Steeve Greene 1

Who does this fat disgusting waste of human life think he is trying to go around making videos and getting famous by making an ass out of himself by humiliating people, making unfunny and offensive jokes about everything and overall somebody who needs to be punched and get the fucking shit kicked out of him. I'll never understand why people get likes for being a jackass on youtube in fact I think somebody should fucking beat the fuck out of this moron. His videos are disgusting and anybody says that stupid butthurt comment needs to get their ass kicked too, if I ran youtube I would ban his channel and make a video where he gets the shit kicked out of him. Fuck you Steeve Greene you stupid waste of human garbage, I can't wait for the day somebody beats the shit out of your dumbass.

Alonzo Lerone 2

This asshole really pisses me off, he finds it funny to stalk the entire internet, doxxing people's facebook and twitter accounts just to ridicule them over stuff. First of all what people post on facebook is none of your fucking business. What people write on facebook should be shared between friends yet you go and stalk for people's facebook accounts just to humiliate them, and worse expose their actual names and faces, you are a sick fuck and you want to laugh about something, i'll knock you right on your fat dumbass since you find exposing people's personal information amusing to you; your dumbass won't be laughing once you piss off the wrong person and they beat the goddamn shit out of your retarded ass. You keep a dictionary just to embarrass and humiliate your victims, how about I take that dictionary and beat you upside your head with it and fuck your stupid looking face as well and we'll be seeing who's laughing now once your dumbass gets the fuck beaten out of you, and you need to get the fuck beaten out of you in fact you need to be put in jail over how you find a sick pleasure in cyberbullying people and doxxing their facebook and twitter accounts and that you milk your own youtube series just to create a profit out of humiliating others, I can't wait for karma to bitchslap you right in your stupid face and that you lose your internet privileges too, you sick fuck.

Christian Weston Chandler AKA ChrisChan 3

This disgusting abomination of a person really pisses me off, this guy is the world's biggest manchild. He's in his mid 30's and still lives with his parents, he refuses to get a real job and would rather make his retarded Sonichu Comics. If you are curious to know what his Sonichu Comics are, it's his so called original creation taking two well known popular characters Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu from Pokemon fused into one being known as Sonichu; yeah real original. He then inserts himself into the Comic making pages based on his personal life full of failures.Christian is on his search for love looking for the perfect boyfriendless girl to fall in love with and ship it with his Sonichu medallion he wears on his neck in public. the only thing standing in his way are trolls, the Jerkops, and Manajerks all who according to him are trying to interfere with his chances of finding a girl not only that but these are characters based on real cops and store managers who have arrested and banned this guy from places for sexually harassing girls; I mean seriously every woman in the world finds you repulsive the fact that you dress like a goddamn 7 year old, draw lewd comics featuring furries and humans using crayons, and act like a goddamn child in public is just an embarassment.

He has been kicked out of multiple businesses for sexually harassing girls and attacking black children, this guy is also a racist too as he hates black people and also hates homosexuality as well. Also he got banned for life from a video game and card store for hogging the flat screen tvs to play his fucking Wii and wouldn't let anybody else play with him and then after a black kid beat him in a fair game he then calls the boy the N word and got banned for life. Then after getting his house caught on fire with years of hoarding, he then gets mad because the video game Sonic Boom features Sonic with Blue Arms and proceeded to vandalize a local Gamestop advertising the game and pepper sprayed a manager there only to get himself arrested for assault.

Chris Chan do all of a society a favor and grow the fuck up already; stop getting pissed off over retarded shit, vandalizing, making up stupid names and please throw those garbage comics of your's where they belong the garbage, get a job, dress like an adult and for the love of God please just grow up already.

The Catch Me Outside Bitch 4

I am so pissed off at that stupid little bitch from the Dr. Phil Show and her Catch Me Outside, and disrespect that she showed to her Parents; what's even more idiotic is that MTV decides to make this talentless little cunt into a star just like how they've made so many other talentless twats into stars, with a Music Video about her disrespectful and rebellious behavior. That is not talent, what this little bitch needs is for her ass to get a severe beat down and a fucking taste of the real world, that her behavior will end up with her being locked up and I wish you would get up in an inmate's face telling them to catch you outside because if I were that inmate I would beat the fuck out of you, and beat the fuck out of MTV for making a stupid cunt like you famous when you don't deserve any fame at all. Just wait and see because Karma is going to catch you outside and will put an end to your little charade, better yet it would do the world a favor if you get infected with AIDS, because you will deserve it and I really hope and pray it happens sooner than later you stupid fucking bitch.

