex, he's constantly looking for attention, when we/he has important things to do he gives up and i have to do it for him or he goes out and gets wasted on drugs he knows i'm against for many reasons. When he's made me cry he leaves because he doesn't want my hurt to make him 'more' depressed. But he's still the nicest guy i know.

Boyfriend blues 59

4years, long slow, dragging. I have contemplated many times , I have asked the questions why does he do this, why is he so self centred toxic poisonous evil manipulative he uses me treats me poorly, would easily let me starve for 2 days whilst my money pays for his 3 dogs food, push me down stairs,make me watch as he stabs himself ,have me thrown in a crazy house when i tried to leave once before, call other women web cam get his dick out for girls online, then there's the dating websites the late night texts from the 55+ girls all inhis phone, or how he says I'm not a real woman cos I can't get pregnant, how he knows it's me cos he fucked some girl and got her pregnant when we were on a break, the constant lack of respect day in, did you butter my bagel b4 u put cream cheese on it? Sorry I didn't think you wud want butter aswell. Well you've ruined the fucking bagel and now it's gonna go to waste I'm not eating it! Ok don't eat it I've just finished a 12 hour day of working in a sweaty kitchen paying for the house which I'm not allowed a key for!!!hahaha I'm losing my mind he has sucked the life out of me I'd be dangerous with a gun as I'm likely to blow my fuckin brains out over the neatly arranged pile of his clothes that I've washed!

My asshole boyfriend! 60

This mother fucker really thinks he's slick. He fucking lies to me and I've caught him numerous times! He really thinks he's slick. Honey, I wasn't born yesterday and I can see right through all your bullshit. I used to be just like you. That's the really sad part! I changed my ways because I was unhappy with myself! Being that way got me nothing but heartache! That's how I know you're up to no good though- you know the old saying that it takes one to know one?!?

I know you're fucking around on me. You're sticking your dick in every cheap hoe that you run across. I think you moved me in as part of your sick demented plan! You know I don't make a lot of money and I don't have a car. You've got me right where you want me and you think you have me stuck. Well fuck you! I'm saving up for a car and as soon as I get one I'm leaving your stupid ass!
You talk about our future together. Are you kidding me? There's not going to be an us in the future!

You delete all your text messages. That makes it obvious that you're having conversations that you don't want me to know about. It doesn't take a damn rocket scientist to figure out! You are always working late and having meetings! Yeah right! The best one was when you told me an hour drive took two hours because you were stuck behind cane trucks! Is that really the best you could come up with? Come on man!

You always claim you are busy at work. Really? You're a cop in a "city" with less than 5,000 people and an area of 4 fucking square miles! How damn busy can you really be? Too "busy" to send me a fucking text message. But when we're together you can text people all damn day then of course delete everything before I can get a hold of your phone.
I know you're fucking that ugly man looking bitch that you work with. You gave yourself away by things you said and by how you both acted at your kid's birthday party. Again, I don't need a fucking Phd to figure it out!

Your daughter is a fucking spoiled little bitch and she gets on my last nerve. I'd rather go to work than be here when she's here on the weekends!
You think you're so cool being a cop and having your Harley. Well guess what asshole? You're just another fucking middle aged man that wants to be young. You think you're God's gift to women? Please!

You said and did all the right things in the beginning but now the truth is coming out. You did the old bait and switch. Every time we're doing good, I know in the back of my mind that it's only a matter of time before you hurt me again!

At least the sex is good when we actually have it. I always have to initiate everything- sex, talking,anything. You are so fucking cheap? How about taking me somewhere nice one day? I thought you were a good man. I thought we were in love. I was wrong. We were in lust. Infatuation. I'm getting my car and I'm gone. Get another bitch to put up with your bullshit. I know you have plenty you're stringing along.

Abusive Boyfriend 61

Im so damned fucking angry at my asshole boyfriend. He beat the SHIT out of me with his fists breaking my ribcage and now I'm hurt and sore and effin ANGRY as hell. He storms around like he's king kong and goes postal on me. I can't take much of this anymore!

*Note from Anger Central
Why the HELL are you still with this guy? Why the HELL isn't he in JAIL? You DO NOT BEAT UP WOMEN! Lady, get out of there and call the police. This walking turd needs to spend some quality time in a prison somewhere, getting "Real friendly" with his cellmates.

Fucktard man 62

I've loved you for more than half of my life (and yours) I thought that you felt the same, especially after that really hot almost sex in the hospital parking garage. Now you won't call me even though you've said you would during some pretty heavy text messaging. You are breaking my heart here. If you don't want me just say so. I won't boil your bunny, I swear, and you'll never hear from me again. But STOP JACKING ME AROUND YOU FUCKTARD ASSMUNCHING DOG LICKING RETARDED BASTARD.

