I am really pissed at my fucking neurologist right now. After seeing the asshole for two years for excruciating pain, getting electrocuted by his damn EMG machine (really an instrument of torture), dug into with needles and having been biopsied unmercifulessly (he took enough muscle to make 5 Big Macs), the bastard tells me the pain is all in my head and live with it. Maybe if I whopped him upside the skull with a bat and told him the pain was all in his head, maybe then, Dr. Jekyll would understand where I'm coming from. The real fucking villan here is my piss ass worthless HMO-America's health care at it's best. Fuck the sick...give them the (shit end of the) stick! We'd all be better off in the old days. The doctor cures your case of the Clap and you pay hime with two chickens and a goat. Yes, I know I'm rambling. I;m also mental, you know.

Doctors 2

I have been experiencing tension headaches for the past year. I have seen four different doctors for the constant pain, and I have heard every suggestion, most of which I have tried. My family and I have recently moved and our new doctor is a "better than you" Vegetarian. She wants me on a low milk and beef diet. She has also suggested acupuncture, yoga, and counselling. Next thing you know, she'll have me protesting for PETA. A couple of weeks ago, I finally went to another doctor, and when I told her, she became rather upset. I am an average American, who believes in western medicine, and she wants me shopping at the local herbal remedies shop. We all know these herbal remedies don't work(not that I haven't tryed them), because if they did, they would be illegal!!! This woman is still in Woodstock!!!

Doctors crying poverty 3

I was once invited to a doctor's house in Wellington, Florida for drinks. It was like going to Hearst castle! His servant's house was larger than my own. He had a playground built for his two kids that was big enough for 50 children. Once I entered his house (going past his six cars), I was blown away by the size of it. I even got lost going to the bathroom! His entertainment room was a full home theatre with a popcorn machine and theatre seats. Here's the outrageous part: once he had a few drinks in him, all he did was bitch and moan the rest of the evening because, as he put it (and this is a direct quote), "I can't live the life I want to with the malpractice insurance I pay. It has to stop or else I'll have to find something else to do." What else did he want? A 100 foot yacht? He was so disgusting and had no idea how people live. He also made fun of people who "have to drink cheap scotch and shop at Wal-mart." This guy rakes it in by spending less than 20 seconds on each of his patients. He hates it when his patients aren't sleeping because that means he will have to actually talk to them and listen to them for a minute more than he had planned. He deliberately does his rounds at 3 in the morning for that reason and gets back home to his mansion before breakfast. He is a real weasel. He has a BMW and a Lexus but drives a beat up Honda to the hospital so very few people know the life he lives. I swear, this guy gets hardons counting his money and all he does is complain that he doesn't have enough.

Therapists 4

I am angry at my boyfriend's shrink -- he seems to think *I* need therapy! What the hell do I need therapy for? Life is full of disappointments and I do the best I can to cope -- if that includes taking myself for a short walk in the desert with a shotgun so be it. I don't need this fat bastard telling me how I shouldn't be angry because I'm having to monetarily support my BF -- a man of forty for crying out loud!!! AAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!!!!!! P.S. If you stick a wooden stick up his fat stupid butt you'd have yourself a corndog on a stick :)

Stupid psychiatrist 5

I have been going in for couples counseling with my so called boyfriend and as far as I'm concerned I'm about ready to say the hell with both the boyfriend and the psychiatrist. Why don't you ASK me WHY I'm angry all the time? There's probably a very good reason. How about my boyfriend having ZERO respect for me and all women in general? How many times I've been told to "kiss the hand"? How many times I have told the slob in return to "kiss my ass"? How many times I have had to convince the sorry loser not to kill himself, not because life is so great, but because he needs time to figure out what purpose and meaning to give to life? How crazy this makes me? I don't suppose you've ever made love to someone and halfway through notice fresh slash marks on their wrists? Or went out to ask them a question and discovered them trying to smoke themselves out of existence with car exhaust? Any clue as to WHY I'm a little bit jumpy? Having to deal with this is extremely nerve wracking. He isn't the Star Trek party you think he is. He's an asshole and a menace to society... and yet you think I AM THE CRAZY ONE. Both of you fat pathetic slobs can fuck off and die -- because I want to be a lesbian!!!!!