Andrew Tate 5

I have a rant towards this talentless prick who sucks at kickboxing and at life; this dumbass ever since he got kicked off Big Brother for domestic violence has now been acting like a total douchebag on Twitter, running his mouth about depression not being real and people with it should suck it up and grow up. Really you think you're better than anybody who suffers from depression; obviously you have been kicked so many times in the head you've lost so many brain cells that it's causing you make a total ass out of yourself on Social Media that actor Patton Oswald put you in your place; then you decide to attack anime fans calling them losers that need to grow up. The only person that needs to grow up is you; going around running your mouth on social media insulting people who have depression and anime fans; if anything you're just a bitter asshole who's insecure over the fact that you suck at kickboxing, you hit women, and your a fucking attention whore. You know what, there are MMA Fighters that love anime such as Ronda Rousey, and I would love to see you even try to hit her, because she would beat the fuck out of you, and I hope she kicks you in the head so hard and gives you a concussion; and I can't wait for somebody to beat the crap out of you and make you get off twitter you stupid fucking idiot.

Mia Khalifa 6

This stupid talentless bitch really pisses me me off; you know you really have no talent when the only thing you can ever make it in, is as a porn star; and the fact that you go all over twitter being nothing but an attention whore really goes to show the type of person you really are. Then you went and opened your mouth about Wrestling all because Rhonda Rousey wants to compete in it; listen here dumbass if you're going to call wrestling fake then I suggest you say that to the face of Sasha Banks or Alexa Bliss and I can guarantee they would kick the shit out of you and also the only thing fake is your fucking titties they are more fake then Trump's Toupee and Presidency. Mia Khalifa I hope the next dick you suck gives you an STD, it would do the whole population a favor if a attention whore like you gets one along with Kim Kardashian and the Cash Me Outside Bitch; please do us all a favor and gets aids you stupid talentless bitches.

*Note from Anger Central
You do know that she was not hired for her acting abilities don't you?
Also, she's been retired from films for a few years now.
She's also under a death sentence in Lebanon. (She's a naturalized citizen. About the only part of her that is "Natural")

The Dumbass Ball Family 7

I am so angry at the dumbest family in all of sports right now i'm talking about LaVar Ball and his two dumbass sons. LaVar Ball is a disgrace to Basketball and yet he wants to make a profit with his own brand of Sportswear how about you go shove it up your ass, the only Athlete that I wear is Michael Jordan; why should I buy anything from a grown man who took his shirt off and began acting like a jackass on WWE Monday Night Raw; dumbass you lucky i'm not a Wrestler because I would throw your ass out of the ring and your dumbass, n word saying son in the third row. Then there's his other dumbass son LiAngelo Ball the one that got arrested for Shoplifting in China.The fact that he's supposed to be famous and that he thinks he could do whatever he want almost got him locked up for a decade all because you thought it was a good idea to steal in China; I say fuck LaVar Ball and his dumbass sons the only reality show they need to be on is Beyond Scared Straight because they both need to be set straight.

*Note from Anger Central
We had to look these people up. If you dislike them so much, why watch them? We don't.

Logan and Jake Paul 8

I have never been more angry with anything i've seen on the Internet until I found dumbass Logan Paul exploring the Suicide Forest in Japan and actually film a person in the forest committing suicide and showing their body and laughing about the whole thing. You really think it's funny to film somebody taking their own life and their body and decide it would be a good idea to post on YouTube FOR FUCKING VIEWS? Yes apparently Logan Paul cares so much about the fame he's let go straight to his head and how many views he gets that he clearly doesn't care about just how stupid he really is and what backlash it might result in. How do you think the family of the person who killed them self would feel about you making a mockery of him for your own sick amusement; Logan Paul I hope the family sues your ass. What's even more disturbing is fucking kids look up to this jackass thinking he's so cool; no wonder kids act so goddamn stupid all the time because they watch Logan Paul and think it's cool to act stupid and disrespect those around them. Children should not have their minds be corrupt with garbage like Logan Paul, they need more positive influence and a good role model, not trash like Logan Paul who will one day hopefully go to jail.

