bullies 1

Bullies, assholes, emotional abusers, and those goddamn manipulators. fucking parasites. leeching off of people's misery and laughing thinking it's alright to provoke somebody. God how these monsters come into existence?

bullies 2

I've been bullied for as long as I've been in school. It's gotten muich worse during the past few years, and last year it got to the point where I just had to leave shcool. Everyone picked on me because I have a disibility. They left me out of their groups(even the other rejects didn't want me around) , thet laughed at me literaly ALL the time, they made annoying noises at me, they always found ways to imply I was a retart (actions, the way they spoke to me ect)they obviously spread rumours about me, they just pretty much treated me like I was subhuman. Everyone must have thought I was a mongoloid or something! FOR FUCK'S SAKE COULD A MONGOLOID WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THIS?? WHAT THE FUCK GIVES YOU ALL THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ME LIKE THIS? BUT I UNDERSTAND AS IT'S lYk s0o0o tOtAlY nOT kEwL 2 lEt LeWzErZ b hApPy! aNd iTs LyK wAy 2 hArD 2 jUsT IgNoRe dA pPl u DnT lYk! And to add insult to injury whenever I try to talk about this everyone goes "oh not everyone has to like you!" I'M NOT ASKING EVERYONE TO LIKE ME! I"M ASKING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE ME TO LEAVE ME ALONE! GEEZ IT'S NOT A TOUGH CONCEPT!

Bullying 3

This is a message to all of you insecure jackoffs that bully kids in school, how about you stand face to face with somebody who can kick the shit out of you? I bet you would run like the pussy that you are. It pisses me off how bully are nowadays getting away with bullying in school and the victim or someone who stands up gets punished, all because of how School Principals are stupid as fuck and are unfit to run the schools. If it were up to me I would punish the Bully, expel him, send them to boot camp or put them in Scared Straight and it would make me laugh to watch these stupid little shits crying after getting upclose and personal with rapists and serial killers, because if you don't get your shit together you'll be sharing a cell with Bubba and you'll wish you never picked on that kid with a disability. It also pisses me off how some idiots on youtube defend bullying and think people need to stand up for themselves cause everybody are pussies, and I see their content on youtube where they go around cyberbullying and harassing people on youtube, I want to find where you live so I can run your head through your monitor and beat the shit out of you with your keyboard, it's obvious your parents never raised you right and if your parents were to gutless to beat you with a belt than someone out there will beat you with their fists all because of how much of an insecure little bitch you are stalking and harassing innocent people behind a keyboard. Bullying really needs to stop to all of the Gutless teachers and ass backwards, fatass Principals of every School in America, I say get your shit together and fucking Punish the Bully, you expel the Bully and the Parents of the Bully get locked up while the Bully gets put in Scared Straight and learn a fucking life lesson, also I think the Internet Police needs to track down every single Cyber Bully on sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, DeviantART and fucking find where they live, shut their accounts down, and lock them up in jail and they WILL learn the real consequences of what happens when you pick on others, you get your fucking fingers broken that's what and Bubba getting in your face in a Jail Cell.

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