stupid dr offices! 6

i didn't know how the fuck to title this.....grrrr. i work in medical bill review, and these fucking stupid ass morons can't even tell their head from their assholes!!!!! Good Lord! they accuse us of downcoding their office visits from a level 5 to a level 3 and they give us NO NOTES to PROVE that they did the work of a level 5 AND THEN they say it's ILLEGAL to downcode. BULLSHIT! there is NO fucking law ANYWHERE that says downcoding is illegal you assholes! if you give us shitty half assed notes or no notes at all, YOU WILL BE DOWNCODE AND GET LESS MONEY BECAUSE YOU'RE STUPID!!!!! i refuse to allow a level 5 charge for $158 when you CLEARLY did the work of a level 3 for $65. fuck that shit! and another thing dumbfucks...READ YOUR EOB'S! we did NOT take a u & c's DOWNCODING! or a PPO discount. good grief, you people are SO STUPID! i'm so pissed off i can bare type this! FUCK ME!!!! an another thing...if you're gonna send in reconsiderations, for the love of GOD, have some real documentation to back it up, don't just threaten to send us to the insurance commissioner. we just laugh & laugh at those. and another thing..stop sending in the same fucking recons over & over again. if we've just done it, we're tossing the one you just sent. and quit yer bitching about ppo discounts. obviously your stupid fucking DOCTOR signed a contract stating that we can take that discount with that ppo provider, so FUCK YOU! deal with it! and as for the state of Iowa...YOU ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED TO WRITE OFF U & C REDUCTIONS, YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKERS! stop making my job harder than it already is! fuck off & die. all of you!

Dr. Phil 7

Dr. Phil is an enormous and highly annoying asshole who makes me angrier than hell for several really good reasons. First of all, where does this fat bastard get off telling people what to do? Who died and made him God? What's his doctorate in, accounting? Ornamental shrubbery? What gives his "advice" any more authority than the random advice you can get out of a well-shaken Magic 8 Ball? Pretty much nothing, in my humble opinion.

Besides, it seems like the only people who listen to him are people who can't think for themselves. Come on people, you've supposedly got brains in your heads, use the goddamn things! Don't let that bald-headed son of a bitch "Dr." Phil push you around and dominate you. Fucking kick him in the shins and run fast in the other direction.

I mean, has anyone noticed the irony of "Dr." Phil pushing some kind of stupid-ass diet book while he remains an obese motherfucker who probably hasn't seen his own dick in 30 years. That fat fuck looks like he had two Oprah sandwiches for lunch. And, I'm talking "huge" Oprah here, not bulimic Oprah when she was going through that phase of being bullied into starvation by her good friend Phil.

Anyway, I hate, loathe and abhor that stupid son of a whore, and I hope his show gets cancelled, and that "Dr." Phil is someday exposed for the total fraud he is.

Plastic Surgeons 8

No matter how many of these quacks I've been to they all refuse to operate on me. I don't know why. I'm perfectly mentally and financially stable enough to handle the responsibility, but they insist on mocking me because I'm not already rich and incredibly good looking instead of cheating me out of my hard earned money in exchange for a better life.

What do I even work for? Everyone has been right about me so far. I mine as well just strap on a clown suit and join the circus. I am completely wasting my time trying to enjoy my life like everyone else.

Therapist 9

My therapist doesn't listen to a thing I say. She doesn't care about my problems. She told me it's my fault that I feel like shit. She said that "in order for me to get better, I have to change.", Why the hell do I need to change? I'm not the problem. My father is the one who's hell-bent on making my life miserable. He needs to change, not me. She's not making me feel any better, in fact she's making me feel worse.I'm thinking of either seeing someone new or just quitting therapy all together.

Anesthesiologist 10

I am angry, SUPER angry, at an anesthesiologist who used a drug on me without fully describing the effects and side-effects. My wife was with me before the surgery and agrees that the doctor was less than forthcoming. In hindsight, there is no doubt in our minds that this doctor avoided telling us the whole truth. The doctor wanted to use MAC, what I now refer to as "Mangled Anesthetic Care". The idea was that they preferred not to use general anesthesia so they try to sedate you instead. The drug in question, Versed, allows you to be somewhat awake, but it also causes amnesia. This was never explained.

I was very upset that I could not recall going into the operating room, meeting the surgical staff, etc. I like to be involved with my care. It turned out that I had a reaction to the drug (legs shaking) so they ended up putting me under anyway. They also claim I was unable to follow instructions, which is not like me at all! If the cunt had been open with me in the first place, I could have predicted my reaction (I have had a lot of operations and I think I know what I need). I always avoid general when possible and I always use as few drugs as possible. To make matters worse, the experience seems to have caused ongoing problems with both short-term and long-term memory. This is fucking great. I am an engineer working a high-tech job, and my performance has been impacted for months. I had nightmares for a month post-op and I've had these weird "anxiety flashbacks" that I never had before. I'd like to tell the entire medical community to take Versed and shove it up your collective ass!