Then there's his dumbass brother Jake Paul who is just as stupid, he's very disrespectful, always starting fights and shit, a bully, terrorizes his neighborhood, and makes stupid cringy rap music such as "Everyday Bro" how about Everyday Bro is a day you aren't locked up or getting the fucking piss beaten out of you for how much of a total asshole you really are. Also there fucking parents clearly don't give a shit because their dad is a fucking pedophile who sexually assaulted a 14 Year Old Girl, yes it gets even worse, I say this whole family needs to be locked up.

It also angers me that YouTube deleted the video but not their channels; then again YouTube doesn't seem to care at all about what's right and it's just so disgusting, makes me want to punch not just both Logan and Jake Paul for their stupidity but to the head of YouTube for continuing to allow those two dumbasses to get away with the shit they pull. So Fuck you YouTube, Fuck Logan Paul, Fuck Jake Paul, and fuck their whole goddamn family too.

*Note from Anger Central
Usually, when we see something com in regarding a YouTube nobody, we have to research it to make sure they are a public person, not a private individual.
In this case, we saw the news story of what these idiots did, so that saves us a lot of time.
We don't agree that the video should be taken down or that the blithering idiots should be banned. It would be much better to watch their subscribers and views drop to zero instead.
Finally, thank you for paying attention in class and using that marvelous invention, the paragraph. We didn't have to try and break up the post to make it readable.

Nicole Arbour 9

This narcissistic cunt really pisses me off for how stuck up she is and that she acts like she's the center of the world and can make a bunch of unfunny jokes insulting people and not consider the ramifications. She abused her boyfriend and play victim and that shit shouldn't be allowed to fly by; if I was this cunt's boyfriend I WOULD punch her right in her plastic face and beat the goddamn fuck out of her. Nicole Arbour you really are nothing more than a selfish, narcissistic attention whoring cunt; you don't know how to treat a man at all, you're always pissing people off, you're a slut, you're a racist, and overall you should be infected with aids and die a horrible painful death you stupid bitch or better yet get beaten to death.

*Note from Anger Central
We never heard of this person and had to look them up. May we suggest that you simply stop paying any attention to her?

Roseanne Barr 10

Roseanne Barr, a female comedian, got fired from her own show for making a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, a black politician. Roseanne blames Ambien for making her type racist tweets. Then she goes on her own Youtube channel completely on drugs, sloppy appearance and yelling at her producer, lying about not being racist because "she thought Valerie Jarrett was white". What a lie! Her tweet was making fun of Valerie Jarrett for being related to Muslims and Blacks, and she called black people apes! Roseanne obviously needs medical help because she keeps yelling at people, obviously on drugs, and keeps making nonsense videos because she is mentally ill.

Youtuber CND 11

Mr. Webmaster I know it seems annoying to recieve rants about Youtubers but I wanted to bring this to your attention. There is this kid on youtube well a 21 Year Old Snotnose Punk who is supposed to be a family friendly channel that promotes Nintendo Games. He basically took money from his viewers to stand in line for a Nintendo Switch and never thanked anybody for helping him pay for it, and before long he really let fame go to his head. First he started clickbaiting with pictures of women's breasts in his thumbnail and now he did something REALLY STUPID, he fucking Smoked Weed on his livestream and this guy is supposed to be a Family Friendly Channel that promotes Nintendo Games and be a role model for kids and now he smokes pot on his stream when there were fucking kids watching it, and you thought this generation of kids was already fucking stupid as it was with Eating Tide Pods and Snorting Condoms and now you have some punk who is supposed to be a role model to kids smoking weed and possibly influence them to also smoke pot and possibly get in trouble with the law.

Yeah to go from being a Young Kid who plays Nintendo Games and show his love for it only to turn into a pot smoking asshole and you call yourself a role model and a promoter for a family friendly video game company like Nintendo? This punk should be put in Jail for what he did and possibly influence kids to possibly do the same thing. It just goes to show you just how fucking stupid this generation has become.

Jennifer Lopez 12

J'Lo is and always will be a talentless cunt who ruined Ben Affleck's Career and then says Men are Useless. Fuck you bitch get your damn facts straight it's women who are useless. I see more women lying their asses off about getting raped and wanting money or on their backs getting fucked by any sleazeball and spending less of their efforts actually working for a living. Fuck you J'Lo you bottom feeding trashbag cunt.