Jeff 63

I'm angry at you because I'm angry at myself for being an idiot. Pretty sure I'm in love with you, but I can't tell you because you're so damn wishy-washy, and I'm confused. You're sexy and funny, and I always have a good time when we're together. I understand that I need to get my shit together, because I can't be married and have a relationship with you at the same time. Maybe you're not sure of my feelings or yours or are hesitant because of the situation. I get that, I really do. But i just wanna say if you don't want to call me, don't say you will. And after the parking garage and the dryer, I think I feel kinda dirty, and maybe a little used. Although I think I used you too.

Abusive Boyfriend 64

My “boyfriend” is a cheater and a liar. I can't trust him to text people appropriately. I can't trust him to not text other women, or his exes. He cheated on me around this time last year. We broke up for a few months, and convinced me to give it another shot. I mean, how can you say “no” to the man that hold your heart, showing up on your doorstep crying, begging for you back. But he doesn't change, no matter how much he professes to. His drinking used to be ridiculously bad. We used to fight when he would drink, and it got so bad we were both arrested one night. I stopped fighting back, after that. And he kept drinking, kept throwing me around, telling me he hates me and that Ive ruined his life, and one night went so far as to hit me. I've told him since then he isn't allowed to drink, period. I will leave him if he does. And he gets mad at me! He is bitter that he can't drink, but doesn't seem to give a fuck that he HIT me. And he plays the victim, every time, every fight, and tries to convince me all our problems are my fault. He is so good at this that half the time I start believing him. He is a BULLY. I even told him once that I had been so depressed, I had been thinking about suicide for quite a while now. HE TURNED IT BACK AROUND and all he could say was “Im glad Ive made you so happy” or something along those lines. SOMEONE TELLS YOU THEY'RE SUICIDAL AND YOU TRY TO MAKE THEM FEEL WORSE?? REALLY?!?!?! I ENDED UP APOLOGIZING TO THAT ASSHOLE FOR HURTING HIS FUCKING FEELINGS. You know what Noah??? I don't fucking trust you! You do nothing to earn that trust, you don't try to show me that you're trustworthy, you're just shady as fuck. If you hurt my feelings, YOU GET MAD AT ME FOR BEING UPSET. You know Im in an awful mood and you have to poke and poke until I can't even stand to be around you. Thank you so much for enhancing my life. Thank you for convincing me that when I get upset, Im emotionally abusing you, that Im such a train wreck of a person, that I am worthless and unwanted. You sure know all the right buttons to push.

*Note from Anger Central
If he's this bad, get rid of him. He's not worth it.

boyfriend 65

my boyfriend is such a fuking pussy! he never asks me to have sex, i always have to ask his stupid ass

I think my boyfriend is a loser 66

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years now. I am 18 and I have a job, a license and an idea of what I want to do when I graduate high school. My boyfriend is 19 and has NEVER had a job or his license and has no idea what he wants to do as a career! He was homeschooled all of his high school career. His parents never really tried to push him to get a job or license and if he wants something his mom will usually give it to him. He just sits around and plays Xbox or gets on Facebook and he sleeps until 1 in the afternoon. We usually don't go on dates because he usually has no money and I really don't want to pay for it. He hates hard work an I think that's why he doesn't want to get a job. He would rather make quick money by selling things on eBay or Craig's list. It's just so frustrating because he is so sweet to me and he is extremely attractive but it's really annoying to me that he won't get a job or think about a career because I don't want to have to support both of us if we ever move out together! Ughhhhh!!

boyfriend 67

My boyfriend is very annoying. he acts like a child. we have a aboy together and when i ask for help he sighs and acts like its a burden. im sick of it

Mean boyfriend 68

He is awesome and we are compatible in so many ways. He is however the most condescending and selfish human being I have ever met. He is so lazy with everything in his life. His goals and relationships. Unless his friends or in my case, his girlfriend, are constantly trying to hang out with him he'll just lock himself up and play video games for days nonstop. He is a child. He goes days without talking to me sometimes. And when he decides he does want to talk to me, he expects me to just understand. BUT NOOOO, I can't go eat lunch while video chatting with him even though I am starving because I am "abandoning him." Screw him.

boys 69

Why must you be so fucking confusing. You tect me 247 come around 247 move into the same house.then start acting distant. We have sex then you start being an asshole. So I move on. You move by your ex girlfriend. I post pictures kissing another guy. You get pissed. Wtf you have no rughy. You leave and don't keep in touch. Then randomly come back because she plays you. Now you wanna be nice and come around. And mad cause your boy tried hitting on me. As I'm watching tou play video games at this second I wanna smash you in the head with the controller. :)

michigan is puerto rico 70

I have realized that to my boyfriend cooking, cleaning and personal business is low priority and the high priority is video games, dogs and showers.

well I guess my priorities have changes to:

Me- High Priority you and everyone else- Low Priority

Simply put I think life will be better this way

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