doctor Paul 11

My wife had neck surgery by dr. Paul. After it was over and done with, she had a problem breathing, eating, swallowing and could not speak. He said it would pass. That was last January. It never passed. Seems that somehow, half of her vocal cords became nonfunctioning. Now she talkes in a squeek, she cannot work, and still has trouble breathing, choking,.. She was not his first "problem surgery". We know of two others. Today we had mediation. Our lawyer said that by the rules in texas we probably could not win in court but the other side wanted to mediate this. We just got home, my wife will be like this for the rest of her life and dr paul will go on making mistakes. No they did not mediate, I think the purpose of the mediation was to upset my wife and make her feel worse, not to mediate anything. So to you doctor paul. I won't go to jail for you. You are not worth it, however, what goes around comes around. Sooner or later your turn will come around. Meanwhile, I will tell the facts as I know them and do my best to discourage anyone out here from taking a chance on you. I can at least cost you a little. Damn, a simple I am sorry would go a long way. But no, you couldn't even do that.

Professionals Who Come to Oklahoma. 12

I am pissed off beyond "pisstivity" every time I look in the paper here in OK and see a big ass waste of ink welcoming a new doctor from out of state, yet they can't give my wife (who is a doctor and was born and raised in OK) a g-d raise after being here for X amount of years?

What kills me is these greedy bastards and bitches think they can come here, knowing that OK has a lower cost of living than most of the US. Why would you wanna build a $200K house here knowing a tornado can come through and suck it into Missouri? Idiots!
Why should I have to pay higher taxes to afford the salaries of these knuckleheads so they can stand out in a small pond, rather than take a chance and going to a big city like NYC and be a doctor for P. Diddy? Hey it could happen!

My apologies to Diddy, and thank you, O gracious Webmaster; for letting me rant like a lunatic. LOL

BTW, my lovely wife (who told me to post this) just put in her two weeks notice to GTFO of OK after she saw the post in the paper. We're moving to Texas, where over half of our teachers from OK go anyway! Wish us luck, and thanks again!

*Note from Anger Central
Good Luck!
Also we had a bit of trouble deciding exactly where to put this posting. Since you mentioned medical professionals, we put it under Doctors.

Eye surgery deformed a friend 13

A good friend of mine recently had surgery to correct muscle twitching in her eyes. Apparently, she has some weird muscle disease that caused her vision to blur. Anyway, after the surgery - which involved peeling back her scalp so the doctors could cut into the musculature around her eyes - she still had blurred vision! Worse, her eyes are now slanted, as is the case with people of Oriental descent (she's Caucasian).

What the #%#^^ is wrong with Western medicine? Why can't we use holistic means of healing? The body will heal itself, if you gently nudge it in the right direction

Anyway, Western medicine has killed my mother (they put her in a coma through chemotherapy when she had lung cancer), my uncle (he was given an unnecessary quadruple bypass and died two years later of a heart attack), and my grandmother (she was lucid as a tack until she was given anesthesia for a dental procedure). And this is the healthiest, most technologically advanced country in the world? HA!

*Note from Anger Central
We deleted the web site listed. As to holistic medicine, show us the science please.

Psychiatrists 14

I am angry because of these damn psychiatrists that think they're god and seem to be able to classify every minor character flaw as a personality disorder. This does more harm than good because:

a. It causes one to refuse to face the individuals own shortcomings and take appropriate responsibility for their situation.

b. It disempowers their clients by creating an environment where one lives under the stigma of "mental disorder" or "mentally ill" which further dissolves self esteem and personal responsibility.

c. They use their clients as "guinea pigs" for a cornucopia of psychotropic drugs that can have devastating side effects.

d. They have no concern for their clients or their problems, only concerns for their financial well being.

e. Their standards of normal human behavior are to be taken as biblical truth and never to be questioned. The view of most government and law enforcement institutions in the western world are unilateral with psychiatric diagnosis and follow blindly without question.

Case in point:
When I was 10 years old, my parents got a divorce. The judge ordered as a condition of the custody arrangement between my parents that I meet with a psychiatrist once a week to help me adjust. This was due to the judge's concern of NORMAL juvenile mischief that i was involved in, and which was not uncommon for a 10 year old in such a situation (I.e. getting suspended for having cigarettes in school, cutting class, disrespect to teachers, etc.)