William Shatner 13

This washed up has been from Star Trek makes me so angry especially with his attack on Autism on Twitter and basically finds the need to bully anyone on Twitter who doesn't agree with him. Fuck you William Shatner you are nothing but trash, it's easy to see why George Takei and Leonard Nimoy both hate your damn guts because you are nothing but a self centered, egotistical jackass with a superiority complex.

Fuck you William Shitner; you're a washed up has been who uses Twitter just to stay relevant by cyber bullying anyone who doesn't agree with you, and you clearly have your head stuck up your own fatass.

Youtuber Etika 14

I used to enjoy Etika's Videos and Livestreams until he started going insane and getting sent to a mental institution over 3 times now for his erratic behavior. Whether it be him posting hentai which is nude anime pictures, to saying the N word multiple times, to making post after post calling himself a god and everyone is beneath him. He had to be detained out of his apartment and caused a scene, that is unacceptable, does he really expect to still have any followers after all of his mental meltdowns? I don't know if the fame from YouTube or exploring the Deep Web on his streams, or the crack he smokes got to him but one thing is for sure we may never see him on YouTube again and he needs to get himself some better treatment.

Youtuber ImJayStation 15

First I want to say this I made a rant about Etika and now after learning of Etika's Suicide I think it would be best if you could possibly remove that rant about him Mr. Webmaster because he had been struggling with Mental Illness and it got the better of him which led to his suicide and I feel really bad about that rant from not too long ago because I thought he was acting crazy but after committing suicide it's best to just remove that if you can Mr. Webmaster.

However I am making a rant on an asshole named ImJayStation who has been getting famous for his lies and 3 A.M. Clickbait videos. If you wonder what his 3 A.M. Clickbait videos are it's where he uses a Ouija Board to contact spirits at 3 in the morning; now I myself would never touch a Ouija Board because of how dangerous they are but this jackass uses it as a way to get fame by purposely lying to viewers making them think he's contacted an evil spirit but it's instead terrible acting and special effects as his way of getting cheap views.

However his latest stunt is by far the most disgusting where he took out his Ouija Board to contact the recently deceased Etika. Yeah using his Ouija Board to contact someone who just committed Suicide as a way to get views and worst of all he Monetized his video so now he's making money off of Etika's Suicide now how low can anybody get? Fuck you ImJayStation I hope your channel gets shut down and I hope you burn in Hell. Also Rest in Peace Etika let his recent death be used to spread awareness for Mental Health and to help those who have thought about committing suicide.

*Note from Anger Central
Nope, it stays.

YouTuber BlackBond 16

This stupid ass loser really pises me off he really has issues where he thinks he's better than everyone over the video games he plays. He clearly hates Nintendo and Microsoft but praises Sony and then hates on them too. This guy has the ugliest teeth in the world and a very punchable face. He's known for mocking the dead, harassing children and also is known for trying to rape women. This asshole clearly has no life and why does this loser still have any social media he deserves to have his social media taken away and needs to be violently get the hell beaten out of him for how much of a narcissistic lowlife he is, in fact this loser is pretty much is one of the very few black people that rightfully deserve to be called the N Word.

YouTuber BeatEmUps 17

This guy has to be one of the most annoying YouTubers on Earth i mean one this asshole was never relevant years ago and all of a sudden he is with his thirst for views, ad revenue and being an annoying pain in the ass with his lies and clickbait videos where he tells nothing but lies and directly insults anyone for liking those that likes what he hates. He really thinks he is better than everyone when really he's just an obnoxious neckbeard with a massive ego and the more I see his ugly face on YouTube just makes me want to punch him in his dumbass looking face. It pisses me off how Youtube shoves this idiot down everyone's throats especially in the video game community, it's like they think this moron with one of the dumbest names ever Wood yeah whoever named their kid Wood deserves to be hit in the face with a shovel because this guy is just straight up annoying not to mention he was a dick to fans at a convention and i'm getting really sick of seeing this loser shoved down everyone's throats on YouTube. BeatEmUPS Sucks Ass, he has no talent at all other than being a lying, egotistical dickhead and YouTube also sucks for constantly shoving this loser down everyone's throat. I hope this idiot gets beat up himself and never shows his ugly, fat, neckbearded face on any Social Media Platform Again.

*Note from Anger Central
You do realize that no one has ever heard of these "YouTubbers," right?

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