During the weekly visits with psychiatrists, though I was a bit rambunctious, (I was never violent) the psychiatrist would ask leading questions such as "do you ever feel sad" or,

"Do you ever have trouble sitting still in school?". All of these questions I answered honestly, after all what 10 year old doesn't feel sad or rowdy from time to time? Soon after came the famous " I'd like you to try taking this medicine to help you not feel so sad anymore" That's where it all began, first it was the garden variety Ritalin, which actually made me MORE hyper and rambunctious. How did the psychiatrist counter this? by placing me on another, more potent anti depressant. long story short, over the next ten years I graduated from ritilan to lithium to Prozac and even to anti psychotic drugs like mellaril and thorzine. With each new prescription, my "CONDITION" became worse. I went from a normal pre teen to a raging psychopath with each new chemical, at one time even attempting suicide and aggravated assault of 5 police officers with a wooden board complete with rusty nails. Such behavior was normally completely contrary to my character. Each time, no connection was made as to why my "CONDITION" was getting worse. I was even placed in a mental hospital 4 times in my teenage years. At 17 i went to live with my father who, thank god, knew that my being on anti depressants and anti-psychotic medication was bullshit and removed me from the care of that mad doctor. Wouldn't you know, within six months of not taking that medicine I almost returned to normal. As I have grown, I have seen this scenario time and again. I knew a good kid who went through the same thing, within months he too was a psychopathic lunatic that would even run naked through the streets in cold ass January on account of this government mandated chemical brainwashing.

I AM FLAMING PISSED BECAUSE I PSYCHIATRISTS ARE USING CHILDREN AS GUINEA PIGS AS A MEANS TO TEST THEIR PSYCHOTROPIC BRAINWASHING CHEMICALS TO PRODUCE SOME SORT OR ORWELLIAN CLONE SOCIETY IN WHICH THE RELIGION OF THE PEOPLE IS PSYCHIATRY. As this happens, they grow rich treating "mental conditions" that can never be cured be cause no one knows that it it THEY whom are CREATING THE PROBLEM IN ORDER TO ENSURE A RETURN CUSTOMER!! Had i never met that sadistic and sociopathic doctor, perhaps I might have had a normal teenage life. I 'm so LIVID that they can get away with this and still sleep at night! They are tantamount to vaudevillian snake oil salesman of the 1900's except 1000 times as sinister. 11 years later I am a stable and emotionally healthy adult, psychiatry is the new witch craft. I will not stand for it and should I ever have kids, there's NO way I will ever send them to a psychiatrist. Court order or not, I'd rather go to jail than to have my kid an unwitting test subject in some sick behavioral control experiment/con.

my annoying doctor 15

I am so pissed off because every time I go to the doctor she tells me "lose 10 pounds or your cholesterol won't go down." Weight is not always an issue with cholesterol! My mom weighs 112 pounds and has high cholesterol. It is obvious high cholesterol is genetic in my family and losing 10 pounds is not going to change my cholesterol ratings, That doctor scale is always wrong, I weigh 137 pounds but the stupid scale always says I weigh more than I normally weigh. They should fix the stupid thing or replace it with a new scale. Just because I am short my doctor says "a woman who is 5'2' should be at least 120-125 pounds, That is bullshit! Not all women who are my height is going to weigh 125 pounds! Everybody has different body types. I used to be 120 pounds but ever since I entered my 30's my metabolism isn't the same. It is not like I am fat or anything, 137 pounds isn't that bad for someone who is 5'2'. I weighed 100 pounds when I was in my early 20's but I am 34 now and my stupid metabolism slowed down a bit. That doctor even told me I might go on medication for my high cholesterol in the future, that really sucks!

*Note from Anger Central
Simple answer, get a new doctor. :)

Dentist 16

My dentist and all his slutty little assistants are all douche bags! I've had this Dentist for like three years and every time I showed up early or on time for my appointment I had to wait 45 min. to an hour longer. So this last time I went in there I purposely show up 45 minutes late for my appointment and they get all butt hurt over it! They tell me I need to be more responsible and show up on time. So I asked if they would've been ready for me had I shown up on time and they say no, we're backed up today! I say YOU guys need to be more responsible and I walked out!! I don't need that, my new dentist is much better

*Note from Anger Central
Gee, thanks. The Webmaster has an appointment with his dentist this week to have 2 fillings replaced and now also has an emergency. He lost a crown over the weekend and needs to have it reattached. As if he wasn't depressed enough. :(

Doctors 17

Dr Simon from South Africa who prefers to put his patients on anti psychotics, so he doesn't have to heal his patients. He milks you for money and when he gets caught out just says that he doesn't think you have this disease and maybe can't help you. But other doctors solve his mess within a month, tells you that he put you on the wrong meds, you get off the new meds within 1 year and you are perfectly normal.

Dummy Dentist 18

Ok, so my stupid dentist is well known in the community and everyone goes to himd--DOES THAT MEAN HE'S A GOOD DENTIST? NOT! the dummy drilled my tooth to fill a chip I had and HE CRACKED MY TOOTH!!!! MY FRONT TOOTH!! WHAT the HELL!?!?!?!?!?

Now my tooth feels like sandpaper and I will always have this crack in my front tooth. Thanks A LOT YOU DOUCHE BAG DENTIST WHO DRIVES A FRICKIN FERRARI WITH PERFECT TEETH. YOU STUPID MOFO. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU LEARN TO BE A DENTIST? stupid people messing up my permanent teeth!!!!

Veterinarians 19

Please tell me there is one veterinarian on the face of this planet that knows something about animals. I have had shit vet service and ripped off enough. I think I am going to let my cat be sick and never go back. Assholes!!!

Dentists 20

Any day I have to go to the dentist is a day I go to hell. I dread spending my time driving to the fucking office and then waiting in the lobby. I dread having somebody call my name so I can slouch in the tiny chair while they can examine my mouth. I dread when they pull out the drill and scrape every single tooth, then cover it all with this nasty shit, and then cover that with gross fluoride so I can't eat during the next four hours when I'm already hungry. I'd rather have bad hygiene than to go back there.

Urologist 21

WHY WHY WHY does she always sit in the workroom making repeated snorting sounds?? She's so disruptive!! Can she not control this? I think she can but doesn't. SNORT SNORT SNORT like the little bitch ass pig you are.

 Doctors 22

Im sorry but I have meet so many Doctors who know what is right and everyone else is wrong, but guess what it is my life you are playing with..I had an op in September got sent home by the hospital with internal bleeding took 5 day for my dumb doctor to figure it out. The bleeding ended up stopping by itself thank F@#K but left me with a lower abdomin full of blood which they decided to leave for my body to absorb.. Which put so much preassure on my bowels that food couldnt pass though anymore. So after losing 25 kgs, cant eat other than baby food, sever reflux, mega bad consterpation (I go every two weeks if lucky)and nausa so bad I get car sick while driving and that is with nausa meds!! I have asked for help all the time, my local nurse keeps puttingt IVs in me to keep my body going but the Doctors hop in there nice cars and do nothing but play with my meds and say oh look you lost another 1kg last week..Well Guess what its a shame that they cant fix stupid coz these guys would have been picked up at birth..All I want is to be a mother to my son, to be able to play with him, to be there for him..but instead he does the house work, help me cook, worries his ass off. He is Dyspraxic and PDD- Nos and is 9 years old, coz I cant dress myself proply he has to help coz my joints are so stiff..Fix me you fuckers so I can be a mother again..

Dentists 23

I am 22 years of age and I am poisoned.

Mercury on my gumline supporting a tooth is escaping away into my body, effecting the inner lining of my intestinal tract, and quite possibly my brain. I feel the cramps brew in my stomach every so often. I salivate about a cup worth of spit every 30 seconds. Red fecal matter is proof. I maintain a healthy lifestyle. I eat well, I exercise regularly, and was a light smoker and drinker about a year ago. I am now being exposed to the truth on dental amalgams and how they've managed to brainwash the general public into putting this known toxin into our bodies. They've known all along. I remember as a child in primary school, we'd all go to these teeth presentations in a single file line, one foot in front of the other, with the sound of silence being our preferred anthem, or rather enforced anthem. The dentists would tell us about the importance of brushing our teeth and that the fluoride in our toothpaste is our best source for fighting off cavities. Cavities are bad, they'd say, because everyone should have a clean white smile that way they could feel a little more happier, as if to say that we are unhappy and the only way to be happy was if we followed their orders. Children are too stupid to spawn forth an intellectual defense against something so outlandish as dental maintenance. The ignorance of the people in the school system is palpable. This system has created a host of people completely void of certainty in anything, at least here in south texas. We're too busy keeping up with the latest gadgets and gas mileages on our new cars. It's as if we're just lemming off the cliff of the other asshole in front of us and assuming everything will be alright at the bottom if we submit to what they say peacefully.

Shithead Psychiatrist 24

I have been chemically depressed from a young age and started seeing the-rapists and their ilk at around age 13. That whole string of morons just made me feel confused, guilty, pissed and even more depressed, and so someone had the bright idea of sending me to a psychiatrist who had me fill out some forms and crunched some numbers and then diagnosed me as bipolar and OCD and ADHD and depressed, and she hoped, I mean thought, that I might develop schizophrenia later in life. She put me on lithium, which fucked me up pretty bad. I couldn't really feel anything or smile anymore, and my hands shook uncontrollably. I got sick of that pretty damn quick and everyone thought I was having a fucking psychotic break, so they locked me up in the psych ward twice in one month. And THERE they decided I was schizoaffective, despite the fact that I have never had a hallucination or manic episode. More heavy-duty antipsychotics that made me feel like a zombie, courtesy of Dr. Kathy. Anyway, I lost a whole year to these meds and all of their side effects, and eventually because of them I deteriorated to the point where I had to go live in a residential center for seven months. And no, I couldn't stop taking the pills, because a.) my body was dependent and b.) if you try to refuse ANYTHING in places like that, you get at least another month because you clog up their system.

I'm off all of that shit now and I'm doing better than I ever have. Let bygones be bygones, right? Yeah, except I recently learned that Dr. fucking Kathy is still working her magic, but not just on individual patients- she's on a board of psychiatrists for the whole state, and she is throwing a wrench in the works of anything that might actually turn out well whenever she can. She's an evil worm with a doctorate. My mother works with a lot of organizations to advocate for mentally ill people and fix some of the gaping holes in the mental health system, but every proposal, which these psychiatrists, including Dr. Kathy, could support or even just let slide through, is rejected and sent back to the drawing board, which is a real dick move. The organizations trying to fix what these doctors have screwed up over the years aren't even asking them to clean up their own mess- why do they have to try and STOP them? A lot of the ideas that my mom has represented are really good ones that would increase awareness, decrease stigma expense, hospitalizations, crimes... and help people being grossly overmedicated for all the wrong problems, like I was.

Dr. Kathy is a loathsome piece of shit who isn't content to ruin lives on a personal scale. She has to go and try to take over the whole fucking state. I can't actually think of a succinct way to phrase the sheer hatred I feel for her.

Urgent Care doctors 25

Every time I've gone to an urgent care center, the doctors always act like I'm a retard because I couldn't diagnose myself, and are always condescending when I ask questions about their diagnosis. All the while I get the feeling that they're just waiting out the clock for their next break to go smoke a joint behind the building.

Uncertain Doctors 26

I've watched a number of medical programs and even talked to a few friends who've had trouble with doctors, and a lot of times the problem is the same. Doctors either forget what they were supposed to learn in 9TH GRADE BIOLOGY or they pick something mental if they don't know what it is.

A friend of mine, despite being of Hispanic descent, has always had extremely pale skin and a sensitivity to heat and light. Her doctor told HER and HER MOTHER this was because she was 'half-albino'. Recently, he discovered she actually has an extreme sensitivity to her environment and a severe calcium deficiency. But he's honestly believed she was 'half-albino' her whole life and told them so. I learned in 9TH FRICKIN' GRADE BIOLOGY that you can't be a half albino. It's like being a half blonde! You either ARE one, or you AREN'T.

If the doctors aren't forgetting biology like that, they say you're depressed, it's all in your head, you're schitzophrenic, you're a hypochondriac...because they have no idea what's wrong with you and you SEEM fine, it must mean you're not physically ill. Therefore, you must be crazy. On every occasion this has brought up with a case, it turned out the patient had a REAL PHYSICAL problem that was severe and would have resulted in death if they had believed their doctor that they were crazy. Honestly.....

An Esquimalt Dentist 27

I am completely pissed that one of the dentists in Esquimalt is so stupid that he tried to keep me from seeing my file. I had to complain to the College of Dental Surgeons to have a peek at "my" file. In the end they were told to hand it over or pay the price for being criminal.

YAY! One for the LITTLE People!

Doctors 28

I am damned angry at doctors and the medical world in general, because they have repeatedly let me down. My mother was a nurse and a big believer in medications. When I was six, she took me into see a pediatrician who quickly diagnosed me as ADHD and put me on extremely strong sleeping pills called Nuliptol. To combat my 'hyperactivity' he said. What six year old ISN'T hyper?! Friggen nut job doctor. He also told my parents I would have to be on the medication until I was 16. 10 years of prescriptions, enforced sleep, and zombie school mornings. It didnt take long for the side effects of the medication to kick in.. Horrible, intense lock jaw about 20 minutes after taking my pills. The only way to get relief was to lay down on the side of my face my jaw was protruding from. I couldn't force my jaw back into place with my hands, thats how siezed up it would get. Within 30 minutes I would fall off that cliff of unconciousness, fighting it like a drowning rat and failing. Did I mention I slept like the dead and devoped a bed wetting problem because of it? No sleepovers for me - thanks a lot Dr. D. - to this day I have problems sleeping at night as I never 'learned' how to go to sleep naturally until I was nearly an adult. Funny how the bed wetting ended when the prescriptions did...

As a preteen I was placed on antidepressants called Zoloft. Rollercoaster ride from hell! Never, ever have pills prescribed to your children unless they have a life threatening medical condition, etc. All the antidepressants accomplished was to make me even more whacky and angsty. Contemplating suicide, real fun at 15. Soon as I ditched the pills my behavior normalized.

As a young married woman I had an ectopic pregnany and lost a couple body parts and a baby. Very traumatic. My bellybutton had been cut in four places where they stuck the camera in. Wouldn't have complained if my bellybutton didnt look like a permanent frowny face now. Sigh.... 24 hours after surgery I was informed they needed my bed and I was being released. My husband came to pick me up, pissed off they would ask me to move so soon after major surgery. We had a 1.5 hr drive ahead of us before we could pick up my pain pills. We politely informed the nurses of our situation and requested a couple capsules for the road. 'No. Thats not allowed." is what we were told. Fucking assholes. The ride was pure hell, cut open and bleeding, stitches popping wherever the road was rough, my insides SO swollen I couldnt urinate for hours. He had to carry me in the house screaming and crying and upsetting my family who were all worried sick and furious at the hospital. When he went to pick up my prescription, they had given me suppositories! To a woman with her stomach sliced open and limited movement! There was no way I could twist my torso without being in extreme pain, jamming a pill in my asshole was impossible! Believe me, I tried. Thank god my husband loves me, he did his duty.... ;)

Fast forward to a few months later. I start seeing a new Gynecologyst, Dr. M. was her name. She immediately tells me, 'Don't worry, we'll get you pregnant in no time!' First thing she wants to do is check to see if my remaining fallopian tube is blocked. So she gets me into the appointment and as I'm laying on the table with the alien lights overhead, she stabs a pair of metal forecepts rights into my cervix. She apologized but I started bleeding like a stuck pig. They had to give me a pad the bleeding was so bad. I go to her office within an hour and she tells me, "The tube is blocked. You cant have kids. Get over it." She crushed all my dreams of motherhood with that one callous phrase. I was 21 years old and cried for hours that day. I started seeing a new gynacologist right afterwards (go figure) and she found that my tube was pretty clear via a laprascopy. She attributed Dr.M. prognosis to error on her part. Stabbing my poor innocent cervix wih those foreceps caused my body to clench up...bigtime. Stupid bitch was mean and rushed and lazy. She didnt give a damn about the babies I lost and was a total cunt about the kids I wont have.

Now I am nearly 30 and we are still childless. I am absolutely frustrated with doctors in general and put off going to see them until its absolutely nessecary.

Ps: Male ultrasound tech : Why yes, I am sensitive inside you moron. Turning to your cohort and saying that to him with a tsk tsk expression on your face, real professional....That giant fucking dildo cam (known as an internal ultrasound) your wailing around inside me like your trying to dig to China FUCKING HURTS my insidey parts. It especially hurts when you crunch my dermoids against my other body parts. You are the worst tech I've ever been to and I've been to alot of them. Your like a mechanic who's never owned a car. A vagina isn't made out of sheet metal, fucknut.

I'm done. Thanks anger central. Much better :D

Dr. Quinn 29

This man, who is so revered by patients and colleagues alike, is nothing more than a pompous, self-inflated douchebag who thinks his pedigree makes it okay for him to speak in belittling tones while gives condescending and disapproving looks to the hard-working resident coming off shift after hours of cleaning up the mess left by the person before. What an asshole. He can shove his framed degree up his bum. Hope it causes a perf.

Doctors 30

i think i deserve a break after working my ass off at work. so stressed everyday. had a bad tummy ache in the morn so i called in sick to work. went to the GP i went to often and there's a new old female doctor criticizing us young people for taking so many sick leaves when we are not sick, just for not wanting to go to work. she doesn't know what it is like to be there in my place, she doesn't know what its like to be so damn stressed everyday until you can't take it anymore. Being not sick physically, i'm tired mentally and merely wished to rest for a single day. Sure I had visited this clinic before, had some sick leaves for migraine in the morning, or period cramps for bad days. That does not mean I'm taking those sick leaves for nothing. If I feel like I am sick, I AM sick. I don't want to have bladder infections from keeping myself going to the toilet at work because we are so busy, I don't want to make myself sicker than I am for not having enough time to drink water in the middle of the day. This old female doctor knows nothing. Why are you a GP instead? You too work in a clinic in neighborhood areas, seeing people for simple illness because you want to rest. If you are so passionate and enthusiastic about being a doctor, if you are good enough, you would be a specialist in a certain field of disciplinary, seeing complicated illnesses and doing your best to treat them. You too want to take life easy, so you have no right to deny people their decisions for rest because you sit in an air-conditioned office, not moving from your seat for 5 hours before going to lunch, then back again for another few hours in the clinic. I work for 9 hours not being able to sit down for a single five minutes. I have worked with doctors who are amazing, and you are simply not. Shut your trap you old hag.

dentist 31

this shitty dentist only just decides to give me baces before college then they brake within 2 hours cos he let a trainee do then when i go and get it fixed she doesnt even fix it properly so ia have to wear it for 6 weeks when it isnt even doing anything during my shitty gcses

Candy-Hating Dentist Parent Bigots 32

I'm sure there are many good dentists out there somewhere, the kind that want and know what's best for their clients. My hygienist one was such a nice, friendly, non-judgmental lady. But then there are these two particular dentists that my grandma knows, and after her brief summary about them, it's these two dentists who make me so angry right now!

These two dentists appear to be candy-hating bigots, and also parents of I think, three sons. The one dentist who worked on grandma's teeth told her to eat absolutely NO candy. Are you kidding me? Grandma doesn't feel too happy about having to give up candy for the last years of her life. But I demand to know if her dentist really knew what was best for Grandma's teeth (could they be getting too weak for even the softest candy?) or if they're just forcing their bigoted no-candy beliefs on her.

These dentist parents openly admitted that they don't allow ANY candy in their home. WTF?! (I'm glad I don't live in your home, you bigots!) So everytime a relative gave them candy, for like, Christmas, the dentist parents would just give it to someone else. I wonder how these parents handled Halloween for their children. Did they maybe trick-or-trick for Unicef instead, or maybe they avoid it altogether like a Jehovah's Witness avoids holidays? (sad:( ) Seriously! They don't allow candy in their house, as though candy was of the Devil. You guys don't know what you're missing out on!

I'm a skinny girl with nice teeth, no cavities, and I practice eating candy, and loving it! It ain't the candy that's bad, but the lack of brushing after it. Oddly enough, despite these dentist parents' no-candy beliefs, all their kids are choosing to be dentists. I'll never fully understand those parents, or their now grown kids; I'm just glad I wasn't raised by those dentist parent bigots.

Also, I'm glad my mom wasn't their client. She sees a different dentist and their office has way more tolerance about sweets. Sometimes they would have a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on their check-in counter, or a bowl of some nice rainbow colored lollipops (sugar-free, but it still beats not having to listen to some candy-haters' nonsense...).

Pervert Foot Doctor 33

I have never ever been so violated in all of my life; I went to see the Foot Doctor today and I am so angry at what that nasty little bastard did. I went to visit the Doctor because I had a fractured ankle from work, and here I thought the doctor was going to examine my ankle, he asks me to take my shoe and sock off so he may see my foot, and then he does something completely unprofessional, disgusting, and down right violated me; that bastard actually SMELLED MY FEET. What kind of sick bastard actually sniffs somebody's Feet? I yelled at him asking him "What the hell are you doing?" Well the jerk was grinding his nose against my toes, than he decides to fucking Lick my Feet. It's bad enough this jackass was smelling my Feet and now he's licking my Feet, and then I yell out for the Nurse or somebody to help get this fucker's tongue off the sole of my foot, than he takes his mouth and starts to SUCK MY TOES. This bastard was sucking on my Toes as if my feet was like Candy to this creepy bastard. Thank God somebody finally showed up to get this pervert off my foot, I hope to God this bastard loses his Doctor's Licence, and I will sue this fucker for violating me by forcing himself onto my Foot like than when he should've been helping my fractured ankle, God only knows what other things this Foot Sucking Creep does, nor do i want to find out.

Lazy and Incompetent Doctor 34

I have waited all day for a call from my Doctor about surgery I have scheduled this week only to find out my surgery has been cancelled and I am so pissed off because I have been putting off getting vaccinated and believe me I wanted to get vaccinated sooner until the cat scan showed I needed another surgery when it wasn't that bad and after taking a COVID Test last week and came out negative the fucking dumbass Doctor of mine had decided that going to play Golf that day is more important than my surgery.

It really pisses me off when fucking Doctors schedule a surgery for you and then cancel all because the idiot doesn't feel like doing their job that day. These Doctors get paid nearly millions of dollars and yet they get paid too much to where they feel like they can do their job whenever the want and could care less about those who are in pain.

You want to know why Doctors are always the target of Hired Hitmen? It's because of these incompetent Doctors who can't and won't do their Jobs and always find a way to fuck shit up, taking money for unnecessary vacations that most people can't afford as well as fucking up people's medicine and being the reason their patients end up dead.

I remember when I went for a Doctor's appointment and when the idiot said he would be with me well guess what I waited 2 fucking hours because the moron decided to go out to lunch at fucking Red Lobster like how fucking stupid are these Doctors to leave their fucking patients like that. Yeah the fact that I haven't eaten anything and this asshole kept me waiting for his dumbass to fill his stomach with fucking Red Lobster I was so pissed that I am this close to firing his lazy ass.

Any Doctor who cancels appointments or surgeries and keeps their patients waiting just to go Golfing or out to Lunch should be given a Pay Cut these dumbasses shouldn't be making 6 figure paychecks for Jobs that they can't do right and won't do at all because they decide that loafing is more important to them. Doctors like that should be fired and never be allowed to work in any type of Medical Profession.

If I get COVID or if something medically happens to me, my Family will sue that Dumbass Doctor over his own incompetence because he cancelled my surgery to go Golfing and believe me he's going to get a dose of Karma real soon.

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